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We are back with some additional thoughts on Kate’s tour wardrobe, as well as our polls looking at what she wore in Poland and Germany.

We begin with thoughts from Vanessa Friedman of the NY Times in a column titled The Duchess of Cambridge and Family Refine the Art of Pantone Politics. The piece looks at the “canny use of the family’s clothing to present a coordinated picture of friendship and cultural awareness.”

But it was the two moments of arrival in each country, when the Cambridges deplaned en masse and in theme, that made the most impact. Why was that? Well, because they got the whole family involved!

Landing in Warsaw, for example, they were a symphony in (mostly) red and white, Poland’s national colors: the duchess in white Alexander McQueen; the duke in a navy suit, white shirt and red tie; Princess Charlotte in a red-and-white smocked dress and red shoes; Prince George in a red-and-blue check shirt and navy shorts.

Here is a refresher photo.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

The article then covers what the Cambridges wore when leaving Poland and arriving in Berlin. Another refresher photo.

Royal tour Germany Berlin Airport Kate Blue Catherine Walker George Charlotte William 2017

Dominic Lipinski / PA Images

Back to Ms. Friedman’s piece.

Diplomats and politicians using their wardrobes as vehicles of communication is increasingly part of the job these days — we expect it, they plan for it.

Now, however, we seem to have reached something of a new stage.

Whether anyone heard the diplomatic niceties mumbled to the officials on the tarmac didn’t matter: The wider message, meant for anyone watching — or reading, or checking Instagram — was unmistakable from the pictures, which were singularly easy to read no matter what the platform. The individual designers mattered less than the net effect of the colors.

And the family as they leave Germany for their return to London.

©Zak Hussein

©Zak Hussein

The column concludes this way:

Like the themed socks of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, such calculated prismatics are an accessible approach to the diplomatic dress challenge. You don’t have to know anything about fashion to understand them.

Think of it as Pantone politics. Betcha we’ll see more of it.

The column makes sense; I do think we’ll see more of it. But it isn’t a new phenomenon for the family; they have been coordinating things on major appearances for some time. Below, the Cambridges arrive in Canada last October.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

Not everyone is crazy about the coordination; this is from Australia’s News.com.

SHE’S one of the most stylish women in the world but the way the Duchess of Cambridge (and her family) have been dressing lately has left us confused. Like Kim and Kanye, Kate and Wills seem to be taking couples dressing to a new level.

And while it makes the royals perfectly styled for their flash-ready photo opportunities, is this family sartorial co-ordination becoming a bit … odd?

A British Vogue story highlighted the Alexander McQueen dress worn to a party celebrating the Queen’s birthday Wednesday night.

IT IS a truth universally acknowledged that striking a balance between a work-appropriate and summer-worthy ensemble is no simple thing. And yet the Duchess of Cambridge proved it is possible last night when she attended a garden party in Berlin wearing a red off-the-shoulder Alexander McQueen dress.

It is also the most sartorially relaxed we’ve seen the Duchess, who has opted for tailored suits – the blue Catherine Walker & Co number worn as she arrived in Berlin yesterday, for instance – or structured separates by Erdem, which she wore on her second day in Poland.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Caitlin McBride of The Independent offers an interesting analysis:

We’re in the middle of a Midi-ssainace. Like most style icons before her, Kate Middleton has had a ‘Eureka!’ moment in which she realises evolution is the key to longevity. After 10 years of pleated midi skirt suits, pillbox hats and nude court heels, the Duchess of Cambridge is shaking it up.

When she chopped an estimated six inches off her hair, a look she debuted at Wimbledon, the fashion press went into meltdown. “Was she pregnant? Did she get botox? Are the Illuminati sending signals through her hair cut?”

As it turns out, the girl just needed a change and change did she get. It seems those extra six inches were quite literally bringing her down as we have seen a lighter and even brighter Kate over the last two weeks, in particular during the British royals’ European tour in Poland and Germany.

Kate at Wimbledon.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

The story is titled How Kate Middleton updated her look to finally become a contemporary style icon.

From the moment she touched down in Warsaw in an Alexander McQueen skirt suit with a wrap top and deep V neckline, Kate has been on a veritable tour de couture.

