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The Duchess debuted a new dress, new shoes and new haircut at Wimbledon today.

©Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

©Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

This is Kate’s first engagement at Wimbledon in her role as royal patron of the AELTC (All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club).

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

She started her visit by spending time with ball boys and ball girls.

©Thomas Lovelock/AELTC (Click to visit photo gallery)

©Thomas Lovelock/AELTC (Click to visit photo gallery)

From The Daily Mirror’s coverage:

Kate, who has long been a fan of the game, told two ball girls and a boy that their work “makes the game happen”.

“It makes such a difference to the players, your professionalism,” she said. “You look so smart.”

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

They are wearing their Ralph Lauren uniforms, available via the Wimbledon website. Kate was escorted by Sir Phillip Brook, chairman of the AELTC, and his wife, Gill Brook.

©Thomas Lovelock/AELTC (click photo to visit gallery)

©Thomas Lovelock/AELTC (click photo to visit gallery)

A video of Kate speaking with one of the ballboys.

The Duchess chatted with current and former players.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Here you see her with Martina Navratilova.



Kate also spoke with medical and safety personnel.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Then it was time to head to Centre Court. Below, you see Kate being greeting by the Queen’s cousin, the Duke of Kent.

©Joel Marklund/ (click photo to view AELTC gallery)

©Joel Marklund/ (click photo to view photo gallery)

The Duke is the President of the AELTC.

/AELTC (Click photo to visit AELTC gallery)

Joel Marklund/AELTC (Click photo to visit photo gallery)

A quote about royal involvement at Wimbledon from Phillip Brook viaThe Evening Standard’s story:

“We would like to welcome HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, who will take up The Queen’s former duties as our Patron, and also recognise with appreciation the ongoing contribution of HRH The Duke of Kent, who will continue his long-standing role as our President.”

They were all in the Royal Box for the opening round of Gentlemen’s Singles play, featuring Great Britain’s Andy Murray vs. Alexander Bublik of Kazakhstan.

AELTC/ (Click photo to visit Wimbledon Facebook page)

AELTC/Roger Allen (Click photo to visit Wimbledon Facebook page)

Kim Sears, Mr. Murray’s wife, arriving for the afternoon match.The couple is expecting their second child.

©Mirrorpix/Splash News

©Mirrorpix/Splash News

This was the first time the defending champion had the honour of opening Gentlemen’s Singles play.

©Mirrorpix/Splash News

©Mirrorpix/Splash News

Looking more closely at the photo just above, you see another woman in white with black polka dots. (Thank you to Kaie on the Facebook page for pointing this out.)



The world’s #1 ranked player handily defeated his opponent.

Wimbledon Twitter

Wimbledon Twitter

Now to what Kate wore. Her dress is by Dolce and Gabbana. It is silk with a touch of elastane for stretch and features a fitted bodice with a full skirt, one of Kate’s favorite silhouettes. It also has three-quarter sleeves, a scoop neckline and concealed zipper. However, the Duchess’s frock has the square neckline from another D&G design, the Polka Dot Midi Dress ($1557), we show it at Browns.

Matches/PA Wire/Browns

Matches/PA Wire/Browns

The dress was available at Matches Fashion and Farfetch, but it is now sold out. New York retailer Kirna Zabête has the dress in just one size, a 4. Another ‘thank you’ to Kate’s Closet for a very quick dress ID.

Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion

Kate’s new shoe style is from Office; the brand’s Nina Block Heel Sandal (£62, about $80). It is made of a black nubuck leather with a synthetic footbed and lining; the heel is just a bit more than 3″. The design comes in a variety of other colors. This was another super ID by Giulia on Twitter!

©PA Wire/Office/Polaris

©PA Wire/Office/Polaris

Founded in London and now owned by a South African firm, the label’s name comes from its original store displays: the shoes were placed on old office furniture. The brand is carried at House of Fraser, as well as Selfridges and at ASOS. In the US the brand is available in-store at Topshop in Chicago, New York and Las Vegas.

The Duchess carried her ‘Quincy’ tote by Victoria Beckham.

Kate Wimbledon July 4 2017 Victoria Beckham Tote PA Product Shot

©PA Wire/Victoria Beckham

We initially saw the bag at least year’s Wimbledon match between Serena Williams and Elena Vesnina.


Joel Marklund/AELTC (click photo to visit the Wimbledon Facebook page)

We saw the return of Kate’s Oscar de la Renta Gold Plated Earrings with Faux Pearls, now sold out.



The Duchess was not in her usual Ray Bans sunglasses.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Instead, she sported the Bulgari Cat’s Eye style in black. We show them at Smart Buy Glasses, where they are $218.95. The style is also offered at Amazon ($183), as well as at Otto (€185, about $210) and at JP Opticians.  Our thanks to Irish Sara on Twitter for the ID on these!

Smart Buy Glasses / Polaris

Smart Buy Glasses / Polaris

Kate’s hair was noticeably shorter than what we saw on her last engagement at the V&A.

©Gareth Fuller/PA Wire, Andrew Parsons/i-Images

©Gareth Fuller/PA Wire, Andrew Parsons/i-Images


Also today, news about the upcoming tour of Poland and Germany. Kensington Palace has released more details about the trip, being undertaken at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The week-long tour gets underway July 17 in Warsaw, Poland. More from the official news release.

“They look forward to a busy and impactful tour, and are grateful that they will have the opportunity to meet the Polish and German people – such important friends of the United Kingdom – as a family.”

“They have decided that their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will travel with them and we expect the children to be seen on at least a couple of occasions over the course of the week.”

Here you see the family in Canada last fall.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

More from The Express:

With George starting school in south London this September, attending the mixed-sex Thomas’s Battersea school, and his sister likely to be enrolled in a nursery, this is the last time the royal couple will be able to take their children with them without school commitments making it problematic.

This will be Prince George’s third time on tour. His first was the New Zealand/Australia trip in 2014 when he was eight months old.



As pointed out by several royal correspondents, it is likely George could be laden with birthday gifts during the trip, the tour ends the day before his fourth birthday.

See our detailed Tour itinerary by clicking here.



  169 Responses to “IT’s D&G for Wimbledon, And George/Charlotte to Join Poland/Germany Tour”

  1. I really love her hair this way. Shorter suits here! I love the dress, but I wish she’d have worn a necklace with the dress’s neckline being the way it is. Even a simple strand of pearls would’ve been great.

