Jun 162017

Kate opted for a nautical look at today’s engagement with the 1851 Trust.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

The Trust is the charitable arm of Land Rover BAR, Sir Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup team.

The trust works to enable and encourage young people from a wide demographic to experience sailing, gain insight to the range of fantastic career choices and opportunities in STEM subjects and act sustainably. 

A video from The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English shows the Duchess arriving and being greeted by Sir Keith Mills, a trustee of the 1851 Trust.

Today’s event was the charity’s final Land Rover BAR Roadshow.

1851 Trust @1851Trust

1851 Trust @1851Trust

Held throughout the UK, the Roadshows focused students on STEM-based projects, sustainability efforts and sailing. Below, students at Monday’s Roadshow in Cardiff. 

LandRover BAR Twitter

LandRover BAR Twitter

More about the Roadshow program via the Trust:

Featuring real life examples of the technology and careers involved in Land Rover BAR’s challenge for the America’s Cup, the day is comprised of activities carefully designed to enrich the school curriculum, aiming to inspire a new generation of sailors, designers and engineers.

©Zak Hussein

©Zak Hussein

The events were at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre in East London. From Simon Perry’s People story:

Kate took part in an educational treasure hunt and an ocean plastics sea-bird activity, which highlights the damage caused by single use plastics and promotes sustainability.  

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

Students from four East London schools took part in today’s events.



From Richard Palmer’s Express story:

Beverley Smith, education manager of the 1851 Trust, told Kate and the pupils how when birds eat plastic they feel full but can then starve because it has no nutritional value.

She said: “The birds starve to death. We haven’t just made this up – this is very real.”

1851 Trust

1851 Trust

As part of the treasure hunt, students had to answer questions about science, technology, Land Rover BAR and the America’s Cup.

18512 Trust Twitter @1851 Trust

1851 Trust Twitter @1851 Trust

Sir Ben Ainslie was unable to take part in today’s in person; he is still in Bermuda, site of this year’s America’s Cup.

LandRover BAR Twitter

LandRover BAR Twitter

Unfortunately, the Team was unsuccessful in its efforts to win the Cup; they were eliminated from the race last week.

Landrover BAR Twitter

Landrover BAR Twitter

Sir Ben was still able to take part in the event a video link.

1851 Trust

1851 Trust

From The Telegraph:

Kate said: “Commiserations, obviously, but really well done. We’ve been watching with really keen interest. Both William and I have been glued to the telly. Well done to you guys. I gather now you’re on to the next thing.”

Land Rover BAR Facebook

Land Rover BAR Facebook

Students get ready to head out on the water.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Kate was given a flower posy by Samiyah Khanom.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

More from a Docklands and East London Advertiser story:

“It was nerve-wracking but it was fine,” the Canon Barnett Primary School pupil said afterwards. The Year Six pupil added that she only found out about her special role that morning and that her friends “had their fingers crossed” for her.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Now to Kate’s nautically inspired ensemble, beginning with her trousers from J. Crew. The Duchess surprised many be eschewing her skinny jeans for Crew’s Sailor Pant.

© /J Crew

© James Whatling / J Crew

Thoughts on today’s ensemble from Bethan Holt’s Telegraph story:

The abbreviated length exposes the slim ankle bone so makes them more flattering than classic floor-sweeping flares, but the proportions can still be on the tricky side, especially with styles like those chosen by Kate with a sharp central crease. As ever, it’s all about getting the cut right- high-waisted, thigh-skimming rather than clinging and not too short, not too long are your key pointers.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Arguably, Kate was likely first drawn to her new J.Crew trousers because they work brilliantly into her penchant for literal dressing i.e dressing as closely as possible to suit the occasion. Given today’s visit was all about sailing, her navy and white colour palette and those shiny gold buttons are the epitome of smart-casual sailor styling

Made of a two-way stretch wool, the trousers are fitted through the hip and thigh with a full leg and tabs at the waistband. They also feature top-stitched side seams, slanted front pockets, back pockets and goldtone logo buttons. The style originally sold for $138, but is no longer available. Our thanks to Kate’s Closet for the ID on this item.

