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Kate, William & George Visit Butterfly Exhibit, Then it’s off to Wimbledon for the Duke & Duchess

We are back to share two different looks Kate sported today. This morning the Cambridges went to a Natural History Museum exhibit, Sensational Butterflies.

We begin with what was an exciting morning for Emily Rickard. She is from Exeter, in Devon, and was visiting London with her family. As they were checking out of their hotel this morning they were told Kate, William and George might be at the Butterflies exhibit.  So they headed that way and sure enough, the Cambridges were just wrapping up their visit.

Kind Generosity of Emily Rickard (@Em_Rickard on Twitter)

Kind Generosity of Emily Rickard (@Em_Rickard on Twitter)

In the photo Emily shared above you can just see Kate carrying Prince George, with Prince William in jeans on her left. Emily described the sequence of events this way:

So we walked down not really believing that they would be there, but because we wanted to go to the museum anyway we didn’t mind. And then we saw a few body guards so we waited for a few minutes and then we saw them coming out!!! We went in afterwards when the museum was officially open!!

And one of the official photos released for Prince George’s first birthday, taken by John Stillwell at the exhibit. 

In the next photo, you can see Kate’s assistant, Rebecca Deacon, leaving the exhibit behind William; Rebecca is in front of a photographer so I imagine we’ll see more pictures from the outing before too long.

Kind Generosity Emily Rickard Twitter (@Em_Rickard)

Kind Generosity Emily Rickard (@Em_Rickard Twitter)

Emily tells me Prince George “looks very cute.” She also shared that the family “…just looked so normal and happy, unlike some celebrity couples I guess…it must be hard for them to be in the public eye so much. But they cope really well!” Our thanks to Emily for sharing her London adventure with us. Below, the other photo released to mark the occasion. 

It looked like Kate was wearing the Budding Hearts tea dress by Suzannah.  (I did ask Emily if she thought this was the dress Kate had on and she said ‘yes’.) It is the dress Kate wore for several engagements in New Zealand, she had it on beneath a green Erdem coat.



The dress is “matte silk crepe with skirt part lined in 100% silk,” it is available in almost all sizes at Suzannah (£475, roughly $800).

It appears the Duchess might have been wearing her Imperia wedges. (Kate’s were sold by Pied a Terre, they are now sold at Dune.) See note below.

'Imperia' at Dune London

‘Imperia’ at Dune London

If not the Imperia my next guess would be an off-white pair of Corkswoons, or a very similar shoe.  We’ll keep an eye out for the photographs and update as appropriate.

UPDATE: Several commenters have pointed out the shoes are not the Imperias, it’s obvious in looking more closely at the pictures they are correct. Many thanks to those commenting on these, it was a little frenzied when I was blasting out the door this afternoon, my attention to detail wasn’t what I would call stellar.


Next, the Duke and Duchess at Wimbledon. They attended the quarter-final match between reigning Wimbledon Men’s Champion Andy Murray and Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov. Here you see Kate getting ready to take her seat in the royal box at Centre Court.Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

No doubt many readers recognize Kate’s broderie anglaise frock, it is the Roamer Day Dress by the Australian label Zimmermann. It looked like a lovely afternoon for tennis.Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

Unfortunately, as time wore on it became obvious Mr. Murray’s chance for a repeat title was in jeopardy. After just three sets it was over and the champion was out of the Tournament. Mr. Murray said “He was the better player from start to finish”.

Now for our look at what Kate wore. 

As noted above, she brought back the ‘Roamer Day Dress’ by Zimmermann.  The broderie anglaise piece showcased a floral motif, with a fitted waist and sleeves, full skirt, and insert trim at the waist, sleeves and hem. We first saw the dress during the 2014 Australia tour

The Duchess accessorized her white dress with an Anya Hindmarch bag many readers will recognize, although it goes back several years.

Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage

It is the Fan Bag by Anya Hindmarch, carried on Canada Day in 2011, when the couple was on their first tour.

Andrew parsons/i-Images/Polaris & Anya Hidmarch

Andrew parsons/i-Images/Polaris & Anya Hidmarch

See update below: Kate was in the Ray Ban Folding sunglasses first noted in Auckland during the New Zealand/Australia tour.


I’ll be back to fill in some of the details left out of the post, but need to scoot for an appointment out of the office.

UPDATE: With apologies for the delay, we have an update and completion of the little details I wasn’t able to wrap up earlier. Before racing madly out the door this afternoon I chatted briefly with Anna of My Small Obsessions, asking her opinion on how dark the glasses looked. She suggested they might be brown, concurring they are much darker than the Ray Bans worn on tour. Here are two closeups of the glasses worn today.


