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For today’s engagement at Blessed Sacrament School Kate wore an elegant dress from Goat Fashion.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

The Duchess was at the school to get an update on the progress of the M-PACT (Moving Parents and Children Together) program, designed to help children ages 8-17 who are coping with the effects of parental substance abuse in their home.

Comic Relief Twitter Feed

Comic Relief Twitter Feed

The young lady on the right gave Kate her flower bouquet.

Simon Perry, People Magazine Instagram

Simon Perry, People Magazine Instagram

All of the students were eager to see Kate.

James Whatling/SplashNews.com

James Whatling/SplashNews.com

From Rebecca English’s story about today’s visit in The Daily Mail:

Kate asked a group of flag waving youngsters why they were so happy. And a little girl, Seyi, six, told her: ‘I said it was because she has come to Blessed Sacrament school. I said I liked her dress.’

And beaming Abigail, seven, said: ‘She looks good in pink.’

The MPACT Plus program is a joint project of Action on Addiction and Place2Be; Kate is royal patron of both organizations. She was on hand last year to officially launch the MPACT program with John Bishop of Comic Relief. Below, the Duchess and Mr. Bishop at last year’s kickoff.

Comic Relief Twitter Feed

Comic Relief Twitter Feed

And here is that duo this year, with Mr. Bishop at the podium. Comic Relief explained on its Twitter feed that the comedian had a special request for the media today: “@JohnBishop100 asks the press to focus on the issue & not just the style icon in the room. Or the Duchess.”

Comic Relief Twitter Feed

Comic Relief Twitter Feed

More from Action on Addiction:

Funded by The Royal Foundation and Comic Relief, the project, which involves training school staff to identify children affected by addiction, and bringing families together for an eight week pilot intervention, is delivered in schools by us and our partners, charity Place2Be who already work across 210 schools

Today’s meetings were important because the MPACT program is marking its one year anniversary; treatment specialists, educators and supporters were eager to hear about the program’s efficacy.
Clarence House

Clarence House

The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English has more on today’s meetings in her story:

Inside the school, the Duchess sat in on a steering group comprised of head teachers and charity workers involved in rolling out the M-PACT Plus scheme.

Kate, who had her hair half swept from her face, listened intently as she was updated about its success so far and was clearly interested as she asked several pertinent questions about its workings.

‘Were the parents quite surprised by the things their children were saying?’ she asked.

Nodding intently, she continued: ‘Have you found it difficult to attract parents given the stigma that can be associated with these issues?’

via Place2Be Facebook page

© Oliver Dixon Imagewise, via Place2Be Facebook page

As Kate was leaving the school today she was presented with a gift by a student named Rosie Nee.

©Oliver Dixon / Imagewise via Place2Be Facebook Page

©Oliver Dixon / Imagewise via Place2Be Facebook Page

It is an abstract portrait of the Duchess with her son, Prince George.

Kate waving goodbye .

Comic Relief

Comic Relief

To see all of the photos from today’s visit Place2Be shared on its Facebook page, click here.

It is widely believed this is the dress worn during the May visit to Scotland, beneath Kate’s Jonathan Saunders ‘Athena’ coat, shown below left. Many readers will remember this isn’t the first time the Duchess has worn Goat; below right you see her in the brand’s Redgrave coat during an engagement last March. (If interested, our post on that event is here.)

BOTH PHOTOS BY: James Whatling/Splash News

BOTH PHOTOS BY: James Whatling/Splash News

Kate is wearing Goat’s ‘Scarlett pleat front dress’ today, in ‘geranium,’ one of Goat’s strongest colors for the spring 2014 collections. The Italian wool crepe dress features a round neck, half sleeves, an optional belt, diagonal pleats/darts at the front waist area, a hidden back zipper and back slit.

Photos via Lyst.com

Photos via Lyst.com

This offers a better look at the waistline detailing.

James Whatling - Splash News/Goat Fashion

James Whatling – Splash News/Goat Fashion

The Scarlett is a signature design for Goat, it is available in other colors, including a ‘charcoal-teal’ color at Matches Fashion ($680), as well as basic black, also at Matches (on sale for $480). I’ve not put together photos of the two and posted them because I really can’t discern any color difference between the two on my desktop, nor on the ipad, it seems a bit of a futile endeavor.