J Crew Sailor Pants Waist Details June 16 2017

J. Crew

From a Vogue piece by Alice Newbold.

Today’s reworked outfit shows she’s still a high street fan. The trouser swap, however, could mark a shift towards a more trend-conscious approach to trousers. As we reported back in 2016, stretch denim and skinny jeans are out in favour of original fits. With cropped kick flares also having enjoyed a moment in the style spotlight, the Duchess’s new trousers prove she’s on the right track.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

It was terrific seeing the Duchess opt for something different for today’s engagement, although the trousers seemed a bit snug at the hip, the front pocket outlines were visible in some photos. While Kate’s style is sold out, J Crew does offer similar designs. Alex A. on the WKW Facebook page pointed out this linen style ($45 with promo code YAYCLOTHES), a bit shorter than Kate’s and not quite as formal in design.

J Crew

J Crew

A side note about J. Crew: the retailer’s struggles continue (more here and here) and the company is having to take bigger markdowns than usual. All sale merchandise is an additional 40% off with promo code YAYCLOTHES; the discount is 50% for final sale merchandise.

Many readers immediately recognized Kate’s white Zara blazer, first worn when visiting the Cridge Centre in Canada last October.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge white Zara blazer J Crew Sailor pants Avery Tweed

©i-Images, Polaris / Stephen Lock, i-Images

Kate’s J. Crew shoes were also first seen in Canada; the brand’s Avery Tweed heels.

© J Crew /  James Whatling

© J Crew / James Whatling

The Duchess wore a classic sailing rope bracelet, the 1851 Trust Band of Britain.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge 1851 Trust bracelet students

@LandRoverBAR Twitter

The bracelet is made of recycled ocean plastics. It is available for £15, and proceeds go to the Trust. Unfortunately, the bracelet is available for shipping only to addresses in the UK. Our thanks to Katie on Twitter for the bracelet ID.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge 1851 Trust Band of Britain Bracelet

©Zak Hussein/1851 Trust

We saw Kate’s Mirabelle Lolita earrings (£35) again.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge Mirabelle Lolita earrings

©Zak Hussein / Mirabelle

And the Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge Cartier wrist watch Ballon Bleu


We don’t have an ID on the white top worn today. Layered beneath Kate’s blazer and lacking distinguishing characteristics, I’m not confident we will be able to identify the piece.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge white Zara blazer J Crew Sailor pants

©Zak Hussein

A video from Rebecca English of everyone gathered for a group photo.

A few quick notes:

  • we’ll see you bright and early tomorrow for Trooping the Colour, the ceremony starts at 11am, that is 6am EDT
  • don’t forget to enter to win an autographed copy of Romancing the Throne by Nadine Jolie Courtney, click here to get in on the giveaway (comments close tonight at midnight EDT)
  • Bonnie has been wonderful in sharing info about an exclusive one-on-one interview with Prince Harry that airs tonight on CTV in Canada; Prince Harry: Journey to Invictus, airing at 9 pm EDT. I don’t know about the options for watching it outside of Canada. Bonnie recommends this story for more on the show; CTV’s story is also worth a look. The Invictus Games are being held in Toronto this year, starting September 23.




  78 Responses to “Kate’s Nautical Look for 1851 Trust Engagement”

  1. I agree that the trousers and shoes are nicer separate!
    This outfit makes her look kinda like a normal business woman rather than the duchess of cambridge!!!
    It makes her look a lot shorter but a bit more like a mum!!!

  2. The button on the blazer has been changed to match the gold button of the trousers. When she wore the blazer in Canada it had a dark colored button.
    A little unsure about the shoes but, love the rest.
    Her hair has had appt of volume at the doors lately which is very nice and fabulous color.

