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William and Kate were out this evening for an elegant dinner at Claridge’s. Kate went back to a designer we have seen her wear previously, Roland Mouret.

James Whatling/Splash News

The dress Kate wore is from the designer’s 2009 line, actress Carole Lombard is the inspiration for the gown, it is named the “Lombard”.

Thanks for this of identification go to WKW Facebook friend Melissa, she shared her find with all of us who continued to be stymied by the dress, unable to determine its maker.

A number of notable women have worn the jade green version of the dress, including France’s First Lady Carla Bruni,who wore it for a state dinner at Elysee Palace in 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his wife Svetlana were guests of honor.

Model Amber Valletta has also been seen in the frock, Red Carpet Fashion Awards has details on that appearance, click here for the post, to see the Carla Bruni post click here. You can be assured Red Carpet Fashion knows what it is talking about with the dress, RCFA founder Catherine Kallon actually owns the dress, she wore it to the BAFTAs in 2010. We show her in the photo below right, Ms. Valletta is on the left.

Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Kate’s version of the dress clearly has some design elements that are different from the original Lombard dress, not the least of which is the color, an elegant creamy white. The shoulders on Kate’s dress varied slightly, as did the neckline, although her gown retained the thigh-high slit, making for careful entrances and exits from cars and other seated positions.

We do not yet have verification from Mr. Mouret it is indeed a bespoke version of his 2009 creation, but close shots in the proper light show the seaming on Kate’s dress to match that on Carla Bruni’s. (Click here for the HuffPo pictures showing the dress, compare them to the images in the Daily Mail.) The piece features many of Mr. Mouret’s most distinctive design elements, including the pieced seams and scultural details at the neck and waistline.

Many will recall Kate wearing Roland Mouret’s Manon dress for the trip from London to Canada last summer.

Press Association/Roland Mouret

Kate accessorized with her Jimmy Choo Vamp sandals, careful observers noted the Duchess had her toes done in a rich crimson red.

James Whatling/Splash News

Jewelry whiz Anna of My Small Obsessions advised us Kate was wearing the Beaut Jewelry ‘Eva’ earrings from the vintage style collection.

Beaut Jewelry

These were previously seen on Kate in November of last year, paired with a Jenny Packham gown at the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal fundraiser at St. James’s Palace. (Our original post on that is here.)

We have not yet identified Kate’s clutch, although the glittering gold and white color scheme and beading are reminiscent of a vintage bag, the styling is more updated, this is clearly a contemporary piece.

The Daily Mail’s story offers quite a few photos, click here to see those images, below we share a snippet from the Mail’s story:

The royal couple were at Claridge’s hotel in Mayfair for a meeting of the Thirty Club, whose members are some of the most powerful men and women in advertising and the media.

Their meetings feature a guest speaker, in this case Prince William – who was following in the footsteps of many other senior royals who have made address including his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, his grand-father Prince Philip and aunt Princess Anne.

The Duke has been invited for around nine years now and thought that it was right to accept the invitation this year because of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

‘It also seemed rather apt as it his 30th birthday next month, they said.

While at the dinner William and Kate received an invitation to visit South Australia, more from royal photographer Mark Stewart:

Mark Stewart Twitter Feed (@RegalEyes)

More on the Premier’s thoughts about the dinner from Adelaide Now:

Mr Weatherill had high praise for the heir to the English throne.

He’s a lovely young man and he gave a very warm and personal speech and he’s obviously a fine young gentleman, he said.

He spoke very honestly and warmly about himself, his experiences and his hopes for the future.

They’re a very lovely couple and very natural and were wonderful company.

Here we see the South Australian Premier with the couple at tonight’s function.

Adelaide Now

ITV News also covered the story, click here or on the photo to view the video of Kate & William arriving at the hotel.

ITV News

It was a beautiful look on Kate, the dress is lovely with elegant lines that enhance her build and speak to her aesthetic. While others thought the dark jade green color would have been prettier, the off white seems more Kate, she wears the color quite frequently, it has become something of a signature for her. I can’t help thinking the finer points of the dress might have been accentuated had Kate elected to wear her hair up, the style seems to beg for that.