  2. Her hair looks like she had extensions removed, as there’s a lot less fullness and length that in all her more recent looks. I’m sure she had it trimmed as well, but I think it looks really different mostly from the lack of fullness and bounce. She had extensions woven in previously for sure. Her hair looks more… normal woman to me now!

    Agree that the dress looks like something I would’ve bought at H&M in 1999.

  3. I think this look is really interesting. To me it evokes the 1980s, almost a riff on something Diana would have worn. The silhouette is classic, but the polka dot print, costume earrings, oversized sunglasses, and boxy white bag all make me think 80s. Can’t you just picture Diana wearing those same earrings and a drop-waist, Peter Pan collar dress in that same print? The pieces certainly all work together, but I’m not sure if I like the overall effect.

    • I think that is one of the reasons I like it so much…very 80s. Although i couldn’t stand the shoulder pads of that era! Diana had a lot of signature looks that were classic.

      • Agreed! Especially on the shoulder pads :) I wasn’t trying to be negative at all–I think it’s a great look. A modern take on some of the 80s elements. I’m just not sure that I like it on Kate. I think the polka-dot print feels more casual and whimsical than I am used to her for, so maybe that’s why I’m undecided on it.

  4. Love the dress and handbag. She can pull off longer hair. That is my preference.

  5. It always tickles me how extremes the opinions are.

    Dress? Cheap and meh Fun and fresh.
    Polka dots? D&G fail Whimsical mismatch
    Hair? Soccer mom Fresh and young!
    Shoes? Too delicate for tennis Great new style!
    Nails? No polish, shudder! Great, polish are poisonous!

    Kate reading here? Probably not, as she’s looking out for her mental health.

    Me? I would like to know what Kim Sears’ bag is. Is that a Kate Spade?

  6. Dress: Meh…looks cheap.

    Haircut: What haircut? It’s a couple of inches shorter than it usually is. In other words, DoC got a trim. Same style as always (though I don’t think it looked particularly good on this day at Wimbledon).

    Earrings: Dreadful.

    Purse and shoes: Cute.

    • If the earrings’ centers are meant to portray tiny tennis balls, its a rare bit of whimsy for the Duchess–and makes me smile.

    • I agree. A trim is a trim. Earrings..boring. Shoes…meh. I don’t think she is a fashionista. For the most part one could say that she manages to dress appropriately for occasions but I always cringe when I see her on a best-dressed list. Queen of Spain is a better dressed woman.

      • Queen Letizia is certainly a beautiful woman, and I admire her style as well–but I disagree that she is “better” dressed. Not only do I think that style in general is more nuanced than gradations of “good” and “bad”; I also generally find the Duchess’s choices more interesting. Queen Letizia, because of her position, is compelled to hit that “conservatively dressed professional woman” note as a general rule. While she does show her fashion fierceness in her shoe choices (more so than the Duchess, I admit), her outfits overall often seem (as the Fug Girls once put it) very Assistant D.A. on Law & Order to me. Admittedly her individual pieces are much more high-end than the Law & Order costume budget would allow–but there are a lot of trousers and loose blouses and pencil skirts. And while she looks flawless in them, I just don’t find them as interesting or relatable as the Duchess’s wonderful lace dresses, smashing McQueen and Wickstead coatdresses, or enviable casual ensembles, with their classic English country house touches. I love that the Duchess can go from skinny jeans to an outer-space-patterned fit-and-flare dress to a sequined Jenny Packham dress.

        Now–have this same conversation but replace “Queen of Spain” with “Queen of the Netherlands,” and then we have something to talk about. Queen Maxima’s style is OFF THE CHAIN.

  7. I Luv her hair like that!!
    …and it really goes with those new sandals
    I probably would have worn something a bit more colourful and exciting than just black and white polka dots but it is nice to see a totally new look!!!
    Hi five kate!!!

  8. Eek.

    I like the shorter hair, but the way it is styled looks very much like a soccer mom. Perhaps a straighter style would have looked better.

    The dress? A tragedy. For such an expensive garment, there is no excuse for the awkward seams. Also, the very large polka dots seem very 80s to me. Not a fan.

    The shoes are a fresh look for her, but those toes need some polish!

    • I love that her toes are unpolished! She is immaculately groomed. Nail polish contains such nasty chemicals and she is smart to avoid it.

    • Agreed Kimberly that the dress looks 80s to me – and not in a good way. Polka dots too big and the dress had just too much fabric. I also agree with the poster who thought it looked cheap.

      Love the new purse, sunglasses and most of all shoes. Those legs! I think Kate had clear varnish on as did the shoe models. This is a very chic look we’re seeing on red carpets and runways.

      Also didn’t like the earrings but maybe that goes with the 80s style. I still remember that I wore a b & w polka dot jacket (hey, it was black & white!) to munmom’s funeral which I now put in the ‘what was I thinking?’ category!!

  9. I like the hair. It’s a nice change. I also like it longer. it will grow back in no time.
    Those dots are too big and the fact they are mismatched really bothers me. Can’t believe a dress from D&G would look like this.
    Nice sandals. Finally.

  10. Have you noticed – the last three posts , Ascot, V & A, and Wimbledon – no watch! So much more svelte an arm line!

  11. Thanks for sharing the pics with us if we cant go there at least we can enjoy the moment with the pics. Its nice to see kim as well

  12. Is this the first time Kate has worn open toed shoes at a day time event?

  13. I LOVE this look! Y’all wanted something fresh from the Duchess, and I think this is about as fresh as it gets!

    Love the bold pattern and the new hair. Usually I am a stickler for lining up patterns in clothing, but upon closer look I think it would be very difficult to do with this dress being that the polka dots are so large and the cut has quite a few seams and darts.

  14. Speaking frankly, had I not known this dress was D&G, I would have thought this was one of those 39.99 CAD cheap-fabric dresses sold in our Canadian outlet malls. Oops.

    • I have to agree. This is one of my least favorite dresses to date. There’s something about the fabric that I don’t care for–perhaps the size of the dots. I loved the ASOS maternity polka dot dress she wore. The pattern was more flattering, and that certainly was a cheap-fabric dress. I never would have guessed that this one was a D&G.

      • I think it is the length of the sleeves that puts me off- It might have been better if they ended at the elbow, or even a little cap sleeve would have been nicer.