Lorna Weightman, one of Ireland’s top tv and editorial stylists, is just as excited about her style transformation…

“It started with the haircut and now she’s been a little bit bolder with the neckline, there’s been a deeper V, and she’s wearing a lot more print. On Thursday night, she wore a beautiful Markus Lupfer dress, which is not a designer I typically thought she would go for – he typically designs sweatshirts and t-shirts.”


©Clärchens Ballhaus

We return to Ms. McBride’s story:

“When she wore the Alexander McQueen dress and those Simone Rocha earrings, that red was incredible. She’s worn Bardot before but not like this, she’s showing a bit more skin. I like the bolder Kate!”

While many were quick to jump to the fact that Kate looks “10 years younger” (myself included), she is simply rather dressing her age, moving away from the wedding guest attire synonymous with British royal style.

“I don’t think it makes her look younger, I think she looks more up to date and age appropriate,” Lorna says. “She’s so tall and statuesque that she always looks beautiful, but now she looks her age.

Those are all interesting perspectives. If you would like to read the full articles, the Times column is here; the News.com story is here; the Independent column may be read here; the British Vogue story is here.


Now to our polls asking for your input on Kate’s clothing and accessories worn/carried during the tour. We begin with shoes, looking at them in chronological order. The first is the Gianvito Rossi suede pump in Praline (available in limited sizing at Net-at-Porter, as well as at My Theresa). It is a shoe that some love… and others, well…, it’s not their favorite.

©Zak Hussein

©Zak Hussein/James Whatling/Reuters-Splash

For Monday night’s party, the Duchess accessorized an edgy dress by Gosia Baczyńska with another pair of heels by Gianvito Rossi, the ’54′ Suede Mary Jane pump.


©Zak Hussein/UK in Poland

Tuesday Kate paired separates by Erdem with the Nearly Nude Ankle Strap Sandal by royal favorite Stuart Weitzman.



With an off the shoulder Alexander McQueen dress Kate wore the Prada Scalloped Wavy Strap sandal in a color called Quartz/Quarzo (we show the shoe in black at Net-a-Porter, where it is available in very limited sizes). The Duchess also wore the style the next evening with a Markus Lupfer dress.


©James Whatling/PA Images/REX, Shutterstock/Splash

For engagements in Heidelberg on Thursday Kate brought back the ‘Fleur’ wedges by Monsoon.


˙@DKFZ/James Whatling

We’re not including the Superga Cotu trainer Kate wore on Thursday; it doesn’t really fit with the dressier styles worn the rest of the trip.


Next, our look at Kate’s handbags; we saw several new styles on this trip. When arriving in Warsaw on the first day of the tour, the Duchess carried her ‘Casa’ clutch by Jenny Packham.

©Zak Hussein

©Zak Hussein

For Monday’s night’s party, we saw the return of the sleek black Prada clutch.

UK in Poland/Prada

UK in Poland/Prada

Kate carried another clutch from Poland’s Etui Bags on Tuesday, accessorizing separates by Erdem.


©James Whatling/Zak Hussein

Kate accessorized her blue Catherine Walker ensemble, seen as the family departed Poland and arrived in Berlin, with a new handbag. It was the Vivien clutch style by Jimmy Choo. (We show it at Selfridges, but it is also available at Farfetch and other retailers in a variety of colors.)

© /Selfridges

©Stephen Lock, i-images

Kate did not carry a purse with the red Alexander McQueen dress. The next handbag we saw was at the German Cancer Research Centre engagement in Heidelberg Thursday; it looked like the customized McQueen bag Kate has carried previously. 



Thursday night the Duchess introduced a new bag brand with her Markus Lupfer dress, Anne Grand-Clément. It looks like she was using this model from the upscale boutique label.

©REX/Shutterstock, Anne Grand-Clément

©REX/Shutterstock, Anne Grand-Clément

Winning this tour’s award for the most discussed bag, the red Anya Hindmarch seen on Friday with an Emilia Wickstead dress.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

And the poll…


Our final vote considers an overall look, asking which ensemble you liked the most. We begin with Monday’s Alexander McQueen coat, Jenny Packham clutch, Gianvito Rossi heels and new jewelry.