  72 Responses to “Kate in Roland Mouret for Exclusive Dinner”

  1. Not a big fan of this look; she looks lovely as always but I would prefer a lower neck-line and less shoulder pads.

  2. I love the cream dress on Kate. A little bit risque but not out of bounds with the palace nor inappropriate.

    And I must say I love this blog. I also love the collaboration between the various Kate fashion blogs and the input from Kate fans everywhere. It’s astounding how many people she has brought together, through something as simple as her clothing choice. Thanks. <3

  3. Kate defines the word “statuesque” in this gown. She does simple but elegant so well, and appropriately for every occasion.

    • ….My thoughts exactly!!! She is so Goood.. so spot-on!
      Btw, I love this blog, thanks to everyone for all the efforts in researching/presenting the information

  4. The dress is beautiful, the shoes are in contrast with it, but she looks amazing.
    The italian jeans brand MET, reports that Kate wore a pair of their jeans:, I think that are the same that she got for camping whit the scout.

  5. I totally love the outfit! Beautiful and of course I’m biased because I love Kate. The hair would have looked wonderful pulled back, but she looks beautiful with the hair down as well!

  6. The gown is simple and elegant and the color works quite well with her coloring, but I agree that sometimes it would be nicer if her hair was up to get the full impact of the neckline, etc. But overall, another stunning choice. I also don’t think the split is a big deal since she’s worn short skirts that reveal as much.

  7. I agree with your point about the hair! I often think she would look lovely with an updo, yet she certainly favours leaving it down and curled. I suppose I might too if I had her hair.

  8. Boring gown even with the high slit… :S She’s become so dull and without a personality versus before she got married ..

  9. I don’t think the color of the dress is the best color for her. It washes her out a little bit.

    I think the shoes and the polish all look fine. I don’t see anything wrong with the slit either. This was a private event, not a public engagement so she can be a little bit more daring. She’s 30 years old, not 60. Therefore, she can wear the dressier shoes and the red toe polish. This girl is going to spend her entire life dressing conservative and ‘proper’ so this was a chance to mix it up a bit.

  10. Heard this morning in CBS this morning news, that some people refered Kate’s high cut as “Angelina Jolie”. LOL

  11. Could the clutch be the same one she wore with the purple/lavendar McQueen gown in California?

  12. Another boring beige outfit. Horrid hooker shoes. Why paint the toenails when you dont even paint your fingernails. Kate playing it safe again. Like someone else commented, enough with the beige and grey outfits. She needs help. She needs to get herself a dresser. She needs someone who will pick outfits that would flatter her shapeless figure. She looks like a 12 year old boy around the hips. A stylist would add some color to her wardrobe and excitement. Why is she always wearing the high high heels. She needs to start wearing more appropriate shoes. Not flats but not so high. I am with the person who said the honeymoon is over. It is the same thing with her now. She has become really boring. Something that our beloved Diana never was.

    • I suspect that her fingernails were painted—just in a clear or neutral polish, as opposed to red. I often do something similar, so the red is not overdone by being on both nails and toes. I have no idea why you believe the high heels are not appropriate—many of the younger royals such as Beatrice and Eugenie and Sophie Wessex also wear tall platform heels. This was also a private event, as opposed to a offical engagement undertaken on behalf of the queen, so she can be a bit less stodgy with the nude hose and etc. I loved Diana, but one of the biggest criticisms of her was that her clothes often overshadowed her husband and the cause—perhaps Kate is being mindful of that? I also suspect that she is naturally a bit more conservative than Di.

      • As much as I loved everything Diana wore, I often thought that she dressed deliberately to outshine the other members of the family. Just my opinion since I obviously never knew her. Maybe Kate actually has a better relationship with the family so she doesn’t try to outshine them.

      • If other people don’t mind too much, could we possibly stick to discussing what Kate wears and not what Diana wore? There’s been enough ink spilled over Diana, and some of us were not fans. There are other sites on which Diana can be discussed.

  13. She looks stunning and sexy!
    I am sure William made love to her this night ;-)
    Wow best look in a long time for Kate.
    Except I don’t like the shoes they are not elegant enough.

  14. Perfect!

  15. Unlike many commenters, I think she looks stunning in this dress. I would not choose the shoes for myself, but don’t find them tacky at all. We’ve seen her in platforms before so these aren’t unusual for her. And her dark hair is striking against the cream dress, which I personally think is much prettier than the green/teal.