  15. Love Kate’s new haircut! It’s fresh, and perfect for her age-wise. I hope she keeps it this way.
    The dotted dress is cute, and I love her shoes! I think the square neckline is more flattering than the original one for this dress.
    I’m looking forward to the tour!

  16. I like the shorter hair a lot — it freshens up her look without going too severe, and she still has plenty of hair to style. It’ll be interesting to see if she decides to keep it that length; the last time she cut it she grew it out pretty quickly, but she also tried a long bang with that cut and it seems decided pretty quickly that she didn’t care for that.

    In fact I like this whole outfit; the “tennis white” seems an effective nod to her new role as patron. I honestly didn’t even notice the polka dots not lining up along the seams, though I take the point re the price of the dress and what should be expected craftsmanship-wise. Love the handbag and the sandals. Even the big pearl earrings, which I’ve found to be a bit too middle-aged-lady when she’s worn them before, look good with this IMO.

    As a fellow tennis nut I am pleased to see the torch being passed to a royal patron who will be a great ambassador for Wimbledon for a long time to come.

    • Agreed! So happy that the Queen chose Kate for Wimbledon. This is something she should genuinely enjoy, as a recreational player and tennis fan. I also agree that for the price point of the dress and high profile of the designer, the dots should match up, especially front and center as she is walking toward a camera. Her haircut was a nice change, though, and it was great to see some cute sandals on her again– they helped to keep the look fresh.

  17. I love polka dots but this dress is a prime example of my biggest pet peeve when it comes to polka dots: fabric splicing. The panels on the skirt of this dress seem so unnecessary and it makes the polka dots look unappealing because it destroys the uniformity of the pattern. I also don’t love the square neckline with the polka dots, it makes it look boxier. It seems as though the idea was to make sure the design didn’t look too young on Catherine (odd considering it was for a sporting event), but they seem to have overcompensated because the changes age her a bit and the dress looks somewhat dated.

  18. I like the shorter cut. Frankly, it was time to get rid of some of it…at times it bordered on pageant hair. It is still quite long, and I don’t really understand the “soccer mom” comments. The soccer moms I know wear it a LOT shorter than this. My only problem is that I don’t think it was styled particularly well…basically still trying to do big, bouncy curls with less hair. This would have looked a lot more chic had it just been blown out without the curls. But the cut is a good start.

    I also liked the dress, mis-matched polka dots and all, and was VERY excited to see the shoes and not the hideous nude pumps. But those earrings…ugh. They are so Joan Collins in the 80s. Bleh.

  19. I pressed Submit before I managed to say how much I love the style of the dress, I particularly like it because it’s my style, lol. I did quickly think of the Top Shop Maternity dress when I saw it though. That white bag is too colourless, makes the already very white ensemble more ashen & it’s obviously 90% empty as it’s squashed in. With an elegant dress like that, a much smaller one would have sufficed instead of a picnic bag, it’s too much, it’s not as if she’s packed lunch, drinks & a cardigan.
    With regard to Catherine’s clothes being donated. I’m certain that doesn’t happen either. Not only would a lot be recognisable as hers, but the Press would get hold of it somehow. There have been many articles over the years about the storage of the Queen’s clothes as well as about ‘ancient’ outfits popping up. A 1970s dress of the Queens’ is on show at the V&A. Princess Anne appeared in a blue dress that was 30yrs old & in an altered outfit from the 80s a decade later – that involved a check maxi skirt with a shocking pink blouse with the hugest short sleeves, they seemed even more voluminous than Diana’s wedding dress sleeves – when altered, they were a standard wrist-length shirt-sleeve – brilliant tailoring!
    Diana also auctioned a lot of her evening gowns, saying that she no longer needed them as she was no longer taking part in the Palace engagements (and there are lots of them). I don’t know if she wears some of the day-clothes that have been worn publicly for work – by this I mean the many meetings there must be preparing for engagements/trips/tours & regarding patronages, but I think I can be sure that jeans & a vest would not be considered de rigeur for the ‘office’.
    No doubt there are outfits that after seeing herself in them are consigned to a dark corner; we’ve all done that no matter how many people tell us we looked superb. I also think Catherine likes to buy clothes often – she wore a burgundy/white floral dress to go to the airport for her first Far East tour, then shortly after for a private hospital visit, but the first time she was pictured in it was on a dinner date with William 10 years previously. She doesn’t get ‘wear’ out of anything, I imagine she spends her leisure days in jeans like the rest of the Aristos (in the Queen’s day, it was the ‘County’ look of check skirt & headscarf). I’m looking forward to Poland, don’t know a lot about it either. :)

  20. Catherine’s hair is lovely as always, but I don’t see a new hairstyle – it’s just had a trim so it’s a bit shorter – she’ll soon grow it again like she always does. As for hair extensions, I’m certain she has never had them. She has always had thick long hair ever since she was in high school & it’s easily voluminised by a hairdresser or yourself. Apart from that, the aristocracy really aren’t the glam celebrity types (witnessed by the transformation of the glamourous Megan Markle into an array of waxed jackets with rubber wellies to walk around London in – she’s fitting in).
    Catherine’s hair just looks like normal, not over-styled as she’s at the tennis, maybe she’s had it thinned also as it’s hot weather. There is also her age. I had thick long hair at 30, I still have long hair but there’s a lot less of it! Women go thinner up top & it is noticeable by the 40s.

    • Speak for yourself. Because I quit heat styling my hair on a daily basis, my quite fine hair is thicker and grows faster now in my 40s than it ever did prior.

      • Happy for you. The thinning is coming though–you’re lucky you’re dodging it for a while with a change in process.

    • I believe she has used extensions on certain occasions. Not for length but for volume. If you look at photos of the back of her hair, towards the crown (so about 2 inches from the exact middle of her head) there is some seriously unusual volume on some days but not others. Not even teasing and back coming can get hair that full. And I’m speaking as someone with fine but a lot of hair. Also, there was a Heads Together event in January (with the black floral dress). Her hair was SO full she had to have extensions in there to prop it up.

      • I disagree–my hair is not nearly as beautiful as the Duchess’s, but (as you can see) it is thick, coarse, and wavy like hers, and the kind of volume you’re talking about is easily achieved *without* even teasing or back-coming. I can make myself two inches taller just by strategic bobby-pinning, or by pulling the bottom of a half-pony tighter than the top.