© /Kensington Palace/

©Zak Hussein/Zak Hussein/Polaris

Next, the Gosia Baczyńska dress worn to Monday night’s party, accessorized by the Prada clutch, Gianvito Rossi suede heels, Balenciaga ‘Eugenia’ earrings and UFO necklace.

©UK in Poland

©Zak Hussein/UK in Poland

Tuesday’s Erdem separates, Etui handbag, Stuart Weitzman sandals, and presumed-to-be Baltic Amber jewelry.

©James Whatling/Polaris

©James Whatling/James Whatling/Polaris

The Catherine Walker coat, lace dress, Jimmy Choo Vivien clutch, Ginavito Rossi heels and Kiki McDonough jewelry worn when departing Poland and arriving in Germany on Wednesday.


©James Whatling/Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Andrew Parsons, i-Images

The Alexander McQueen dress, earrings by Simone Rocha and Prada sandals worn Wednesday night at the party commemorating HM’s birthday.

©Splash/Kensington Palace/

©Splash/James Whatling/Kensington Palace

Thursday’s Jenny Packham dress worn in Heidelberg, Alexander McQueen clutch, Monsoon Wedges, and Oscar de la Renta earrings.


©DKFZ Twitter/i-Images, Polaris/James Whatling

The teal Markus Lupfer pleated Arabella dress seen Thursday night at the Clärchens Ballhaus, with Kate’s Soru earrings, Diana’s pearl bracelet, Anne Grand-Clément handbag and Prada sandals. 

© / Ballhaus/REX, Shutterstock

© / Ballhaus/REX, Shutterstock

Or Friday’s Emilia Wickstead dress, Anya Hindmarch handbag and Gianvito Rossi pumps.


©i-Images, Polaris/James Whatling/Zak Hussein

As with the Superga sneakers, we elected not to include the one casual outfit Kate wore in the poll.

We will do our jewelry poll later this week.

We’re just getting caught up on things, including our repliKate suggestions. We have added some ideas here for the Hugo Boss top.

German Embassy/dpa/Long Tall Sally/Gant/

German Embassy/dpa/Long Tall Sally/Gant/

As well as some for the McQueen dress here.

Rep[liKates for Red McQueen Maxi 3 Styles July 24 2017

We have loads more to get posted in the next day or two.

And we’re just getting the Retail Roundup page updated with the latest inventory and sale news.

  34 Responses to “Those Color Coordinated Cambridges & It’s Poll Time!”

  1. I am clearly in minority, but not too many things impressed me on the tour wardrobe. The only couple of outfits I enjoyed were the white dress from the Polish designer (clearly a departure from her style, but also pretty much the only time I remember her actually taking a true risk on an unknown name; no, I don’t think Barbara Cassaola was a real risk); the Erdem separates looked fresh and quite interesting, not a variation on the same theme like the blue, purple and white ones. Also liked the Markus Lupfert dress.

    The red McQueen dress was a miss for me. It was a party for her majesty’s birthday, organized by the British ambassador, not a summer yacht club soirée. As it was, the design accented her not so great posture and she looked almost hunched in a couple of photos.

    As far as her pink ever present shoes, not impressed at all that this idea of them ‘elongating the foot’ is enough to justify the number of repeats. This shade in particular is slightly darker than her skin and she needs nylons of a weird colour to really match them. Perhaps they were ok for the arrival in BC last year with that outfit, but they have long been overused since. And for me, often seeing these shoes just makes me dislike the whole outfit. I suppose I am developing an allergy.

    Remarkable how much better the shorter hair looks. I completely agree that it made her years younger. Perhaps a full decade.

    I am torn between the idea of having a unified look in pictures for the family and dressing the children to match a political message. Yes, they are part of the royal family, but sometimes it feels like they are ‘used’ as PR tools. And I don’t mean this disrespectfully, but rather trying to figure out what makes me feel this is too much and inappropriately balanced.

    As I said, I know I am in minority, but I can’t tell a lie… so, politely, I will conclude that whilst it’s a step forward (mostly in the hair department), I am not anywhere close to the elation and awe others have expressed about the sartorial choices on this tour. Curious if the point of view will make it. No offence taken if it doesn’t.

    • Maybe keep in mind that the children aren’t so much being used as PR tools, as they are being brought up as the future Monarchs that they are. They have a destiny different than most children and learn their roles (such as sartorial diplomacy) from birth.