  16. Ok, just wondering, why would she wear a dress already worn by Carla Bruni? Did she have it before 2010 when Carla wore it? Did she have it made after, knowing Carla had worn it? There are millions of amazing dressed out there and she has her pick. For something so simple, it seems odd to wear something which others have been photographed in, unless she already owned it and is going for the I rewear things???

    Hate those shoes, and agree too much for such an elegant dress. D’orsay anyone? Great style with simple clothes, but maybe not that high, only 4 ” by Manolo… which btw, would still be plenty high for the rest of us. The hair, and the uber high heels just seem like some kind of security blanket to me.

    • I dont think it matters that Carla Bruni already wore it—-it was such a different color that I would never have known if this fabulous site hadn’t told me.

    • I think that Kate went for shopping in the outlets villages, and she certainly bought that dress last year (I guess) : Maybe some dresses belong to her trousseau (Dad & Mam Middleton are wealthy but not that rich).

  17. In my opinion the dress is far prettier in cream than in “green-bottle” or “old-turquoise” colour.
    Kate looks very elegant is that dress, and I agree completely : she should have mixed the outift with discreet but colourful jewerlry and above all ….. put her hair up (and at least I would have more appreciate the earrings from Beaut)

  18. The Duchess always looks lovely in cream and I love the shoes and red toe nails. I love the fact that the dress has a long slit. Kate is becoming more daring. However, I feel she needs to cut her her about 4 inches shorter. Otherwise she looks gorgeous in this outfit.

  19. As much as I like the dress itself I don’t think this kind of dress suits her figure well. She’s very slim and has no hips (no criticism). My point is that Kate in this dress lacks the feminime aspect that’s vital when one wears such dress. On the other hand, I like that she sticks with hair routine. It’s her signature and I think it suits her perfectly. When she turns 50 than fine, those long locks probably won’t be appropriate (although who knows?) but now it’s just stunning.

  20. Shapeless, colourless, anaemic. And that’s just the toenails.

  21. Somewhat similar to this Cavalli dress but without the cutout and broch at the front.

    I am on the fence about this one, its a little sexy but also kind of boring. I don’t love it.

  22. The second I saw this I too wished she had worn her hair up. I think the dress and her overall look was too plainnnn :( I love the clothes she wears but I must admit I am getting a little bored of the “same old same old,” similar to what Jane and Sandy said. She always looks stunning though!

  23. Sigh, she always looks so beautiful. Just a small point to clarify, Jay Weatherill is the SOUTH Australian premier.

  24. One word. Stunning. I would wear this dress in a heartbeat. Unlike most of you, I think the shoes are quite sexy. Very Carrie Bradshaw. She is showing her “wild” side with these shoes. They are gorgeous. As far as the hair goes, maybe a low chignon would work – just to show off the shoulders and the neckline and the earrings. On the flip side, I do agree that hair down made the look more youthful given that the dress is long sleeved with a high neckline. She has great hair and she should flaunt it with pride.

  25. As lovely as that dress is, I don’t think it’s “stunning” at all. That’s a design that a 50 year old woman can wear. And I am starting to have a pathological irritation with her hair. What’s the point of wearing earrings if her hair is covering them up? There’s very little difference between her daytime and evening looks. And why does she always obstruct the front view of her clothes by carrying that clutch infront of her belly? It drives me nuts!

    • I partially agree with you Sandy. This dress didn’t stun me. Although I don’t think it was necessary too old bc I have to say in the pictures I saw (not on here), the slit appears to be very high for even a royal lady, much less an older one. Yes, I know the dress had a very high slit on the runway too. But Carla Bruni chose to have it shortened to make it more appropriate for her position. It seems Kate did not have that same common sense (something a dresser would have recommended I’m sure). I’m starting to think Kate is going to need a dresser soon because she has been making some questionable decisions lately (like those HORRID shoes). From the waist up, it reminds me too much of the cream Amanda Wakeley as Leela mentioned. Its ok, just not very good IMO.