        I am sure she probably has worn extensions on the rare occasion, but I’m quite sure she doesn’t do it regularly. The silly “evidence” picture is just what thick, coarse hair does when you pull it back without using a paddle brush.

        • Agreed. Look at the photos from the South Pacific tour. Kate had naturally quite curly hair (I know she didn’t when younger, but hair does change over time.) My daughter has very similar hair and volume is extremely easy to achieve.

  21. I’m a big fan of polka dots, but you can have too much of a good thing, and this is a good example of it. I don’t find this dress flattering at all – in the first photograph she actually looks bulky! The square neckline is a mistake esp with the loose below the elbow sleeves. The combination makes her shoulders and upper body look very wide. Below the elbow sleeves are not a particularly flattering cut unless they are accessorized properly. The polka dots don’t match up so the dress looks even busier than it is. The original scoop neckline is more flattering and the sleeves should have been shortened to elbow length with a tighter fit or even better removed entirely which would have given a much chicer look, And then the square neckline would have worked. I would have added a belt – black or even better red. And red nail varnish to match. Love the sandals but the earrings aren’t the right choice. Her neck and wrists look too bare and should have been accessorized with a necklace at lest. Re hair, I find the new length a bit boring. I also think with that much white, she needed a stronger lip colour – like red!!! She looks very washed out. I think she looked much, much better last year – the yellow and white dress was perfect.

    • Agree with many of your comments. But not a fan of nail polish or fingernails or toes:). The hair is very “not much” and the dress while in general fine your comments about sleeve length and maybe too much polka dot is my thought also. The dress should work but the sleeves and length make it a bit of a miss. Do not like the earrings, love the shoes, bag and sunglasses.

  22. Did anyone notice Dominic Cooper seated behind her? Just an extra bit of eye glitter to notice in the photos. ;)
    The hair cut look fresh and lovely. The length is great on her.

  23. This is a win for Kate. The polka dots give Kate’s outfit a playful look, which is perfect for a sports event like Wimbledon, and the square neckline is always good on her. Those black heeled sandals have the personality to match the dress. It would have been fun to see a splash of color, but her white bag with black trim is super classy, and the white carries off the airiness of this ensemble. (Not crazy about the earrings, but they aren’t bad.) This total look is a light, not heavy look, perfect for the time of year and the occasion.

  24. Love the sandals and the cut of the dress. Kind of odd that at that price point the dots don’t line up . . . . . Over all, good look. On the fence about the hair. It looks great – but such a pity to cut off any of those glorious locks.

    • I thought the same thing about the dots! I would have expected the fabric to have been better cut! No fence for me about the hair! So GLAD she got it cut – it looks so much fresher. I also think less hair will look better when it is in an updo.

  25. Radiant! Like Kate, I am also not a “pop of colour” kind of person, especially paired with a print. To me, the outfit has continuity and simplicity. Plus I couldn’t imagine sitting for that long in warm weather with a belt on, it would feel annoying. And dangly earrings at a tennis match are annoying for the people behind you. Speaking of people behind, I wonder if the lady behind her was proud or embarrassed at having a matching polka dot look!

  26. Love the shoes, bag and sunglasses.
    Love seeing a bag instead of a clutch.

  27. I didn’t even notice the mismatched polka dots! It is too bad they weren’t matched up. If the dots were in a “random” pattern, it would have been okay, but in this case… no. Just no.

    I am so glad Kate wore a sandal- the chunky heel would have been perfect for walking on the grass without digging in.

    I agree that a splash of red (shoes, belt, accessories) would have looked fabulous but I don’t think Kate would ever go so bold with an already-bold pattern.

    Her haircut is lovely. I prefer longer hair on her, but this cut is fun for summer!

    • My mother (90 years old) who used to be a seamstress making clothes for people on demand and fitting!! would probably say : cheap dress, bad seams and dots don’t match. At this price point a silk D&G dress should be perfect.
      I don’t get this ; do you have to buy Haute Couture to get someting well made?

      Not a critique on the Duchess by the way but I would never buy such a dress not even at a fraction of the price. My mothers voice in my head ;)

      • Your mother was right, Katrien. The fact that this and in the past, other dresses with prints, have patterns that don’t match up, is unforgivable. I wouldn’t accept it in a dress from Walmart, never mind a designer dress. I sew some of my clothes and if there is any pattern, it has to match. It takes a bit of advance thought and planing, but it can be done. If an amateur sewer can do this, then why not one of the big fashion houses?

      • I completely agree. When I first saw the photo, I thought it was a Zara or ASOS dress. At a much lower price point, I could see that it would not be well made, but D&G should be embarrassed over this one. Agree with you, no reflection on the Duchess, and she certainly looks great, but hopefully we don’t see this dress again.

  28. Love the new shorter hair. Looked fresh and bouncy.

    Love the sandals instead of pumps.

    Love the polka dot dress.

    Really love that she had a tote instead of a clutch. I think the clutches contribute to the slouching over posture that bothers me.

    Bert part is her glam new sunglasses. So much more posh that the sporty ray bans. Love the new ones.

    Not a super fan of those earrings (before or now) but they are kind of hidden so it doesn’t take away for me.

    Overall, a win.

  29. Show stopper. ! Dress is fantastic. It is elegant and stylish and shows a lovely figure. The lenght is just perfect.
    Shoes and handbag just perfect.
    Love the shorter hair.
    Kate looks sexy, elegant, fresh, comfortable and confident. – All in one.

  30. The shoes! Be still my heart!

  31. This is a win to be sure. Love this silhouette on Kate, and the square neckline suits her. The shoes and bag are perfect! I would prefer a smaller polka dot and that the dots line up on the seams as someone else mentioned but otherwise this dress is great. Only small critique is the earrings, those are dreadful. Her hair looks so fresh and lovely, although I do prefer her with longer hair. At least she did not cut bangs this time!

  32. I’m surprised the polka dots don’t match up at the seams.

    • I think this was a deliberate choice by the designers. Would they really carelessly make such an obvious mistake on such an expensive item? Especially a dress they surely knew was being made specifically for Kate?

      I personally think the pattern change at the seam adds more visual interest to the dress: the diagonal line becomes more interesting and the partial circles at the seam become the visual contrast.

      • I think that is exactly what D&G was trying to do with the dress–and make the panels noticeable where they would not have been if the print was lined up. If you don’t like it, fine, but I do think it was deliberate to add interest as you say.

