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Again we see Kate make very low key sartorial selections in deference to the star of the day, Zara Phillips, as Ms. Phillips married her longtime love, rugby player Mike Tindall.

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Kate brought out several old favorites, beginning with a pale gold brocade coat seen at the 2006 wedding of Laura Parker Bowles and Harry Lopes.

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She also wore the piece to last May’s wedding of Mel Nicholson and Oli Baker at St. Andrews. We thank @RegalEyes (Mrs. S actually) for the reminder of the 2010 wedding, we had completely forgotten about it.

The coat is by DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, we thank both Patricia McDonald (@PatsMc on Twitter) for alerting us to the brand and @DuchessofCali for telling us about an eBay auction for an identical coat.

eBay Auction #250865085703 (Ended 8.1.2011)

The piece was snapped up in less than 24 hours of being listed, sold for its “Buy It Now” price of £600.  From the seller’s description:

“I have had this coat for about five years, I bought it for around £300. Unfortunately I have never worn it, at the moment it hangs in my wardrobe and I don’t think I will ever have an occasion to wear it, I am sure someone would get a lot of wear and pleasure out of it.

It is a beautiful dress coat, made from a stunning brocade fabric with a subtle gold paisley trimmed with champagne colour net.  It is long sleeved with a single breasted, off-centre, three button fastening.  It also has two flap pockets.
The lining is a soft grey colour and would be the perfect occassion coat for any wedding.  Worn with a skirt or trousers it would make the perfect cocktail coat”

The dress Kate wore today has also been seen previously, it is the same one worn to the 2006 Parker Bowles wedding (above left), as well as a 2007 book signing for Simon Sebag Montefiore’s ‘Young Stalin’. The book launch took place at Asprey on Bond Street, Kate and sister Pippa were on hand for the function.

With the help of comments from both Kelly and Josephine, we are comfortable saying it is a Collette Dinnegan dress.

UPDATE 8.1.2011: Collette Dinnigan has confirmed to us the dress is theirs. While the runway dress is clearly different from Kate’s there are enough similarities to at least allow a visual comparison.

It seems Kate gave herself a bit of a treat, wearing a new hat for the occasion. UPDATED 8.1.2011: Kate’s hat is by Gina Foster Millinery, the ‘Launceston Place’ from the spring/summer 2011 collection.

Gina Foster Millinery “Launceston Place”

The hat is shown as selling for £410.

We saw Kate bring out several “go to” items, her trusty LK Bennett Sledge2 pumps and Natalie bag. (Both are out of stock.)

LK Bennett Sledge2 Shoe & Natalie Clutch

Kate also wore the diamond drop earrings we have seen before.  Some may remember these debuted on the North American tour, Kate wore them with her purple Issa dress for the Canada Day concert, click here for more.


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  1. Looks like Kate is setting trends even within the royal family…look at the feet of the ladies in the first picture. They are all wearing tan color heals :) Go Kate!

  2. Dear WKW,

    Thx for sharing the info on Kate’s lace dress. I like it a lot yet had no idea of its brand previously.

    Wonder if the piece is still available anywhere now? Would appreciate it if anyone could share the info. I’d really LOVE to buy one!

  3. I don’t think this article has been posted on this page yet :-) Daily Mail being their normal “Johnny come lately” selves! Now I wonder where they found out the name of the hat designer… ;-)


  4. Kate has been out and about buying groceries :)

  5. People.com has posted an article about the hat. It was a customized version of the blue hat above, which makes sense as the above picture didn’t appear to have the flower on it. I love that she just walked into the store with her outfit in hand nbd lol.


  6. Hi! I was wondering if you were planning to make a post on what kate wore August 1st? When she took a walk with Will and then later on went to Tesco? Hopefully you do! I love your posts!

  7. There’s a new pic of the Duchess grocery shopping in a purple sweater and scarf as of 8/1/2011 — not sure if it’s worth blogging about though?!

    Love your blog! Keep up the great work!

  8. If anyone is interested, Bloomingdale’s in New York City has the Sledge pumps – in nude and black.

  9. Kate’s hat looks quite moderate when you see some of the other large and tipsy hats worn by guests at the Phillips/Tindall wedding. Helen Stewart on the other hand appears to have gone for the battle helmet look – in pink :) And everyone seems to have stolen Kate’s nude pumps!


  10. Admin are you going to cover what Kate wore when she was at the grocery store. I know on her walk with William she was wearing her blue J Brand jeans but then she changed jeans for when she went grocery shopping but kept the same sweater on and added the scarf.

