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Kate In Zara Top for George Playdate, Wednesday’s Wimbledon Plans, Christening Update/Preview (with time)

We are back with a brief pre-christening post, but first, an update to Kate’s Calendar.

  • Wednesday, July 8:  Kate and William will be in the Royal Box at Wimbledon, enjoying quarter-finals play.

Next, the cover of People Germany’s July 2nd issue, featuring Kate, along with a small photo of the Duchess playing with Prince George. Pop Sugar has all of the photos here, they show Kate and George having what looks like a lovely time at Snettisham Park, near the Cambridge’s country home. Several lovely WKWers have been very generous with their time, sending scans of the photos to me. I really struggled with this one, but it seems like private play time for the duo, albeit at a public park, but I’m not comfortable including the pictures here.  I know that is disappointing for some, but it feels better not to share them in this venue. Our thanks to Melanie M. (@Mel_Mei77 on Twitter and @jenneumnn on Instagram) and Christin Z (@PackhamGown on Twitter) for generously sharing the photos. We will post info about what Prince George is wearing in a What Kate’s Kids Wore post.

In the photos, the Duchess is seen wearing a plaid top by Zara.Zara

The Checked Shirt top originally retailed at $69.90, but most recently was on sale for $39.99. The piece is 100% cotton with a snap front, tabs on the sleeves, oversized pockets at the chest with the print on the diagonal, and a slightly longer hem in the back.  Unfortunately, it is out of stock on the US and UK websites. Our thanks to Stephanie Champion Helton for messaging me with the ID on Kate’s blouse.Zara

Kate appeared to also be wearing her trusty Le Chameau boots, the Ladies Vierzonord style.Country Attire

We show the boots at Country Attire where they are priced at $253.77 / £165.95. One note for US shoppers pondering a boots purchase: Country Attire is currently offering free shipping to the US, but Barbour products are excluded.  The store is in the midst of its big Barbour Sale, and there are some very good good buys available. (They’re also doing their annual British Summer Sale, which also has some great deals, but I was drawn to the Barbour selection, a fatal weakness!)
UPDATED July 3: With thanks to Eliza Mo for the info, Country Attire is no longer shipping Barbour to the US because of “distribution restrictions.” (I read that as Barbour itself wants shoppers to buy from them and/or US-specific distributors.)


On to our christening update. The most significant news is Kensington Palace’s announcement that the the public is invited to watch the royals walking to and from St. Mary Magdalene Church, where the ceremony will take place.  Thousands are expected to line the area in hopes of seeing the royals, family members and godparents arriving at the church. More from Richard Palmer’s story in The Express:

William and Kate plan to walk to the church from Sandringham House with Prince George, who will be two on July 22, toddling alongside them and two month-old Charlotte in a pram.

…aides said this time William and Kate, both 33, wanted to invite the public, particularly locals in Norfolk, as a thank you.“While the service inside the church will be private, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be pleased to welcome well-wishers into the paddock outside the church,”

The event is at 4:30 pm Sunday, police will start allowing the public to gather at 3pm. While the crowd is expected to be enormous, it’s said the location is a good site in terms of security concerns, as well as crowd management. More from the BBC:

Well-wishers planning to go to Princess Charlotte’s christening have been warned by Norfolk Police they face a long wait “in the heat with minimal facilities in the area”.

Anyone arriving early has been told they will have to queue “in warm temperatures with limited refreshments and facilities” to enter a paddock next to the church.

The paddock’s gates will not be opened until 15:00 GMT.

Norfolk Police has advised royal well-wishers to bring sunscreen, hats and drinks – but are asked to “please avoid bringing large bags or coolers”.

In related news, the photographer doing the official portraits on Sunday is Mario Testino, who took Kate and William’s engagement photos.


The Peruvian-born photographer was awarded an honorary OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) last year for his services to photography and charity. More about the photographer’s early years in London via The Telegraph.

Testino left Lima in his early 20s to study economics in London but later decided to become a photographer. He began his career by assisting the theatre photographer John Vickers while working in a wine bar and living in an abandoned hospital in Charing Cross.

The photos following George’s christening were taken by Jason Bell; he also took the photo released last March of the Cambridges perched in a Kensington Palace window with Lupo.The Daily Mail

Our final christening topic involves what Kate might wear. Weather for Sandringham on Sunday is expected to be lovely: the current forecast is for sunshine and a high temp of 78º.  If thinking about a designer the Duchess might select for Sunday’s events, an obvious choice is Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.  Below you see Kate at Prince George’s October 2013 christening wearing a Sarah Burton design.PA Wire/Splash News

She wore a custom version of a spring 2012 style, seen below left in the ready-to-wear version, and on the right as it appeared in the runway show./PA Wire/

It would be very much like Kate to have selected a design she likes from an upcoming season’s styles, or from the McQueen archives. If she elects a color other than ivory or eggshell, we could see a blush pink. I would not rule out the Duchess wearing something by Catherine Walker or Jenny Packham for this event.