      I see why you might feel the way you do, but it’s a little different than a celebrity swathing their children in haute couture for their ego’s sake.

  2. Overall, I think the duchess looked lovely. I think her outfit for the visit to a former concentration camp could have been better. I don’t think sandals or a floral dress demonstrate the appropriate sentiment for such a meaningful and sad occasion.

  3. there is a new right hand ring – with one of the clutches. ruby? garnet? can you ID maker?

  4. Color coordinating is nothing new from where we’re from, Alabama. We color coordinate for church, pictures, going to the zoo, etc. Haha! It’s refreshing to see Kate cares about how her family is photographed along with the diplomacy aspect as well. I feel like Kate is a new person on this tour. She seems happier and lighter. Motherhood suits her so much.

  5. I think overall she looked lovely. But, I’m tired of the nude pumps, nude sandals, and nude wedges. I think she could pick some colors to co-ordinate with the clothes. Personally, I don’t think sandals were appropriate for a visit to a concentration camp. Maybe the flowered dress could have been replaced with something solid, less cheerful. I loved the Marcus Lupfer dress and the accompanying purse.

  6. I have to say this is the first tour where I don’t hate any of the clothes, everything looked good on Kate and was appropriate for the occasion.

    I am however SO over the nude/beige shoes. To me shoes should help/enhance a look, not disappear on your feet. And Kate has really taken it too far on this tour. Not one pair of colorful shoes:-(

    Am I the only one surprised that there wasn’t any repeats? And even before the tour we’ve seen a lot of new outfits for things I was sure would be repeats (Wimbledon for example).

    • Sofy, like you, I was fine with all the clothes that Kate wore on this tour. Also like you, I loathe the nude shoes. They are tedious, repetitive and usually do nothing for the dress/suit/coat that is being worn. The suede, praline Gianvito Rossi, seem be a special favourite. What I always say about them is that while they are supposed to go with everything, the usually go with nothing. They don’t clash, they blend, but don’t enhance. But I think they are here to stay. When they wear out, I’m sure they will be replaced with something very similar.

      • Bonnie they will def be replaced with something similar. Remember the LK Bennetts?? they were replaced with these lol.

        Her shoe choice bothers me on a personal level bc I have horrible feet and cant really wear heels anymore, so I need to live vicariously lol. If she can wear sky-high heels and look comfortable in them, have fun with it! A funky heel with that purple Emilia Wickstead (like still a high heel but maybe with a pattern on it or something) would have elevated the whole look.

      • To each their own re. the nude shoes, I suppose–I happen to find them an elegant and understated choice. But the fact remains that the Duchess has been wearing nude heels throughout her entire public life, and like it or not it is firmly a signature of her personal style. So it seems a strange thing to me to fret every time they appear.

        She wore them with her arrival to Canada outfit last year, a look that is almost universally lauded as the Duchess at her best. An outfit that, I hope most would agree, would be far less successful with a matching blue shoe. I don’t claim they’re right with every outfit, but I maintain that they are often the best choice.

    • I don’t mind nude shoes in general, and I think the Gianvito Rossi shoes look great in other colours, but the praline shade really does just blend in way too much. I much prefer the LK Bennett Floret and Fern shoes Kate debuted last year, they seem to have a bit more oomph as far as the nude colour goes – almost like they’re more beige, whereas the praline really is “nude”!

  7. Wow, I’ve never seen such a close poll as the one for the complete outfits! It just goes to show what a great tour this was for fashion highlights. I went with the yellow Jenny Packham dress because I just love the colour and enjoyed the pairing with the sun earrings. I didn’t think the wedges were bad enough to warrant it last place! Oh well. I don’t think I can really complain about any of the dresses or coats worn on this tour; it was mostly the accessories or shoes that made any particular outfit not a home run for me.

    Great tour and great coverage, Susan!

  8. This was such a milestone tour, I think. The kids are grown and walking o their own, so the unit is more cohesive. And their visits are on behalf of the government rather than the royal family, so it is fitting to use dressing as a tool for diplomacy. Overall great idea on linking the various analysis, making what is essentially guilty pleasure time into something a bit more thought provoking.

  9. “PANTONE POLITICS” !!! It’s my new favorite phrase! Excellent post as usual Susan!

