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Mystery Solved: Kate’s Pave Pendant Necklace Finally Identified

For everyone going through KWS (Kate Withdrawal Syndrome), we have a few tidbits that may be of interest, especially the first item. It involves the necklace Kate is wearing below.

The pave diamond pendant necklace Kate has worn with some frequency is probably the one item we have been asked about the most of late. With gratitude to a lovely reader who wishes to remain anonymous it seems we have an answer to the mystery. It is the Asprey Button Pendant, we show it below; it has an amethyst center stone.


The amazing Ayvee of Diana’s Jewels initially figured out that the letters on the side of the pendant spelled “Bond,” and our gracious tipster pointed out that some of Asprey’s pieces are given nicknames with the word “Bond” in them, that is where their main store is located.  After hearing from our anonymous friend I did a little looking online and found something I thought might be the same and sent it off to Ayvee to hear what she thought, and she concurs “it is by Asprey London.”  (Although it is no longer available, at least not that we are aware of, although Asprey does offer a bespoke service and would probably be happy to create another of these if requested.)

Ayvee did some scouting and shared an eBay auction for the necklace shown above, the Buy it Now price is $1899.95 USD.

eBay Auction by Luxury Bazaar

Both items are being sold by Luxury Bazaar, a firm with which I am not familiar.  Ayvee shared another link to these matching earrings, also from Luxury Bazaar, but in 18K white gold.

Asprey London at Luxury Bazaar

The ‘special price’ for these is shown as $2030 USD.


One other jewelry note, the mainstream media has picked up on a story we initially reported back in June, this one involves Kate’s sapphire and diamond earrings.

The photo above is from our post June 12, when Kate wore them to the church service marking the Duke of Edinburgh’s 90th birthday, in that post we speculated that they seemed ‘almost to match Kate’s engagement ring.”  In our June 27th post about Kate attending Wimbledon we wrote:

“She also wore the fairly new earrings created from Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond earrings.”

We also want to thank the helpful Carissa at G-Free Runner, she tweeted us about this post on her blog that examined the issue as well.

Well, this Sunday The Mirror carried a story, “Kate Middleton given Diana’s favourite earrings by Prince William“. Below is the entire story.

“PRINCE William has given a pair of his mother Princess Diana’s earrings to new wife Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore the diamond and sapphire gems during the couple’s official visit to Canada and the US.

Kate, 29, had Diana’s heavy studs “which match her cluster engagement ring“ remodelled into drop earrings. Kate wore them for the first time when she and Wills watched Andy Murray from the Royal Box at Wimbledon last month.

A courtier said: ‘Now they’re married William wanted her to have some of his mother’s favourite pieces.’

The Mirror’s story has been picked up by thousands of media outlets, many of you have probably seen some of the reports. These photos illustrated the story.

To see much better photos, once again we recommend Ayvee’s section on Kate’s jewelry, part of her Diana’s Jewelry site.

We are happy to have the mystery necklace taken care of, with special thanks to our tipster and Ayvee!


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Fern Reisner

Monday 3rd of December 2012

Where can I find a pair (fabulous phony) of the drop earrings? Price is an object, but I want them to look as real as I can.


Thursday 18th of August 2011

Anyone have any suggestions for an affordable alternative to the Asprey Button Pendant? I love the pendant, not so much the price. :)


Wednesday 17th of August 2011

Did anyone else notice that in the first picture, it appears that Kate is wearing her engagement ring on her middle finger..


Friday 19th of August 2011

That's definitely her ring finger.


Thursday 28th of July 2011

Yep, been going through Kate withdrawal for sure. I love this website and have been showing it off to everyone I know. I tried to watch the segment on GMA but I must have missed because I had to leave my obsession behind and actually go to work. Btw, I have been wearing pantyhose since I was about 8 and I am 27. So, I say pantyhose never went out of style!


Thursday 28th of July 2011

Thanks for the info about that pave pendant necklace.

The sapphire earrings are beautiful, but am I the only one that thinks they don't hang well? When you first ran photos of those earrings, I thought the posts don't sit right on the Duchess' earlobes. Still feel this way.

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