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The Duchess wore a new Preen dress for tonight’s engagement at the Natural History Museum.

©Yui Mok/PA Images

©Yui Mok/PA Images

Kate has been royal patron of the Museum since 2013 and has been seen taking George to visit the Museum several times. Tonight’s event celebrated the opening of the Museum’s newly refurbished Hintze Hall.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The showpiece of that effort is the skeleton of Hope, the Blue Whale. From the BBC’s coverage:

London’s Natural History Museum (NHM) has undergone a major revamp with a blue whale skeleton now forming the main exhibit as visitors come through the front door.

The specimen is being given the name “Hope” as a “symbol of humanity’s power to shape a sustainable future”.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The whale replaces Dippy the Dinosaur, a popular Museum attraction. You can see Dippy in this photo of Kate speaking with students last November.

©ROTA / i-Images / Polaris

©ROTA / i-Images / Polaris

Below, Kate chatting with Sir David Attenborough. Journalist Jack Royston noted on Twitter that Kate told Sir David “…Hope the whale “tells a completely different story” to Dippy the dinosaur.”

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge Natural History Heintze Hall Blue Preen Dress

jack Royston (@Jack_Royston)

Here is more from the NHM:

The whale is the largest specimen in the Museum’s collection of more than 80 million objects from around the globe.

And over the years the giant has claimed a special place in the hearts of curators, conservators and other Museum staff.

The gentleman in the center of the photo (and in several other pictures here) is Sir Michael Dixon, the Museum director. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kate also spoke at the event.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge Hintze Hall Natural History Blue Preen

Kensington Palace

From the Duchess’s remarks:

Like many of you here tonight, I remember visiting the Natural History Museum as a child, and being inspired with a love of nature. And now, as a parent myself, I am experiencing the joy all over again with my own children, who adore coming here, and it is not just to see the T-Rex mind you.

This video shows the entire 2 minutes Kate spoke.

Natural History museum

Natural History museum

Now to what Kate wore for this evening’s engagement. She was in a new dress by Preen, the ‘Everly, in light blue.

Net-a-Porter / i-Images

Net-a-Porter / i-Images

The frock is described as a “stretch crepe,” material we have seen Kate wearing more frequently; it is a blend of acetate/polyester/elastane. The silhouette is another Kate favorite, a fit and flare design with a pleated waist and short sleeves. It is a past season piece; most recently it sold on the Net-a-Porter UK site for £637, about $850. Today’s Tip of the Tiara goes to Sophia/RegalRepliKate on Twitter for her speedy dress identification.



This offers a look at the back of the dress and the exposed zipper.

Kensington Palace / Net-a-Porter

Kensington Palace / Net-a-Porter

The light blue color was exclusive to Net-a-Porter. The frock did come in another colorway, black, and red. Below left, we show that combo at The Outnet, the off-price site for Net-a-Porter. The Outnet shows the original price as $1440; most recently it sold at $497. On the right is a version that is still in stock (as of this writing, 7 pm July 13), a plain black style carried at Stylebop (originally $1239, now $743).

The Outnet/Stylebop

The Outnet/Stylebop

The Duchess was in a new pair of heels by Prada, the Wavy Sandal. Initially, I thought Kate’s shoes were black, but that is not the case, the color is called ‘plum.’ Our thanks to The Royal Cambridges on Twitter for identifying the sandals. The design showcases the three wavy straps, a 4.5″ heel and back zipper. It is no longer available.

Kate Plum Prada Scalloped Sandal History Museum July 13 2017 Preen Dress Product i-Images

Your Next Shoes / i-Images

If the style looks familiar, you may be remembering this Prada style Kate first wore in India. Tonight’s style is quite similar to the black pair. NEW: It looks like it is the same pair worn to the Bollywood gala with the blue Jenny Packham dress. The straps are identical. A number of comments suggest they may be the same shoes worn to the Bollywood gala. I don’t *think* that is the case because I don’t see Kate wearing plum shoes with the blue dress and blue bag. I initially tweeted and posted on Facebook they were the same shoe, but think the pair worn in India were black.

Kate India Tour Prada Black Suede Wavy Strap Sandal Blue Packham

©Splash News/Net-a-Porter

UPDATED: Middleton Maven points out the sole on the plum style is beige, while Kate’s sole is black. That has me firmly back in the ‘it’s two different pairs of shoes’ camp. (11:30 p.m. Thursday, July 13)

UPDATE #2: Looking at the sole of Kate’s shoe this evening it also appears to be black. I’m sold: I think Kate wore the same shoe for both engagements. (Friday 6pm, July 14) Thank you to the many people commenting here, as wll as Lauren on Instagram, Lena Loves Life on Instagram, and Laura on Twitter for nudging this in the right direction!

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

This is not the first time we have seen Kate in a plum-colored shoe. Below, the Duchess wearing a pair of Mascaro pumps.

©Splash News/ eBay

©Splash News/ eBay

The Duchess sported these when attending the 2011 wedding of Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Louise Stourton.

©Splash News

©Splash News

The Scallop Suede Sandal also came in black, as well as a bright red; both are now sold out.

Net-a-Porter / Neiman Marcus

Net-a-Porter / Neiman Marcus

There was a change tonight that probably put a smile on the faces of many Kate fashion followers: the Duchess wore colored nail polish on her toes.



Kate carried a new handbag that very much looks like it is the Jem style by Jerome C. Rousseau. The Canadian-born designer is based in Los Angeles and known for his luxury footwear and handbags.

Kate Handbag Natural History Museum July 13 2017 Jerome C Roussea Jem Bags i-imgaes product shots

©Jerome C Rousseau / i-Images / Spring

Here is more about the brand from PopSugar in a 2013 story.

If you haven’t already, it may be a good idea to commit the name Jerome C. Rousseau to memory. The LA-based designer, who’s most well known for his exquisite shoe designs (loyalists include Julianne Hough, Carrie Underwood, and Holland Roden), has added another accessory specialty to his résumé: clutches. 

Our thanks to Laura (Japanese_Ginger on Twitter) for her brilliant ID, this is a brand I would never have thought of when searching for Kate’s bag.

The Duchess wore her Cassandra Goad ‘Temple of Heaven’ earrings.

©Yui Mok/PA Images

©Yui Mok/PA Images

Here is a 3-minute video from the Museum about the whale and the three year Hintze project.


 We have two updates to share, beginning with news that H&M’s next designer collaboration will be with Kate favorite Erdem.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge wearing Erdem Dresses Coats

© As Noted

More from Vogue:

So why H&M? “He gets to try out a few things he hasn’t done before,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, the company’s creative advisor.

“Like, it’s my first menswear,” said Moralioglu, laughing. “And the menswear informs the women and vice versa; I’m thinking of my sister wearing a tweed jacket over a tea dress and trainers. And what our parents were wearing when they met in the ’60s.”

Below, the designer with Ms. Johansson and noted film producer/director Baz Luhrmann who is shooting the campaign for the collection.