For jewelry Kate wore her Cartier ballon bleu wristwatch. She also had on a somewhat surprising pair of earrings, her Links of London Bubble Effervescence earrings.  We’ve not seen the Duchess wear these for at least two years by my records.

Cartier/Links of London

Cartier/Links of London

The Duchess carried her LK Bennett Natalie clutch.

James Whatling, Splash News / Jimmy Choo http://bit.ly/1pT3j7C

LK Bennett / James Whatling, Splash News

She also wore her Jimmy Choo Gilbert heels.

Kate Jimmy Choo Gilbert Nude Heels J Whatling Splash & Choo Product Shot

James Whatling, Splash News / Jimmy Choo

There seems to be a good size selection for this style at Jimmy Choo online, where the pair is $575.  Net-a-Porter continues to have a very good selection of sizes ($575), as does Neiman Marcus ($595) and Bergdorf Goodman ($595).

We’ll leave our coverage of this morning’s event by sharing a brief video of Kate arriving from Simon Perry of People magazine.

Simon Perry, People Magazine Instagram

Simon Perry, People Magazine Instagram


As it turns out, Kate and William were at a function yesterday that related to today’s activities, they attended the annual Place2Be conference in London. More from this story:

Kate… and the Duke were said to be keen to widen their knowledge of child mental health issues, specifically regarding the transition years between primary and secondary education, as well as the importance of early intervention in schools.

The Duchess wore another Tory Burch piece, the brand’s Chrissy dress.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

To see all of the photos of Kate leaving yesterday’s Place2Be conference, click here.

  • There are still items available in the same print, ‘Madura Ocean Mist’: from left to right we show the Brigitte Shirt Dress ($295 at Saks, limited sizes available), the Tory Tunic (no longer available), the Madura Short Caftan ($210, on sale from original price of $350), and on the far right, the Madura Silk Scarf (now selling at $77.50, reduced from $150).
Tory Burch

Tory Burch



  42 Responses to “Kate in Goat Fashion for MPACT School Visit, and All the Details on the Tory Burch Dress the Duchess Wore Yesterday”

  1. The Goat dress color is very pretty and it’s nice to see a new color on Catherine. I actually thought this dress was red until it was pointed out that it actually is a pink hue. I think the cut is very nice, but the bust part would look all wrong on me! I have a hard time with belted dresses too as I have a very short waist! I think the belted dresses can be very tricky for those of us that have either long torsos (such as Catherine) or short ones like myself! I still think she looks good in the dress though :) I love, love, love the Tory Burch dress. The pattern is so pretty and I can see where a lot of people find it too busy, but for some reason it doesn’t look that way to me, and I often find that print to be just that! This is a great cause she is working with. I have worked with children of all ages with special needs for years now, whether it be mental health issues, physical disabilities, etc. I think this program will likely be very successful working with children early on that have one or both parents with substance abuse issues. God bless them for bringing attention to these issues.

  2. Love the abstract mother-and-child portrait by student, Rosie Nee. If I were Kate, I’d buy that and keep it for my own.

  3. The Goat dress is a safe and popular cut and suits the duchess but not one of her best looks. Don’t like her hair – wonder if her hairdresser did that or did she do it herself. The Tory Burch dress is such a busy dress – not worth its price and few if any would look great in it. It’s such a beachy print. I don’t like to jump on the pregnancy bandwagon but I wonder if the Duchess is pregnant. In these photos she does not look particularly well even though she still has her million dollar smile.

  4. The main issue with the hair is really that it falls over her ears. Just pulling that small section back, too, would have made the whole style less childish- and, therefore, kind of aging. It is a case of one tiny detail throwing off the whole look. She does also look tired. So I can’t help but wonder if she had a late night with the baby, or maybe another baby-related reason. :)

    I am not sure about the color of the dress, on her. It’s one of my best colors, so I actually love it, but I am not sure it works right up against her face. It could be the lighting or just that she looks tired in general? it’s hard to tell. But, that said, I love the dress. The style of it is flattering and classic.

