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New Wedding Photo Released & One-Hit Wonders Part Two

New Wedding Photo Released & One-Hit Wonders Part Two

Hello, and welcome to another report in our series on “One-Hit Wonders” worn by the Princess of Wales. Before we delve into that topic, I have two newsbytes to share. The first is a delightful surprise, a new photo from the 2011 wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales, released today to mark the couple’s wedding anniversary.

Kensington Palace shared the photo taken by Millie Pilkington on social media. The message accompanying the photo read, “Thirteen years ago today!” You may notice in the new photo that the Prince changed out of his red Irish Guards tunic (seen below) into the black uniform of the Blues and Royals.

Photographer Millie Pilkington shared her reaction to seeing the photo. 

The other news tidbit is good news about the King’s health; many of you have likely already heard about this. If not, here is the news as released by Buckingham Palace on Friday.

A new photo was was released along with the information on the King’s return to public-facing engagements. 

The photo was taken by Millie Pilkington in the Buckingham Palace gardens on April 10th, the day after the couple’s nineteenth wedding anniversary.  


Now to our One-Hit Wonders. In my previous post, I mentioned three pieces that were suggested much more than others for inclusion in this category. The first was the Gucci dress covered in our first post on the topic. That dress was worn in June 2017 for an engagement at the V&A.

The next design we’ll cover is an Erdem dress worn in October 2018.

This engagement was also at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum). This was the first time the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Museum in her role as patron; she is the first royal patron the V&A has ever had.

The ‘Iman’ was a design from the designer’s S/S 2018 collection. Made in bouclé tweed in the Prince of Wales check, the dress featured an asymmetric and layered off-the-shoulder design. It has frayed detailing at the skirt, the elbow-length sleeves, and the front placket.

The runway version of the dress featured a cutout at the waist (photo here), an element eliminated from the Duchess’s dress. Off-the-rack versions of the dress varied from her design; the frayed edges at the hem are gone, and the length is much shorter. The Duchess added her own maroon ribbon belt.

Here is a closer look at the fabric, embellishment and buttons. 

The Duchess accessorized with a Jimmy Choo made-to-order clutch and custom pumps in deep maroon velvet, possibly the Romy style or the Anouk.

The Duchess wore a new pair of Erdem earrings, the Floral Hoop Drop style. From the 2018 fall collection, the earrings feature a crystal-embellished hoop with a floral shape and brass smoked topaz with crystal and pearl ‘petals.’

The third most-suggested item on our list is this full-length dress by Tory Burch, worn in April 2016.

The event was a formal dinner in Bhutan. Pictures from this engagement were limited; there were only four or five, and almost all were from the same angle. In one image, however, you have a side view showing the garment’s side split.

The dress is from the designer’s Resort 2016 line, included as part of the runway collection. The Tory Burch site called the dress the “Floral Mesh Gown,” while at Net-a-Porter, it was referred to as the “Embroidered Tulle Gown.” The dress featured a round, split neckline embellished with flame-shaped charms. The body of the dress was lined, while the sleeves were sheer. The neckline, waist, and sleeve cuffs were adorned with a variation of the pattern.

Tory Burch described the fabric as a pattern that “….creates beautiful highs and lows in the fabric, lending a multi-dimensional quality to the look.” Here is a closer look.

Below are two more views of the dress. The Net-a-Porter product description noted that “The red bead embellishments mean there’s no need for a necklace.”

The Duchess accessorized with a pashmina stole by Pickett London

She wore a pair of dress sandals seen previously on the tour, the Gianvito Rossi Criss Cross Sandal (sold out) in black suede.

The Duchess wore the same earrings she had on when arriving in Bhutan, the Gold Charm Earrings (£55, still available) by Brora. The earrings are made of 22k gold-plated brass with gold-plated sterling silver hooks.

Today’s third look is also from the 2016 India/Bhutan tour.

It is the Naeem Khan design worn when the Duke and Duchess wrapped up the 2016 tour with a visit to the Taj Mahal.

The couple was given a private tour of the iconic structure and grounds. 

The Duchess is reported to have said the visit “…was the perfect way to celebrate the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary, which falls on April 29.”

The style was from the India-born designer’s 2015 Resort collection. It was a basic sheath design with a fitted waist and short sleeves, described as featuring “…traditional Mexican embroidery in china blue on white.”

Here you see the dress as worn by a model and the Duchess.

You may have noticed the Duchess’s dress was customized to add length. Looking at the hem, you see the addition of another tier of embroidery.

The Duchess accessorized with her ‘Fern’ pumps ($375 here and $410 here) in the ‘trench’ colorway by LK Bennett.  

Perhaps the most notable accessory was the earrings the Duchess wore, a pair purchased at a trinket shop after the couple’s hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

And a look at all three designs. 

Of the three dresses covered today, I think the most likely candidate for a repeat appearance is the Tory Burch design. As many have commented, the much-loved Gucci dress is just too short to be considered a probable contender. The Neem Khan design may be considered too distinctive because of its elaborate embroidery, not to mention its association with the iconic photos taken at the Taj Majal. (I would love to be wrong.)  

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Monday 13th of May 2024

All are lovely but Erdem spectacular!