H&M Courtesy Photo

H&M Courtesy Photo

Also from Vogue:

But while famous for his red-carpet gowns, the designer does a mean day suit, designs very covetable accessories, and offers a sophisticated take on separates that point to this collaboration being a wardrobe-comprehensive affair.

Here is a sample of that advertising campaign.

And from H&M’s news release:

The collection is still top secret, but what can he reveal about ERDEM X H&M? “I can tell you about one of my inspirations,” he says. “There’s a video by Bruce Weber for the Pet Shop Boys song Being Boring that I’ve always loved. It’s about a group of young people at a country house mansion. It’s that idea of a country getaway with boys and girls dressing up and playing with their look, with girls in ball gowns and sneakers, and also sharing a wardrobe with guys.”

The collection is slated to launch November 2nd.




The other topic is about next week’s tour and *very* brief. The tour starts Monday, and our detailed schedule is live; you can see it here.


  168 Responses to “It’s Preen & Prada for History Museum Engagement & Erdem for H&M”

  1. I always thought it was strange when they were in India that she wore the Prada strappy sandals in black and then brought out another pair of black strappy sandals. If the Prada ones weren’t black then it makes a lot more sense.

  2. This is just plain nasty.
    I’m not sure why it was posted.
    Kate is 35 and a mother of two — so what is it, exactly, you want her to look like?
    She’s a “mumsy.”

    • I’m a mum of three and I don’t do mumsy. Mumsy is a term used often here and I see my post was removed to soothe your opinion. Mumsy means to me dressing older or appearing frumpy. It is not a personal attack on the duchess. And I do believe frumpy and dressing older appears here too. So a lot of posts must be coming down

  3. Something about the way the dress fits is off. Almost looks too tight? Just not the most flattering. Love the shoes, but not with the dress. And they look absolutely painful to walk in.

  4. I hate the shoes. And they’re too contemporary for the dress. I wish she had worn a cute pair of sparkly kitten heel pumps

  5. Well, she IS 35, and 35 is not old, so…

    I do think her hair would look better blown straight, though.

  6. I adore these shoes ….especially in that divine colour. I actually think they make what would have been a rather plain dress just a little bit more glam for evening. Kate’s hair is gorgeous at this length and yes I am delighted to see lovely painted toes…..so much prettier to set off the shoes. On the whole the look is young , fresh and just a little sexy IMO.

  7. To post comments in a forum that is dedicated to the fashion of the Duchess of Cambridge unfavorably comparing her to Queen Letizia of Spain is in my opinion outrageous! There are blogs dedicated to the fashion worn by Letizia, so all those who go week in the knees when they see a photo of the Spanish Queen should visit those forums! Both Kate and Letizia are lovely, and since they are two different women, they will be and look like who they are. There are some people who never appreciate what they have and always think that the grass is greener in the other side.

    • Many of the comparisons between the two here aren’t direct comparisons – Letizia has a different style than Kate and that’s fine. What works on her isn’t going to work on Kate. I’m not a fan of comments like “Letizia looks gorgeous and Kate doesn’t” or something.

      BUT what many of us have been saying for some time is that Kate sometimes seems to falter with putting together a complete outfit, or with knowing exactly how to dress for an event, or with being stylish and put-together but not looking frumpy. I think it is reasonable to suggest that looking at other royals, like Letizia, could give Kate some guidance in terms of being stylish while still dressing appropriately.

      • I don’t particularly care for the dress, but I think it’s actually a case of it not photographing well, rather than it not fitting well. I had no idea it was blue until I read the description. I thought it was stark white.

        While sometimes I don’t like Kate’s choices she makes, I never ever think she looks frumpy or not put together, nor ever inappropriate.

        Both women are lovely and know how to dress for their respective roles and lives.

    • CORRECTION: I, of course, meant to type: W-E-A-K, not week.

    • Photos are posted of both women.. same event.. Therefore inevitable comparisons are made. Fact of life. Not treason lol

  8. I’m a bit torn with this ensemble…

    As always, I think the Duchess looks beautiful. I’m loving the shorter hairstyle on her. I think it makes her look playful and more youthful.

    As for the icy blue dress, I understand what some are saying with regard to it being a more day dress, however it does have a shimmer to it. Looking at others in the background, it also looks that it is a less formal affair, which makes it appropriate. I also like the nod to the sea. I’m not such a fan of the fit, however.

    As for the plum shoes, I enjoy their boldness, however I would have preferred a silver or gold tone. The shoes themselves have an odd style with the third strap and make me feel uncomfortable just looking on. I do, however, love the open toed notion and the nailpolish.

    I find the ear-rings out of place with the other accessories, but I like them on their own. I would actually say this to all of the pieces, really.

    But the hair! Can I mention that again?!

  9. I’d also like to see the duchess give high waisted seams a miss. They’re just ageing

  10. After watching the video of Kate speaking at the museum, I’m wondering if she chose a blue dress in honor of the oceans and the Hope exhibit. Knowing Kate’s attention to event details, I think that might be the case.

    • I do think she chose the blue outfit as fitting for the specific Ocean Exhibit.. Also the lighting was subdued and perhaps the dress has a sheen that is not evident in the photos.

  11. She’s beautiful but I didn’t like this dress on her. The way it lays emphasises her small chest. The shoes are pretty but don’t go with the dress. Like many on here, I’m not understanding this ensemble.
    I love her hair length and think she could even go shorter. A longish bob would be gorgeous on her but I also like her long curls as well. I freaking LOVE the dark toenail polish! It just looks makes feet pretty!

  12. There are some cute pieces here, but none of them work together in a way that makes sense.

  13. I really love Kate’s dress for this occasion. The colour stands out amongst the others at the function and it looks fresh and young. Love her hair and jewellery too. My only quibble is with Kate’s shoes. They look uncomfortable to wear and seem to me to make her look rather unbalanced as she stands. The style doesn’t really work with the dress IMO. Of course Kate still stands out as always and it is wonderful to see her looking so happy and engaged in the event.

  14. In love with this whole look!

  15. I originally thought this was a mismatch. A day dress and evening assesories but I watched a full video of her speech and there is a sheen to the dress. The sheen, IMHO, lends the dress a more evening look.

  16. Her hair looks amazing! I didn’t really see her dress as too casual or as a day dress until reading other comments, and now I can see that this dress would be more suitable for daytime, but it is beautiful on her and she’s so lucky she can wear this silhouette! I love the shoes, hair, accessories, but my gosh those shoes look like they would be impossible to walk in!!

  17. Oh, you are right! This dress is so Julie Andrews/Sound of Music-y! I was trying to think of what look it was echoing. The black with red sleeve version appears to be quite a bit more sophisticated. Her feet and ankles look so uncomfortable in these quite lovely shoes. I do wish she would sponsor some of the wonderful modern jewelry artists who produce eccentric but interesting brooches of some size. One would have made this look special, not just bland. This is “okay” but I am hoping it is just a filler between great and interesting looks.