  3. I found something to agree with in basically every comment.

    My first reaction here was, “Amazing, people are going to be thrilled that Kate finally ditched the skinny jeans for trousers!”, and I think we are all actually happy about that. (Does she read this blog??)

    I am not going to quibble about the fit of the trousers. Yes, they’re slightly too short and slightly too tight, but at least they’re not jeans!

    Kate’s top half, what a great look! Love the bright white of the jacket and top, love Kate’s bouncy hair, love the fun earrings!

    I was expecting to see a navy or navy and white low heeled pump or loafer completing this ensemble, and the actual shoe drew a “huh?” from me. I think that was the only jarring note here. On the whole, I’d give this an 8.5 out of 10.

  4. great, crisp, summary look. Like the pants. The shoes, though . . . not a good choice. This would be the time to bring out the espadrille wedges.

  5. I think she looks great and her shoes have both navy and red stripes in the pattern which I think pulls the whole outfit together.

  6. I don’t think Kate is the problem with these trousers! JCrew trouser fit is just not good for many women unlike e.g. Theory) one reason the company has lost its mojo. I don’t think the shoes look good either ( but thankful rope wedges are gone). Would not be a great ad for JCrew. It’s lovely to look effortly chic but none of this works together I would venture to say.

  7. I love that Kate went for something different here (loved the “not list” too!). Kudos and keep it up! It’s great that shes mixing some real trousers in, and these do not look matronly at all. The look is, as others have mentioned, sharp, crisp and nautical, without bringing out the Breton top again. She is tall, so maybe the trousers are meant to be worn longer (and on shorter women, they would be), but I think she pulls it off. I do like the shoes, and there is some navy detail in them that probably does not show up in photos the way it does in person.

  8. My initial reaction was OMG pants!! Yay!! Then I realized she has worn pants before, all
    Be it skinny jeans, and they were far more successful. These pants highlight her only even minor “bad” feature, her short legs. The cut of the pant, the length, the fit, and the rise all contribute to a leg which looks shorter than it really is. I am happy she’s branching out into new fashion territory, and we all make a few mistakes when trying something new. I hope that this is a step toward a future of tailored pants and more fashion diversity.

  9. I love that she went out in trousers! They may be a smidge tight, but I love that they are trousers. This may be intentional (but I am not seeing it in the model photos), but the length bothers me. It’s what my grams used to call the dreaded “high water length.” Too low to be capris, too high to pass as casual trousers you wear with flats for a modern flair.

    The outfit is very beautiful, but that is my only real quibble. Yay for trousers, right?

  10. One of those outfits that are so normcore perfect, that all it leaves to comment on is the fit.Navy and white? Anyone (ever) has a problem with that?Hardly I guess.But yes, those pants are a little bit too tight. Other than that I like them.The shoes are cute and I hope she wears them with something that fits better next time.It feels like she almost was afraid her outfit might be to casual so she went for rather dressy shoes to balance it out.But in my opinion some classy, more casual shoes would have worked better with this.

  11. The outfit ankle up is great. The length of the pants just don’t go with the shoe. I think even the often hated wedges would have been cute.

    • I quite agree about the shoe/trouser mismatch. It took me several minutes to realize what didn’t work about the outfit, and I think these shoes don’t lengthen her legs at all, so that the cropped trousers make her figure appear almost squat despite her slenderness. Wedges would have been more successful, or even ballet flats. This sort of chunky short heel doesn’t work, in my opinion.

  12. I’m thrilled she finally put on a pair of proper pants.

    The fabric can be tricky, which is why I have the pocket lining cut out and the pockets sewn shut in pants of similar fabric that I own.

    The J Crew website says these have spandex and 2-way stretch, so I don’t think it’s a problem of too small pants, just the pocket lining. Kate has pretty muscular thighs too, which is accentuating the problem.

