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Canada Arrival 24 September 2016:


As noted

For the Cambridge family’s arrival in Canada and start of the 2016 tour Kate wore a chic, sophisticated dress from one of her go-to designers, Jenny PackhamThe Duchess accessorized with a Sylvia Fletcher for Lock and Company hat that showcased a maple leaf motif, along with her Nina hard-sided clutch from royal favorite LK Bennett, and Gianvito Rossi signature suede pumps in the ‘praline’ color We also saw the Queen’s platinum and diamond maple leaf brooch, worn by Kate during the 2011 tour, and the tanzanite earrings believed to be by G. Collins & Sons. To read our full post on the family’s arrival in Canada click here.


China State Banquet 20 Oct 2015:

Kate Iconic Looks China State Visit Banquet Red Packham Lotus Flower Tiara October 20 2015

For her first state banquet at Buckingham Palace the Duchess wore a bespoke Jenny Packham gown, the Lotus Flower/Papyrus Tiara (more here), diamond drop earrings on loan from HM, the ‘Wedding Gift’ diamond bracelet (there is a bit more info here) and a second diamond bracelet made from a choker of Queen Mary’s (more info here). Kate also carried a red clutch that looks like a custom piece made to match the dress. We’re not referencing footwear because there are no photos showing Kate’s shoes. Click here to read our full post on the banquet.


Princess Charlotte Christening 5 JULY 2015

As Shown

As Shown

The Duchess wore a bespoke Alexander McQueen coat dress for Princess Charlotte’s christening in July 2015. The knee-length design was a classic fit and flare silhouette, with intricately engineered gores and darts. It also included a fitted bodice with wide, winged lapels and a pleated skirt in the back. Kate accessorized with a custom Jane Taylor hat; the ‘Pointy’ pump from Russell and Bromley; and the white gold and diamond ‘Empress’ necklace and matching drop earrings from jewelers Mappin and Webb. Click here to read our full post on the christening. 


Prince George Christening 23 October 2013

©As Noted

©As Noted

For Prince George’s christening, the Duchess opted for a design from one of her go-to labels, Alexander McQueen Her hat was the aptly named ‘Georgie’ from Jane Taylor, and her Park Avenue pumps were from Russell and Bromley. We also saw Kate in one of her favorite pair of earrings, the Kiki McDonough Citrine Pear Drops. For our full post, click here.


Blue Issa Engagement Dress: This was the first time Kate was introduced to millions, not everyone was familiar with the bride-to-be.

kate Iconic Looks Engagement Announcement Blue Issa Dress Made May 4 2017

© As Shown

The Duchess-to-be wore the famous wrap dress by Issa London in a rich blue silk jersey. The dress was designed by Issa’s founder, Daniella Helayel. Sadly, the company is no longer in business. Miss Middleton’s notable accessory was her engagement ring, the same worn by Lady Diana Spencer upon her engagement to Prince Charles. She also sported a gold and sapphire necklace from the Elsa Peretti® Cabochon by the Yard collection at Tiffany, along with the matching Elsa Peretti® Cabochon by the Yard earringsFor our original post on the dress click here.


Libelula Dulwich Coat: Worn to a January 2011 wedding, the silk velvet coat closes with a diamante rhinestone clasp and hits just above the knee.

Splash News/Libelula


Reiss Nanette Engagement Photo Dress: No list of iconic Kate Middleton styles is complete without this dress, worn for one of two formal photographs shot by famed photographer Mario Testino.


The dress featured three-quarter sleeves with a cascading ruffle down the front and an exposed zipper, also on the front. As we originally noted in describing the dress, it is unremarkable on the hanger; it is one of those styles that needs to be put on before one can render an opinion on it. Reiss continues to be a brand Kate favors.


The Penelope Chilvers Boots & Really Wild Clothing Ensemble:

Most Kate fans remember this 2004 photograph, Kate posing in front of Blenheim Palace.