  18. I have a suspicion that Kate has been wearing sandals recently because she injured a couple toes on her right foot. One of her toes looks swollen in the Wimbledon pictures. So, the unexpected dark polish might be a way to cover up an odd-colored toenail!

    • If so, then I feel sorry for her toes. Those sky-high heels must be putting an awful lot of pressure on them!

  19. First off, I am loving this new hair. I really like it curled but I’m DYING to see what it looks like blown out straight-ish too. I mean she makes anything look great per the usual, but this is a good length on her. The dress is cute and very appropriate for mid-summer with the style, color and material. That said, I feel like it could have been either saved for a daytime appearance OR dressed up somehow with more appropriate accessories. It’s like in clueless when Cher tells Tai that she doesn’t think that “her (Tai) and Josh don’t mesh well together”. That’s what I think about this outfit, it just doesn’t mesh well. I would have possibly chosen some fancier shoes (her sparkly Oscar De La Renta heels) with just a titch of bling might have brought the outfit together and made it a little more glam for nighttime. Oh, and also, idk what kind of bra we have going on under there but it might be a good idea to get one that fits a little better and doesn’t protrude as significantly as this one does. Just a small change.

  20. On a different note, this was the first time I’ve heard Kate speak in a long time and I was struck with her growing poise.

    At the start of her public career, Kate’s voice was thin, a bit wobbly and she used ‘we’ when talking about how she felt. Completely understandable as I cannot imagine the pressure.

    Today she spoke as a confident young woman and every inch a patron – lots more ‘I’ which IMO reflects that she’s finding her own voice.

    I know this site is about what Kate wore not said, but I coach speakers so couldn’t resist adding my 2 shillings.

    • Hi Mocro,

      I was thinking the same thing about Kate. Public speaking can be so nerve racking for some and Kate certainly seems to be getting more confident with it.

    • At least “we” is the royal “we.” ;) I can’t stand people who use “you” when they mean “I.”

  21. Think Kate would be gorgeous if she wore a pillowcase, but to me this was a case of ‘great pieces that don’t belong together.’

    Dress would be perfect for daytime with a straw bag and flat sandals or her wedges;
    Stiletto heels (and in plum with pale blue?) all wrong with the casual dress;
    Slightly ethnic chandelier earrings don’t work with slightly retro,demure dress;
    Red nail varnish wrong with pale blue.

    And I’m not feeling this hairstyle. Others have suggested different ways to style, but it just seems like the wrong style for that length. Again, wonderful pieces though.

  22. Kate looks great but somehow I’m not a fan of this look. Or maybe it’s too plain for the event. It’s simplicity and pale color seem more appropriate for a fancy bbq rather than a museum event. The top looks almost like a t-shirt.

  23. I love this look. So fitting for the occasion. I also love Kate’s new haircut. She looks so fresh with the shorter hair.

  24. To be honest, I’ve not read through all the comments, just the first few, so I don’t know if this is mostly a hit with the readers here or not. I for one, am not a fan of the shoes and dress combination. The eye travels straight down to her feet where there is the most interest. I was always taught that if you are going to draw attention to something you are wearing, the last thing it should be is your feet – the least attractive part of the body. To showcase a woman’s toes crammed into a tight shoe is a rather discomfiting sight. But kudos to her for trying out something different. You sometimes have to have a few misses before you get it right.

    I hope Kate was inspired by Queen Letizia’s exquisite sartorial elegance and her general deportment. She has truly noble bearing. What posture! It makes her clothes hang beautifully on her small frame. (Kate tends to stoop and seems to throw her weight onto her middle torso – probably from subconsciously trying to shorten her towering frame, having grown up the “tall girl” in her class.)
    But QL is a dab hand at this sort of thing, she didn’t always look as she does now, and Kate is still learning and growing. Plus, I suspect the less uptight Spanish culture allows QL a little more freedom in her choice of wardrobe. Letizia is not afraid of looking sexy, albeit within the bounds of good taste. The navy gown she wore is a wonderful example.

    I love watching Kate grow and find her own style. She is a real credit to the her husband’s family.

  25. Hooray, painted toe nails! And I want those sandals.

  26. I am one who had a second loock at the toes, enlarged the pic on my tablet, and raised my hand in victory at the sight of those vampy toes!! Soon, soon, we will see them in … gasp… cobalt!

    The whole look is interesting. No doubt the Duchess can choose a more mainstream number, but instead, this thing that causes us to ponder and reflect. I would not thought of combining plum and icy blue, but this works! I think the purple clutch anchors everything together. I think this is a fun and classic look, very different to the classic look she wore to the VA museum. The hair complements the look, giving an overall sexy and flirty vibe. I think we will see this dress again soon, with wedges (boy do I miss them wedges) and maybe her hand in the (imaginary) pocket of the dress. I would like such a dress…

  27. I like the colour of the dress matched with plum shoes and clutch. Brilliant. However, that dress is a day time dress and the clutch is too formal to go along with it.
    I do not like the style of the dress but I realize that this is her to go style. No surprises there. And enough with these exposed zippers. They have to disappear.
    Beautiful sandals and naturally styled hair. Lovely.

  28. LOVEEEEE the shoes and the cute clutch. I haven’t seen her suede pumps in a minute and I do not miss them. The dress, meh. I don’t think it is a appropriate for the occasion at all. This looks like a day dress, and the event was in the evening I believe. The dress is boring, but styled appropriately it could be a cute daytime look (although the bodice is poorly fitted, which is exacerbated by her bad posture). I just think that this event calls for a slightly more formal look.

  29. Think she looks beautiful. Love the dress, great for the event. Dislike the earrings, love the shoes and color of the clutch but find the clutch a bit too formal, like that the shoes and clutch are not a color match, hair is a better shorter cut but still not the best for her face. She needs more of a side part and more volume at the top. Love no wings with the cut but with her features she may need to stay longer with her hair. This is a lovely fresh look for her.

  30. Kate’s really working her summer pastels this week. This is a sweet summer dress and the pale colour is probably not helped by flash photography in the dark exhibition hall. Thanks for the close-ups of seaming details, they add some quiet interest to a plain garment.

    I don’t think I’d call that a fit-and-flare shape myself as I would put a fitted bodice with gathered skirt in a different category, and one that’s less flattering to the average waistline. Kate of course can get away with it, but it remains on the bulky side. With the plain summery t–shirt style top as well the dress looks a bit juvenile.

    The accessories though really add a charge of excitement, and I find the choice of dark purple inspired for clutch and sandals. The sandals are basically an exciting style but I think the heel is just too high, coming close to distorting the feet of the wearer rather than just adding zing. I find myself distracted by imagining painful surgery being called for one day.

    The tighter waves in Kate’s newly shorn locks work well for me, and I like the centre parting. It’s a big bonus that we can now get a clear view of the earrings which are also just right against the plain bodice. A hint of boho is very summery.

    Delighted to hear of the Erdem/H&M link-up — looks very promising. Thanks for the post.