    • This was ok to me but some elements were off. In the pictures I saw (on DM), the slit appears to be very high. I’m sure a dresser would have recommended her to have the slit closed up a bit so it only went to her knee instead of halfway up her thigh. And those shoes, OMG, even the people who usually never say one bad word about Kate’s fashion are hating these shoes now. I always hated them so I am happy everyone is agreeing with me now. Let’s hope she reads some of this and retires these hideous things. Too much like stripper shoes IMO.

    • Agree about the hair. However, it doesn’t matter if you can’t see her earrings, as they are not real!

      I mean really. What’s the point of calling yourself a Duchess if you aren’t going to wear real jewels when going out at night?!

    • I thought this was a bit boring, there is another RM gown I would love to see her in though (and which matches much better with those shoes):

    • Agree wtih you about the hair. It’s wonderful hair — but yet I feel so tired of it, always the same. Likewise make-up.

      So far I’ve been able to live with the belly-clutch, but I know where you’re coming from.

  26. love the dress! so elegant, and v flattering cut and perfectly fitted to her. i like the white over the green.

    i’m with lili: i hate those shoes! i know platforms are so trendy, but i find them so tacky; we used to call them stripper shoes until some designer decided to make them fashionable (and, i think, play a joke on us all). i also find the silvery, scaly look v ugly. blah! i’d love to see strappy sandals on her w this dress, but not these.

    i like her hair down, or maybe pulled up on one side to show off the wide neckline.

    i do wish she had worn colored earrings, as gracie suggested, or statement necklace, something to add a little pop of color, a little excitement to balance the austere dress style. but i realize that’s just not her style. (oh, maxima, i miss you!)

  27. I liked it, but for once I would love to see Kate is something that isn’t so expected (but still appropriate obviously). To me this was a longer version of her cream Amanda Wakely dress. Oh, and some color would be nice, I’m getting sick of black/white/grey… I’m thinking something like this Jenny Packham gown, what do you guys think?

  28. I adore Roland Mouret dresses and I am so pleased to see Kate wearing one of his designs again. I think the green would have looked stunning on Kate but perhaps she thought it would look too wintery. I love the gorgeous neckline on this gown which is just not showcased with Kate’s hair down. A beautiful updo with some gorgeous statement earrings would have been heavenly. A bit under styled again I’m afraid.

  29. Simply impeccable, clean cut of the dress with Art Deco style earrings, made her look like a statue from the 1920s. Love this. However, this dress reminds me of the one she wore when accompanying the Queen at the wedding exhibition. I know they are totally different but somehow one reminds me of the other. :)

  30. I love the dress. I wished she had paired it with some more colorful jewelry, like emerald earrings. Otherwise really classy with a hint of sexy. I want all her clothes!

  31. I think the dress is knockout, its elegance consisting of its utter simplicity. I anticipated that some people would claim it was too old for her, too staid, but a dress this breathtakingly austere in cut and line can be effectively worn by anyone aged 17 to 70. Younger women can get away with lighter colors, too.

    I have to say that I’ve never liked those evening sandals: too glitzy, almost tacky. I’m interested in the fact that she wore dark polish on her toenails while keeping to the natural look for her fingernails, but the shoes just don’t impress me.

    Should she have worn an updo? Actually, owing to the simplicity, the long sleeves, and the high neckline, I’d say “No”. The long hair gave the dress sexiness, whereas an updo could add needed restraint to a fancier, more revealing dress. The point is balance. I think an updo with THIS dress would have resulted in a too-severe look.

    • I agree. The dress is elegant, but I find them really ugly shoes. I’m definitely a guy too old-fashioned and boring, but I hate the plateaux seem a thing “pounded” by mistake, do not add more than centimeters and often ruin the harmony. In addition, the silver which seem to fish scales.

    • I totally agree with you about her sandals!

    • Lili, I totally agree about the shoes. They are borderline tacky, and certainly not right with this elegant/sophisticated dress. I admit it is a hard dress to pick shoes for though. And I think you’re right, a total updo would have been severe, perhaps half up half down but that may have been too close to her wedding style.

      You can tell in some of the DM pictures that the slight was REALLY high, she had to be quite careful coming out of the car. I’m actually surprised she went for that high of a slit, it seems more daring than we’re used to seeing her. I guess since it wasn’t an official function, it was ok.

