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Updates and Another Awesome Giveaway from StyleRocks

We are back with a few quick updates and then something I think you will find to be a fun departure from our standard posts.

We begin with news that once again Kate proved herself to be a very savvy shopper; we’re talking about her purchase of the Madderson London dress worn for January’s Art Room opening.Splash News/Splash News/Ben Stevens, i-Images

Label founder Sara Madderson tells Evoke Ireland (similar to People, I think) that Kate actually purchased her dress when it was on sale, and discounted by 50%. More from the Evoke story:

Now Madderson has revealed that sensible Kate Middleton bought the navy Naomi shift dress for half-price in their online January sales. ‘It was on sale at half price when her Royal Highness wore it. I felt bad about that because it was on sale when she purchased it so it wasn’t as expensive a dress as everyone was making out,’ reveals Sara.

And although the Duchess was five-months pregnant when she wore it, the dress was from Madderson’s womenswear collection and not from their maternity range.

A reminder for anyone interested in purchasing the Naomi shift, it is available for pre-ordering.

Madderson London Naomi Our thanks to Jane at From Berkshire to Buckingham for the tip on the story, it was an enjoyable read.

Also today, it seems we have the return of silly season. It must be time for the triennial “Kate in Vogue Magazine” story. Above you see the Radar Online piece that prompted a rash of stories all over the internet. Some may recall this isn’t the first time the story has made the rounds; we harken back to a 2011 post and a tweet from Richard Palmer of The Express.

Richard Palmer, The Daily Express (@RoyalReporter)

Richard Palmer, The Daily Express (@RoyalReporter)

We also had a followup post on the topic viewable here. The likelihood of Kate being on any Vogue cover in the immediate future ranges somewhere between slim and none, with none leading by an enormous margin.

Finally, Emma Bridgewater noted that the company’s special mugs for the EACH Nook Appeal had their official launch yesterday. (Although they have been available for pre-ordering and some early shipping.)

Emma Bridgewater

Emma Bridgewater

£5 from the sale of individual mugs, and £10 from a special boxed set, will be donated to the Nook Appeal, an effort raising money for a new children’s hospice.


Now to the fun part of today’s post. After what has seemingly become the winter-that-won’t-end it seemed we could do with something fun: a giveaway!

Many readers will remember my friend Pascale’s remarkable company, StyleRocks, the customizable jewelry company.

Some may recall that StyleRocks has generously sponsored a few giveways here at WKW. Remember the Great Citrine Ring giveaway way back in 2013?

Or the Terre et Mer giveaway just before last spring’s tour?

Well, we have another one for you.

But first, a bit of background for anyone unfamiliar with the company. StyleRocks is a fully customizable jewelry site giving you the chance to pick your metal, stone, cut, etc, and really make a piece all your own. Some examples: Blue Topaz Diamond Drop earrings, a Pink Sapphire ring, and a Blue Sapphire Necklace.

Let’s say you like the Blue Topaz earrings shown above, but you really prefer a round green stone. Below left, voila! Behold the green Cushion Cut Diamond Drop earrings. Ahh, you’d like them in citrine, similar to the pair Kate wears? That’s easy. Or you’re back to the green stones, but in a more low-key style for daytime wear, with the stones suspended from plain leverbacks? No problem, here you go, see the pair 3rd from the left.  Okay, now you want to forego the colored stones for an understated pair with cabochon onxy stones on plain hooks. That’s an easy change as well.

It’s actually rather addictive once you start designing on the site. The phrase “kid in a candy store” comes to mind. StyleRocks offers everything from an elegant Pearl Necklace to Star Shaped Studs in sterling silver or a Silver Crossover Ring adorned with a black pearl.

In addition to the eternity rings they carry, Pascale has launched engagement rings.

And because she knows what a big investment an engagement ring can be, StyleRocks now offers a 3D version of the ring you’re considering so you can ‘try before you buy.’

There is a $29.95 charge for the 3D version, but that fee can be applied to your purchase.

Pascale knows her stuff.  The last time we saw Kate wear her Kiki McDonough ‘green amethyst’ earrings a few readers commented (correctly so) that there really is no such stone as green amethyst. I thought some might enjoy this portion of a post on Pascale’s blog titled “Green Amethyst as a Birthstone’:

This title actually isn’t quite right but it’s the terms that most people understand. What you may know to be green amethyst is actually correctly titled mint quartz, or prasiolite or vermarine.