©Stephen Lock/ i-Images.co

©Stephen Lock/ i-Images.co

For many, the appeal of the photo is in the image it projects, an upscale town and country look that transcends generations. For others, the Really Wild brand clothing Kate is seen wearing holds the greatest interest; still, others are intrigued by the Penelope Chilvers boots; learn more about the boots (they’re still available!) on our Kate’s Favorite Footwear Brands page.

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  1. Will you have a Kate 2017 calendar for sale?

  2. This page should be updated!

    • I would love to see some updated iconic outfits too! For example the outfits Catherine wore to George’s christening and when presenting him outside the hospital could be included.

  3. Melissa,
    …..and yet you still find time to peruse this sight….

  4. What a waste of space with everything else that is going on in this world! Clearly not American.

  5. Hi, does anyone know where I can a similar dress to Kate’s reiss nanette dress she wore for her official engagement photo I have looked everywhere I can think of since the announcement and not found anything please help lol

  6. I have those brown boots but I was wondering where to find the tweed skirt, & jacket & belt.

  7. I have always been wondering what type of hoisery she is wearing, it gives a barely there and smooth look, no surprise with her wonderful legs :) Can you name or recommend any?
    Thank you for the great website!

    • She could wear various brands but the one I’m certain she wears is the John Lewis skid proof tights in tan. They are really lovely.

  8. What is the brand and style of the shoes that Kate wore with the blue Issa dress during the couple’s engagement announcement? I’m dying to buy that same outfit!! :D

  9. What I love about Kate is that she wears classic, elegant items that suit her. I respect her even more for bringing out repeat items, clearly things she loves and wears well, that have been in her closet for many years. I have quite a lot of dresses in my closet that are “classics”. My mother taught me as a young girl how to look for quality, classic items, and use them over and over with only inexpensive wardrobe updates to keep them fresh or with simple additions to keep them timeless. Kudos, Kate! (and to this website also!)

  10. I love your site, I enjoy looking at the beautiful photos & learning more about “What Kate Wore”. Thank you, I am so glad that you have this day to day viewing. It is a pleasure to take a look as often as I can.

  11. Does anyone have any idea what brand the sweater is that Kate wore years ago when she was training on the dragon boat? The blue and white striped one. I’ve wanted a hooded sweater like that for a long time. It seems to have a zip infront too.

  12. Hi

    Lovely website for Kate ! I love her beauiful styles .

  13. I am a HUGE fan of the British royal family and love the Duchess and her style no end ;) <3
    Thank you for all the posts, and keep posting ;) <3

  14. Hello all. I am from Malta and am very very pleased to have found this website. I am a big fan of the Duchess and like her elegant style. I am always on the look out on where she has been and so on :). thanks a lot.

  15. same pair of shoes in all her pictures?!

  16. lizzie askes please can you still buy the burbery shirt which kate wore for the floatplane flight any help please

  17. I truly enjoy this exiting site..it is so much fun to follow this young woman as she grows into the role she will fill later on. She has impeccable style and grace. It has been simply amazing how Buckingham Palace fashion has been brought into the twenty-first century. Her Majesty, the Queen, looks absolutely stunning whenever she steps out to a function. I feel, though, that Prince William needs some very helpful advice from his father’s dresser. The blue suits and red ties really have to go IMO. Catherine, you go girl!!

  18. Where can I find the cream or white leather jacket with ruffle and navy spotty (?) dress Kate wore just before her wedding? Anyone remember it?

    • Hey, the jacket is by BCBG Max Azria and you can get it on ebay at the moment. If I can find the link I will add it in. :)

  19. I adore the Duchess. I am so glad William married her but if only it could have been sooner. I have so missed having a young female royal to watch and worship. I am 15 and a size 8 but want to go on a diet in February so I can be a sporty, stylish and slender size 6, more like Kate. I am also growing my hair really long so I can curl the ends, just like her. Does anyone know how she styles her eyebrows, they are so striking! I love term and want to copy that look. She is more an icon that Audrey Hepburn or even Jackie Onassis put together. I hope she keeps wearing lots of lace and get lots more gifts of jewellery to wear this year. Her look is so youthful, and modern and inspiring.