  31. Kate looks just like Kate should. The dress is a good shape and colour for her and clearly one she is comfortable in. I love her shoes and that she has chosen them in purple which is slightly daring for her which is great. Her bag is classic Kate but again the colour pulls it away from being dull and lifts her outfit. Plus She has PAINTED TOENAILS! Hurrah.

    Classic and contemporary. A very good look and perfect for the occasion in I think.

  32. My feet hurt just looking at those shoes!

  33. I like the shorter hair very much but I don’t like it styled in those big curls—a smoother look with volume would have been better IMO.

    Her makeup is nice but I notice that we have a return to the eyeliner under the eye, which isn’t as fresh as the way she had been doing it prior to the state dinner.

    I want to like this dress but the color really is too pale for those lights and I think it looks just a bit tight at the bust and the sleeve hems.

    I do like the shoes and clutch but I am not sure if they go with this dress—the dress also needed a necklace or bracelet to elevate it to evening wear.

    love that she has colored toenail polish.

    overall, I like most elements of this look but not together

    I think the shoes are the same as the India tour

  34. Kate looks beautiful as always, but I have to agree that some of these pieces don’t seem to go together well, at least in photos. It may have been a better look in person, when the dress kept its full colour. It seems to lack cohesiveness in the photos. Usually her outfits are winners for me, and I love all of the pieces individually. I also love that Kate is showing her feet in summer, which is a natural thing to do, and she looks very graceful in strappy sandals. (In my opinion, she also looked fine without the red toenail polish, but the red is also nice!)

  35. I really like this look and love that she is mixing purple with the light blue. I’m always curious how the colors look in person compared to photos. I imagine this is one of those outfits that looks much more cohesive in person and the photos don’t really give it justice.

  36. I LOVE this look. I don’t get why she always lets her hair fall in her face when she gives a speech, but that’s not my call :) This dress reminds me of the dress Julie Andrews as Maria wears when she dances with the Captain in “Something Good” in The Sound of Music. It’s absolutely gorgeous from the color to the material to the silhouette, but I’m a sucker for the 50s New Look anyway. Sigh…this is one dress I covet.

    • I said Leisl in 16 going on 17! There’s clearly a theme here. Honestly, it almost makes me like it more rather than less.

  37. The skirt of Kates dress shes wearing looks pleated in at the waistband, yet the one on the model looks gathered? Has anyone else thought the same?

  38. To be honest, by now I am rather convinced that unlike Queen Letizia the duchess has no eye for fashion and maybe also not really that big of an interest in it either, otherwise there is no explanation for all those nearly, but not there yet outfits.
    This is totally fine (I still like to look at the single items she wears and make up perfect combinations in my head).
    The only thing that bothers me….she spends thousands and thousands of pounds on fashion and then the garments are illfitting, the outfit doesn’t match, the clothes are weird for the occasion….why not simply get a GOOD stylist?

    In this particular outfit, I love the shoes, the dress in my eyes is not fitting right across the chest, and the color is somehow just not right for an evening event (also personally I simply don’t like fit and flare styles on anyone above the age of 16). Also light blue in my books isn’t really the perfect combination with purple. I kind of enjoy the earings, just not with this dress, shoes and bag.

    Just saw Letizias look from today on twitter, and honestly, she knows how to combine an outfit. She looks flawless, chic and modern.

    • Great comment, among many, to lobby for activating that What Letizia Wore website. It’s high time the assessments of Letizia’s clothes get their own forum so that endless comparisons with Kate don’t have to accumulate here. It’s interesting (and laudable) to me that Susan chose not to provide links to “face off” articles, yet the comments section is littered with comparing/competing assessments. When anyone comments on unkindness being expressed, they are tartly reminded that this is a forum to discuss Kate’s clothes (unless one wants to bring up Letizia) and it’s nothing personal. I will say, reading comments like “she looks great from the shins down”, UGH to her appearance”, “I wish she could have walked in next to Letizia so she could take note”, etc. don’t sound to me like “oh, nothing personal”, and I’m always surprised when these assessments end with “but she’s great and I love her style!” Very curious.

      Susan mentioned recently that the comments section of another Letizia fashion page was pretty barren, I wonder why that is? I suspect it is due to an aspect of Kate that is her most formidable asset – her seemingly approachable, open, easygoing manner, her interactions at anything from tennis to museum openings to state banquets to simply walking alongside her family. As ElizaMo put it recently, Kate is box office (paraphrasing). Her intangible qualities are off the charts for many people (including me), and this is the greatest value she brings to the Royal Family, England, and the U.K. – not What She Wore. It’s a fun forum, and wonderfully researched and prepared by Susan, but these ensembles aren’t what will make or break her contribution to her family or country. A little perspective perhaps…and What Letizia Wore, haha!

      Rant over.

  39. The shoes from the NHM and from India are clearly the same.. they are both dark plum, it’s clear to see in close up shots. The India shoes are not black.

  40. I love the dress but the other bits don’t match with it. I would have changed the shoes for her Rupert Sanderson Malone’s in Gray and her clutch for her Alexander McQueen Skull Box Clutch in Dove Suede.

  41. Ok, really confused about the shoes now :p I can only find the black ones with a black sole and the plum pair with a beige sole. Could she have had them resoled? Cuz beige does get dirty pretty quickly, and maybe the soles were too slippery? So she had a black sole put on them because either she thought it looked better or for better grip?

  42. Stunning. I absolutely adore this look and especially love this new hair length. So much more flattering and modern.

  43. I think Kate looks nice, there’s nothing too insulting about this outfit, and it is very much in the safe zone, but she looks young, fresh, and comfortable. It’s a winner in my opinion.

  44. Sorry Susan, but I’ll muddle the shoes for you a bit more – the plum pair she’s wearing doesn’t have beige extending to the inside of the stiletto, it’s most definitely black – as in the close up of the pair worn in India. Additionally, because of the black sole/inner stiletto, the plum color looks even more obvious. My guess is same shoe worn on both occasions, and different from Prada’s photo.

    • Completely agree, the insides of both heels aren’t beige so they are both not the styles shown in the Prada pics. Can’t find any pics where we see the shoes from the back, I’m not convinced, they could still be the same shoes as in India.

    • I agree with you. It’s the same shoe, and the plum color is more obvious on the close up in India with the black sole. To me, the plum is more obvious in the India pictures than the pics from last night!

  45. I think she looks great! And the shorter hair is nice too.

  46. I wish the duchess had worn some kind of necklace with this just. She has some very beautiful pendants that are quite simple. There is one from Asprey I think which would have lifted it, although then she would have needed different earrings. The hair looks lovely, the dress is stylish, the shoes are good, but the whole package looks “ordinary” somehow when the Duchess has the ability to really wow.

  47. In one simple word….stunning. For all the negative comments can you please point us all in the direction of your personal style sites so you too can be subjected to the personal attacks about what another woman is wearing.

    • I agree with you… stunning! Simple, elegant, and just right. Perfection once again.