The Duchess chose the Georgie hat by Jane Taylor for her son’s christening.Jane Taylor/PA Wire

Sunday’s chapeau could well be another creation from Ms. Taylor’s skilled hands. If selecting another milliner Kate might choose a piece from Sylvia Fletcher at John Lock and Company, possibly a style by Gina Foster, or possibly something from Rachel Trevor Morgan. Milliner Jane Corbett has not been doing bespoke pieces recently, I don’t believe she would be in the mix.

In 2013 Kate wore her Kiki McDonough Citrine Drops; I would anticipate a slightly more formal look this Sunday.Polaris Images/John Stillwell, PA Wire

The Duchess’s go-to earrings are her Kiki McDonough diamond hoops with Annoushka’s pearl drops, no one will be surprised if we see them again.

Kiki McDonough/Annoushka

For George’s christening, Kate wore her Park Avenue heels from Russell & Bromley. Again, I would look for an upgraded shoe style, a slightly more formal style.

Russell & Bromley

Possibilities include her Gilbert heels from Jimmy Choo or a pair of Prada pumps.


Our other note today involves those StyleRocks coupons readers tell me they still have, the electronic gift certificates for $50 off a purchase of $200 or more.  (These were emailed to all entrants in our March Russian Rings contest.) Originally the electronic coupon needed to be used by June 30, but Pascale (a fabulous friend and very special sponsor here at WKW) has extended the deadline to July 31st. So for everyone who still has their certificate taking up space in their electronic in-bin, here’s your chance to use the $50 off!

We leave you with a picture shared by the winner of that contest, Stephanie. She posted a photo of her hand with the winning Willow Russian Rings design.



Thank you Stephanie, Pascale, and everyone who entered!


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Saturday 4th of July 2015

My word, that is a real Mom shirt! I can see Kate looking quite the part when it comes to cheering from the touchline later on! Maybe I've missed something but I had no idea such shirts were still out there though they do crop up from time to time, something that seems evidenced by it no longer being available.

I think it speaks volumes for the fresh breezes of flat East Anglia that both mother and child were so well wrapped up in June. They are both wearing enormously comfortable and practical outfits for the occasion and I love that Kate is taking George out to play around local kids.

Thanks for just using the magazine cover and not repeated the full set of stolen shots. If we can give them some little privacy that way then I applaud that. Thanks too for the wonderful Testino shot of Charles and sons, I'd forgotten that one. I sometimes find the Testino soft-focus shots a bit too sentimental but that one is good and sharp. I wish him well capturing the baby princess on Sunday.

Stephanie's StyleRocks ring looks stunning -- she wears it well. I'd wondered if the three links together might not be a little bulky but on her beautiful slim fingers they are superb.


Friday 3rd of July 2015

Just a quick note: Country Attire no longer ships Barbour to the US due to "distribution restrictions." Which really stinks as I used to really enjoy their sales.


Friday 3rd of July 2015

Oh, boo!! Thank you for letting us know, I'll update the post. :(


Friday 3rd of July 2015

Thanks for the news! And what about meeting with Pitt and Jolie several days ago? Kate wore a black dress then.


Saturday 4th of July 2015

Hi Helen,

How do you know Kate wore a black dress for Angelina and brad meeting? I didn't see anything online except couple of pictures of Angelina and Brad arriving.


Thursday 2nd of July 2015

I appreciate the restraint on the photos and agree with your reasoning. About Sunday, you indicated that you think the earrings and shoes might be more formal....any special reason you think so? I can't really think why she would do that compared to George, as his position is higher in rank. Just curious about your thoughts.


Saturday 4th of July 2015

That's a great question. Only because there have been the slightest of "upgrades" (for lack of a better word) at recent occasions of import, most recently the Lindo Wing dress and earrings. Just a small step away from what might be considered a more youthful look to styles a touch more formal, with a bit more gravitas. (Hopefully this makes sense.) :)


Saturday 4th of July 2015

I'd thought that being in the country as it were -- even if it is the Royal Estate of Sandringham! -- there might be a room for something softer. But we shall see soon!


Saturday 4th of July 2015

I was wondering the same thing! It's a less formal setting, and I could see her in something a bit lighter and more suited to the warm weather we've been having.

The outfit she wore to George's christening is one of my least favourite of the McQueen's (most of which have been fantastic looks for the Duchess). There's too much fabric between those ruffles and the long skirt, and it swamps her frame.


Thursday 2nd of July 2015

The checked shirt seems to still be in stock on -- not quite the same colour, though, with black instead of the blue.

I like checked shirts with jeans, with all due respect to Lili -- but then, I have alpacas and actual hay. Couldn't wear this one, though, with the pockets positioned as they are.


Sunday 5th of July 2015

I like this look too. I think it says comfort, not country bumpkin.

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