  11. Dear WKW,

    I’m not sure of you plan to do a post on the Purple cashmere Ralph Lauren sweater Kate was wearing yesterday, but wanted to let you know it will be available tomorrow on net-a-porter: Ralph Lauren Black Label Cashmere sweater – 300 GBPounds.

  12. I love the hat, I don’t think it would work on everyone but Kate pulls it off.

    Kate is a natural beauty and I think she looks her absolute best dressed casually like during her recent trip to Tesco wearing skinny jeans and a (I think) purple Ralph Lauren sweater.

  13. I think Kate looks perfectly herself in the pictures/snapshots. The yellow isn’t overpowering. I thought the hat a bit much at first but maybe the wind caught it on the flat and gave it that flipped disk look. Recalling the hat that Zara wore to Kate’s wedding, they are both on the same scale. Very cool and stately. I don’t think she has anything to hide, either (literally or figuratively).

  14. I am not sure how else to post this but there are new casual photos of Kate and William – just scroll down


    • I read that Kate and William went for a walk yesterday and then Kate was seen later on in the day wearing the same sweater but with different jeans grocery shopping at Tesco. I saw pictures of her food shopping but none of their walk so it is cool you found some pictures.

  15. The jacket is from Day Birger Et Mikkelsen (Danish) From their 2006 summer collection.
    http://www.kjendis.no/2011/08/01/kjendis/mote/motekommentar/17515550/ -Norwegian article.. ( Google trancelate)

  16. I think she can wear whatever she wants and look great, but this time I am a little disappointed. The coat dress has been simply too much seen in too many weds. The print is quite formal, and I agree it a little bit too much “ladylike” for a young woman – any other woman wearing that would look granny.
    Besides, there ‘s something “wrong” in the coat – hat matching. the hat is fantastic, but required a simpler dress as in the the picture of the blue hat displayed in the tag. And the lace dress looks somehow poor, if compared with the canadian Erdems.
    But maybe she needed some rest, considering that it is many weeks that she is in the spotlights.

    A question: here in Italy there are reported rumour of her being pregnant, allegedly based on the fact that she didn’t have alchol at the wedding parties. I know she is famous not to smoke or drink, and here in Italy the perss is quite fond on rumours (since the wdding, the only news concerning Kate are the thinness – is she ill???- and the wind showing her legs at Calgary airport – no comment on that).

    Lovely blog as usual

  17. You know, it’s outfits like these that really do look like Kate is dressing “too old”. I’ve seen people commenting on this and for the most part I think….eh, she just has to look more formal than most 29 year old women, give it a rest. But these knee length suit coats really are something I would expect on an older woman, particularly given that it’s the middle of summer. Even in Scotland it is not THAT cold! The red Catherine Walker suit in Canada is another example. The blue and grey ones she has worn recently seemed not *quite* so aging, so perhaps some of it is particular cuts/colors or accessory choices–I do think her hat in this instance is a little on the “old” side as well, although it’s certainly a lovely piece. I think this would have looked lovely as a shorter jacket paired with a cream pencil skirt, or something along those lines (the navy Amanda Wakeley suit she has worn a couple of times comes to mind as a good “shape”, though for a summer wedding a lighter color would obviously be needed!). Sophie’s outfit for this wedding, for example, was (I thought) quite a bit more youthful than Kate’s! Kate’s definitely been seen at other weddings sporting more youthful but still totally formal ensembles, so it’s not like she doesn’t own those sorts of outfits already.

    • I think she might be hiding something under her bulky dress coat if you know what I mean! Why else would she wear THAT outfit when she could’ve worn that lovely blue grey coat dress that she wore to, If I recall correctly, the Trouping of the Color?

    • They say the queen dressed maturely for her young age too. If you notice with the queen her fashion remain unchanged. She got older. And today she is very chic and youthful looking in how she dresses. Perhaps 30 years from now we’ll compare pictures of Kate “then and now” and say the same things.

  18. The length of the dinnigan lace dress seems below the knee in one photo and above in another. Maybe its the angle of the camera. Not an easy dress to shorten. I think she looks beautiful.

  19. That Twitpic of Kate / Catherine / Duchess from behind is just perfection. Speaking of perfection, I’d gladly give my next-born-if-still-imaginary child to own that hat.

    And golf claps to the Prince of Wales, who looks dapper (an adjective I don’t often use in connection with him) in that grey morning suit. The color truly suits – har har – him.