    • @Jane AMEN! I’ve felt the same way for a long time. I can only imagine the harsh criticisms I’d be subjected to, LOL.

      • Exactly. Some comments are so mean spirited that they seem to go far being fashion. I end up thinking “if you dislike everything about the Duchess and never like what she wears why are on this page”!

    • Why do so many people think different opinions about the Duchess’ clothing are personal attacks? I haven’t seen any personal attacks in these comments. This is a fashion blog which invites readers to give their own opinions. If you do not like it, I suggest not visiting the comments section.

    • She’s a public figure, whom we don’t know much about, beyond what she wears. This site is called “What Kate Wore” not “Let’s Gush About What Kate Wore.” People are respectful and, IMO, have good insights into her outfits.

      • Well, I for one resent the ‘she should get a stylist cause she doesn’t know what she is doing’ comments. If her style is so awful, why keep coming here and commenting, I wonder. Gets really old.

        • I agree completely!!! And why assume that she would take any notice at all of someone telling her what she should wear, when it’s only somebody’s else’s opinion at the end of the day. The shallow world of ‘fashion’ has no rights & wrongs because everyone likes different colour combinations & details, I feel that rubbishing outfit choices & saying ‘get a stylist’ IS a personal comment – it’s saying there is something wrong with her personal choice of outfit – in (and only in) someone else’s opinion. That’s without the comments there have been threatening not to visit the site again – just because Catherine has repeated outfits for too long. I think she looks wonderful in her ice-blue, more sky than ocean, and blue is obviously her favourite colour, and the plum is a nice change for accessories.
          Yes, I have something negative, it is those sandals. Even with her larger shoe-size, they are so high that they deform her feet & toes – I don’t think she’s injured her toes so much as squashed them into unsuitable shoes all the time. Her ankles are swollen & hammer toes are developing. Some commenters mentioned the narrow foot-bed of Briiish footwear when she wore the polka-dot dress at Wimbledon. This is very true across all price-ranges, women usually have their toes poking over the sandal & sideways or scrunched up into the straps. I find it extremely difficult buying suitable footwear that is pretty also & am researching US sites following these comments. Catherine’s toes spend a lot of time squeezed into shoes that don’t fit them – I can only say “ouch”, not for now, but for later.
          And I hope to have heard the last of the foreign Queen Lettuce on WKW, she’s not part of the Royal Family.

    • THANK YOU. It seems to me that the criticisms are over-the-top negative these days, and the poor girl can’t win for losing. Apparently her clothes are either juvenile or matronly, boring or costumey, dowdy or too risqué, and so on. It really tends to take the enjoyment out of the fashion gawking when people approach it with claws out, IMO.

      • Yes, it wouldn’t matter what this poor girl wore, someone would be criticising it. I just don’t think these keyboard warriors think about what they are writing. You are commenting on a real person. Please just be nice!!

      • Goodness! It’s as if someone had read my thoughts and published them here! I’ve been a long -time reader of this site but this is my first post. Like a few others here, I feel that there has been an increase in harshly worded, if not insulting posts, about the Duchess’s style. “Matronly”, “Juvenile “, “Soccer Mom” , “Costumey/Dressing up box”, are just some of the terms that come to mind.
        Just a few of my own thoughts about the Duchess’s Museum outfit; stylish, elegant, unique, poised. And as for the beautiful sandals, this dress was styled with similar strappy sandals in the Net a Porter photograph, the Hand bag, whilst not matching the sandals exactly, was quirky and fun and I really don’t think it mattered that it was a slightly different shade to the shoes (countering another comment I see here,”Too matchy matchy!) and the lack of necklace to me, showed confidence in the cut of the dress, allowed the earrings to set off the gorgeous hair and enhance the neckline. Overall, I thought the Duchess looked fabulous, as always and had chosen an interesting outfit that was in keeping with her role as Patron of the Museum and the purpose of the evening.

    • Thank you.

  48. From the shins down this woman is classic and sexy and is absolutely rocking it. The dress is a snooze but I appreciate the shoes and toes combined with an out of the ordinary clutch so overall still a win. Also interesting that she is so clearly a Net a Porter customer.

    I guess I’m in the “these are the same shoes as India camp” with what may be admittedly poor logic: Kate wore other black gianvito Rossi strappy heels on that tour. Why would she bring two? If the plum sandals had been black she would have recycled them with the black Tory Burch dress on that tour but instead they were purple so she needed other black heels. Plus they just look so purple when zoomed in and Kate is super weird about accessories and clearly wouldn’t mind wearing purple shoes with a blue frock. Also I don’t trust product photos ever since that kerfuffle with the pink Zara jeans which are still noted by all amateur websites as being J Brand. Maybe she’ll wear the black Prada sandals some day soon when we can see them and will solve our mystery!

  49. I think that the level of formality of the event, based on the photos of those around her, made this dress an appropriate dress code choice. I like this look and find it one of the more cohesive “outfits” she has worn lately without erring on the side of overly matching. My guess is that the flash washes the blue in this dress out and that it is much more blue in person. Also, a previous poster commented on Kate’s posture. I think this may account for what looks like a less than perfect fit in the bodice.

  50. I think she looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor . The dress and the hair are a nod to classic 1950′s Hollywood style. Very ladylike and fitting. The shoes are not necessarily evening, but easily a fun daytime summer sandal and I love that she’s finally painted her toenails!

  51. I like the dress for a museum appearance but not with the strappy heels and especially not in the purple. In first glance with a tiny picture, I thought the dress was white and would have agreed with a purple shoe. But now seeing that it’s a light blue, the purple colors just don’t go. She should have worn the black heels from Wimbledon. Or her signature nude LK Bennett (although I personally gag at them but I just despise nude heels, especially patent).

    As for her hair, thank god whoever did it made sure the sides were even. I was eye twitching just a weeeeee bit when she debuted the hair and one side was 2-3 inches shorter than the other side.

    On a side note, the velvet coat she wore to the wedding in 2011 is one of my favorites. I love the purple velvet and the jeweled clasp. I wish she’d wear it again, or start wearing more deep aubergine eggplant purples. She looks so good in blues and a more blue based purple would flatter her so well, the more white based purples just don’t do it for me.

  52. Loved last night and today was a miss for me. The hair I think would have looked great in a sophisticated pony. I think she looked more beautiful in the longer length. But I am sure that she wrestles with it as a young mother of two active adorable children. I also agree with other posts where all the looks are good but not put together as they were today. The model of the dress was wearing a bone or white stripy sandal, It looks so much better than the shoes she choose.

    She always is a beauty but it is very interesting to see what she chooses. Cant wait for Germany and Poland and to see the whole family.

    Thank you for the post!

