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The Duchess in a Royal Repeat for Wales Engagements

Kate brought back a suit by French label Paule Ka for today’s engagements in Wales.© Zak Hussein / Splash News

Kate’s appointments were her first as royal patron of Action for Children, a charity that helps disadvantaged children across the UK “from before birth…they are born until they are into their twenties.” ©James Whatling

This is a patronage the Duchess is taking over from the Queen. You may recall that last year the Duchess visited Action for Children’s Cape Hill Children’s Centre northwest of Birmingham before she was the charity’s patron.

Simon Perry, People Magazine Instagram (@SPerryPeopleMag)

Simon Perry, People Magazine Instagram (@SPerryPeopleMag)

Action for Children runs over 600 services. That means managing a staff of 5000, as well as 2000 volunteers, providing care for 390,000 people in Wales.

Kate’s first stop today was at the MIST program (Multidiscipline Intervention Service Torfaen) in Torfaen, a “mental health project which works specifically with children who are living in care with foster families or birth families.” Below, Kate is greeted by Craig, who uses services offered at the program. On his left (our right, with dark hair) is Jenny, who manages program services.Kate Wales Action Children Feb 22 2017 Paule Ka Service User 'Craig' Child. Svcs Manager Jennis via KP

Torfaen MIST is the only program of its kind in Wales; we learn more from Action for Children:

We help under-fives get ready to start school. Children need social and communication skills to do well when they start school and and early years services are crucial. We provide extra support services such as play sessions, speech therapists, health intervention and parenting programmes.

We partner locally with health visitors, midwives and other professionals to ensure we have a huge pool of resources, knowledge and experience to make sure we provide the best places to help families flourish.

In addition to meeting with staff, families, and volunteers, there was time for a little friendly competition.Kensington Palace

More from The Evening Standard:

Youngster Craig Davies, 15, became the Princess’ teammate in an impromptu game of pool and the pair spoke about their pets including Kate’s dog Lupo and hamster Marvin and his Jack Russell dog Wilf.

People’s Simon Perry shared a quick video of the Duchess playing pool.


From People’s story:

The royal took part in an impromptu game of pool during a visit to a youth center in South Wales Wednesday, but she failed to impress her young teammate.

“She was dreadful!” Craig Davies, 15, joked to PEOPLE after the royal tried to sink a yellow ball.

Always the good sport, Kate patted his back and said sorry for her poor attempt.

© Paul Edwards / Pool / Nunn Syndication / Polaris

Back to the People story: 

As she left the center, two young girls Ypapanti Galimatakis, 8, and Chloe Bartlett, 10, handed her some flowers and asked about Prince George and Princess Charlotte — as Kate filled them in on their ages.

Paul Edwards / Pool / Nunn Syndication / Polaris

The BBC posted a short video with the girls getting a royal hug.

Kate’s second stop was in Caerphilly at the FIT (Family Intervention Team) project; it focuses on “work with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, problems with family relationships and those who have or who are likely to self-harm.”Kensington Palace

More from The Express:

She then viewed the team’s family therapy work, which helps families understand the reasons behind certain behaviour.

The project is delivered by family support practitioners who are trained and supervised by a clinical psychologist and systemic psychotherapist.

Here you see her with 7-year-old Alife Thomas and 9-year-old Emily Davis.

Kensington Palace

Although the topics can be tough, there were also plenty of smiles today.© Chris Jackson/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

The Duchess was also given flowers as she was leaving Caerphilly. Below you see Casey and Emily doing the honors.Kensington Palace

Now to what Kate wore for her Wales engagements.© 

We first saw the Paule Ka skirt suit in October of 2012 when the Duchess wore it for the announcement of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Scholarships.© PA Wire / i-Images, Polaris

Today the Duchess changed the look by replacing the black crochet-trimmed top with a warmer piece, a turtleneck (polo neck) sweater, dark tights, and boots.

I believe the fabric is wool or a wool/angora blend; that is the mix for these pieces in other colors that I have seen being sold on the secondhand market. The double-breasted jacket features a shawl collar, two patch pockets, a slanted breast pocket, and modified peplum detailing at the waist.Kate-Middle-Temple-Paule-Ka-Burgundy-Separates-October-8-2012-Product-Shots-Press-Association-Chris-Jackson-

This image offers a better view of the detail on the back of the jacket.© Robin Nunn / Nunn Syndication / Polaris

The skirt is full with horizontal seaming creating three tiers and a waistband.  Kate-Middlet-Temple-Burgundy-Suit-Separates-Skirt-Product-Shot-Chris-Jackson-PA-Wire-Paule-Ka1

The brand was launched by Serge Cajfinger in 1987. After his departure from the company in 2014 Alithia Spuri-Zampetti was named creative director. Ms. Spuri-Zampetti graduated from the storied Central Saint Martin School in London and previously worked at Lanvin, Valentino and Bottega Veneta.