  33. I love this look, and I think it epitomizes why I enjoy Kate’s style; this look is classic, pretty, and accessible. That’s not to say I could run out and drop that kind of money on a dress, but it’s the sort of outfit I could put together. Now, to be fair, I would probably carry a bright red tote with it, I do not share Kate’s figure and height, and I have a very different hairstyle, but if I saw a woman at an event who looked like that, I’d admire her dress and ask about her shoes.

    I don’t always love Kate’s outfits, but these last two outings have been just bang on the mark in terms of style. Hopefully we’ll get past the unfortunate baggy 70s w/ dust ruffle look soon, and see more of these lovely, classic, tailored pieces, mismatched dots or no.

  34. I am probably in the minorty in that I really like her hair and little else. To people saying this is a suburban mom hairdo, you must spend time in incredibly posh suburbs of LA where everyone goes to the salon daily and looks like a model because I can tell you in our posh suburb none of the moms look this good lol. I feel her hair finally has some movement in this cut. I do however think that her hair is much less “thick” now which leads me to agree with those saying she has hair extensions. As a role model for young girls I’m not so sure how I feel about that… why does she need those?

    The outfit itself was not a win for me. The sandals were ok, the handbag seemed too informal for a designer gown, the designer gown looks poorly executed with a too long hemline for the style and dots which don’t match up. The earnings look very gaudy to me and I think it’s the fake gold and pearl. Large costume jewelry will always look cheap I guess regardless of which designer makes it. Her sunglasses were nice, but like the sandles, seemed very average. Just not much I like I’m afraid. Still, her hair was ok point and I’m excited to see how she styles it now.

    What I loved today more than anything was seeing her obvious enthusiasm for this patronage. She just loves the sport and you can tell she is relishing this “job”. It’s refreshing to see someone in the role who attends and loves the sport. The athletes must be so excited to have her as their patron knowing how much she loves the sport. So exciting. Sad the queen has stepped down, but so glad she passed the torch on to Catherine!

    NOTE: Quick admin edit.

    • *on point, not ok point lol. Also could I have said sport one more time. Sorry for the poor writing. Doing this on my phone is not wise it seems.

  35. So happy to see the tote and not a clutch. It’s the little things that make me happy.

  36. Excellent job with the post! Congrats!

  37. I absolutely love this entire look! It is perfect for a sporting event and looks quite comfortable. I love the balck sandal. It is a nice change of pace from the traditional pump. Something fun and a bit more casual is likely to be refreshing for the Duchess. I think she can use this dress again by adding accessories- a red or cobalt blue belt? Well done!

  38. wow, she looks so put together! Everything goes together! Those shoes are especially charming with her pretty legs. I’m not a huge fan of the earrings or those big polka dots, but she carries it off, I think.

  39. Is the woman two rows back wearing the same dress??

    I preferred the original neckline to the square one. Somehow the square one, plus the earrings, is just a bit too retro.

  40. Oh I love this. I love the hair cut, I love the shoes. Both fresh and different. Finally! I like the dress but it’s not that different from many of her other dresses. I just think it looks fresher at first glance, with the different shoes and hair. Still a great look!

  41. Thank you for such a thorough post on a pre-holiday day here in the US You could have easily put up a photo or two and posted later this week. Your dedication is why I always (and only) come to WKW for anything Duchess related.

    As for today’s look? Love. The. Hair. The shorter style makes her face look fresher, if that makes sense. The longer length (extensions?) was weighing her face down. Also, loving that we saw some new shoes! Except for the earrings (and the dented purse), this look was an absolute win IMHO.

  42. I think she looks more than 10 years-older in the first picture and I attribute it to the hairstyle. It seems “soccer mom”.

    • I think she looks older because these pictures are not photoshopped or filtered like some of them of her are. She is a pretty woman, but both she and her sister are cautionary tales about too much tanning and the importance of wearing sunscreen.

  43. Love – shorter hair, dress (colour and length) & shoes. Perfect for a day at Wimbledon.

  44. Dress and shoes are very pretty and summerish. Love that she wore a strappy block heal sandal.

    Really not a fan of the hair cut. Not trying to insult anyone, but to me, this looks like a mall hair cut. Middle aged mom layered cut that so many of my friends like because it’s wash and go – can quickly veer frumpy. Her long hair is glorious! I am probably in the minority, but I hope this was an experiment for the warmer weather and she grows it out. Speaking as a woman over 40, I much prefer long hair because I find it easier to braid or put up in a more classic style than having to style a layered do.

    • I agree with you about her hair… not that it is a bad cut but her crowning glory is her hair. I think if she had opted for a real bob (instead of the lob), and had it sleek with maybe it longer in the front, would have looked beautiful. But this cut is just blah. I do love the dress, shoes, bag and sunglasses though!

      • I am not sure she would look good in a much shorter length cut. Her face while pretty has some angles and lines that require an expert eye with the face in mind.

  45. OMG. Her hair looks AMAZING today. I love this length. In fact it’s truly the best hair she’s had since she’s become a public figure. She should stop wearing extensions. Add the fact she wore a new style of shoe (for public engagements at least) and an affordable pair at that and I’m in awe of today’s look!

    • I’m curious – what is the evidence that she wore extensions (other than that her hair was long and thick)? Thanks!

      • Erin, those that say Kate wears/wore extensions are speculating. I have not read anywhere, from a reliable source, that this is true. Extensions do make one’s hair long and thick, but I know plenty of people with long, thick hair, who do not have, nor could they afford, extensions.

      • The hair extension theory comes from various side views of Kate’s hair in a half-updo when extension bands are thought to be visible


        • Every time I look at that photo, I keep coming back to, “Have people never done their own hair?” My hair does that bumpy thing too. Mine is naturally because my hair just won’t lie flat despite how thin, fine and straight it is. I have a few sparse areas from lupus and my hair just skips over it creating these weird lumps. (It really ticks me off.) It’s very hard to get hair perfectly smooth in my opinion unless you’re dumping in product after product.

      • No evidence but is there really ever any evidence when it comes to her beauty products and routines? Perhaps only the Bobby Brown lessons for her wedding but that’s it. The comment with the link to photos is as close as we’ll get. That plus the unusual volume about 2 inches from center. It’s a hard spot to get as much volume as she does there with long hair. Usually the weight pulls it flatter. With extensions underneath for volume, the upper layer of her own hair has something to rest on. I’ve stared at photos at length (ashamed to admit) because I wanted to achieve that volume. A long conversation with a stylist or two at upscale salons confirms that volume at that spot on the crown is extremely (!) difficult to achieve without help.