In looking more closely at the images one can see they aren’t the tortoiseshell pair. I haven’t had time to look at Ray-Bans to try and discover precisely what style Kate is wearing, or touch base with Anna, I will do that in the morning. (It’s midnight here at Planet Kate, I’m about to turn into a pumpkin!):
UPDATE #2: I’ve not found an identical pair in looking at online possibilities. Anna pointed out the glasses are not polarized, they have gradient lenses, and the frame is a dark tortoise. She also thinks they are foldable.

ray ban

Also today, the Duchess was in her Sledge pumps ($345) from LK Bennett, they show only a mixed number of sizes available on the US website. Other retailers have a better selection of sizes, including Nordstrom, as well as Shopbop; both stores offer free shipping & free returns.

LK Bennett

For jewelry, Kate wore the Annoushka pearl drops suspended from her Kiki McDonough diamond hoops….

Kiki McDonough/Annoushka

Kiki McDonough/Annoushka

….and she had on her Cartier Ballon de Bleu wristwatch.Cartier/i-Images/Polaris

Thank you for sharing your insight via comments, it was very helpful.





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Saturday 19th of July 2014

Who is the beautiful young boy sitting behind Kate in a suit?


Sunday 6th of July 2014

The white dress was perfect for Wimbledon. It's a courtesy to the players to wear white, although many people see it as more of an afternoon tea occasion.

I am not crazy to see the ringlets making a comeback, but I understand them. We all have hair preferences and sometimes what we like is not always what others see as flattering. Actually, I like Kate in a sleek ponytail which is definitely a good choice when the roof is open.


Sunday 6th of July 2014

Apparently, the butterfly house visit was for George's first birthday portrait which will be released just prior to July 22. That is a Tuesday, and the papers likely will be planning big Sunday features on the little wriggler. So, I'm guessing we'll get a photo around Thursday or Friday the week before. We don't know whether there were any changes of clothing involved, so we'll see what's being worn in the photos.


Saturday 5th of July 2014

If she loves that white eyelet, which is what we call it here, I wish she'd worn a strappy sandal with it. I can't think of anything she owns thats like what I'm picturing. But I think a white summer dress like that screams for a more summery sandal and maybe, just for a change of pace, not wedges even :)

I can understand that she and William like her hair long but she could cut 3 or 4 inches now and it would still be long, but not pulling her face down as it does. Recently a picture was up some place of her in California in the gown for that formal event and her hair looked fab --- layers and flicked up here and there, movement and youthful but not this odd childish ringlet effect she gets when its overcurled now.


Saturday 5th of July 2014

I was rather fond of the Zimmerman dress when worn on the tour, but I am not a fan of it at this outing. I am an over-zealous stickler for matching dress to venue and location, and this dress feels all wrong here. Not that I have ever been to Wimbledon, but I feel that the occasion calls for a less juvenile, more fashion forward and crisp dress, perhaps with a touch of a sporty vibe. I much prefer her looks from past Wimbledons: the refreshingly simple Joseph dress or the lovely tiered Temperley London gown; even the slightly more fussy Alexander McQueen is preferable to the broderie Anglaise. The Ray Bans don't seem to match either. I will say that I love her hair done in this style, with the large, fuller-bodied curls as opposed to ringlets. I have hair quite similar to the Duchess's, and I love to wear mine curled, but I'm always sure to run my fingers through so that the look is more relaxed.

I hope more detailed pictures are released of the Suzannah dress. Green is one of my favorite colors, but I will say that I struggle when matching shoes to the shade, especially this particular kelly green color. I don't think nude looks right, and to my eye black doesn't either (too severe). I have a pair of cognac-colored wedges, and I think that is the route I would go if I were accessorizing this frock myself.


Sunday 6th of July 2014

Lovely to hear from you again. I must admit I find it hard seeing the Zimmerman in city surroundings having first met it on a sunny beach and that makes it seems a bit out of context for me too. I don’t think it’s exactly wrong for Wimbledon, the broderie anglaise is a classic traditional fabric with an artisan edge and reasonably suited to tennis watching. This particular dress is about one of the finest examples of that kind of work I’ve seen and I can understand Kate both liking it and finding it comfortable in sticky city summer heat.

However I’ve right with you that some of Kate’s earlier Wimbledon looks seemed much more savvy, the tiered Temperley was an inspired choice for the tennis, and that Joseph dress looked lovely too.

Are you sure black wouldn’t work with the tea-dress? Kate has one or two straw wedges in black, her LKB Maddox and the patent LKB Greta, worn I think on her way to the hotel on the night before the wedding.

And am I allowed to be consumed with envy if you have hair to compare with Kate’s own?!

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