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Is there anything more delightful for Kate fashion fans than finding an email from the Palace announcing an upcoming appearance? Methinks not. Here is the news:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit UNICEF’s emergency supply centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 2nd November to view the effort to distribute emergency food and medical supplies to East Africa, where severe food shortages are affecting more than 13 million people.

UNICEF: www.EastAfricaCrisis.org

UNICEF now estimates at least 320,000 children are in life-threatening situations, in dire need of food and medicine. More than 13,000,000 people in the area are affected by severe food shortages. The growing crisis in East Africa has gradually been gaining traction with the media, the visit will surely help raise awareness and much-needed funds.

William and Kate will also make an official (and private) call on Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. (The Danish Royal Couple actually just left the United States on Monday following a busy visit.)

Official Danish Crown Prince & Princess Site

I think this will be somewhat similar to this summer’s trip to Mission Serve in Los Angeles, they are expected to tour the UNICEF facility and then help pack boxes with emergency supplies. Knowing the couple’s fondness for Africa, this does make the charity an ideal recipient for their efforts. More from the official announcement:

The decision by The Duke and Duchess to visit has come about at short notice following the worsening crisis in East Africa. The date of the visit was chosen taking into account The Duke’s Search and Rescue commitments.

The UNICEF UK news release carries a new photo of the couple, it turns out that is their official photograph, taken at Clarence House by Getty photo ace Chris Jackson.

Chris Jackson Twitter Feed

Here is the photo Mr. Jackson shared with his tweet, Kate is in her navy Amanda Wakeley suit. It is similar to the official photo for the North American tour, that was also taken by Mr. Jackson.

To see the full-length photo, visit the UNICEF UK page.  Here is a bit from the UNICEF news release on what has been accomplished thus far in East Africa:

So far, UNICEF has delivered more than 10,000 metric tones of supplies to the region, treated 108,000 severely malnourished children in therapeutic feeding centres, vaccinated 1.2 million children against measles and provided 2.2 million people with access to safe water.

Obviously we will have comprehensive coverage of the trip. Until then, here is a link for those interested in donating and/or  learning more about UNICEF‘s work in East Africa.


I have been pathetically slow a tad tardy in sharing the results from our most recent poll. Back on the 6th of this month (in this post) we looked at the merits, or drawbacks, of Kate being photographed for a Vogue magazine cover. With nearly 2900 votes, here is how things look:


The results surprised me a little, I thought perhaps more might be adamantly opposed no. matter. what. However, if combining votes from the first (no way, no how) and third (only if British Vogue) answers, the interpretation could be that 40% aren’t keen on the idea. Anyone else surprised by the way this one turned out?


Also today, some very quick bullet points linking to articles I think you might enjoy, if you haven’t already seen them, as many are what we use to call “moldy oldies’ when I was in tv, meaning some go all the way back to September.

L2 Blog


We’ve loads of other tidbits to share, but have to fly in order to take care of all those contest entries, eek! A reminder, the contest for a pair of Kate’s London Sole shoes ends tonight at midnight, we’ll announce the lucky winner tomorrow.


  16 Responses to “Kate & William November Trip Announced, Cover Girl Poll Results, Official Portrait Unveiled”

  1. Thanks for this link. I was moved by Catherine’s advocacy today, which I saw via your Facebook links, and I made a donation!

  2. What is up with William’s style? I just can’t take it anymore.

    His suits look baggy, plain, cheep and old fashion…His teeth need whitening, his hair looks like he just got out of bed. He needs to moisturize his face too…he looks 10 years his age.

    What does that say about Kate if she let’s him be like that while she’s on top of the world of fashion? Not normal in my opinion. That tells me she does not take good enought care of him. Who is going to tell him that if not her ?

    • Many men are not into moisturizing and teeth whitening. They find those sorts of activities effeminate. It is not a wife’s responsibility to push her husband into doing these things, nor does pushing him (if she’s successful) constitute “taking care of him”. Women aren’t required to do those things, they are the men’s decisions, and if the men don’t do them, it doesn’t mean that somehow the wives have fallen down on the “job”.

      William’s suits are quite expensive and expensively-tailored, I assure you. And balding hair, alas, has a tendency to look a bit unkempt while it’s going through the balding process.

      My guess is that the Duchess, knowing her husband extremely well, knows that he’s not going to be very responsive to any advice that he should moisturize or get his teeth whitened. He’s well known to be stubborn, so any grooming habits he acquires will be up to him, not her.

  3. God bless them. I love the Danish crown prince and princess Mary so glad they are helping UNICEF. I hope you will post the new photo of Kate in her silver dress when she filled in for HRH Prince Charles.You can read about it here


  4. i think that they’re just releasing a photo from the same spring shoot. Wills’ outfit is the same, as is hers…

  5. Can we talk about the AW suit? I know we saw it in the tour photo, but we never saw the full-length view. I can’t decide if I like it or if I think it is too overworked. I like that it is a modern twist on a suit. I love the collar and the button detail, but I don’t understand the panel. Can someone explain it to me?

    • Lysis, we’ve seen the suit full-length; she wore it to an engagement before the wedding. The jacket is slightly fitted, and the suit has a simple, straight, pencil-style skirt. As for the panel, it’s just an embellishment, a feature to make the jacket more interesting.

  6. I read on the DailyMail that she was considering a charity against human trafficking but isn’t/won’t become the main patron because of its ties to the UN (Since the UN is neutral it would seem bad if they contributed to a charity that had Kate, who will be Queen one day, as a figurehead as it would seem that the UN was favoring the UK).

  7. I agree with Stella, once she is established and has a cause (or a few causes) that she can speak about Kate should do a cover to raise awareness. Although I really wish that I could read that article now too! :)

    I really disagree with a lot of the Telegraph’s “Misses”. I think that Kate’s conservative style doesn’t age her – it just shows how classy she is. In a world full of women who dress too young for their age, I think that it is great that Kate is showing the world you can be young, fashionable, and pretty without sacrificing style! :)

  8. I kind of wish Kate would step up and do a few charity events on her own at this point. I’m not sure how much of it is due to her reluctance, and how much of it is due to what the Palace is telling her to do at this point.

    • As i have been told, Diana didn’t start to do official charity work solo until 1-4 years after they got married and she was the Princess of Wales. Kate is really stepping up to start charity work in the new year considering she isn’t a senior royal.

    • I just read on the DM that she did do a single event last night (subbed in for Charles, no less). There is a picture of her in evening attire (from the shoulders up). She looked great!

  9. I think the Vogue cover is something that might be possible in due time, but not now. She’s on so many magazine covers as it is, without even trying. ;) No need for a planned one now. She needs to do a lot more charity work first, something impossible to do too much of in only 6 months. Once she’s established herself in other people’s hearts, not just us Kate-crazies ;), then I think maybe she could do British Vogue. Right now, UNFORTUNATELY, I think people who aren’t big fans of her just see her a wannabe fashionista who got lucky and became a Royal. WE know this isn’t true, but until they know that, she probably should stay away from voluntarily doing cover shoots – as much as I would love to read that issue NOW. ;p

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