    • I don’t believe she has ever worn extensions regularly. If you look at pictures of her when she was in college, her hair was always long, thick and curly–never a need. Also, the pics of her during one of her first tours with William, in Tuvalu, show that her hair naturally has incredible volume; I’m sure the challenge for her has always been in keeping it sleek and orderly rather than adding to the overall mass.

      • Agree. She has thick hair that needs taming:). If she ever had pieces in her hair it must have been for a specific event style.

  46. Absolutely stunning look yet again. Such a great choice out for a day at the tennis looking relaxed and elegant.

  47. I adore this look! The shorter hair with the lovely wave, curl looks very current and the color is beautiful as well! I love seeing brown, auburn, and a bit of highlights in her hair color. I think the silhouette of the dress is perfect for the Duchess and she definitely knows how to dress to make the most of her assets! The sandals look great as well and really give the look a bit of an edge with a bit of sex appeal. I’ve always thought those kind of sandals look amazing on anyone, and since I have super short legs, I really would love a pair! As usual, her make up and skin are absolutely flawless and she is just beautiful.

  48. On another fan-site, someone pointed out the polka dots weren’t matching up at the waist seam, and now that’s all I can see! I do like the dress tho! I wish she had worn a belt with it, even a fun red belt! I ADORE her sandals, but am not a fan of those earrings!!!!

  49. This is a fresh and easy breezy summer look. I like the shorter hair and wouldn’t mind if Kate went even shorter. If I were the creator of this dress, I would have put a thin black ribbon, or a narrow black belt where the bodice meets the skirt. This would disguise the half dots that don’t quite match the top…or the material could be positioned so as not to cause the half dots.

    The shoes are a nice change and would have looked even better with some coloured nail polish. Except for when Kate wore the turquoise Jenny Packham gown with open silver shoes, I don’t think we’ve seen coloured polish on her toes.

    Kate looks happy and is such an asset to the Royal Family.

    • I think she also had colored toe nail polish when she wore the white Roland Mouret gown years ago. But you’re right a that’s about it!

      • I think it is fair to say the one thing (two things?) about Kate that is (are) less than perfect, in terms of appearance, are her feet! Bless her, oh to only have that one (two?) problem(s)!

    • You’ve said everything I would! I love the short hair, I prefer shorter hair anyway. I wonder if she’d ever have the nerve to go properly short? Admittedly I didn’t noticed the spots not joining up until I read the comments, so perhaps it could’ve been intentional. For the price point, I would expect the dress to be flawless.

      I love the fact she’s changed up the shoes. Although her feet do look a little squeezed into them. I also agree that open toe shoes require painted nails! But that is just my personal preference.

      All in all, this outfit is a total winner for me, and perfect Wimbledon. Summery, relaxed, but not to casual.

  50. I just noticed that Kate is wearing shoes almost identical to the ones the model wore in the stock photo (just obviously a different brand). We know where she got the inspiration for those shoes with this dress now :)

  51. Further thought: A long, fun pendant with a pop of color might have looked great with this dress and helped to get it out of “basic” territory.

  52. I would love to see a count of all of Kate’s dresses and coats. it must be over 1,000 by now and the majority are only worn once with a small number being worn twice. any news on what happens to Kate’s clothes after they are worn? are they donated?

    • It’s possible that she wears some of the dresses in her private life. She doesn’t appear in public on official duty all that often and I’m sure that she attends dinner parties and other occasions in which she needs to dress up.

    • I too would love to know the amount of dresses, shoes and so on. Very good question on what happens to her clothes after they are no longer worn.

      I can focus on DOC’s outfits and and not her hair as it now shorter and more “practical” . It was distracting and overwhelmed her face when it was much longer!

  53. Loved everything about this look! I’m wondering if the mismatch on the dots has an actual purpose. It isn’t necessary to mismatch them at the waist of the dress, but they sort of have to be cut into halves, in the bodice darts, and I do see that this cutting-in of the dots on the bodice continues down the skirt’s vertical seams. That requires setting the skirt properly to space them as nicely bodice-to-hem as they are. The “mismatch” along the horizontal line of the waist breaks that up so that it differentiates the bodice from the skirt. I guess nothing would be exactly wrong with an unbroken line down the dress, but it simply looks like a differentiation is what they wanted, maybe to look more casual and sporty, which is appropriate. So are big dots for a tennis match.

    The handbag is great, and I did not like it with last year’s yellow dress. The small white accents on the 2016 dress weren’t big enough to tie things together. It’s contrast with the dress looked bulky. With this year’s dress it’s perfect-o!

  54. I’m surprised by the people who are claiming her handbag is damaged! I think it’s pretty clear from the photo that one corner of the bag was slightly pushed in, likely by bumping into something. As soon as the Duchess notices it, I’m certain she’ll pop it back out again.

    Also to those who were bothered by the dots not matching up on her dress, I can’t see how they possibly could have made everything line up! There are too many darts and seams, pleats and panels. With a geometric print like that, it would be nearly impossible.

    Kate looks lovely, and I’m so glad she’s trying new styles!

    • I am going to have to disagree, for the price of that dress, it would and should be possible to line up the dots. It just requires forethought and effort. I think that leads to my view that they made a choice to not do that and in my opinion, it cheapens the look considerably. Small polka dots would be no issue not matching, however, polkadots that large very visIbly don’t match and probably should have.

      • True- the dots can be matched. It just requires a to more fabric and careful cutting and sewing. It looks sloppy to mismatch the seams.

        • Completely agree, and they should be symmetrical on the front of the dress around the neckline. And as you pointed out, they can be matched at the seams so they are at least on the same level. I think the execution is sloppy as well.

  55. Why do European sandals have a more narrow sole than American designs? I noticed Kate’s toes seemed “squeezed” in the top strap and the knuckles on her big and little toe (and possibly some of her foot) are sticking out past the line of the sole. I have the same problem when I buy Jimmy Choo or other European sandals. Is there some fashion reason why European sandal soles don’t cover the entire base of a lady’s foot?