    • That’s something I never thought to do, cut the lining, what a great tip! :)

    • LawgirlNYC

      I absolutely agree with your point. The problem is with th fabric not the fit. With this being a wool “stretch” fabric ….it does not matter what size you get…it is going to hug your shape. I have a skirt-jacket suit in the same colour as these pants and find it has the same type of fit. Super comfortable though.

      I too have had the lining of pockets removed from pants and the pockets sewn shut. Makes for a much cleaner look.

    • Good point and good idea. Would be a way to take a relatively inexpensive off the rack pair of pants and elevate the look as it often those little details that mar the look.

    • While I love the idea, and completely agree with it, all I can think of is… but I finally have pockets and you want to take them away!!! :)

  13. I like Kate’s look. Pants look good and a nice fit, the casual blazer and top work well with the pants. I also like the shoes with the pants, I am happy she broke away from the nautical theme with the shoes and I think the texture and tweed work well with the navy pants. The pants have a good size hem so if she had wanted them longer she could have done that. I like that length.

  14. Thank you, Susan, for the shout out to me at the end of this blog. Although the focus here is Kate and in particular what she wears, we all seem to have an interest in other members of the Royal Family. That is why I mentioned the one hour interview with Prince Harry on Canadian television. William, Kate and Harry have often been highlighted on WKW, most especially for their Heads Together work.

    I have just finished watching the one hour interview. It was very well done. The Invictus Games were the main theme, but Harry also spoke about himself, his service in the armed forces, mental health and his late mother, Diana. Harry presents as such a passionate, young man, who certainly believes in the good causes he is championing. He truly is a good blend of the best of each of his parent, with his father’s sense of duty and service and his mother’s warmth and compassion.

    I’m not sure if anyone beyond Canada was able to view this, but hopefully some in the USA, close enough to view Canadian TV, also saw it. I will keep my eyes and ears open and if I see the interview anywhere on the internet, I will let you know.

  15. I almost don’t want to say anything because I am so happy that she a. wore trousers that aren’t skinny jeans and b. wore cute shoes. But alas, one step forward…

    I like the trousers but as noted, they are way too tight. But this shows that trousers are SO much better for kid events than the coatdresses and stuff that she wears.

    And the shoes are SO cute but don’t go with this outfit at all. I actually think that her white Superga sneakers would have been great with this casual look. But I will still take even mismatched shoes over the dreaded beige pumps.

  16. Well, I am clearly in the minority as I think this ensemble is a train wreck. The pants are ridiculous. Too tight, bad length, just no. The jacket is too small. Silver watch and bracelet detail, gold jewelry.


    • Agree 100%. A big no. Trousers were not flattering at all. You know if a pant makes the Duchess appear a few pounds heavy, the rest of us would look absolutely horrendous!

    • I agree, pca. I would have liked the outfit better with different earrings and shoes. The tweed pattern on the shoes doesn’t fit with the navy trousers. I think her Links of London Hope Egg earrings would have worked better here.

    • Eh, it’s 2017. People are wearing white after Labor Day and mixing metals like gold and silver. The length and kick flare on the pants are right on trend. For once, Kate looks current. My one complaint is that I think she should have gone a size up on the trousers. They’re clinging to her thighs, and the full-length profile photo reveals that they’re very tight on her bottom.

    • Count me in… I liked that she wore pants, navy pants, but (note to self) if she looks short in this, I should never ever wear a similar outfit.

    • I’m with you. Nothing goes together. The trousers would be great for the event if they fit properly.

  17. The pants fabric is a stretch wool. They are designed to fit snug. I doubt that going up a size would make a difference. The pants fit as intended.

    • No. I own those very pants. They have more of a trouser fit in the right size. Kate is wearing a size too small. You can really see it in the profile photo, the way they’re clinging so tightly to her bottom.

      • I agree, I also own the pants, clearly the are too small. As is the blazer (which is why she has to pull it with her hand all the time (it is striking when you look at the two shots side by side…).