  20. I love that hat on the Duchess. It’s playfully dramatic and only someone of her height could carry it off.

  21. The Daily Mail and the Telegraph both reported that Kate’s coat is from Jane Troughton.

  22. I’m torn over the hat. From the left it just looks like a large Pringle on her head (tasty, but not really attire worthy), but if you move to the front or right and see the bow and flow detail I think it looks really beautiful. I like that color over a black hat or that terrible feathery fascinator she wore. The coat does seem slightly larger on her…It looked more fitted for the Parker Bowles wedding. Also, I have to agree with Bea the straw purse with the brocade does seem a bit odd, leather would have been better. I really can’t wait for the day she stops lining her eyes so heavily. Its a valid point that she is really new to the Royal Limelight and that what looks good in person won’t translate in pictures so its a tough balance to work. I’m sure she’ll figure it out. Aside from that one continually nagging thing she really has adapted wonderfully.

    I don’t think she and Will look unhappy in anyway. The press only seems to have a small handful of pictures of them, and while they’re only smiling in a few, all the others they seem to be walking somewhere or standing around (like in the ones above) and everyone else also has the same “killing time” look on their faces. And they were grinning as usual when they were seen at the reception the night before.

  23. Hi! The earring which Kate wore is designed by Kiki Mcdonough, isn’t it?

  24. I enjoy reading about What Kate WORE. Let’s remember that’s what this blog is called, not What Kate WEIGHS!

  25. I don’t understand the hem on Zara’s dress. Why put that piece of fabric around the bottom? Makes the dress look rather homespun… I do like the top and the way the bodice fits. I am happy she didn’t do strapless – that would make her broad shoulders stand out.

  26. I don’t think Kate has gained weight at all… she looks so tired under her eyes :( It would help to not wear so much eye makeup and put on a couple pounds. She was stunning in her engagement pictures!

    Of other news… I was browsing Aldo and they have shoes that look pretty close to LK Bennett Sledge IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have patent and non-patent version. For you US people, you can order online or call your local store to see if they have the MOOS style in natural. Here is the link just in case. And for $75, not bad, even for Aldo!


    • The coat only appears to be half to a full size bigger in the shoulders and maybe a little bit bigger in the waist. What all of us have to remember is that William won’t let Kate get as bad as Diana did. Kate has lost weight, but if she gets worse her family will intervene.

    • I think Kate looks tired because she is pregnent.

  27. I thought that Kate’s outfit was the perfect combination of “I’ll not outshine the bride” and “a lovely new hat for you”. A great demonstration of class. I am however looking forward to seeing some new Kate peices in the future… I must admit I was a bit surprised by Zara’s dress. It looked lovely on her but it was sooo similar to Autumn’s dress. I wonder how Zara’s sister in law feels about this. Lady Rose Windsor’s dress was also quite close. With all the fashion world at your feet, I think that something unique would have been exciting. Still, Zara looked so happy and relaxed. I wish her a long life of married bliss.

  28. IMHO, she looked happier, more radiant, on the North American tour.

    • She had to smile for the camera while on tour. Here she looks like she is just about to say something or is listening to somebody talking.

  29. I thought Ms. Phillip’s wedding dress was lovely on her – it was nice to see the key tiara as well – I have always thought it to be one of the most beautiful in the royal collection. It was nice to see the Duchess wear an outfit that has worked well in the past – perhaps it is her “go to” wedding outfit. I also think that the outfit worn by the Duchess of Cornwall was also a repeat. Princess Ann often repeated outfits (though I have to say that her taste in clothes does not flatter her figure in my humble opinion) so perhaps Princess Ann is the role model in the “recycling” department. I would disagree that the coat worn by Kate was ill-fitting. Frankly, I believe that the parsing of her weight should stop. She is a slender woman who is in good shape. She is more likely than not (if one looks at her mother, brother, and sister) one of those fortunate people with “skinny” genes. Three of my four children were fortunate enough to inherit such a proclivity from their father (also thin) who had parents and grandparents who lived long lives and who remained thin throughout (and these were people who could tuck into three full meals a day with snacks inbetween) their very long lives. There are times when my daughter (a few years younger than the Duchess) looks thinner than at other times, but it is not from not eating – it is from exercising, stress, and just being on the go.
    Thank you again for this site. It is interesting to read. Like the sentiment expressed by others – it is refreshing to see a young woman be stylish and modest. Hopefully she will set a trend that will be emulated by many young women.

    • Please correct me if I am mistaken but is this not the same outfit Camilla wore to her daughter’s wedding also. Take a look at the pictures and see what you think. The one I saw was taken in bright sunlight and looked lighter in colour but I believe it is the same – that would mean both Camilla and Catherine wore the outfits they wore to Laura Bowles’ wedding.