    This all sounds so negative. I actually think she looks rather nice, just not one of her best days. And I kind of love her more for having one.

  5. I quite like the dress and its geranium color but as many pointed out not on her. She’s a bit too thin to wear it and I find it looks better on the model. Also with her quite long torso the problem with high-street barely redesigned dresses is that the waist never falls at the right place and is a bit high which creates that extra fabric above her bottom.
    I love the Tory Burch dress a bit more or navy stripe would have brought more structuring but it’s still a very nice and relatively casual outfit.
    I would love to see more printed outfits. I think they often look good on Kate and that would be very refreshing compared to all these color blocks.
    Regarding the hair I very much like when Kate wears it up but I think that she should put together all the strands above her ears that would be more flattering.

  6. Kate’s smile certainly seems bright as she’s listening to what is being said, and for me that smile goes a long way.

    Not a fan of the colour of the dress, and even on the model – which gives a really good view of the style, and how this dress is gathered around the bodice and stomach – this dress isn’t doing anything for me. The ‘wow!’ factor is missing.

    Knowing how good Kate usually looks, and how confident she has become, I really cannot believe she is hunching up. I think it’s the gathers on the dress which give that appearance – it certainly seems so on the model.

    Personally I think this is a dress very few could wear and look good in. And to pair it up with nude shoes – again no, for me that colour combo doesn’t work.

    I think nude shoes look fantastic with some of the dresses Kate wears, but not this one.

    The one feeling I have about this outfit is of disappointment.

    I really REALLY love the material of the Tory Burch dress and the two bands of blue round the base and arms. I don’t usually like busy patterns but this one wows me :)

    Great post – as usual – with lots of photos and information. Thanks :)

  7. I really like the belt on this dress! Otherwise, it’s just kind of meh. I personally like more vivid, defined colors than this geranium, which looks like it can’t make up its mind whether to be red or pink.

    I concur in the opinion that this wasn’t her best hair day. It looked limp and thin.

    But the thing that bothers me most is the name of the label: Goat!! I will never be able to come to terms with “The Duchess was wearing a dress by Goat.” Whose idea was that name??

    • hahaha Hannah,I have thought the exact same thing about the brand name, Goat! It is very strange and doesn’t exactly make me think of fashion.

  8. I rather like this colour on the Duchess. I didn’t as much when she wore the dress with the coat, but on it’s own in the summertime it looks lovely I think!

    Kate’s hair looks a bit retro today too. I like the little bit of lift and it off her face, and the ringlets kind of work styled like this.

    Most importantly, I’m very intrigued by the program that was the focus of today! off to read more about it.

    Thanks as always Susan!

  9. I love the goat dress – nice change of pace with the color. But Kate is getting much too thin – become a concern.

    The paisley is too much print- maybe nice as a skirt but not the full dress and again – she looks so thin in the dress.

    • I noticed some extra room in the hip/stomach/rear of both dresses. I commented below, speculating that perhaps The Duchess was, in fact, expecting. This also explains her tired appearance and washed-out look as-of-late. I chalked it up to other blogs making the same claim. But, if I recall correctly, she looked thinner, except in the face, before they had to announce early with George. When you get too skinny, your face gets gaunt and your cheeks don’t retain that healthy look to them. So now I’m left wondering again. As I said, we’re used to seeing her in dresses tailored to her exact measurements. Why now dresses that are roomier when we have expected every stitch to be perfect. Is it for room to grow this summer/fall, as Kate does recycle outfits? I’ll be curious to see the news in the next 8 or so weeks.

  10. I love the color of the dress, and in most of the photos, it looks really great on her. The bodice looks awful in other pictures, like there is an excess of fabric, or it was not constructed properly. She really has a great figure and doesn’t need something to draw attention to the bust line, because in effect, that is what happens. The dress could have been a bit shorter as well. All in all, it wasn’t a bad dress. I have seen worse.

  11. I actually like both dresses and like that her hair is up / away from her face – but what I’d like to know about (besides is the Duchess expecting again!) is – just who is the uniformed gentleman who seems to have met her and is initially showing her around – whatever age – I love a man in uniform!