        Good that is is finally branched out beyond the “dressy princess” or skinny jeans typical choices. I am sure many have advised her – but she stuck stubbornly to her style from years past. Maybe she’ll also get mature enough to wear a full selection of pants soon (do we know of anyone, and I do mean anyone, including middle-Eastern princesses) who never wears any pants but skinny jeans?

        Back to positives… Navy and white is a good combination for her – works well with her tanned/toned body. One of my favourites, all is required is a proper fit now and some openmind-ness in terms of cut/choices.

  18. The trousers do look too tight, pulling everywhere or too revealing & the jacket too looks too small as she is pulling it shut on both airings. I do like the idea of red shoes but I like these too. The half-mast trousers are a lovely summery touch though. What most surprised me was the sharp front crease, having had teenagers in tears after ironing them in (looking tidy in my day); I suppose the ‘flat sailor front look’ is now over. I wish everyone would stop about her having a ‘real’ stylist though, who’s to think that she would take notice of anybody telling her how to dress in a schoolmarm fashion! Leave her be with her individuality.

  19. It’s most exciting that we seem to have confirmation of a Kate trend away from the skinny jeans into tailored pants. She has yet to learn the trick of not actually using the pockets for anything, or maybe of the need to smooth down pocket linings, but these are early days. I can wait.

    It looks as if Kate’s foray into smart pants so far is dependent on their being in a crop style. I heartily agree with the Telegraph comments about the crucial need to get just the right length for that to work and Kate is blessed with long enough ankles to carry them off. My one reservation is that I can’t see the point of a flare, is seems counter to the neat chic of a classic crop.

    I thought at first there might be overkill with buttons on pants as well as trousers, but it’s quite well balanced with just the one button on the jacket front. Hair is fabulous today though I’m puzzled by the choice of earrings as they seem oddly boho amid the smart naval theme. I love those J Crew shoes, Kate can wear those as often as she likes.

  20. So, i agree she should have sized up but I know it’s easier said than done. We have roughly similar builds (I am not as slim lol) and if I go up a size to accommodate my hips and waist the pants often look too big and don’t fit properly in other areas. I don’t have access to a good tailor though like I’m sure she does.

    I like cropped pants a lot and wear them to work frequently but I don’t like cropped flares. Here they kind of work but I think a higher heel might have been better.

    But I don’t even care about all that bc I am so excited to see her in dress trousers (or close to it) at an event! With pumps! Not skinny jeans! Not a coat dress! Not wedges! Not her sebago flats or her cotu classics or her asics! Nice stylish pumps! Fresh looking trousers! Crisp colors!

    This is the kind of appropriate look I have been dying to see her try out. I think she could have done better with it for sure but I’m still so glad to see her in something fresh and new like this, that’s still a classic look.

    • I love your list of ‘not wears Kate has sprung on us this time.For me quite the biggest surprise was no stripes, not a whiff of Breton. A landmark outing indeed.

    • Kate has a lot of resources. She gets her clothing tailored to her body all the time. She could have gone up a size to accommodate her thighs and had the trousers nipped at the waist. I’m not complaining, though. I like this outfit on her. It’s such an improvement.

  21. I feel like the shoes and pants don’t go together. I like them well enough separately, though I wouldn’t say either one sends me over the moon. But they seem ill-judged together. Wait, as I’m typing this I am realizing I just simply don’t like sailor pants. So I’m hopelessly biased and incapable of perspective here.

    Her accessories are terrific–love those earrings, the watch is like my #1 thing of hers that I want for myself, and the rope bracelet is adorbs and I also want one for myself. And her hair as always is gorgeous.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s outfit!

    • I adore sailor style in anything and I do love these pants on Kate, but I agree the shoes don’t go. She should have something navy or red, not brown tweed-ish looking. I don’t get what she was thinking at all.