  56. SQUEEEE to the new hair! Just what she needed and still plenty long for some fab updos.

    I wasn’t keen on the mismatched dots for a dress of that price, but at least it looks better in motion on the video

  57. I think Kate tried to check at least one item off everyone’s wish list today.

    Cut two inches off her hair? Check!
    Lose the nude court shoes? Check!
    Wear a fun, strappy shoe? Check!
    Change the handbag up? Check!
    Show your knees? Check!

    And people still have quibbles! Well, you can’t please all the people all of the time.

    I love the look and except for the not-matched-up polka dots, I think the total effect was amazing.

    • Well, not everyone wanted those things! I agree that she looks great today though.

      • I meant that everyone got at least one thing checked off their list, but of course there must be many people whose wish lists didn’t include any of these items. It was a general statement.

        • Sara, you’re right – most people would have had one ‘wish’ checked off your thoughtful list :)

          I have a wish – that she would wear a brightly coloured shoe once in a while – like a yellow or red sandal with that dress would make a statement.

    • Ah, Kate may have lost the nude courts but surely that is Rebecca Deacon behind her in the first photo wearing them instead!

  58. How high our lovely Duchess has become – Dolce & Gabbana and Oscar de la Renta in one outfit, and not forgetting a nod to the worthy Victoria Beckham.

    But this is still an oufit which hasn’t met its potential for me. I can appreciate the bold circular pattern as a nod to the Tennis game, I can see that is one comfortable dress for an afternoon of spectating, and I can guess that the bag is the handiest for holding any extras that sport-watching requires.

    But my first impression was that it’s all a bit sombre for Wimbledon. The spots in the pattern are so big and very black, the skirt seems a tad long, I’m getting more annoyed that high-end labels won’t match patterns on seams, the bodice looks too big, the neck is too wide and seems to slip towards the shoulders and the waist is pulled out of place every time Kate moves.

    And I feel sharp longing for a spot of colour, some hot pink or acid green, in the accessories perhaps. I love the earrings – another circular nod to the game? And I love the sandals but the block heels make them heavy against the dress pattern. At least I have unequivocal feelings of approval for the shortened locks, such a relief before the royal tour.

  59. I don’t like the haircut. Dull. Bland.
    Prefer her with the long, thick, shiny hair.
    Why lop off your trademark or “signature” and replace it with a style, if you can call it that, seen on one out of every three women?
    Like the sandals, though..
    Dress — eh. Reminds me of the one she wore when pregnant.

    • I think this dress is an upgrade of the unfortunate Top Shop one which suffered from a bit of airlift. That may be why this hem is longer. I’m also becoming more aware of Kate wearing skirts with good linings these days, the better to preserve modesty

  60. I literally gasped in happiness when I saw her haircut! It looks very fresh and stylish, as well as appropriate for the summer. I’m thrilled she has cut it a few inches shorter, and I wonder if she’ll consider keeping it this length for a while. I used to wear my hair long and pulled back on the sides, and I feel like it’s a very girlish/young 20s look.

  61. I wonder that woman sitting three rows behind her in a very similar black and white polka dot dress was thinking when she walked in?

  62. The shorter hair length, new sunglasses, and sandals look great. What a nice surprise! Kate managed to make big polka dots look ultra chic.

  63. Well, it’s hard to find fault with this, since it’s exactly like something I’d wear myself (less spendy versions of everything, of course)–and congratulate myself on how put-together I looked. I do love a polka dot.

    That said, I’m a middle-aged bougie American, and so for me looking as good as the women in the Target ads is about as high as I can aspire to. Those ladies in the Target ads *do* look good, and I love Target, so that’s not a knock. I’m just saying that as nice as the Duchess looks today–and I do realize that these are all extremely high-end pieces–it just looks a little suburban to me. I think it’s partly the hair, too, which I *do* like–but that glorious hair the good Lord gave her just looks a little basic to me at this shorter length. Someone once used the term “90s pageant hair” to describe her longer, more wavy styles–and I guess that’s what I’m into. :)

    She looks pretty, and happy, and by gum I called it with the block heels a couple of months ago! But this one is just a “capably done” and “next” for me.

    • I think you may have hit the nail on the head with your ‘suburban’ tag, there is something of the ordinary about this that bothers me too. I can’t quite see how the outfit doesn’t click with me given I like the components individually.

      The word that first came to me was ‘mumsy’ brought on by the bulk of the bag – especially with that great dent in it, do you think George took a swipe at it?

      I don’t like being hard on the Duchess given I couldn’t look half as good as her even on her bad days but it helps to get to quite what it is doesn’t ring true with me on this outfit. I think the bag in particular may have been picked for practical reasons rather than looks, it sometimes helps to have a handbag that can double as a shopper at times :-)

    • I agree with the hair on your point above. It seems basic in this look. But I’m going to chalk that up to learning a new style and the outdoor venue. I’m excited to see it for the tour in a couple of weeks when she’s had some time to settle into it.

  64. I am a huge fan of the style, but I cannot, in my right mind, accept that a $1557 dress does not match it’s own spots at the waist and on both folds.
    Why would D&G sell a dress that looks like it is ASOS?

    • It’s a puzzler that one, isn’t it? Do you suppose that ASOS is the new D&G, that high-end seeks to copy chain-store in a bid to gain street cred – funny old world if so!

      • Funny, indeed! I immediately clicked over to ASOS when I saw this dress to try to unearth a repliKate. Alas, my quick search there didn’t reveal any. So why does this high-end feel so high-street? I agree neither the pattern matching nor tailoring seem worth this price tag.
        If she can pull off this look with high-street, I’m of the opinion that she should. High-end prices should render high-end looks. And this one doesn’t doesn’t pass muster.

        • I frequently struggle to understand the price of designer clothes. Agreed you pay more for design, materials, craftsmanship etc. but even after you consider that, I can’t understand the cost. Some of Kate’s clothes are eye-wateringly expensive. Whilst you pay a premium for something bespoke or particularly intricate, I think oftentimes you can look just as good with some careful dressing from the high street. This dress is case in point, given there has already been a few different repliKates identified.

  65. Love the shoes! Finally a fun summer sandal! I like her hair, it’s fun and summery as well. It’ll be interesting to see how it grows out.

    I like the cut and style of the dress but I feel like the black and white polka dots are washing her out.

