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Kate Wears Trousers (Gasp!) to Rugby Rivalry Match (UPDATED)

This just in….the Duchess dons a pair of trousers! Scroll down for updated pics and info.

Tonight William, Kate and Harry cheered on their teams at a Rugby World Cup match between Wales and England.Harry William Kate Middleton Watch Rugby

We returned to the site for the World Cup opening ceremony, Twickenham Stadium. Tonight’s event definitely had royal rivalries, with Prince Harry cheering on England and William and Kate rooting for Wales. You may recall that Prince Harry is the Honorary President of England Rugby, the official hosts for the World Cup, and William is Vice-Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union.

Shortly before the match got underway Kensington Palace posted this on Twitter.Kensington palace Twitter (@KensingtonRoyal)

How big a deal was tonight’s match? This snippet from The Telegraph’s live blog offers one perspective.

Get the kids to bed. Feed the cat. Order the takeaway in good time. Explain to the other half that X-Factor has been cancelled this week. Do whatever you have to do and do it now because kick-off at Twickenham is only an hour away and the clock is ticking…

Kate and William arriving.

Kate chatting with a seatmate as she gets settled for the match.

James Whatling/Splash News

All three young royals sang God Save the Queen, more from The Daily Mail on what happened next:

It’s been billed as the biggest match between the two countries in decades – and one of the many families divided by tonight’s clash between England and Wales were the royals.

Joined by Kate – and dressed in an official Welsh team jacket – the Duke of Cambridge didn’t hold back as he joined 30,000 visiting fans in a spine-tingling rendition of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.

© i-Images

The Duchess cheering on the Welsh team. William was intense.William Kate Middleton rugby Wales England

*Very* intense.i-Images

On to what Kate wore.  After all of the discussion wondering/wishing why Kate won’t wear trousers (as they’re known in the UK, what we in the US call ‘pants’ refers to a lady’s undergarment), she has done just that – worn trousers. Polka dot trousers. 
Kate wore Zara’s Floral Print Trousers ($39.90), our thanks to Jane of From Berkshire to Buckingham for the ID on the garment. 

Kate Middleton Zara Floral Flower Print Trousers Pants Rugby Match

They are 97% cotton and 3% elastane, giving the trousers just a bit of stretch for ease of movement and comfort when sitting; the material seems to have some texture, very fine wales. Design elements include a fit sitting just below the natural waist, angled front pockets, besom pockets on the back (I think, it was tough to tell from the photos), and button-through tab belt loops. The belt shown in the photos is also included with the trousers.Zara

It is difficult to discern, but Kate is wearing a black jacket or blazer, although I originally thought it might be a vest/gilet over a separate top. Here are two color-treated images that may offer a clue to help us sort out precisely what she was wearing.i-Images/Splash News

She carried/wore the red scarf we first saw in Canada, and then again on Christmas 2012. (Red is the Welsh team color.)Canadian Heritage Flickr/Hugo Boss/Jesal Parotsham-Splash News

It is widely believed to be a Hugo Boss piece, although this has never been officially confirmed.

We saw Kate in a new pair of earrings.James Whatling/Splash News

They are by a designer she has worn before, Catherine Zoraida, the Fern Hoop earrings in gold over silver (£150). The earrings are also offered in solid gold (£700), as well as silver (£130). Our thanks to Sophie for spotting these so quickly and posting them on the WKW Facebook wall.Catherine Zoraida Kate Middleton Fern Rugby Match earrings

The Duchess has worn the designer’s jewelry before, most notably for a state dinner in Malaysia during 2012’s Jubilee tour. For that occasion, Kate wore the Double Leaf earrings and Spread Your Wings (Scales) bracelet. (Both are still available on Catherine Zoraida’s site, just click the links.)PA Wire/Catherine Zoraida

Kate also carried her black clutch.

Splash News

Splash News

The match certainly lived up to the hype, as Wales made what some are calling the most stunning comeback in World Cup History. William and Kate were elated by the final score: Wales 28 / England 25.

Prince Harry did not share Kate and William’s elation. It really was quite a big deal; more from The Telegraph’s live blog:

Wales have beaten England at Twickenham. The Welsh players go mad, their England counterparts look as if the world has come to an end and the host nation’s prolonged participation in this World Cup is now very much in doubt.

Apparently, Wales is the first northern hemisphere team to beat England.

NOTE: Last night’s post has been updated to reflect the correct ID on Kate’s trousers and the inclusion of better images from the agencies I license photos from (there were almost none available last night). Originally I thought the trousers were by Reiss, but that was incorrect.



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Tuesday 6th of October 2015

The trousers look good in the close up photos where you can see the fabric and detail, but from afar they are horrid!


Thursday 1st of October 2015

I bought the affordable Zara floral print trousers. They look very nice and are true to size. They also are comfortable and I thought they looked very nice on Kate. She always looks good in whatever she wears. I was glad to see her out for some fun with Price William and Price Harry.


Tuesday 29th of September 2015

I come from a fabric and manufacturing background. Just an FYI they are not "wales" on the trouser fabric. The fabric is considered a twill weave giving the appearance of "wales" versus a plain weave, which would appear flat. Most chino pants are a twill weave; whereas fabrics like canvas and poplin are plain weaves.

I was so glad to see Kate in a casual look other than navy skinny jeans!

The Way We Were

Tuesday 29th of September 2015

Ok, when I saw the title, I was gasping, too... However, looking at the pants, I was saying "Umm, these aren't the trousers I had in my mind'. That being said it isn't a bad choice for the event. I love printed pants myself because for some unspoken reason, I often find floral/print pants flatter more my thick thighs than solid ones. :) Kate appears a true fan of sports. I love seeing her pictures in these games, very vivid. :)


Tuesday 29th of September 2015

She never use nail lack? Btw today I catch pants in Zara.

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