      But otherwise, I love these pants on her. She’s got the figure to pull off the tightness of the pants and I think the blazer is nice, too, although it’s unfortunate there are 2 photos of her holding the front shut. I don’t think that means it’s too small, just that Kate doesn’t like it flapping open but doesn’t want the formal look of it buttoned shut.

  22. If her pants weren’t so tight they would be a tad longer. I like the shoe shape but don’t find the color perfect. But she looks great and it’s a new look- hooray!!

  23. I agree with most of the posters on here – those pants are just a smidge too tight. Sizing up and tailoring would have been a great option. But I can also understand why she went with the tight pair. I think she could have paired a great pair of wedges with this outfit, and it would have totally changed the entire look. Maybe not the Corkswoons, but a navy or nude pair that would have made the pants not look so short. Those chunky shoes are not the most ideal choice when you’re wearing cropped pants. I agree with most of the comments that another (2) inches on the pants would have been great, but it might have actually been okay if she had gone with a higher heel,

    As always, thank you Susan for your coverage! I love hearing about the organizations Kate works with, as well as what she is wearing!

  24. I like this look for the most part, but wish Kate wouldn’t insist on wearing pants that appear to be painted on. A size larger would prevent the pulling across her hips and would be more flattering. She is no longer in her 20s and too-tight pants seem a bit inappropriate to me.

    I do like that she is trying new things. I don’t even mind the shoes like others seem to. They are a nice change from the beige 4″ stilettos.

    • I think Kate has fallen foul of what most of us ladies do, just because you can fit into something, doesn’t mean it’s the right size! Even when you’re as slim as Kate, you’re probably still dancing on the tables knowing you can fit into a smaller size. She often seems to wear clothes that, I’m my opinion, would look but better a size up. As part of the sisterhood and can understand why she does it though! You just need someone to tell you not to (otherwise known as a stylist)!!

  25. She looks great, and while cropped pants aren’t my favourite look, they are in style and I like the sailor style waist, especially for this event.

    Can William just buy her another watch though please? I like the Cartier one she has, but it doesn’t go with everything. She has yellow gold coloured buttons on her blazer and pants, and is wearing yellow gold earrings, it begs for a watch in warm tones!

    And to end on a positive, I could look at her hair all. day. long.

    • I’m smiling here, KJM. William doesn’t need to buy Kate a new watch. She should be perfectly capable of buying one for herself. I do agree, that the one she has, as valuable as it is, really doesn’t go with much of what she wears. It looks especially clunky when she is really dressed up and needs a lighter touch.

      • I wonder if KJM just said that seeing as William bought her the Cartier?

        • You’re spot on, KateFan, it was definitely because the Cartier was a gift from William that made me think he should buy her another :) She can for sure buy her own if she wants!

  26. I like what she is going for, but agree the pant & shoe are both not quite right in some way. Nice look overall, and nice to see something slightly different. Her hair looks fabulous!

  27. What a fabulous change. The Duchess looks fresh and young. Her block heels too go well with the outfit. The pants are a wee bit tight though (should have gone one size up and altered to size if necessary). But hey, whose complaining. I hope the Duchess comes up with more of these outfits and pushes the envelope a bit. This outfits reminds me of something that Queen Letizia would wear – she, the master of trousers – even in the evenings.

  28. I think I’m the only person who hates her instance on theming what she wears so frequently. I don’t think she needs to dress in a nautical style for a sailing event, I find it a bit cringe! That being said the individual items are nice and I’m pleased to see trousers that aren’t skinny jeans.

    • What would you suggest for this event if not a nautical look? I think most of us want to dress properly for every occasion and this look doesn’t disappoint.

      • There’s plenty she could’ve worn and as I said it’s not a bad look it just seems funny to me, almost like shes dressing in costune, but it seems to be something she does often.

    • I agree lol. She loves themes!

    • I think it’s very common for royals to adopt theming for their various attendances. Diana in particular was quite big on a navy-and-white theme for naval events and it’s an important part of foreign tour diplomacy.