  66. I just want to express how happy I am that the Duchess has gone for sandals and an actual handbag! I think many times she is predictable with her same nude patent heels, but these sandals are just so lovely and suit her well. The bag is also a very nice touch! I’m not a huge fan of the dress or the earrings, but overall, it’s so exciting seeing the Duchess trying out new styles, shoes, hair, etc.,

    • I thought the bag seemed bulky as well as a bit colourless against the busy spots, but then it dawned on me it might be big enough to hold extra supplies of essentials in case it was a long afternoon. But I’m afraid I missed seeing one of Kate’s neat clutches with this dress.

      Still, it’s basically a great dress and I can see it has plenty scope for further outings and fresh accessories.

    • I’m with you. Kate is wearing a Summer dress (in the Summer) with sandals and a proper handbag! Very rare for her (first time ever in public even) but very welcome!

      I like her shorter hair too.

      My tiny nitpick (because its me) is that i’d prefer to see coloured toe-nails with sandals. I’m sure Kate has an impeccable pedicure but a colour on her toenails would make the difference. A small detail which could complete her look.

  67. Oh I love this look — fresh, crisp, and fun. The cut of the dress looks great on her. The skirt has a dash of flirt to it, the way it moves. And she’s in SANDALS!!! So cute and stylish, and so rare for her. I agree a pop of red — in bag, shoe, and/or lips would have been fun, but overall I love the look.

  68. I loved this look, I think seeing her in sandals is great. I found similar shoes on asos & also Hobbs stock a dress called Astraea that is very similar but currently in sale for £119. I do prefer her hair longer, I think it looks better on her just an inch or two longer than she has cut it. The only thing that is driving me nuts about this outfit is the massive crease in her bag, I am surprised it was used with the damage.

  69. Loved everything about her look today! I’m excited to see how her up-do will change with the shorter hair length.

  70. New hair…much shorter! Love, love, love it. Polka dots are fun… the whole look is charming and fresh.

  71. Thank goodness- a hair cut, looks much better than all of that hair she usually has hanging around her face. The dress is so cute, but I do wish she would take time for a proper pedicure !!!

  72. Yay for shorter hair and *gasp* to bare legs (in a good way)!

    The dress is a bit of an assault on the eyes. I guess it makes her visible, but holy cow that’s a graphic combination. Funny she picked similar shoes to those the dress is styled with on the Matches site. I do wish she’d get a proper stylist but am glad she bought shoes like these instead of suede pumps, which are marching into Sledge Pump *yawn* territory IMO. The shoes do seem a bit narrow for her though.

    Overall a win. With the shoes, at least she tried; the dress serves a purpose (visibility) and is fine; the hair looks great.

  73. Pros: I love the length and the cut of the dress. I love that she wore something with a white background to Wimbledon. I like her haircut. Not crazy about the shoes, which look like they’d pinch after a few hours.

    Quibbles: the dress does not seem to be that well made. Mis-matched prints drive me crazy, especially at this price point. And her bag is smushed (probably because it’s half empty). Still, Victoria Beckham must be chuffed.

    • I was starting to think I was the only one bugged by the mismatched polka dots! I see they are mismatched even on the model so maybe it’s somehow intended — but why?!? It seems to me that the first rule of Sewing 101 is to match prints and plaids! And, as you said, at THIS PRICE POINT?!?!? And I thought the same thing of the handbag – that if she was carrying anything of substance that corner would be filled in better. All that said, she looked adorable for an afternoon of tennis.

    • The bag was driving me crazy since she is normally so polished.

  74. So first off, I have to get this out of the way….she and I now basically have the same haircut and style and OH! EM! GEE!!! I love it sooo much on her; it looks so fresh. Any “flatness” I attribute here to humidity, as it was rainy. Next, how chic does she look in that up-close shot of her in the Bulgari sunglasses? Good grief she looks like an international woman of mystery and a modern day Jackie O all in one. I don’t love the polka dots and would’ve loved to see a pop of red on the nails and lips, but still, this is a FABULOUS look. Also, Target has similar shoes for fashionistas on a budget.

  75. It’s a cute dress, but I’m not blown away by it. It would have been fun to see a rich red nail varnish on her toes.

    • That sums it up for me too. Nice dress but nothing special. I do like her new sandals. Would have loved red nail polish as well. I like the Bulgari glasses much better on her than the Ray Bans. They complement her face shape nicely. Not sure what to say about the haircut. I don’t think it was styled to its best advantage today.

  76. There is nothing not to love about this look! The classic black and white dots look so fresh and I absolutely love this sandal. I have a pair this season myself. Her haircut looks wonderful. Perfect for a day of tennis at Wimbledon. Love it!

  77. I think the neckline was cut by Kate’s own staff. Of course, there is no way of knowing this for sure unless either HRH of D&G confirm it, but it doesn’t look just like the other garment shown, and instead as if her own tailor was shown a picture of it and decided to cut it herself – as you can also see, the pattern of the dots of the original dress and the one Kate wore are the same in the neckline area, with the difference of the one she wore looks just as if it was cut later on.

    • The model’s dress is different around the sleeve seams, the placements of the spots is totally different, around the waist & vertical skirt seams too. If Catherine’s dress has been cut from a made-up dress, the spots were not in the same pattern or proportion as the model’s, which would have been made for a much taller figure anyway.
      The designer has not bothered with making the patterns the same,so as well as not matching them on either, makes me think that as many cuts as possible have been made out of the bolt of material just like high-street shops do because it’s cheaper.

      • I’ve seen this dress worn by other people and the pattern isn’t exactly the same – which is to be expected, but it looks too unpolished to have been cut at the neck by D&G, imo

  78. Lovely! I am so glad to see the shorter haircut—-although I loved Kate’s hair in the early days, I feel like she needed a change lately.
    Hair, makeup, purse and shoes are perfect.

    I like that the dress has a knee length hemline and I think the square neckline is lovely. The black and white outfit is crisp and cool. The only thing I don’t love about the dress is that the pattern is so poorly matched up. This is an expensive frock and I wish the designer had taken more time to match up the print/pattern.

    • I totally agree, if anyone I would think that D&G would have matched their dots up perfectly at least on the front bodice.
      I also would like to see a belt added to this dress, I think it could break up the dots and add a strong focal point.

  79. Her hair looks so different!

  80. Thank you for your very thorough post and lovely pictures! I think this is a great look for the Duchess and I prefer the square neckline she picked. On a calendar note, one of the newspapers stated that Kate would give out the Trophies this year. This is something the Duke of Kent has often done. Not sure if it is true or speculation. I did note that the finals are the 15th and 16th so before the trip to Germany/Poland.

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