The brand is offered at Paule Ka stores throughout Europe, Japan, China, and the Middle East. In the US there is a New York boutique, and Halsbrook offers the label online. It is also carried online at Stylebop. Luxury retailer Moda Operandi offers it, and also does trunk shows with designs from runway collections almost immediately after those collections are shown at Fashion Weeks. (Paule Ka’s a/w 2017 show is February 28 in Paris.) 

Online media reaction was mostly positive. Below, a headline from InStyle:

From The Daily Mail’s story

…goes to show that a skirt suit will stand the test of time in your closet! We love the rich red shade and flattering flared shape of the skirt.

The Mail piece also referenced the number of skirt suits worn by recently.

…(the Duchess has) a new uniform when it comes to Royal engagements.

She’s in south Wales today and it’s the fourth time we’ve spotted her wearing a skirt suit in recent weeks. There was the magenta Oscar de la Renta, the scarlet Luisa Spagnoli and the emerald Hobbs. But this time she has repeated an old favorite.

While The Telegraph’s article focused on Kate’s polo neck (turtleneck in the USA) sweater. 

But it’s the Duchess’s black polo neck jumper which she layered underneath the nipped-waist jacket that was today’s most noteworthy outfit addition. It marks the third time this year alone that Kate has worn this staple piece for a public engagement.

Kate accessorized with her Stuart Weitzman for Russell and Bromley Half ‘n Half Boots (£395).Russell & Bromley

Kate wore black gloves with a bow at the wrist for part of the day.©i-Images

I digitally lightened these a bit to better show the detail. The gloves haven’t been identified yet, although there have been some great suggestions on the Facebook page and Twitter.Kate Wales Action Children Black Gloves Bow Digitally Lightened J What Feb 22 2017

We saw the return of the Kiki McDonough Eternal’ Citrine Cushion & Diamond Earrings. The earrings were first worn when Kate and William attended Cheltenham in 2013.©

Kate wore her hair partially pulled back.©Robin Nunn, Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Zak Hussein, Splash

Kate looked lovely today. As others have noted, I think the skirt was a skosh too short, although the dark tights and boots mitigated that effect somewhat. This isn’t because of Kate’s age. Rather, it involves her role as the future Queen (consort); additionally, the weather was very windy. It looked like what we used to call a ‘full skirt alert’ in tv, and it seemed more-than-possible in some photos that Kate could have experienced another awkward and unfortunate situation.©Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Having said that, it was clear the Duchess was in her element. She was shining a light on an important organization and reveling in her time with the children, staff, and volunteers.© As shown

We’ll leave you with this 2-minute video from The Telegraph.

Editorial Note: I apologize for the post being so tardy; I really had a crush of commitments today that couldn’t be rescheduled, aarrghh!


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Sunday 26th of February 2017

Girl, get thee a stylist. Please.


Monday 6th of March 2017

Agreed. God, it's awful and not just the suit. The black turtleneck and tights and boots and GOD it's awful. What is her stylist thinking? There are so many classy chic affordable ways to do a skirt suit...

AJ Pedraza

Saturday 25th of February 2017

What type of stockings (pantyhose) is Kate wearing? Wolford??


Saturday 25th of February 2017

I might be in the minority but I like the outfit the Duchess of Cambridge wore to this event. It is youthful and it different from all the midi skirts she has been wearing. The suit does not overwhelm her and fits her personality. To me, she stays true to what she likes to wear and I admire her for that.


Sunday 26th of February 2017

I feel the same way as Michelle. I like her outfit. She's a young woman so she still can wear shorter skirts especially with her figure.


Saturday 25th of February 2017

There's something reassuring about learning that Kate is just as horrible at pool as I am - for a second there I thought she was going to show off some talents that she'd picked up at uni! ;)

I like the side-by-side comparison with the first outing of this suit. It really highlights what a difference the turtleneck and having hair pulled back make in the overall look of professionalism. I agree with some of the comments that Kate's professional outfits need work (I went to business school in Canada and we had rules about appropriate dress drilled into us from day one - though I've since learned that this isn't so much the case for parts of Europe, not sure where the UK stands), but this is certainly a step up from the last time she wore this suit and I think that shows how much more she is coming into her role, albeit slowly. She still has some way to go but then it will also be quite some time before she becomes queen - hopefully she'll have it figured out by then!


Friday 24th of February 2017

Just. Too. Short. But at least no plastic hair clips.

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