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The Princess of Wales in Alexander McQueen for London Engagements

The Princess of Wales in Alexander McQueen for London Engagements

The Princess of Wales mixed old and new pieces for engagements in London today.

The engagements were chosen to “highlight the importance of nurturing relationships throughout early childhood and beyond, including those outside of ‘traditional’ parent and child settings,” per a Kensington Palace news release.

The day’s first engagement was at the Foundling Museum. Here is a quick video from Victoria Murphy as the Princess arrived.

More from this People story

Kate’s first stop was the Foundling Museum, which tells the story of the 18th-century Foundling Hospital, the U.K.’s first children’s charity. It was initially established in 1739 as a home for children at risk of abandonment, and Princess Kate has served as patron of the modern museum since 2019. 

The Princess met with people who have been in the UK’s care system.

Among those in the group, British rapper and entertainer Professor Green (2nd from right), who was brought up in kinship care and is a Shaping Us champion.

Professor Green and actress Karima McAdams at the Shaping Us launch in January. 

We learn more from The Daily Mail’s coverage.

During her visit, the princess met trainees who have taken part in the scheme’s creative writing programme.

Themes of the museum’s current exhibition Finding Family inspired the trainees to create poetry, and the royal joined a conversation between them and the singer to hear more about how creative writing has helped them to express their emotions and own experiences.

The royal said she felt ‘honoured’ to have met the group and hear their aspirations.  

The Princess also met with foster carers and adoptive parents.

People reports, “The small group spoke about the importance of love and support for all children, and how positive relationships have a lifelong impact.”

They also discussed the need to create opportunities for positive, lasting connections with others.

Another view of the Princess at the museum today. 

Here you see the Princess with artist Grayson Perry, CBE, a Foundling Fellow ambassador. The artist and the Princess have worked together on numerous initiatives, including The Art Room.

In related news, the Princess has joined a fundraising effort for the museum—more from this Simon Perry piece for People

The organization wants to secure the museum’s home and custodianship of the Foundling Hospital Collection for the next 999 years and needs around $1.2 million. Princess Kate, who is patron of the center, said in a statement released Wednesday that the Foundling Museum has delivered pioneering creative “programs and life-changing support to families and young people for over twenty years.”

“Their ground-breaking work to support each care-experienced young person to fundamentally change the future direction of their lives is one that means the world to me. Importantly, it shows that it is never too late to make a difference, and that by providing the right support, we can enable those who have faced real difficulties to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals,” the royal mom said.

Below, the Princess as she was leaving the museum. 

A social media post from Kensington Palace after the visit.

The day’s second engagement was with a support group hosted by a charity called Kinship. Below, a video from The Mail’s Rebecca English.

Kinship care is described as situations “…when a child is looked after by their extended family or close friends if they cannot remain with their birth parents.”

More on from a Kinship post about today’s visit

Her Royal Highness met grandparents, aunts and uncles who have been supported by Kinship, including attending kinship carer peer support groups. While playing with some of the kinship carers’ young children, she heard about their day-to-day experiences of raising their children and the joys and challenges those experiences bring. 

You see Professor Green in this next photo, and his grandmother, Nanny Pat, who raised him.

The Wimbledon Times has more in this story

Professor Green, born Stephen Manderson, was raised by his grandmother after his mother gave birth to him at the age of 16.

He said his Nanny Pat was “very nervous” to be meeting the princess and had got her hair done beforehand and bought a new blouse. The rapper added: “It’s the first time Nanny Pat met Kate, she was very nervous.

Speaking about being brought up by his grandmother, Manderson said: “It was just the done thing. Family doesn’t necessarily mean two parents with 2.4 children. My home wasn’t broken.

And from The Telegraph’s piece on the engagements. 
She attended the two engagements with the British rapper Professor Green – real name Stephen Manderson…
The Princess told his grandmother, who was also in attendance, that she had heard “so much” about her as the pair discussed her experience of being a kinship carer. Mr. Manderson said: “When my mum gave birth, the doctor handed me to my nan and that set the tone for the rest of my life.
“My nan became my guardian when I was three. The first time I heard about Kinship I rang my nan and told her ‘did you know you were a kinship carer’ and she was like ‘what, no?’”
The Princess said: “I don’t think a lot of people in this situation have heard of this term. They are very unfamiliar with it.”
Kinship noted in an online post that today’s engagement “shines a spotlight on kinship carers, who, for many years, have felt invisible and forgotten in our communities, but who play a vital role in raising the nation’s children, in loving and stable homes. ”
The Princess also spent time with some toddlers and their carers. 

We return to the Wimbledon Times article

Kirsty, from south-east London, was at the group session with her nephew Blue, aged three, who she has looked after since he was five months old.

She said after meeting Kate: “It was just so lovely. It means a lot, it really does.

“She was asking what it’s been like for us and what support we get and talking about childhood development.

“She seemed to really care about it, it really was lovely.”

Richard Palmer of The Express shared a couple of videos from the engagement. 

One more image from the Kinship engagement.

Now for our look at what Kate wore to the day’s engagements.

She was in the ice pink Alexander McQueen separates first noted during a June 2022 Early Years roundtable

The single-breasted jacket (no longer available) has padded shoulders, side panels, and pointed lapels. The Cropped Tailored Trousers ($735) have a zip front, belt loops, inset side seam pockets, and a back welt pocket.