    • I agree that Kate is one of those lucky girls born tall and thin. She can wear anything from an evening gown to jeans and look terrific. I like this outfit, perfect for a wedding guest, and the new hat added some dash to the look. I also hope she will be a role model for these starlets who think if they go out looking like slobs no one will recognize them. Better to dress to impress because the paparazzi will take pictures whatever you look like! And as far as repeat wearings of clothes, although everyone in the world sees the dress more than once in the media, the people Kate is actually with in person are totally different groups, so its new to them anyway (e.g. green dress worn in Canada and England). If she had something new every time she went out, she’d probably be accused of being a spendthrift clothes horse. Nice to see how she reaccessorizes to brush up an old favorite.

  30. On further note, good for kate for trying not to outshine the bride which is why she didn’t wear a new outfit.

  31. Not a fan of Zaras dress but it looks great on her, she looks fantastic and healthy!

  32. The jacket looks huge on her and no she doesn’t look like she gained anything. I don’t like this outfit to be honest, it’s something the queen would wear, and for goodness sake alter it.

    • This coat is kind of a bigger fit and always has been, just compare the photos. (Kate’s face looks fuller even though her body might not!)

  33. .. thank you, again, for the lovely site! and all the hard work behind its tastefully fun, graceful appearance. the way Duchess Catherine (!? I so prefer calling her Kate.. but- what IS proper?) is dressed for this ‘family wedding’ reminds me of why she won me over, in the first place: not because she is very pretty (she is); not because her taste in clothes is faultlessly elegant and ‘event appropriate’ (it is); not because she seems to be bringing back ‘ladylike’ but never stuffy/old-fashioned clothes (she is), etc. etc.. but because her manners, and consideration for others is made visible through her clothes choices- a rare, beautiful thing. when I was a little girl, I remember reading THE single, best (imho) definition of ‘good manners’: if you speak to the Queen’s lady-in-waiting the same way you speak to the Queen herself. I never forgot that. good manners, then, means you can appreciate the human being- not the outward trappings of title/wealth/power.. the Duchess could easily have wowed the crowd and been the center of attention at Zara’s wedding. the fact that she wasn’t, chose not to be, is what makes her special– Bravo, Duchess Catherine! from winsome Anne-of-Green-Gables dress to almost-like-a-teacher on Skid Row to.. all of them! a real gift for striking the right tone.

    • Hurrah – I completely agree with you comments Daphne!

      On another note, we still haven’t identifed the jacket yet have we? Am I correct in assuming that it is only the dress which is Collette Dinnigan, the jacket is another label?

  34. I think the nude colored lace dress is from Topshop.

  35. wasn’t a fan of Zara’s wedding dress. She could have chosen a different style. I do love Kate’s outfit though. The lace dress is so pretty. I remember The Duchess of Cambridge Style telling Kate Middleton Style Blog that is was indeed a Collette Dinnigan dress during the Royal Tour. Fab job!

  36. I’m a big fan of Kate but i don’t like her strange mix & match: a brocade outfit doesn’t suit straw clutch and diamond earrings, better leather and pearls IMO.

  37. Does anyone know where this jacket is from?? it’s so nice!


  38. I agree that this coat just look enormous on her, that she should have altered it and that they don’t look as happy. I know she has altered other pieces so why not this one? Odd. I do like that there is lace on this dress and coat, it seems a throwback to her own wedding dress.

    I did see her in hose before the wedding but it seems to have picked up a lot. I am sure that it’s the royal dress code but I must say, I am glad for it. She wears beautiful hose, not the horrid kind we used to wear in the 80s and early 90s and they really make her look more put together. I sincerely hope that her sophisticated style will help rid us of the disheveled look that had become so popular in Hollywood.

    Thank you for your hard work on this site!

    • I also noticed that they didn’t look as happy as normal, I have several theories on that. 1) They didn’t want to draw attention to themselves, 2) They were up late talking about something to do with William’s job (he still has to do those 2-4 months in the Faulkland Islands without Kate), 3) They had a small row, and 4) They wanted to act “normal” but ended up acting weird (maybe Kate is pregnant, is starting to show hence the oversized coat, and they didn’t want to announce it on Zara’s big day). Out of all of them I think #4 is the most unlikely but hey, stranger things have happened!

      • I am thinking she is pregnant too! I just didn’t think she looked as perky as usual. Then I saw a picture somewhere else of William holding her hand as they were walking. You never see him do that. Made me think something might be up.

        • If you look at pictures of her and William walking together the other day, when she was wearing her purple sweater, there is a little bump!