  12. I’ve noticed lately that Kate’s dresses have been baggier in the stomach area, you can clearly see it in today’s dress and in the reuse of some of the dresses she wore when she was pregnant. Not one to believe what I see at the checkout lines in the grocery store that Kate’s pregnant with twins, or another boy; but is it possible that the Duchess is actually expecting? It would explain why she looks so tired, why the dresses are baggier in the stomach, back area, perhaps for future wear when she’s showing more. I just thought it odd to see someone that we are so used to seeing in perfectly tailored dresses wearing one with some extra room. Odd, at the very least.

  13. Have to agree with the above comments. While the colour of the dress is nice (although not sure its right for Kate) it doesn’t feel very young. The material seems heavy and of course its an inch and a half too long .
    But the probems of the dress pale by comparison to Kate’s hair! A hard look for a 5 year old to pull off! And very jarring with that old looking dress. Is it a darker shade? Seems to lack the reddish highlights/undertones that make it look so gorgeous. As for the Tony Burch dress, the less said the better – just dreadful. Not sure what has happened to Kate’s sense of style — she was brilliant on the Canadian tour and now seems to be trying to be someone else rather than herself. Too bad.

    • I agree with your comment about her hair. I winced seeing the one shot taken across the table from her. And I’m not talking about how any of us might look in harsh flash lighting, but the long limp curls hanging over her shoulders and the wan look that maybe was exagerrated by the pull of her hair hanging so limp. I wonder why you have personal hairdressers if you don’t get some gentle advice on things like this.

  14. Thanks for such a great post! I loved this color on Kate today, so summery and fresh. I got so tired of seeing her in coats, I’m just thrilled to see her in a dress. I don’t think the pleating in the bodice flattered her figure though and wonder if the cut of this dress made her appear thinner than normal. If that’s the case, I’m buying this dress in every color possible!

    I was glad to see her wearing her hair in the half up/half down style I love on her but I’m not a big fan of the sausage curls. That being said the curls seemed to relax as the day went on and looked much better by the end of the day. I wonder if she did her own hair today, that would explain why it didn’t look as good as it could.

  15. hate her hair but love her dress

  16. I don’t think she looks well, very pale and drawn. Maybe pregnant again? Usually I really like her hair half up but this was not a good look in my opinion. Maybe teased too high?

  17. This is one of my favourite looks on The Duchess. I absolutely love the colour of the dress and the cut. It seems both youthful and modest. I also don’t recall seeing her hair like this previously- it is a nice change!

  18. Well, I’m already on record as finding this pinkish-red shade rather anemic, and I have to say that now the Goat dress is fully revealed, I’m not wildly impressed. The design is rather “blah” — nothing terrible, but nothing special either. I don’t think there’s a huge problem with the bodice/bust design, which is reasonably common among the sorts of simple, conservative dresses that a business executive might wear when tired of suits. That seamed/pleated effect is intended to add interest to an otherwise not-particularly striking dress. It reminds me of the sorts of dresses Lafayette 148, which caters to professional women here in the US, has offered in the past. It’s also suggestive of some designs sold by LK Bennett and Beulah.

    I’ve sad that the Duchess wears strong reds better than this “geranium” shade (My geraniums have always been a more intense and darker red). Unfortunately, the real problem here isn’t color but rather the fact that the Duchess’s hairstyle both appalls and bewilders me. The dress would have been well-served by a simple, sleek, relatively straight style (such as the Duchess wore with the blue LK Bennett Detroit dress) , but the half-up effect with the ringlets was VERY unflattering. Wearing your hair half up like that — in a demi-chignon or just pulled partially back — always risks looking somewhat juvenile. Combining the style with ringlets risks making you look like you just stepped out of a novel about some demurely virginal (and highly annoying) 19th-century schoolgirl. And no, I don’t mean “Gigi”. At least Leslie Caron’s schoolgirl hairstyle in the film was better than this. No ringlets. No grown woman should wear ringlets.

    The Tory Burch dress doesn’t excite me either, but that’s mainly because I’m not a great fan of ethnic (or faux-ethnic) prints. People who like them might well love this dress, which has the virtue of offering a very, very simple silhouette that doesn’t compete with the print. I mentioned once before that Tory Burch dresses, in my experience, run large, so if people are ordering online, they might want to err on the side of smallness. I wear US sizes 0-2 and needed an XS in the Tory Burch sweater dress I bought last year.