One reason I have always liked StyleRocks: the valuation certificate from an accredited member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers for all purchases of $500 or more.

On to Pascale’s latest design showcasing Russian Rings, in necklaces, bracelets and rings. This is the Charlotte necklace, you can see one of the ways the rings can be engraved, in this case with names.

'Charlotte' Necklace at

‘Charlotte’ Necklace at

The necklaces became a bestseller almost immediately. Below you see actress Cate Blanchett wearing hers. (Yes, that’s Pascale, also wearing her necklace.)

Courtesy Pascale Helyar-Moray

Courtesy Pascale Helyar-Moray

Below, the Alexandra in rose gold (l), and the Zan necklace (r), both measuring 30mm in diameter, that’s about 1.25″. As with all of StyleRocks pieces these can be customized by the color of gold, thickness of the rings, and the engraving style you choose. Chain lengths can also be specified, with most offered in 45cm, 60cm, 70cm or 80cm lengths.

(If the darling young lady in the video looks familiar, she was part of our tour of the Taronga Zoo in advance of William, Kate and George’s visit to the renowned facility last spring. Pascale and her family live in Sydney.)

The Russian Rings motif proved so popular Pascale introduced bracelets; below we show the Venus Bangle in rose gold, and in yellow goldplate.

Venus Bangles at

Venus Bangles at

There are also Russian Rings rings; below, the Willow ring.

'Willow' Ring

‘Willow’ Ring

The Willow in white gold. 'Willow' Ring ‘Willow’ Ring

The rings for the Juno ring are a little bigger than the Willow’s; those measure 2.5mm in width, while the Juno’s are 4mm. 'Juno' Ring ‘Juno’ Ring

One FYI, the rings move freely, they are not fixed in place. That is the case with everything in the Russian Rings collection.

One reason we’re showing so many Russian rings styles: because our giveaway is for a Russian Rings ring in the metal color of your choosing!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Step 1: Sign up for the StyleRocks mailing list by visiting this link, and filling out the email subscription form. Then complete Step 2 below.
  • Step 2: Once you have signed up for StyleRocks email you will automatically be taken to the shop’s “Trending” page where you can see all of the Russian Rings necklaces, bangles and rings. Thinking as if you were William, select an item for Kate from the pieces listed below, telling us what metal you would have the piece made in and why it would make a great gift for the Duchess. (“I think the ring is perfect for when dealing with a newborn,” or perhaps “I think the necklace would go well with most pieces in her wardrobe,” or even “I know she likes a jolly good jangly bangle!”)

Everyone who enters the contest will receive one electronic gift certificate for $50 off a purchase of $200 or more. After you have signed up for the email subscription you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Once you’ve done this you will be emailed a special code to use to activate your gift certificate; the offer is good for four months, expiring June 30th.

You must complete the two steps above to be entered. If you have already signed up for StyleRocks email, don’t worry that you will be signed up multiple times for the mailing list, this is a completely new list. Nor do you need to have any concern about your information shared. StyleRocks does not sell or share your information in any way.

  • For a second entry follow StyleRocks on Facebook (and let us know you did in a a comment)
  • For a third entry follow StyleRocks on Instagram (and let us know you did in a comment)
  • For a fourth entry follow StyleRocks on Pinterest (and let us know you did in a comment)
  • For an additional entry, post about the contest on your own Facebook page or Twitter account (and let us know you did in a comment)


  • the giveaway is open internationally
  • the contest ends at midnight March 15th; we will announce a winner on March 16th or 17th
  • the winner must be available to respond to our email within 48 to 72 hours

As an FYI, Pascale is doing exactly what she did with our other giveaway, donating 10% of all profits from Russian Rings sales to EACH, with a minimum donation of $500.

Have some fun with this one!



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Louise Orr Bell

Sunday 15th of March 2015

I signed up to follow on pininterest.

Louise Orr Bell

Sunday 15th of March 2015

I believe William would choose The Charlotte White Gold Russian Rings Necklace. Because he would have their children's and William's names on the necklace, Kate would wear this often. She tends to wear more silver jewelry than gold.


Sunday 15th of March 2015

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Sunday 15th of March 2015

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Sunday 15th of March 2015

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