  53. This could have been a great look but ill-fitting tailoring fails the look. The bodice and sleeves of this dress do not fit her well, too tight across the bust and too loose under the bust, so the fabric pulls in all the wrong places and creates unattractive large wrinkles and shadows. Doesn’t the palace have experts to elevate her off-the-rack purchases? I like her mix of bespoke and off the rack but a little tailoring would make her look “bespoke-level impeccable” every time. This is not one of those times…

    • This is the bit if find so strange, and it is not a knock to Kate. Why to these expensive designers not employ someone who actually knows how to make a proper pattern and sew? Is it a cost thing? Even the dress on the model looks ill fitting and the sleeves are not properly set in. Kate is long waisted and this dress is too long in the waist for her. Who was is sized to fit … I just can’t imagine.

      I think maybe it is like proper fitting shoes. So many people just accept shoes that are too short and too wide because that is all they can find / afford. That eventually leads to ill fitting shoes being seen as okay. This dress is expensive yet poorly made. As a seamstress it is like nails on a chalkboard.

      All of that said, Kate looks lovely. The hair and polished toes are fab and while I can’t imagine walking in those shoes, it is great to see her in something different. I think they are the same ones as India. Both clearly have black soles and in the close up of the India ones they look plum.

  54. I’m shocked that people are being so downright harsh about this look, I think it’s one of her best. She looks fresh and youthful, the dress is so flattering to her figure, the shoes are sexy and fun…and the fact that she’s staying upright on those heels proves she’s on the next level from the rest of us mere mortals, lol. ;) I love everything about it, well done Kate.

    • I also love the light blue dress and the , purple bag……all colors n a nod to the Oceanic Exhibit! Her wavy sandals are fun and I love the red toe polish. The dress is well-tailored and chic.

  55. Love that pedicure! You go girl!

    The dress strikes me as retro — 1959ish — kind of fun, and that neckline is flattering on her. It’s a sweet dress, but I do agree it seems like a day dress that needed the right accessories to become an evening dress, especially given the pale color. Something more is needed to make it pop. As others have said, the elements individually are nice, but not together. Love that she’s in strappy sandals, but they don’t work with this dress. The clutch doesn’t work with the shoes other than in color, and the earrings don’t work with any element here. But her hair looks glossy and healthy, and she looks happy and radiant, confident in her role, and delighting in what the museum is all about. I simply love her, no matter what she’s wearing.

  56. Oh. What a plain, drab dress. It has no “personality” at all, maybe if it was in a different color.
    The shoes! Fantastic!

  57. Duchess’ wardrobe must cost a pretty penny to the British taxpayers so I do believe that they are like investments and in my opinion the duchess’ taste in picking the right ones is certainly nose diving. Didn’t like her choices yesterday and today.

    • Thank you for commenting, Sa. I don’t want to go too deeply into a financial conversation, but thought I should share that Prince Charles pays for Kate’s wardrobe; I believe from his income comes from the Duchy of Cornwall. The following is from a Richard Palmer story in the Express in June of this year, referencing Prince Charles. “He pays for much of the official costs of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry as well as the Duchess of Cornwall. William, Kate and Harry’s activities are listed under “Other Expenditure” – which also includes capital expenditure and transfer to reserves, but there is no breakdown of the figures” Here is a link: http://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/821627/Prince-Charles-pay-rise-royal-accounts-revealed-finances

      And this comes via a 2015 People story: “it’s Prince Charles who largely foots the bill. The staff, travel and official wardrobes for William, Kate and Prince Harry are covered by Charles, who uses a small portion of a fund totaling $4.6million.” Here’s a link to that story: http://people.com/royals/palaces-allowance-for-princess-kate-prince-william-and-prince-harry/

  58. This is just straight-up adorable, from the shiny, bouncy hair to the (yay!!!) red polished toes! (or maybe I just have serious dress. I’ll take that one in black, thx). I’d love to see the close-toed purple shoes again soon in the fall/winter, they are great shoes (and I forgot how much I iked that black and purple outfit)

  59. Ugh. Every item seems wrong. Why pair edgy shoes with a little girl dress? I feel like the plum suede shoes and bag don’t match each other seem “fall” like in weight and cool- random selections not a pleasant pop of color. Her hair is so ordinary now. The earrings seem odd with everything. One of her extremely odd outfits

    • Agreed. what a non-event of an outfit.

    • Susan, I completely agree. “Ugh” to everything about her outfit and appearance at this event.

    • I agree. The pieces all have their merits-on their own. Shoes would be a good choice for an evening, dress for a daytime event, and the earrings are more of a vintage look. I don’t understand the outfit at all. And I also agree with the others about the bra. It is not the right fit. Same with the waist. It looks like it still needs to be tailored. I think she may have been ‘tired’ from the previous evening outing and needed a casual dress to be more comfortable…but then, why the extra tall shoes!? They look so uncomfortable…painful!

  60. Her make-up the past two days has been FLAWLESS. And the Prada shoes today may be the sexiest shoes she’s ever worn. <3 everything about today's look. Major win in my book.

    • “Sexy” is not the word I think of when I see her toes scrunched up in those shoes. Love the pedi, can do without the instruments-of-torture shoes.

      • Her legs and body are very toned, it us probably a bit of a workout, but I doubt she is ‘tortured’. Good quality hogh heels are not that bad for a couple of hours, and yes sexy to me too.

    • You’re 100% right. The shoes are absolutely sexy and the fit is perfect for her. She must find them comfortable since she has worn them several times. The Duchess is one of those woman who is super ok with towering heels! I’m envious!

  61. I seriously love everything about this look!! Pure perfection and I honestly think she’s never looked better! Loving her shorter hair!! It’s gorgeous and not to mention more realistic!!

  62. It’s a day dress with evening shoes.

    I’d expect to see her wear this to a children’s play date or something. I do like the shoes (though they look painful).

    • That was my thought exactly Ceci! It’s a day dress worn with evening accessories to an evening engagement. I don’t think it was the right choice for this event at all; it didn’t call for an evening gown, but I think it deserved something a little less casual than this. I really think she needs to broaden her range of cocktail-type dresses and smart evening wear (maybe including a smart pair of evening trousers and a tailored jacket) for occasions just like this one.

      On a positive note, I love the new hairdo! I think it looks great – curls and all! It must be so much cooler in the hotter weather we’ve been having lately in the UK.

  63. Well, in my opinion this is one of the most boring dresses that Kate has worn. The colour is drab…couldn’t tell if it was white, grey or pale blue. The text says it is blue, so I believe that. A hit of colour would have been nice for this occasion.

    The style of the dress, minus the exposed zipper, is exactly what I wore for my Grade 8 graduation, leaving elementary school and going to secondary school. It was age appropriate for a 13 year old, not sure about someone in her mid 30s.

    While it is nice to see a shoe that isn’t a pump, I don’t think these ones do anything for the dress. They don’t match the clutch and the clutch doesn’t match anything. Why would Kate want to wear plum and purple accessories with pale blue?

    I do think Kate’s hair looks pretty and I like the shorter length. Also, three cheers for coloured nail polish on the toes!

