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Kate Brings Back Hobbs Dalmatian Print for Margate Seaside Engagements

The Duchess had two engagements in Margate, Kent today. The weather was bright and brisk as Kate arrived in the seaside community, located on the English Channel.

Goff Photo/

Goff Photo/

The first stop: the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery. The Gallery is considered to have played a vital role in Margate’s rebirth and rejuvenation.Stephen Lock / i-Images

Kate had a tour of the Gallery and met local dignitaries and Gallery trustees.Splash News

The Turner is named for the artist JMW Turner, who often stayed/lived in Margate. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Turner, he is one of Britain’s most celebrated artists.  From the Gallery’s website:

Turner’s connection with Margate was the founding inspiration for our organisation. He loved Margate for the sea, the skies, and his landlady Mrs Booth.

More than 100 of Turner’s works, including some of his most famous seascapes, were inspired by the East Kent coast. Margate was the starting point for his visits to Europe, and a love of the sea stayed with him all his life.

While the late artist Thomas Kinkade marketed himself as the ‘painter of light” and trademarked that phrase, it is Mr. Turner who was actually the original artist referred to as the “painter of light.” The Duchess spoke with artists whose work is currently on display. 

Kate viewed the current exhibit, Self: Image and Identity. The show is a partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, of which Kate is patron. One of the key pieces in the exhibition: a self-portrait done by Sir Anthony van Dyck. It is the last self-portrait the Flemish artist did.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_EnglishTheDailyMail)

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_EnglishTheDailyMail)

Kate appeared somewhat perplexed when looking at this item in the exhibit, titled Self Portrait as a Drowned Man. From The Daily Mail’s Story:

…it was an eerily realistic body made out of silicone that really caught the Duchess’ eye, prompting a startled Kate to exclaim: ‘Oh my goodness, what’s that?’ The work has apparently caused quite a stir worldwide thanks to its realism.

Suzanne Plunkett/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

More on this particular part of the exhibit from The Daily Mirror:

Kate couldn’t disguise her surprise at seeing the body on the floor of the Turner Contemporary art gallery, exclaiming: “Oh my goodness, what’s that?!”

The eerily realistic body was made out of silicone by local artist Jeremy Millar entitled ‘Self Portrait as a Drowned Man’ and has caused ‘quite a stir’ worldwide as it is so unbelievably realistic.

Another look.Suzanne Plunkett/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Kate’s second appointment was at Resort Studios, about a half-mile away from the Turner. Resort Studios is an arts organization located in a restored Victorian warehouse that offers “individual studios, shared facilities, workshop areas and exhibition space.” 

The Duchess met artists, toured the studio facilities and viewed works created at the studios. Here you see Kate with 11-year-old Martin Slepcikova, who is putting together a project about Slovakia, where he is from. All of Martin’s photos were taken in Croatia; local artist Alex Sturock is helping Martin put together his montage.


Kate also did a walkabout.Weir Photos / Splash News

A good-sized crowd waited for a few hours, in hope of meeting the Duchess or at least seeing her up close. The Duchess seemed to thoroughly enjoy greeting the well-wishers.Jeff Moore / Splash News

One of the local media companies, The Thanet Gazette, made special rompers saying “Everyone Loves an Extra.”

Thanet Gazette

Thanet Gazette

The babygrows/onesies were a popular item. More from Kent Online:

We’re hearing the Thanet Extra team were successful in their mission to give the Duchess a babygrow for her new arrival.

Kate happily accepted the item, emblazoned with the message “Everyone loves an Extra” for baby number two.

The text is presumably a play on the phrase “An heir and a spare,” an expression some use in reference to Kate and William’s second child; Prince George is the heir to the throne, the Cambridges’ next child is deemed a ‘spare.’

For the day’s engagements, Kate repeated her Dalmatian Print Mac coat by Hobbs.Stephen Lock / i-Images

Many readers will remember her first wearing the coat in June of 2013 at the official naming of the Royal Princess in Southampton.

James Dunlop-Princess Cruises/Steve Dunlop-Princess Cruises

James Dunlop-Princess Cruises/Steve Dunlop-Princess Cruises

The coat is a linen/rayon blend. Hobbs originally described the garment this way:

Dalmatian is the print of the season. Be stylish and animal friendly with the Hobbs Dalmatian coat – a minimalist design that lets the print make the statement.