    • Jenny I agree. Her theme dressing sometimes is a bit to much. She always dresses nautical when visiting the sailing charity. I disagree that she has to dress that way. It’s a bit to cutesy sometimes and not as professional.

      • I agree with you Jenny! She could be dressed appropriately without being so obvious about the theme. Like, what if she had worn a flowered dress today that simply had navy in it? With navy shoes? Or a smart navy dress with navy heels? But I do absolutely adore nautical styles, do I like this outfit (with the exception of the shoes – stick with the nautical theme, sheesh!).

  29. …if only she had gone up a size…

  30. She looks gorgeous and healthy – all that shiny hair. Not liking these trousers – something about the length, can’t put my finger on it. Not sure the shoes go with this look either. Love the jacket and jumper.

  31. What’s getting me about the pants is that you can see the front pocket outlines on each side. Looks like an extra button is sown in each pocket? It’s really distracting.

    I love the earrings, jacket and blouse.

    I’m just puzzled by the shoes, of course she wouldn’t wear stillettos but a flat would’ve been better than this tweed compromise. It’s just odd.

    I’m also not quite sure she needs to dress as a “sailor” for this event, it seems a little “cute” to do so.

  32. Hurrah! Top marks for trying some different trousers, although I’m not sure these are quite right. Considering how slim she is, they make her look a little bigger. Completely agree with previous comments, a size up would’ve been better, bulging and folding round the crotch is a dead giveaway on that. However, I feel she often gets trousers too small, remember the patterned ones in Cornwall. Eyewateringly tight! Also they need to be 2 inches longer.

    Overall I like the effort and I’m pleased she’s trying new looks, but this isn’t quite right, plus I don’t understand why she dresses so literally sometimes, in this case ‘nautical’.

  33. Love that she reached for something different – and like all the pieces separately but not together. A stylist would have done some good tweaking here.. She has a nice eye for what she likes, and what works for the event, but strugggles to put it all together. If I were married to the future King of England, and one of the most photographed women in the world, I would definately use a stylist – and no, none of the women that we are aware of on her present staff, are truly professional stylists.

    • I agree, why doesn’t she employ a professional stylist? The women on her staff may be decent dressers themselves, but there is a certain flair to styling that she’s missing (those plastic clips in her hair, the odd belts, etc.). I get that she may not care about clothes or wants to focus on the events but the reality is that she is probably the most photographed woman in the world.

    • So agree with everything you said, Elizabeth. A stylist is needed and a “real” one, not just a helpful friend, or trusted staff member. A stylist would turn every “almost there” outfit into a win. It always puzzles me, that when Kate worked, she was an accessories buyer for Jigsaw. But then I suppose buying accessories is different from making them work.

    • I welcome the idiosyncrasies of Kate’s style, they’re part of how natural and easy she is. I’m not sure that being perfectly polished every time necessarily works. She’s a working royal after all, not a cover girl, though I think we’re much influenced by the latter these days.

    • I agree…she already has someone on staff acting as her stylist (and not doing a great job because that isn’t what she was hired for), so it is not really a bridge too far to actually have a stylist on her team.

  34. I cannot believe how lovely Catherine looks in such ‘casual’ pieces. She really shines in trousers and a blazer and this was a phenomenal look on her. She looks so at ease and you can tell this type of engagement is really her forte!

  35. Finally! a trouser look! I like how crisp this looks although I am not a big fan of kick flare style…

  36. I’m seeing some comments about the pants being too short. If she bought them off the rack/online, she can’t do anything about the length. As someone with a 36″ inseam, I can say sometimes it is what it is. I’m not sure if she should’ve gone up a size or not; I think it’s partially the material, partially the cut. This is why tall women typically don’t wear capri pants; they always look “off”. I think she looks great and people are being way too picky on this one. She wore an actual trouser and a blazer instead of a dress; if she’d worn wedges, there would’ve been complaints. She shouldn’t have worn stilettos because of the type of event this was. I guess I’ve got the bee in my bonnet today about people being too harsh on her. I know this is the space and place to dissect fashion/clothing, but I think sometimes you’ve just got to take the small wins, if she wears something you’ve been rooting for. This comment is not meant to offend anyone at all, so I hope it is not taken that way. I enjoy you all very much and hope you have a great weekend!