      • I was surprised at the height of the slit, too. I mean, she surely knows she’s going to have to clamber in and out of a car, so why do it?

    • About the hair-do options…I would think she actually looks good altogether with loose hair and the dress. However, if any change, i would like to see her in one of those old hollywood hair-dos You know what we see in films noir and those black and white photos from 1930s…:)

    • completely agree – those shoes are so tacky and ugly, and i don’t care if there is a designer label slapped onto it!

    • Funnily enough I can live with those shoes, they do at least have some edge to them. What I take issue with are the crimson toenails. They seem such a feeble childish attempt at looking “sexy” when the rest of the outfit just advertises “bland. ”

      The whole outfit is washed out by the severity of its own emphasis on being oh-so-tasteful.

      • Totally agree with you ElizaMo. I thought the dress was fine, if not boring (and maybe the slit was a bit high), but I cannot believe she would wear crimson toenails! My god, what was she thinking? You’re right, that seems such a childish attempt at looking “sexy” and doesn’t go with the “bland” outfit. Her taste in fashion is very confused IMO. She doesn’t mix clothing, shoes and accessories correctly. I think a stylist is in her future.

      • I agree with you that the shoes and nails are an attempt to “jazz things up” and that these shoes actually work with this gown, although I didn’t like them with the lavender McQueen–too heavy looking with that dress. I’m not sure I agree that the red nails are “childish”–classic evening choice but I think if that is what you’re relying on to give your outfit that bit of pazzazz, well, let’s just say it falls short of the mark. I do wish for the lovely soft low chignon with some long earrings, even some semi-precious stones that she favours from Kiki McDonough or Rosantica would have given her outfit more interest and polish (ooh, sorry about the pun!)

        • I agree with you 100%. Some people just like red nail polish, it’s a classic nail color! A low, romantice, almost undone chignon would’ve been perfect.

  32. this gown i stunning on her but i have to agree her hair should have been up to give it the elegant look rather than just having in a blanket over your head

  33. !
    as usual, I’m applauding and smiling.. at the feat of ‘getting it right’, over and over.

    leave it to Kate to pull off dazzling and demure at the same time !

    I, for one, love her hair down and hope she stays with what is obviously comfortable for her.. for as long as feels appropriate to her. there will be years, decades ahead when long hair may no longer be for public engagements- so enjoy it now!

    to me, the long, loose hair and red polish give the elegant lines of the dress a little jolt of youth–

  34. She really needed her hair up with this high of a neck line. If the gown had more visual intrest, then I would like it with her hair down. She needs to show off her earrings more!

  35. As another FB commenter noted………”ok, we get it…….hair in face, heavy makeup, clutch over tummy to show off THE ring, spike heels,,,,,,same ole same ole. Methinks the honeymoon is over.”

    I really do like all things royal and truly thought she had the “it” factor. Now, I’m beginning to wonder. Perhaps it’s because she’s just not out and about enough.

    • I LOVE Kate’s sartorial choices. I loved the dress, and I thought the clutch and shoes made the demure dress look sexy; I am okay with the toe polish and slit, but personally would have made the slit shorter (stopping at the knee).

      I agree with the FB commenter… We get it… The UK gets it… The world gets it… Duchess, you have GORGEOUS to-die-for hair… Now do something different with it!!! I also agree that she wears her makeup too thick… Duchess, please switch to a lighter hand and brown eyeliner; play with your lip color too.

      I have to admit, I’m getting a bit frustrated with her. She tries to rewear her wardrobe (HUGE kudos for that!), but her hair and makeup leave much to be desired IMO. Hire someone to help you with that PLEASE and ASAP!

  36. Kate is just rockin’ her look, isn’t she? The picture of her on the DM shows the dress with a more revealing leg shot. She looks great! Who knew she would wear something like this?

  37. I did not like the dress when I initally saw it, but I really like it now. I think it was a great choice for her, and I just wish she had put her hair up.

    • Hi Megan, I was thinking about whether she would have looked better with an updo hair but then I thought, she might look ridiculously tall with a top bun…but what if something like Carol Lambard used to have, that type of classic old hollywood hairdo? :) Plus I always find an updo seems making Kate look older than she is…

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