The top worn beneath the jacket has not yet been identified—thoughts on today’s ensemble from Emily Chan’s piece in British Vogue

And now with Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie – starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling – hitting screens in July, the trend is set to enjoy another resurgence in the months to come.

In fact, it seems that even the Princess of Wales can’t resist this summer’s candy-pink mood. The royal stepped out for an engagement at London’s Foundling Museum wearing a pastel-pink suit from Alexander McQueen, which she paired with a matching blouse underneath and a pair of white pumps (a shoe choice that’s become a new summer staple for Kate). Finishing off the look? A statement white belt featuring a pearl buckle that’s reminiscent of the kitschy accessories worn by our favourite Mattel doll.

The Princess accessorized with a belt by British shoe and accessory brand Camilla Elphick. The Pearl White Belt ($120) is calf leather and features the company’s signature oversized pearl buckle.

Thank you to Kylie for this ID! Some readers may recall the Princess wore a pair of shoes by the label when attending a July 2022 polo match

We saw the return of the Gianvito Rossi 105 Pumps in white leather. 

The style is on sale at Farfetch ($522) and also available at My Theresa ($695), as well as at 24S ($775). Elyse Walker also has it on sale for just $363, but it is only offered in two sizes. 

The Princess brought back her Maria Black’ Cha Cha’ earrings ($188 for single earrings, $376 for pair).

They are made of recycled sterling silver with 22K gold plating and baroque freshwater pearls. In addition to being offered at Maria Black, they are also sold at Farfetch, at Reiss, and at Garmentory.  



The Royal Family Channel has almost three minutes of coverage in this video. 


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Saturday 3rd of June 2023

Is the blouse from The Fold? I have seen a similar one at shop in London.

Kate Admirer

Thursday 1st of June 2023

Perception is based on many sensory factors, but is inevitably subjective. If you perceive someone's size to be intimidating, it is, to you. It may not be an objective fact, but it is no less valid. Ask a short person how they feel surrounded by basketball players, intimidated, protected, sheltered? It depends, and it can be all three, at the same time. As a member of a tall family, others have commented on how we block the view, how the weather is different, why aren't we good at bball lucky we are, we can help shorter people get things down from shelves, how we don't have to always use a ladder. All subjective, based on perception. Sometimes, there is no judgement involved and no snark intended, but not always. Maybe Catherine likes high heels, maybe her security detail thinks it's easier to see her, maybe some of the public thinks she looks more regal. Maybe some people feel less than, maybe some feel overwhelmed. All perception, neither good nor bad, not fact, but still valid. A most worthy discussion.


Tuesday 30th of May 2023

Nope-not this time. This outfit is not princessy…don’t like hospital white shoes, and the belt is just-well-cheap looking. Sorry Kate.

Margaret Taylor

Thursday 1st of June 2023

@Izzy, I have to agree. Really don’t ever like white shoes and definitely not with this outfit. And the belt may be calf leather but those oversized cheap pearls do nothing to enhance the look. Hardly ever dislike something Catherine wears, but this was a bit of a miss for me.


Tuesday 30th of May 2023

I don’t like comparisons to Diana but she never towered over people by wearing such high heels. Kate is so tall without them. Plus four inch heels aren’t that suitable for “ a work day” don’t you think? I think if she wants to be taken seriously as a woman in touch with issues relating to children, mental health etc she should go down at least one inch!


Thursday 1st of June 2023

@Janinelow, I'm 5'11 and wear 3-4 inch heels to work, for social occasions, etc. Am I not able to enjoy wearing stilettos just as much as those who are shorter than me just because someone may feel intimidated by my height? Nope. Your comment is why I slouched until college when I finally realized I love being tall and I will not be ashamed of it or try to make myself "smaller" to make someone else feel more comfortable. Rock the heels whether you're 5'3 or 6'3!


Wednesday 31st of May 2023

@Shantel, fair enough but when I met her some years ago it was quite intimidating even though I’m not a short person. Looking down literally on “ every day “ people is to me the opposite of trying to make connections. But I’m happy to concede to other views!


Wednesday 31st of May 2023

@Shantel, Beautifully said Shantel!


Wednesday 31st of May 2023

@Janinelow, if she wants to be taken seriously as a woman she needs to make sure her stature is lower? It's reported that Diana said the reason she wore lower heels was because Charles didn't want her to be taller than him, forcing him to look up to her. I would propose that heel height is personal based on many factors and I hope that we are moving towards a society where women a women's heel height doesn't impact people's perception of her ability to be 'taken seriously'. Kate looks confident, competent and comfortable to me.


Tuesday 30th of May 2023

I absolutely love how Princess Catherine wears the perfect outfit for every occasion without fail, and seems to consider the setting in which photos will be taken. The pink colour blends in beautifully with the retro orange sofa and is also striking against the green wall backdrop with magnificent art which details a lady with a flowy coral pink layer of clothing (similar again in colour to the gorgeous suit) Kate is wearing.

The Princess of Wales has a great sense of fashion and especially with how to use colour and balance it with her surroundings and interior design elements that show up in every photo!

I LOVE this chosen look!

(confessing that I love both fashion and interior design)


Tuesday 30th of May 2023

@Marie, I love interior design and fashion/style, all of it! No wonder your color-filled observations are a joy for me to read!

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