    • Esther, you don’t sound like you need to go on a diet! I say don’t worry about being a certain size, but focus on keeping your body healthy and energetic so you’re able to do what you want to do in life. What really shines about Kate is her warmth and grace, not her size, and I’m sure the same is true of you! :)

  20. I love this website……I have it as a “favorite”……I read the comment earlier about Diana’s necklesses & I have wondered when will Catherine be given Diana’s jewlery…I think she should have it….Did it all go back to the Queen? Hopefully it was given to William & Harry……….Thank you and keep up rhe good info about Catherine……Oh, yes,….I read where Cahterine receives $ 27,000 a month as an allowence from the Queen, just because she is Prince Williams wife…….thanks again…….Mildred .

    • I believe a good bit of Diana’s jewelry belonged to the Spencer family, and after her death, went back to them. (Most of what she wore in public was costume, if I’m not mistaken.) I would assume that it would eventually go to her sons – but I guess that would depend on how the Spencers & Windsors decide to handle it in the future.

  21. What brand are the purple heels with the bow worn in the first post on this page? They are so cute!!!

  22. WOW What a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Does anyone know which shoes she’s wearing with the Dulwich coat?

  24. I think Kate is wearing some nice hats – who made the one she is wearing with the lovely blue brocade coat.

  25. Please keep this site up i love it !!!!!

  26. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work keeping this site sooooooooooo current and interesting…. I enjoy the photos and comments very much… I will stay tuned… Isn’t Kate a breath of fresh air ?

    • They said the same thing about Sarah Ferguson (Fergie) when she married Prince Andrew, exclaiming she was “a breath of fresh air” in the royal family….well, we all know how that turned out….hopefully Kate will have a different fate…..

  27. It’s finally great to have a new Princess of Canada! Especially a beauitiful elegant young woman. I love watching all her fashion styles and must confess have a few of her outfits. I’m looking forward to seeing many more of her choices

  28. Enjoying your blog very much. Is it proper to wonder who pays for all of her clothes. I am sure she has an allowance, but just curious. Her clothes are beautiful. She certainly has the fashion sense to put things together. Thank for all of the wonderful info.

    • Susan, before she got married all her clothes was paid by her parents, after the marriage…you know much better than I do,… nevertheless she gets a lot of presents from designers.

    • Its true, her parents are millionaires and so obviously catered to her needs, now she gets a Royal allowance (derived from taxes) probably a few million pounds a year :)

      • I know the queen gives her an allowance of 250,000 pounds every year. Im sure that is plenty enough to cover her clothing expenses.

        • Tiffany,I can’t believe you were at Antiques in Old Town in Lilburn, GA. That’s where I live. It is a uordenfwl place. You will have to come back another time during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. Rowann, the owner lives in the house next door to the shop. She puts her house on tour and it is always decorated with her uordenfwl collection of turkey/Thanksgiving goodies. The booth where you got the dress is where I picked up my china doll necklace (and then I just added to it). Hope you tried some of the sweets from the Blue Rooster next door. Next time you are in town my sister I would love to show you around. It was so much a pleasure meeting you and we had so much fun taking your P P class. Love ya, Lisa (P P Lady )

      • No, she is not getting a clothing allowance of a few million pounds a year. That would be ridiculous. If the Queen is giving her a dress allowance, it would be in line with the 250,000 pounds mentioned by kristin, and it would come from the Queen’s private wealth, not taxpayer funds. (The Queen has given such dress allowances to Sarah Ferguson and to the Countess of Wessex.)

        However, Prince William is independently wealthy via inheritances from his mother and great-grandmother, and Catherine herself is from a very wealthy family. Her parents may have settled trusts on her and on her siblings. This couple can probably afford to pay for their own clothes.

        • She’s getting freebies from all the designers, fashion houses, companies, etc.. that want her to wear their items. It was reported by several sources that prior to her marriage she was given all the free Issa dresses and Longchamps bags she desired (Kate is known for having an extensive Longchamps handbag collection and there are many photos of her carrying them)….regardless of the wealth inherited by Prince William and the financial support Kate has been given by her parents for years, she still gets free clothes, accessories, cosmetics (from Lancome in particular, the fave of Kate and sister Pippa) etc…even though they can pay for them (and they probably do pay for some)…..and yes, there is an allowance for clothes, after all she is representing British fashion….