  39. I am not so sure about a dramatic weight loss–the coat was too big in the earlier pictures as well.

  40. Kate looked lovely today as did Zara! Kate seems to have gained a few pounds which is actually a good thing!

  41. usmagazine website has more pictures, and I noticed that all the ladies (Royals, that is) were wearing the same kind of shoes. Is this some kind of royal wedding protocol.

  42. is her hair looking incredibly lighter than her wedding day? and even with some auburn/red tones through it?

    • If you look at older pictures of Kate she has lighter brown hair with reddish undertones. I think she either dyed it for the wedding or put something in it to help style it, but the product ended up making her hair look darker.

  43. oh thank you – great photos. i truly enjoy.
    (and can never get over these stiletto-heels – how do they, is this case Catherine do it –
    i sigh and wonder)

  44. Thanks for thanking us! We really enjoy “Royal Watching” with you! xxxxoooo

  45. I notice that since she’s been married, she wears a lot more eye make up. She is so beautiful naturally and doesn’t need to wear more to be more beautiful. I LOVE the dress and hope it is identified soon.

    • Once had a makeup artist tell me that the best way to wear eye makeup was to NOT line the lower lid. Or at best to line it in a shade much lighter than the upper lid. She said that nothing drags down an eye more than dark liner below, and that as one ages one should go for less and less liner.

      Agree the Duchess is a natural beauty who doesn’t need all that goop. Most women look better with less.

    • Catherine has pictures taken absolutely every time she steps out the door, which I think is the reason she is wearing more eye makeup. Look at some of her early university pictures and you will see that she looks a little washed out – i.e. very little eye makeup. I think we should stop being so picky. She is a lovely young woman, who has done a fabulous job of integrating (seemingly effortlessly) into the Royal Family. She was not exposed to this growing up, as were the “Royal children”. I compliment her on doing a really excellent job.

      • I think she looks great, but I do think she would look better and best with a different liner technique. I can appreciate that her choice is also part of a huge (resurgent) trend I see on a lot of women these days and so she may just be going with it. If she is trying to not look washed out in photographs and look great to those within immediate range, less color and less black might be her best bet. Incredibly difficult to bring about a look that will do well in person and in print. Will be interesting to see how her style evolves over the next few years.

  46. I l.o.v.e. her hat!!!! Ok, I am usually a HUGE fan of Zara, but I am just not so sure I like her dress?! But, I am sure pictures just don’t do it justice. Congrats Zara!!!!

  47. That hat is totally retarded looking. What the heck was she thinking?

    Not a fan of that coat, it seems like something she should recycle off to a charity.

  48. @Emma – Yeah, I think she started wearing hose with the engagement announcement.

    I like this dress that she wore today. It’s a nice, flattering outfit, but she doesn’t upstage the bride. It reminds me of a Mother of the Groom dress – “shut up and wear beige.”

    I just hate that she wore an oversize Pringle chip on her head. In the older pictures of her in that dress, she’s wearing darker hats/fascinators. I think one of those would have been a better choice.

  49. The thing about wearing repeats (which are very beautiful as well as inspiring) is that we really notice how much weight she has lost. I hope she’s healthy. Also, yesterday and today, I notice in the pictures that she is not as glowing/sparkling/happy as she was on the Canada/US trip…and neither is William. I could be wrong or it could be the pictures (I’ve looked on other sites, too). Sure she smiles, waves in some, and I know she wants to keep it low-key which could explain it. Just seems something’s off……can’t wait for the next outing!!

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

    • I think she might be preggers!

    • Actually, I thought that her coat fit her the same as it has before, it doesn’t appear to have been altered. I think she may be getting back to her good old “engagement picture” size!

  50. The lace dress looks like Collette Dinnigan.

  51. I like that she has played it down for the wedding by recycling clothes that have been seen before. However when you compare the coat to how it looked in 2006, her weight loss is apparent. It just doesn’t fit her correctly anymore – it’s hanging off her. Could she not have had it altered?

  52. the dress kate wore under the coat to the wedding is a collette dinnigan isn’t it?

  53. Also, I know you are a busy lady…but I think an iconic jewelry page would be awesome :)

  54. I wonder when she started wearing tights. After her engagement? In all of the old “repeat” pictures she isn’t wearing tights.

    • I bet those tights are due to royal protocol. I love her hat.

    • The stockings and pumps are royal protocol. I learned that when an American invited to Buck-house for the Obama dinner wrote a column on the list of rules (more like a booklet) she received.

      In the presence of the Queen or when representing the Queen at ceremonial occasions as Catherine did in Canada, stockings and pumps are it. Of course, in a canoe or on a red carpet while representing British business interests, it’s not necessary.

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