Hobbs 'Dalmatian Print Mac' coat

Hobbs ‘Dalmatian Print Mac’ coat

Kate had on a black dress underneath her coat.Steve Finn/Splash News

The material looks like a lightweight crepe, possibly with a lining. My initial thought was that it could be the Topshop dress worn when the Duke and Duchess visited the Child Bereavement Center in March of 2013.

Paul Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

Paul Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

But without better photos showing more of the dress it’s impossible to tell precisely what Kate is wearing beneath her coat.

The Duchess accessorized with her black suede Power pumps by Stuart Weitzman. The shoe remains available in a broad selection of sizes online at Stuart Weitzman, it is $355.Stephen Lock/

She carried her Mulberry clutch.

And brought back her pearl drop earrings by Annoushka (£295),  they are attached to her Kiki McDonough diamond hoops (£500).Kate Margate Kent March 11 2015 Closeups Tight Shots of Annoushka Pearl Drops Kiki Hoops

Kate put her hair in a ponytail, a wise choice in light of the winds in Margate.Steve Finn, Splash/

It very much looked like the Duchess was enjoying herself. The focus of today’s visits dovetails perfectly with her art studies at Saint Andrews University.

Steve Finn/Splashnews

Steve Finn/Splashnews


A few quick retail notes for you, the first regarding Kate’s Corkswoon wedges by Stuart Weitzman.

The wedges appear to be available again in almost all sizes at Stuart Weitzman, including Kate’s ‘Nice Blue’ color. They are also offered in ‘Pyrite Nocturn‘ and ‘Caramel Leo Raffia‘.  All three pair run $398.

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman

Nordstrom is also carrying the Blue and Pyrite colors this spring.

A reminder that tomorrow Kate visits the set of Downton Abbey and meets some of the show’s stars. It seems several are excited about the Duchess visiting; one is even making a cake! More from Breaking News Ireland:

Hugh Bonneville has talked about the excitement on set at Downton Abbey in anticipation of a royal visit from the Duchess of Cambridge.

He said: “We’re all very excited. Mrs Patmore is baking a cake and we’re all bringing in sandwiches. It’s going to be a show and tell day.”

We’ll see you tomorrow.


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Friday 13th of March 2015

This print is pretty and unique on a nice spring-weight fabric, and of course Kate looks beautiful. But this coat is just too loose under the arms, both back and front, adding the impression of much more matronly bulk. You can really see it in photos where she is lifting her arm. It would be tricky, almost a remake of the coat, to make the armholes smaller and bring it in tighter (with darts?) through the upper back, but I think it could be done


Friday 13th of March 2015

I really like this coat. It's definitely a bit more daring than the Duchess' usual solid color coats. Agree that the darker edges of the print along her sides have a wonderfully slimming illusion that is very flattering for the bump. I would also like to see the dress worn with black tights or slim black trousers, like in the Hobbs picture or Kate's jeans at the Nets game with the Tory Burch coat. But she still looks great, and I think a modern art exhibit is the perfect setting for this fun coat.


Thursday 12th of March 2015

I live in Israel, where such a coat is not warm enough. How can she wear such a coat in cold London?


Friday 13th of March 2015

It isn't that cold here in the southern half of Britain at sea levels, a jumper with fleecy waistcoat is good enough for the sunny days or a mac. This is a lovely print and a move away from a lot of the 'country aristocrats in town' look that she's often worn, for example a blouse/shirt with jeans but never a tee-shirt, a bit old-fashioned these days; a welcome departure and she looks very smart-casual & elegant at the same time.


Thursday 12th of March 2015

Loved this coat the first time she wore it, and still do! It's so fresh and original. This is not your typical maternity look, which is why it appeals to me. The ponytail is sleek and lets the coat shine.


Wednesday 11th of March 2015

Kate looks wonderful in these photos. Her makeup is flawless and she looks happy and relaxed. I do like this Hobbs coat on Kate. I don't think everyone could carry this look off so full marks to her for 'rocking' this look so well. It's a fun look that she manages to make look stylish and elegant.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.