    The Duchess is going for slim, sleek, simple and knee-length dresses, which I appreciate, and of course there are only so many ways such a dress can be designed. I hope that she’ll try to be a bit more adventurous in future, while continuing to make the necessary nods to the conservative traditionalism required by her position. I also hope that she’ll get rid of that clutch bag, which I’ve never liked. There have to be other and more elegant nude/neutral small bags out there. I wish she’d throw that one into the Tham….oops, I meant, donate it to Oxfam, of course.

  19. I’m none too sure about the top outfit, I don’t think the constituent parts quite hang together. The gathered bodice of the Goat dress is matronly and a little heavy, quite 1940’s in character, while the ringlet curls are more Victorian in style, maybe even a little juvenile, jarring against that mature bodice.

    And while I love those shoes, oddly enough it might have been more in keeping with a 1940s theme to have worn platforms. Wearing those delightful light courts is from yet another modern era, and of course, the nude colour means Kate’s feet more or less fade away following the heavy statement of the dress and hair above.

    I also find Kate’s hair on the dark side, a common mistake when people fail to realise that the passing of the years affects skin tone and fail to ease up on the colour. And the earrings seem oddly dressy for meeting small children.

    There again, of course, the youngsters may feel that such details make Kate more “princessy” and one thing that can be said for the ensemble is that it broadcasts “visiting royal” loud and clear. It’s nothing if not classic and functional.

    The earlier Tory Burch has a fascinating and quite beautiful print, but again I don’t think that has been pulled off in the design of the dress as a whole, as all seems to fade away into confusion on the sleeves and hem. It seems to me that it works much better in the kaftan style shown, with a strong navy border at the neckline to give definition.

    Thanks so much for such a well-researched and presented post!

  20. I love the dress and color, but I agree with some of the other commenters that I don’t like it on her. I can’t put my finger on why, but I suspect it’s a combination of the bad hairdo (it’s too flat on top), the heavy eyeliner, and her frame which keeps getting thinner and thinner.

    I want to say something else. I am a long time follower of this blog because it is so informative and I like Kate’s taste in clothes–they are similar to mine. In fact, I’ve purchased items that I’ve seen worn by her later–so I think we have a similar aesthetic in clothes.

    However, I must also say, sometimes we tend to over glorify her. Yes, she seems somewhat down to earth, educated, classy, and truly a sweet lady. However, she has clearly lost a substantial amount of weight since she started in the public eye and even after she got married. I think this is a bad statement for all of us women and I wish this blog would address not only her good style influence but perhaps the negative body image influence she portrays. Additionally, she is beautiful, but also, people should know that she probably had a nose job (look at pictures before and after her engagement) and she spends thousands on her hair/clothes/makeup every year. If all of us had this type of access to plastic surgeons, hair stylists, etc., I submit that we would all look this beautiful or even better. We must remember that she is a great role model–but she is no better than any of us.

  21. I think she looks wonderful today, and I’m betting the dress looks better in person than in the photos. There have been quite a few comments that she looks tired at this engagement. I’m wondering if that is because she is tanning much less than she did in the pre George days. I know when my face has less color people ask me if I’m tired. Also, maybe she is a bit dehydrated. In the close up photo her lips look dry and lined.

  22. She is so f**kin nice. I love her.

  23. This dress is gorgeous! I love the color and the cut. Her new nude pumps are nice, and I love the Natalie clutch (own it and it is just as pretty in person!)

    Her hair. Not a fan. I think she needs James Pryce back on her team. Her hair on the North American tour was the best it ever looked. This style makes it look flat and dull. I’m starting to think she puts extensions in sometimes… her hair can look super full and glossy or like it does in these pictures.