  64. Preen is a very good match for Kate, and this is another winner for her closet – I love the wide scoop neck and the short sleeves, perfect for a summer evening. I’m with the early majority on the shoes, that photo from the India tour certainly looks like plum-colored shoes (particularly under her toes). The new clutch is a fun shape she hasn’t sported before, and I like it against the near-neutral blue. Hair looks glossy and healthy, and Kate looks in her element tonight; nice to have a night off after the “big guns” jewelry and accessorize for her personality :).

  65. I like the dress she wore to the museum, however, it looks white to me. Must be a very pale, pale, blue. I am really getting tired of her pencil skirts and short jackets only coming down to the waist or top of the hip. So a fuller skirt is a different look for her and I like it. I love those shoes too! The plum color is great, but then I do love plum! I do have one huge pet peeve about Catherine – her posture! She does not stand straight with her shoulders back. Her clothes would look much better if she had decent body posture. Her body posture and her walk because of her body posture leaves a lot to be desired. I doubt if she will ever change these things because no one close to her will ever point it out to her, or maybe it is just me because my mother raised me to have correct posture! Shoulders back she would tell me constantly! I learned to make sure my shoulders were back, stomach sucked in and walk correctly, so I notice such things in other people. I am disappointed that during the Spanish royals trip to the UK there will be no pics or video of Queen Letizia and Catherine standing and walking together. Letizia has perfect posture and walk. I would love for Catherine to notice and develop it as her own.

    • Oh my. I’ve answered this lament a number of times here. I’ll try to put it quite simply so that you may understand. Some people CANNOT PUT THEIR SHOULDERS BACK, it is a physical impossibility. I know because I am one of those people. My shoulders are slightly rounded forward and my scapulae stick out slightly from the plane of my back. It does not matter how hard I try, it is physically impossible for me to put my shoulders back.

      I think sometimes in our enthusiasm to comment we forget that we are all human and no one-not even the beloved Duchess is physically perfect.

      • This is definitely true for some people, but Kate can put her shoulders back, she does it sometimes (stands up perfectly straight.) Or look at pics from her wedding day where she was obviously very conscious of it and she is ramrod straight. It is not a physical impossibility for her.

    • Karen, I’m very surprised to hear you say that a fuller skirt is ‘a different look for her’ – to me it’s Kate’s signature look and one she wears almost all the time!

      I, for one, would love to see her wear the pencil skirt silhouette way more often than she does. I think fuller skirts swamp her small frame – she simply doesn’t have the curves to pull off a 50s look successfully in my opinion. I think one of the very reasons Queen Letizia looked so stunning at the state banquet was that her dress was much more figure hugging than Kate’s, as was her gorgeous yellow arrival outfit.

  66. Fashion WIN! Fabulous if for no other reason than plum accessories with a gorgeous blue dress (pity the photos wash it out so) and red nails! I’m so thrilled with the pedicure that I wouldn’t have a negative word if she were in burlap, but this certainly does feel like a fashion step forward in blue and plum.

    Each of her “dramatic” hair cuts have involved some fringe/bang and I’m glad to see this one did not. I think it is lovely and fresh. I’m sure the signature look will return, but for summer this is wonderful.

  67. ”a change that probably put a smile on the faces of many Kate fashion followers, the Duchess wore colored nail polish on her toes this evening”

    Good lord, it goes that far? Toe nails are the last thing I look for when it comes to anybody.

    • We have had an abundance of comments about it on FB, here, & I’ve received quite a few messages/emails about the topic. :)

      • I was surprised at how happy I was to see polish on her toes :) Silly, I know, but glad I am not alone!

      • I can’t help it, I don’t make a point of searching for nail polish on people – but I do find tootsies look a little more endearing with a little coating on – I had a smile on my face too! : )

    • Some of this blog’s followers are very into makeup and beauty in general (as in, beauy products) including nail polish, and yes, we rejoice!

  68. as usual, I have very few quibbles about her look and the way she’s put together. I do note that she’s gotten better at public speaking–has her accept gotten more “posh” sounding? Not sure of the right term, as an American, but it does seem quite “royal” sounding to me. Maybe she’s been getting public speaking lessons.

  69. I’m delighted with the contrast color of the shoes and bag which is quite unlike her of late, yet the dress is very Catherine. My beef will be the same as always. Too much jewelry last night and not enough tonight. That dress is screaming for a simple bracelet.

    • I agree with you about the jewelry. A simple strand of pearls would have been nice last night, or even no necklace at all.

      I don’t know if anyone has suggested this but I’m wondering if she wore that particular necklace (floral ruby) as a nod to their guests’ national flower, the red carnation, and not as an aesthetic decoration per se.

      • That’s a great observation. I think it is likely she chose the ruby necklace because of the red gemstones. :)

      • A sparkly brooch at the edge of the neckline would have been very cute, too. (or maybe I just love brooches and want to see them more!)

      • Oh, I agree on the red flowers! I hadn’t thought of that, but I had thought perhaps the Queen sent it over with a note saying, “Wouldn’t it be lovely if you wore this?” How do you say no to that? A while ago, someone posted about Catherine not being too terribly interested in clothes and jewelry, and I agree. I think she’s an athlete with an athletic build who ended up being a princess. That being said, I do sometimes wish she had better advice about combining clothes and accessories, but on the other hand, I can see why she wants to choose her own clothes. It really bothers me when folks compare her to other royals. They are all completely different people with different lives and different interests and different tastes.

  70. This is a very pretty, classic dress. I wish it photographed in the blue shade it is. For some reason, it looks white in these pictures.
    I am loving the Duchess’s haircut! I think it’s youthful and beautiful.

  71. Zoom right in on the India shoes and they look purple!! I think they may have been “plum” all along…

  72. Looking at those Prada shoes in the “before” pic with the royal blue gown, it looks like they are the same plum ones – not black as stated. Maybe?? Same shoe it seems to me.

  73. I really like this dress. Looks super comfortable and classic. The shoes are pretty, not sure if they go with the dress, but hey…… new dress, shoes, bag, hair??!!!!! Love it!!!!

  74. I really miss her long hair. It was like her signature accessory–it gave every outfit glamour and distinction. It would have dressed up this perfectly pleasant but unmemorable dress. With the curled, shoulder-length ‘do, she looks rather like Leisl from Sound of Music. Not that that’s a criticism, particularly–Leisl was a doll. But she was 16 (as we know), dancing around in gazebos, and the Duchess is a grown woman and a future queen, opening major museum renovations.

    Hooray for polished toenails and the Temple of Heaven earrings, which will forever make me think of Bhutan, which is my favorite royal tour thus far.

    I’m intrigued by the black version of the dress, with the red sleeve. I wonder if the Duchess will appear in it someday, just as she did the earlier Preen dress in both red and black?

    • Ohhh she does look like Leisl. Especially in this dress. It looks so much like the “16 going on 17″ scene. I didn’t put it together before lol. Now I can’t unsee it!

    • Oooh I disagree – I think the haircut is very flattering and chic! I’m ready for a change from the signature ‘do.