Monday 6th of May 2024

Excellent choice of one hot wonder; I loved this look so much. Other contenders from the same tour: the purple dress and the dress worn with the parasol. From Canada the red printed McQueen. I could go on - the green poppy print dress from the Tower of London installation. The bless dress recently seen in the lead up to the coronation. The blue gown for the piano performance. So many hits! Loving these posts! HBD to Charlotte & Louis 🥳


Sunday 5th of May 2024

I loved all 3 of these dresses and remember seeing them for the fist time like it was yesterday! I am not an Erdem fan at all but this dress was so georgeous on her and loved the added belt. The movement when when she walked and off the shoulder was delicious! She looked so beautiful in all of them. My second favorite was the Tory Burch. Loved the colors espicially the orange on her. I still look at these images and think what a beautiful woman she is and how much I have loved seeing all her fashion choices, espicially these! Wishing her a full and speedy recovery!


Thursday 2nd of May 2024

I love all 3 dresses! They show much color and festive vibrancy, as well as superb attention to detail. (I do get rather tired of minimalism and proper, classic looks, as a steady thing. It's just so fun to see clothes on Catherine that are the sartorial equivlant of fun)! Yet, each dress or gown is also undeniably lovely, elegant and completely Perfect for the occasion it was worn for.

The Erdem "Iman" dress is about as perfect as a dress can be. It has equal amounts of classic elegance and sassy femininity. It is a dress that is flirty yet very ladylike. The fabric is beautiful, the colors are sublime and the jeweled buttons and embellishments show a gorgeous creativity. I love the bag, and especially the pumps in sumptuous, burgundy velvet. The bouclé tweed, in the Prince of Wales check, is utterly divine, and the burgundy ribbon belt is the finishing touch for a look that is stunning. In my opinion, this is one of the most flattering and gorgeous looks for Catherine, (even given that she looks marvelous in pretty much anything). I love every Erdem dress or gown she has ever worn, but this is a dress that, even many of those who don't like Erdem, like this one. It is wonderful in all ways!

I've previously mentioned how much I love the Tory Burch gown. I particularly love the neckline of bright red glass charms (they like a necklace of flames)! That bit of red is so very wonderful with the colors of the gown, in white, green and orange, which, in turn, look absolutely amazing against the black background color of the gown. The orange pashima is luxuriously graceful, and quite a good addition to this gown, giving some more juicy color to the gorgeous print of the gown. The bold, gold earrings are great with this gown.

As for the Naeem Khan dress, what a wonderful look for the Taj Mahal visit! It stood out perfectly against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal, in happy, bright, blue and white. (I wonder if Catherine chose this dress for the way the blue embroidery looks, which, to me, looks rather architectural in how the designs of the embroidery create elegant "columns" on the white background of the material, and even a mandala or rose window, in the circle on the top part of the dress. It was a good choice to have a bit more length added to Catherine's gown, because the embroidered rows of design at the bottom edge of the dress needed it. Catherine’s gown looks far superior, with that added length, than does the shorter gown on the model, which, compared to Catherine’s gown, looks a bit unfinished.

The "trinket" earrings were a brilliant addition. Catherine does seem to love her earrings, and she often has shown very eclectic taste in them, which I love!

I'm one who feels this gown in truly a moment in the time, and needn't ever be worn again. It was worn on an outing that showcased the love between husband and wife, at the site of a grand love object, in the form of the timeless Taj Mahal.

Of course, if it was worn again, I'd be delighted, but also: some things just cannot be improved upon. That dress was perfect for that beautiful moment in time, between Catherine and William. ♥️


Wednesday 1st of May 2024

It was lovely to get the new picture from the wedding of Catherine and William, the latter looking very dashing in his dark Blues and Royals uniform, and the couple both looking rather more relaxed than during the ceremony. It was equally touching to have a fresh anniversary picture of Charles and Camilla, also from the enterprising Millie Pilkington.

It’s fun to go over some of these old outfits of Catherine’s, I really enjoy getting more detail on them. I’d certainly be sorry if we never saw the snappy Gucci again. It’s a risky business to predict fashion, and hemlines can always rise again, but if not, I like Bonnie’s suggestion that it might be tried with dark tights. I’m equally fond of the Tory Burch and love having a fresh chance to examine the amazing embroidery and details. It does seem a more likely contender for a repeat outing, though I wonder if it depends on the heels of those racy Gianvito Rossi sandals. It might be fun in a less formal setting with flat sandals.

I appreciate a closer look at the grey Erdem Imam which I’ve never been keen on, finding it dowdy, and being puzzled at the choice of such a sober check print for an evening occasion. Looking at it again now I can see better that it has a certain edginess to it which might be quite appealing, if I concentrate on it 😉 Previously the combination of sagging fabric on the long line of the dress combined with frayed detailing just seemed unfortunate. I love those Erdem earrings though.

I’m one of the many big fans of the wonderful Naeem Khan sheath worn to the Taj. I’d always hoped such a classic style would be worthy of a repeat, though I take your point about it maybe having too iconic an association. It seems too hard that such a fine celebration of blue-and-white must be consigned to the back of the wardrobe.


Friday 3rd of May 2024

@ElizaMo, perhaps Catherine will give the Naeem Khan dress a spin again some day, for an engagement that falls on their wedding anniversary, to maintain the romantic association...? I hope so.

Bonnie A

Wednesday 1st of May 2024

@ElizaMo, what a great point about hemlines rising again! I'd be happy to welcome the above knee A-line hem with just below the knee high boots look back.

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