    • @Alyssa I am totally with you! When I first looked at the photos I was thrilled. Then I thought, “oh, what a small flash of navy at the neckline would have done to elevate this look.” Then I caught myself. Kate looks great! IMHO any small changes are personal preference, not style required.

      This is a lovely, fresh, and appropriate.

    • I’m with you. Kate’s made an effort to ‘jump ship’ (haha) from her favourites and for that alone I’m giving this look the thumbs up. We moan when she doesn’t try different things and nit pick when she does.
      Good weekend to you and all from me too. The news has been depressing lately so it’s nice to have the cheerful distraction of Kate and her clothing. Thank you Susan for your work on this site.

    • Agreed! I was so excited to see real pants paired with that jacket—-and the shoes I adore. Red/navy/white combos always remind me of patriotic bunting so I am glad there was no red in sight. The simple shape of the earrings referenced in the watch face was a nice plus even if it wasn’t intentional. I hate matchy-matchy so different metal tones, plaid shoes, and luxe hair are all wins to me.
      Banish the skinny jeans to the back of the closet—be gone! :)

  37. I love that she’s trying new styles and think she looks beautiful, as always! But I agree with other commenters that the fit of the pants is just slightly off. It looks to be a case of buying something off the rack that mostly fits, but isn’t perfect. They might have worked better if she went a size up and had them tailored. But still a lovely, fresh look for the Duchess.

  38. I love that she is wearing a tailored pant but……they are too small and seem to not be correctly sized . The chunky shoes look wrong for this casual outtfit.

  39. The Duchess looked lovely today and I think she always shines brightest at events involving children.

    Hurray for trousers/pants as many of us have been actively wishing she would wear them to engagements. Overall, I think the white and navy ensemble was lovely and very appropriate for the event. Her hair looked so shiny and healthy today.

    Minor quibble—I wish the trouser legs were just a little longer, as they are hitting her at an odd spot. If they were slightly longer and just a bit less flared, I think they would be more attractive and sleek.

    Major quibble—I don’t get these shoes with this outfit—they don’t really seem to “go” together and the block heel looks clunky to me with the crops. I think wedges or pointy toes pumps or flats might have worked better with these trousers. The way they are styled in the product shot looks professional and sleek but still casual.

    Overall a win, but a couple tweaks could have made the look perfect.

  40. Casual yet very chic! I really like the whole ensemble. So nice to see a different style of trousers. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  41. Well, it is great to see Kate in a summery, nautical look and to have her wear a pant that is not a skinny jean. This ensemble has good potential, but somehow misses the mark.

    First of all, everything looks too tight and too small and that she needs to go up a size. Cropped pants are a personal preference. I like them and wear them, but know many people don’t. It isn’t the pant length that is the issue, but rather that they and the jacket look too tight. Also, the shoes are a huge mistake. While I do like these shoes, they are too chunky, too tweedy looking, too dressy, too wintery and too brown, to go with this navy and white summer outfit. Surely a casual, perhaps flat shoe, in either navy or white, would carry off the casual look much better. A red sandal would have been most striking.

    I posted this next bit of info on the previous WKW post, but only two days ago, so earlier readers might not have seen it. There is an exclusive one hour interview from Kensington Palace, with Prince Harry, given by Lisa LaFlamme, on CTV, Friday, June 16 at 9.00pm ET. Canadian viewers and those near the USA/Canada border might enjoy watching it. The preview on Wednesday made it look most worthwhile.


  42. Love the pants but she clearly needs to size up. They are pulling across her hips and upper thighs and also look a touch too short to me.

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