      • I really like the new hair, too! As someone who had very long hair for a long time, I know for sure the hair on the bottom starts to look very “heavy” and–old, for lack of a better word. Even Kate’s was starting to look heavy and overwhelming. It needs to be trimmed off periodically. I like this new length, very shiny and healthy-looking, but long enough to still put up and have some versatility. Hope she keeps it for a while, though I’m sure she will grow it again soon.

      • Oh, I do LIKE it–I want to be clear that I’m not criticizing the new ‘do per se. It’s a nice cut and I can see that it works on her. I just personally prefer the long hair and have always found it to be part of what makes her such an intriguing style figure. But I promise I won’t make “I miss her hair” be my constant refrain from now on! :)

    • When I first saw the shorter hair I didn’t know what to think but it’s grown on me! I really, really love it! I never thought I could like anything as much as her gorgeous long locks but the shorter hair is very becoming!! Give it a chance!

    • Jessica and Becky, I am still chuckling over your Liesl comparison! You have hit the nail right on the head for me! Princess Diana had that fuschia pink suit with the side-tie floral blouse that always reminded me of the Baroness in the Sound of Music, but at least the Baroness was a grown woman. Liesl was a teenaged girl (albeit one I always secretly wanted to be) and Kate is now in her mid-30s; she should be aiming for a more chic adult look than this dress in my humble opinion.

      (I do like the new hair though – much cooler like this in the heat).

  75. This is such a strong miss for me–my least favorite look in ages. I don’t know what time of day this event took place–if afternoon, I maintain my opinion, if evening, everything goes double!

    What each element says to me:

    Earrings: dressy and glam

    Hair: a casual daytime style with boots and a blazer, maybe for a shopping trip

    Dress: an old fashioned Hollywood musical (or La La Land) or a picnic; girlish

    Shoes/red toes: ultra glam, for clubbing with skinny black pants or a long-sleeved mini dress

    Clutch: looks like a change purse

    I actually LOVE all of these things separately, both in and of themselves and for Kate (with the exception of the purse and maybe the shoes, which seem more Mahiki and less Duchess-y) but together they do not match each other and do not match the occasion. I can see trying to dress up a more casual dress using glam earrings and shoes, but this just doesn’t work. It’s a more girlish look than we are used to from Kate–we complain about her skirt suits, but this seems like an occasion where one would have been 100% appropriate!

    • I completely agree. I like the individual elements, but they don’t work together. It looks like she was rushing out the door and just grabbed a bunch of random accessories. I really love the shoes, but in no way do they work with the dress.

      • I was just about to leave a similar comment when I saw yours! I quite like all of the elements individually but together they just don’t work (including colour wise-
        pale blue and deep plum?!) I actually love the shoes, they are my favourite part of the outfit, and I think the clutch works fine with them. They are appropriate for an evening museum opening. This dress would work for a picnic or casual (!!!) outdoor event, and I don’t hate it, but I just don’t think it works for this engagement. Dare I say, I think this would have been one dress where her nude LK Bennett pumps would have been appropriate?! Ha! A dress with a bit more glam, maybe in black/charcoal/dark grey to go with the accessories, would have been a home run.

  76. Any chance that these are the same shoes she wore in India? Not sure if it’s editing but they look like they could have actually been purple and I never saw a picture of the back to see if the top strap went around her ankle or not…

  77. I like the dress. I like the shoes. I do not like them together. The polished toes look nice, however!

    I am unsure if I like her haircut. I do not like the way it is styled for this event; the big curls are a miss for me. I would like to see what it looks like a bit straighter.

    She is such a beautiful woman. I do wish she would stop slouching.

  78. Love that shoe in the bright red!

  79. She looked lovely, but a summery print would have added a Wow factor with those sandals.

  80. Those shoes are very pretty but look REALLY uncomfortable!!!!! Her hair is so pretty. I like the dress but could have sworn it was white!

  81. Excellent post Susan. I have refrained from commenting on last night’s State Banquet post in order to get some perspective. Tonight’s ensemble sealed the deal with regard to last night.
    The simpler the better. The Duchess truly seems to stand out in more classically cut dresses. I absolutely adore lace on her and a valiant effort was made last night. But she is at her best in a well cut thoughtful design that lets her shine. Tonight was stellar. All she needed was a fabulous sexy shoe…done and done.

  82. Another A+ from me. Love the dress shape and color with the dark, non-black heel and the purple clutch.

  83. Dont like this look.

  84. Boring. The dress colour and style make me think of a uniform. The shoes are interesting but the back zipper is not something I would like to see a royal wearing.

  85. I’m pretty sure her skirt is not gathered but pleated – so it has been slightly customized I think.

    • YES! I have been looking at the construction of the waist line between the DOC’s dress and the Preen photo. DEFINITELY a alteration here with the pleats. Maybe it makes the waistline on her look less poofy and more flat? Personally, I like BOTH versions… all the more reasons to buy 2 dresses! lol! Anyway, one of my favorite pastimes is looking at all these photos and identifying how she has her garments customized to fit her. A lesson for us all! kc

  86. Not a well put together outfit in my opinion. The dress seems too “poofy” for Kate’s body type. It is quite overwhelming to her thin frame. Likewise, those shoes are waaaaay too high for the dress and event. A total miss I am afraid.

  87. Young and fun, I really love it. Perhaps she’s taken some cues from Letizia? Shorter hair, fun shoes (YAY!), colored polish on the toes.* The dress is nice for the event, not competing with the rest of the outfit.

    Minor quibble is perhaps the waist is a bit tight, as it looks a bit bunched in the chest and below in some of the pictures.

    After seeing the Claire Underwood on House of Cards with neutral fingernails and red toes, I’ve always done the same!

    • That’s so funny. I was thinking that the waist was too loose.

      • Funny how people see things! It was really based on the Dailymail (sigh, I know) pictures, and her tendency to go tight with her clothes. I half imagine her as Scarlett O’Hara getting her corset put on and saying “tighter!”.

  88. I…..want to like this. I really really do. I like all of the elements individually. But I don’t like the overall outfit. I’m not sure of the shoe and clutch color with that dress, and I’m not sure I love that dress for this evening event.

    I think she’s made some good additions to her closet with these items so hopefully we see them all again with better styling.

    I do like the shorter hair.

    • Yes, this is the comment I wanted to make! I applaud her for trying some new things, even though I don’t think those shoes work with that dress.

      • Agreed. I love the dress, shoes and purse but don’t see them all going together. I don’t like to say anything negative because typically I LOVE her choices. I enjoy seeing her at these outings and reading the posts and comments. I think her shorter haircut is growing on me. Regardless, Kate is beautiful and has wonderful taste.

      • Love this style of dress on her – very 50s. Her hair is fabulous too – so bouncy and glossy.

        Can’t help wondering whether Kate reads this blog – coloured nail-polish (tick), shorter hair (tick), non-nude shoes (tick), coloured accessories (tick). All the things that various people have wanted to see her try. This is a winner for me.

      • I read in one review that the sandals were purple. ….which is a color that would of worked with that outfit.

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