  10. I love this site, thank you for all the exquisite detail you put into every post. Kate is a lovely role model for so many. I adore her and this is my go-to site for all things Catherine. Just so appreciate all the wonderful aspects of What Kate Wore!

  11. Best compliment I can pay to the tour wardrobe is that it’s impossible for me to pick any as the “first place”, in nearly any of the categories. Maybe we need a new format, where we get to rank the selections instead of being restricted to one, haha!

    I’m with ElizaMo on the Baczynska in terms of originality, beauty, accessorizing, and diplomacy and probably should have ranked it first, but Kate looked so so happy in the McQueen, and it looked like such a refreshing relief after a warm day, that it pipped the others to the finish for me.

    I love the black Prada clutch too, streamlined, simple, but wonderfully elegant.

    They really pushed beyond the usual boundaries on this tour, it was a lot of fun!

    • I’m so glad that lovely and extraordinary McQueen got your own No. 1 slot, there really was no winner in such a great ‘tour-drobe’ as the Telegraph dubs it. It’s been magic watching Kate push her boundaries.

      I notice that my own top choices were also evening looks, but I guess the tour was too short to qualify for separating polls into day and evening wear. Kudos to admin for taking accessories into the polling mix.

      • Yes, combining the pool of day and evening wear made it tough, but it was interesting to see how abbreviated the shoe collection was, even the handbags – and ZERO hats. Minimalist on the accessories (and hairstyles!), with the clothes truly being front and center, with the exception of the Baczynska and Lupfer outings.

        For the most part, it felt more like a “summer vacation” wardrobe (albeit a Royal one) than a diplomatic “tour-drobe” (great word!), and I enjoyed that aspect of it very much.

  12. Very glad to see articles endorsing Kate’s increasing maturity of style – this was stand-out trip on that front for me. One outfit after another was simply bang on and I knew choosing an overall favourite would be hard.

    I’m delighted none of my picks came top of their categories, it’s fun to back the small guys. In the end my overall favourite outfit had to be the Baczynksa, to my mind it was simply stunning choice for cautious Kate. I’ve never seen jagged pleats before – happy to be enlightened by anyone on their pedigree, if they have one.

    The use of the black piping on the monochrome background was inspired, the leafy waist embellishment perfect, and the achievement of so much variety within a classic sheath was masterly. It was absolutely what I would imagine an art graduate wearing in a formal context.

    As for shoes and bag I went for the new items rather than repeats simply as a way of making equally difficult choices. On these grounds I went with the Weitzman nude ankle strap sandals, though I probably prefer the black Mary Jane pump. The Weitzman in particular has a clear block heel, but not heavy enough to make the wearer’s ankles end up looking thick as well, and I was fascinated to see the heavier heel paired so neatly with a single slender strap across the toes.

    And I remain simply smitten by the Jimmy Choo Vivien clutch. It has all the characteristics of vintage but in modern materials, it looks quite roomy while keeping a distinct 1930s vibe. I loved the way the gathers in its fabric echoed the folds of the coat and I think it’s kudos to Kate for picking an evening style for daywear. Class.

  13. When you see her shoes laid out like…..oh Kate, lol. I picked the Stuart Weitzman’s because I like seeing her in simple but in style shoes like that.

    Favorite outfit was def the Markus Lupfer. I thought she looked great (shoes notwithstanding) and it was a relatively edgy look for her – not the basic style of the dress, but the pattern and a new handbag etc.

    I think she coordinates outfits for a very simple reason – it looks less chaotic in photographs. I don’t think it’s really any deeper than that. They do wear colors that are representative of their host countries – sometimes. She wore blue when they landed in Canada though, and purple when they departed Germany. But she still coordinated everyone to her dress and I think it just makes for better pictures, rather than her in one color, the kids in something completely different that don’t go with each other, etc. She (or Natasha or Rebecca or whoever) knows there will be lots of pictures so they strive for unity. Every mom in America does the same thing for family pictures, lol. Just look at pinterest.

    • Amazing — we have the same pick for shoes, I am not alone. I had a real tussle over whether to pick the Lupfer or the Baczynska, both were such style departures for Kate, both reinterpreted preferences she had shown in the past, but moved them right on into fresh territory.