          • She is not getting any freebies from designers. It has been made clear in the British press that all gifts from designers have been returned.

            The Prince of Wales finances any costs arising from public duties from his estate as Duke of Cornwall. This pays for both his sons and the Duchess of Cambridge. In this way, state taxes are not used.

            Public costs do arise from the protection that all royals are given.

  29. The Black Velvet Blazer worn with the Temperley Dress – was also worn to see the play War House in Londons West End 11th December 2009 – I wonder who it is by?

  30. Hi, can somebody please tell me who designed Kates white coat dress she wore for the Trooping of colour ceremony? Am dying to know where I can get

  31. I am really enjoying this site.
    It is so refreshing to read the posts and blogs you put up on your website, which have been and continue to be so light hearted and informative.
    Thanks. ( Isn’t fashion fun ) :)

  32. Really love your website and all the great comments! How about a tab or section on Hats & Fascinators? I found two references, the red hat fascinator for Canada was by Lock and Co’s milliner Sylvia Fletcher. (Lock and Co is a great shop to visit on St. James Street.) And the Epsom Derby Fascinator was by Whiteley Hat Co.

  33. Really love your website and all the great comments! How about a tab or section on Hats & Fascinators? I found two references, the red hat fascinator she wore in Canada was by Lock and Co’s milliner Sylvia Fletcher. (Lock and Co is a great shop to visit on St. James Street.) And the Epsom Derby Fascinator was by Whiteley Hat Co. Would love to see more!

  34. I would love, LOVE to see Kate wearing some of Diana’s famous iconic gems besides the wedding ring. She has such a lovely neck and the chokers would look fabuous on her! I wonder if the sapphire earrings she has been sporting were Diana’s.

  35. I adore this site! Thank you so much for keeping up with Kate and her fashions! She is simply stunning and absolutely fascinating…totally fun to follow!
    You are doing a fantastic job! :)

  36. Thank you for doing such a great job on this web site!!! I do not usually follow celebrity fashion, but Kate Middleton is so fascinating to watch!! I hope she starts a “true Brunette” tend here so women will stop trying to be Hollywood blonds! Keep up the good work . . . I can’t wait to see photos of the green dress she wears to the Hollywood Gala tonight!!!!!

  37. Hi;
    Thank you for all the updates about Kate’s Clothing during Canada visit.I have a question.Do you think she wore very sheer hosiery with her dresses?

  38. I have found someone on Etsy who is making the fabulous “Kate Shopping Shawl”!!

    Jasmine of Jasmine creations does custom work and is knitting me the shawl in cashmere and that fabulous olive green color! Her shawls on the Etsy site are as good as, if not better, than the copycat shawl knitting patterns offered on Ravelry! She only charges $165US for the gorgeous shawls. Far less expensive than Minnie Rose and almost an exact replica of Kate’s! For all the non-knitters out there, this is th perfect place to get that now much beloved shaw!

  39. Hi everyone,

    This is in regards to the fantastic Kate shopping shawl. I have found a site on Etsy and Jasmine, the creator has incredible look alike shawl in many colors. She is doing a custom three sided shawl in olive green and cashmere yarn just for me. She is only charging $165US for cashmere! For those of us who don’t knit this is a fabulous find! Ravelry(a knitting website has several copycat versions for knitters) is great for knitters, but if you don’t knit and want an exact copy, go to Etsy for Jasmine Creations!

  40. Hi Katherine, thanks so much for reading and commenting on our blog. You are absolutely right about the wedding gowns (It’s likely we will do them on an entirely separate page, that is why they aren’t here), of course the blue Issa dress needs to be included, it isn’t yet posted because I haven’t had the time to add it to the page. The blog is not my vocation, only my avocation, so I am doing the best I can in getting things accomplished. :)

  41. Are those shoes in the periwinkle dress the ones she wore to meet the Obamas and at the wedding yesterday!? If not they are very similar…

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