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Kate & Pippa’s Walk & Necklace Mystery Solved – It’s More Tiffany

Yesterday Kate and Pippa managed to make time for a beachside walk on the sandy beaches of picturesque Llanddwyn Island, near Anglesey.

Kate was wearing what looks like a Cashmere Cowl Neck sweater from John Lewis, discovered by Kate Middleton Style blog and WKW Facebooker Brittney. The piece currently sells for £49 (discounted from its original £99 price tag), about $80 at today’s exchange rates. The tunic length sweater is available in a number of colors, it looks like it has a very high snuggle factor, always a big plus.

Another eagle-eyed Facebook pal, Simona, noted that we have seen the sweater before, most recently in the days before Kate and William were married.

The always-on-top-of-things @MrsRegalEyes noted that Kate is wearing boots from Le Chameau, possibly the Chasseur style on the left, or the Vierzonord Wellington Boot, as shown at Philip Morris, also discovered by MrsRegalEyes.

Le Chameau

The Chasseur is lined with leather with a full length outer zipper, while the Vierzonord is lined in neoprene, and lacks a zipper, the sentiment is that Kate is wearing the boot shown on the right, they sell at £145, about $238. The Chasseur boot on the left sells for £295 in the UK and $449 at Orvis.

Le Chameau has been a favorite of royals and serious outdoorsy folks for decades, yours truly is a fan, having been introduced to them at Orvis, something of a favorite haunt. The boots are made by hand in France and the quality is amazing, you can learn more at the company’s website or Facebook page. While there *is* a US website, it is informational only, you will need to select from the retailers listed if planning to purchase anything. We recommend Orvis based on years of wonderful experiences with the company, but there are many other good choices, including Cabela’s, also a splendid company.

Others on hand included Pippa’s longtime romantic interest, Alex Loudon. The Duchess also sported a pair of skinny jeans and carried an olive jacket. It is nice to see the two sisters spend some time together, the island looks absolutely gorgeous.

Also today, we finally have another UFO (Unidentified Fashion Object) riddle solved, thanks to the stellar sleuthing of Facebook friends My Small Obsessions and Brittney (yes, the very one mentioned above), they have identified a necklace worn by Kate on many occasions, most notably her engagement photos.

The British Monarchy/Worthpoint

The official name of the piece is Elsa Peretti® Cabochon by the Yard necklace, the version shown on the right from Worthpoint is identical to Kate’s, below we show the contemporary version at Tiffany.

Elsa Peretti® Cabochon by the Yard Via Tiffany

Here is how the current version of the necklace is described on the Tiffany site:

Necklace in 18k gold with one lapis lazuli cabochon and two round brilliant diamonds. 18″ long. Carat total weight .10.

The necklace is currently available online for $995. As noted on Diana’s Jewels, Kate has been seen wearing the necklace at least as far back as the 2008 wedding of Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman.

There are matching earrings available at Tiffany, appropriately called the Elsa Peretti® Cabochon by the Yard earrings, you can see the quality of the lapis lazuli stones in this photo. On the right, we show a closeup of Kate’s earrings (via Diana’s Jewels), clearly different in many ways from the Tiffany earrings.

Via Tiffany & Diana

Kate’s have a tiny bezel set diamond and the blue stone is set in a drop that dangles freely from the top portion of the earring. It is widely believed that Kate has a Diamonds by the Yard Bracelet the picture below is from the couple’s North American tour where it was seen almost daily.

Below left we show Tiffany’s Diamonds by the Yard in platinum ($1155) and Cabochons by the Yard in 18K gold ($1395) bracelets.

Via Tiffany

A big tip of the hat and thank you to Brittney and Our Small Obsessions, this was remarkable detective work on their part, they show why we enjoy the WKW Facebook community so much.

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Tuesday 6th of September 2011

While looking for a present for myself haha I came across this on the tiffany website as well... it looks like something kate would also own...


Thursday 25th of August 2011

Frankly I do not understand the dissing of Pippa. Why does one have to be the queen of fashion to take a walk on the beach? Perhaps she started out, decided it was cold/windy enough that she needed some sort of sweater (maybe one of her sister's if she didn't bring one) and put it on over the sweater/shirt she was wearing. If I were walking on a rocky/sandy beach, I would be wearing tennis shoes as well if I did not have boots with me.......perhaps the walk was a spur of the moment thing...."let's go out and take in some fresh air" and so off they went. Both young women looked nice and appropriate for what they were doing.


Wednesday 24th of August 2011

I love the color of that sweater! I have many items in that pastel pink in my wardrobe I think its a super flattering shade. Any info on the jeans? I think they look like a great fit!


Monday 22nd of August 2011

I loved that eggshell-blue fitted jacket and silk dress that Catherine wore to Lady Rose Windsor's wedding. At the time, there was no designer information available. Does anyone know more about these two items now?


Wednesday 24th of August 2011

I also would like to know which designer it was. I was searching for it since I saw Kate in this outfit. Hopefully someone knows it :D. To Kate's style: mostly I like her style but I don't think she's a fashion icon...and I also could not unterstand the hype about Pippa. Pippa nearly looks older than her sister! Kate dresses classy and sometimes too boring- but I really enjoy this page!! "What Kate wore" gave me many ideas for my own style. On these photos I love her casmere sweater..the colour is ADORABLE! I was always searching for the necklace Kate was wearing on the engagement photos ..and now I know it ..thanks to your page =) On Lady Rose's wedding she looked so much better with some pounds more on!!!!

Best wishes from Germany Jacqueline


Monday 22nd of August 2011

Love those last bracelets!!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.