      Interested in what you say about family group photos. My first thought was that surely the Middletons have been doing this for years, I can recall shots of them skiing with their whole party clearly coordinated across the white slope!

  14. Susan, what terrific tour coverage, and what an interesting roundup of editorial reaction. Thank you so much!

  15. I’m surprised to see the white Gosia Baczynzka dress enjoys such popularity, as it was such a miss for me! I love seeing everyone else’s diverse opinions in these polls, thanks for all your hard work. Red McQueen for the win for me, hands down! :)

    • That red McQueen was a winner in my book too and I felt guilty setting it aside. In the end I decided it was a classic style of its kind and maybe I might go for the wholesale originality of the Baczynska. I was most surprised to see that make to runner-up status and only sorry you haven’t been able to enjoy that dress.

      The McQueen still astonishes me, not least that Kate of all people wore it. The fabric used is superb and transforms it into a class of its own. The little silk chiffon frill edging across the top softens the line and makes feminine what can sometimes look harsh.

      Letizia tried a Bardot top earlier this year for daywear, but the top was just elasticated and plain and looked too harsh to me. This McQueen take on the cold shoulder theme is spot on for an evening look

      • That Gosia dress is a special piece of clothing. The construction is difficult and it suited her so perfectly. I wish she’d worn a sleek high ponytail to stay with the contemporary look. But that dress is so unique that it will be the one people remember from this tour.

        Conversely, the red off the shoulder dress was ordinary and really awful. I hope Kate has binned it. That’s something you wear on the beach at Ibiza, not on a formal tour.

  16. This was such an interesting tour in every sense!
    Here are my thoughts on the styles:

    - The shoes, I have not been a fan lately with the nude shoes but this tour made me fall in love with the Praline heels because they match her skin sooooooooo perfect and that makes a stylish and elegant look

    - The dresses, I absolutely love the blue coat (and I was so sad and shocked to see it is not the most popular one)
    For me the dress and look was perfection!

    - I am in the minority that really, really loved the Erdem dress. It is such a beautiful print and she nailed it with the event. It wasn´t too sad or too party. It was sublime (again I am sad it was not popular)

    - While I love the color of the last dress (Emilia Wickstead) the style was not adequate. It was too simple, maybe with her hair in a updo and a lower neckline, the look would have been great!

    Love the color and the sartorial diplomacy, although she didn´t wear a lot of local designers, but she looked great!

    Anyway each tour gives a fresh new look and if I am not mistaken, pretty much every single outfit was a debut so that is a first on a Tour.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work Susan! You make so many Royal Watchers happy!

    P.S. The Jimmy Choo clutch is divine and regal and elegant and and ………. :)

    • Alejandra, I’m with you on the praline shoes (which are perfection) and the Erdem. I voted for the Wickstead as my favorite (and am astonished to see that it’s in first place in the poll; it seemed like so many were unimpressed with it), but the Erdem was honestly a very, very close second for me. I just love it.

      • Thanks! So many people loved the color of the dress, but many said it was too simple
        I guess color beat style

  17. For those who have not seen “Diana, Our Mother…Her Life and Legacy,” the full documentary is available at the link below. The film is very well produced and there is a lot of dialogue with William and Harry and also some footage with Kate. Although comparisons between Diana and Kate are not always helpful, this film shows that the two women had something very much in common. As you see and hear about Diana’s abilities to interact with those she meets and how she was so warm and so caring, you realize that William sought out and found a woman to be his wife, with very similar qualities.

    Be aware, this documentary will have you shedding some tears.


  18. Some unexpected looks on this tour… Fresh and exciting! Glad to see Kate taking a few more risks (while still remaining firmly in the “appropriate”). Well done, Kate, and thank you, Susan, for such comprehensive, dedicated and respectful coverage!

  19. I thought Kate had many great looks on this tour. It was hard to pick a favorite! The tour included a good mix of the traditional favorites and more fashion-forward looks. I always love the architectural McQueen suits and found the lilac Emilia Wikstead stunning. The red McQueen maxi was definitely a fave. The white Gosia Baczynska was a terrific choice. Thanks for the excellent coverage.

  20. Kate always looks terrific….a real pleasure to look at…….way to go Duchess of Cambridge!!!!

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