  24. First, what a beautiful portrait! I am in awe of anyone with artistic talent like that. What a proud moment for that girl. It is clear that everyone was so glad to see Kate. What a wonderful and deserving cause to take on. Unfortunately, those are the only real positives I have, though, of course the cause and the work are what’s important. But, since this is a fashion blog…I am really not a fan of this dress. It is a pretty, appealing color that the children probably loved, but I feel the style of the dress really ages Kate. I am also noticing more and more that she seems to slump forward or round her shoulders, especially when she holds her clutch right in front of her. Poor posture takes away from a polished look. Though I am usually a fan of her hair pulled back, I don’t like it here and I don’t like the ringlets. It just looks stringy, and I don’t really think it is. A ponytail might have saved this look for me. That would have been youthful and fresh. I guess I should just be happy it wasn’t hanging in her face. Hate to be so negative, and look forward to her outings to find something to like, but I just didn’t find it here.

    • Hi Nancy,

      I thought I was the only one who noticed the slump of her shoulders, especially in the photos from yesterday, and I agree that holding her clutch in front just makes this more pronounced. I often think back to the visit she took to Leicaster with the Queen and Prince Phillip, walking along with her arms by her side, she looked so confident and secure. In my opinion, when she walks with her hands clasped in front or holding her clutch with both hands she comes off as insecure and unsure of herself, also it rounds her shoulders. As you can tell this is a pet peeve of mine.

  25. I love the color of this dress, what a bright and happy shade! But something about the overall look fell flat for me – like a pp said, it seems to be ill-fitting, but it could just be how it looks in the pictures.

  26. My goodness, so startled when I saw this — she looks pale, drawn, and very thin in all these shots, relative to someone who is always slender, I mean. Is she ill or dangerously losing weight by dieting, do we think?

    Beautiful color, welcome change from blue, but starting to think we see essentially the same dress, slight variations in color/style from her, a bit too often.

    I echo thoughts above re hair controlled and off her face as a nice improvement to her constantly tucking it behind ears, brushing off face, etc., but in this case it also highlights her too-pale, face (maybe face looks thinner than normal because of hair being back)?

    Looks overall unhealthy, though. Worried for her!

  27. Today proves that even princesses can have bad hair days.

    This look is terribly unflattering on the Duchess. I’m not even sure if I like the dress or not, because I am so taken aback by every thing else. The hairdo, while trying I suspect to be retro, just looks dated. Her hair is limp and lacks luster. She looks wan and more hunched into herself than usual.

    Perhaps she is not feeling well today and if so, it emphasizes that this is not an easy job….to have to get dressed up and be photographed when you’d rather be curled up in your jammies all day is nothing to be envious of.

  28. Not really a fan of this look today. I think the dress makes her look skinny to the point of frailty, and everything from her hair to her makeup makes her look tired. The seaming on the bust does nothing for her. Also, I’m not really sure why she insists on always carrying a clutch. I’m not sure what she could carry in there that would make it necessary for her to carry it around in public, even more so at an event at a school, where she would need hands free to play and talk and interact. I like the dress from yesterday; nice to see an unexpected pattern show up!

  29. I live this dress for one simple reason: The color! I’m so happy every time she wears something bright and happy. I’m not even put off by that starburst pleating. The first picture I was like, “What?” By the third or fourth picture I was thinking, “It actually isn’t all that bad. I’m really kind of liking it.”

  30. The pink dress is cute, but her hair is a disaster. Those ringlets look ridiculous. Please cut your hair, Kate!

    I’m not fond of the print on the TB dress, though oddly I do sort of like it on the tunic and caftan.

  31. My first thought was “Wow, cool dress!” I like the darts, the belt and the watermelon color.

  32. Hate to say this but Kate is looking too thin to be healthy. This dress does nothing for her and she does nothing for the dress. I like the colour, I don’t like the way it just hangs on her. With all the resources available to the Royals, I suggest a dietician/nutritionist be consulted to help make this sweet lady look healthy again.

  33. I really really love this color and it’s a good color choice for Kate, but for some reason I don’t love the dress on her, maybe the cutting or slightly ill fitting…Or did she lose weight again?

  34. I really like the color of this dress. I must say that Kate is looking really, really thin these days. I don’t know if it’s stress or if she’s purposely dieting, but it might be time to enjoy a cheeseburger or two.

  35. I love everything about this. The color is gorgeous, the cut is fantastic, and it’s nice to see her hair back and not hiding her face. I think this just became one of my favorite looks for her.

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