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The Duchess debuted a new coat and hat for Christmas Day church services.

Stephen Lock/I-Images

©Stephen Lock/I-Images

It was a cool, rainy morning at Sandringham, where the royals are celebrating the holidays. (Kate and William are staying at Anmer Hall, their home on the Estate.) In this Twitter photo from Victoria Murphy you can see Her Majesty’s festive red coat as she leaves St. Mary Magdalene church.

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror

Victoria noted there was a “Heavy uniformed and plain clothes police presence at Sandringham today. … with metal detectors and dogs.” 

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror (@QueenVicMirror)

Victoria Murphy, The Mirror (@QueenVicMirror)

Here is a closer look at Kate’s ensemble this morning.



The Duchess was in a new coat by Sportmax, the label’s ‘Long Belted Coat’ in green virgin wool. It features multiple design elements she is fond of: oversized lapels, multiple gores, a fitted bodice with a full skirt, and an asymmetrical front closure. The piece was originally priced at $1895, but most recently sold at $1232; we show it at Farfetch, where it is sold out. Our thanks to Ashley for identifying the coat.



Another look.



UPDATED DEC 27: There has been ample (and understandable) discussion in the comments here on WKW, as well as on Facebook and Twitter, about the fit of Kate’s coat. More specifically, the placement of the pocket flaps on her garment, much higher on the torso than those seen in product pictures from Farfetch. Many of us were confounded as to why there would be a difference, it certainly wouldn’t make sense for the Duchess to purchase the coat with the intent of having such a significant design element altered. We thought we might have at least a partial answer to the mystery, with thanks to Annabelle from the Facebook page, she pointed us to this version of the coat, offered at L’Inde Le Palais.

L'Inde Le Palais

L’Inde Le Palais

Below left the ‘Fedora Coat‘ as it is called at L’Inde Le Palais, an upscale Italian retailer; on the right you see the Farfetch version of the garment. More from the L’Inde Le Palais product description:

“Sportmax autumn/winter 2015 forest green wool cloth Fedora coat with wide revers and V neckline, ton sur ton stitches and two side pockets with a flap.”

Farfetch/Splash News/L'Inde Le Palais

Farfetch/Splash News/L’Inde Le Palais

Revers are lapels, and ton sur ton stitching refers to the tone on tone top-stitching seen throughout the garment. Here you can note a distinction between the two garments, there is no vent at the hem on the back of the coat at the left as there is with the style seen on the right. Kate is wearing the version shown on the right, that seen in the Farfetch product pictures, her coat has the opening at the lower back hem.

L'Indes Le Palais/Farfetch

L’Indes Le Palais/Farfetch

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a discernible difference in the pocket flap placement on the two garments, so we really aren’t any further along in determining why the pocket flaps sit differently on Kate.

Sportmax is part of the Max Mara family, considered an edgier, hipper label that is targeted to a trendier customer, often a more youthful shopper. Four styles from the Sportmax fall/winter 2015-2016 collection illustrate the tailored, structured Sportmax aesthetic.



One interesting tidbit about Sportmax: every piece the company makes under this label has a single Swarovski crystal hand-sewn somewhere on the garment; you can see that on the back collar of both coats shown above. Below, four styles from the upcoming spring/summer collection.



We move now to the dress just slightly visible under Kate’s coat, the ‘Cezanne Pleated Dress’ from Great Plains, the more moderately priced arm of French Connection. The Duchess was first seen wearing the Cezanne for a series of engagements in Grimsby in May of  2013. On that occasion she wore the Cezanne ‘winter pink’ color.

Great Plains

The dress also came in the color seen today, ‘pine needle,’ featuring green and blue and salmon hues, along with ‘destiny,’ a blend of midnight, rich russet and periwinkle.

Great Plains

Great Plains

A better look at the ‘pine needle’ version peeking out from under Kate’s coat; on the right we show a broader photo from a recent eBay Ireland auction.

POLARIS/eBay Ireland

POLARIS/eBay Ireland

It’s not the first time Kate has purchased a garment she likes in multiple colors or varieties. A case in point: below she is seen wearing Amanda Wakeley’s Sculpted Felt Seamed Dress in ‘gunmetal gray’ when visiting the Imperial War Museum in April of 2012; originally she wore the frock in ‘oatmeal’ for a visit to Royal Marsden Hospital in September of 2011. (It is reported the Duchess also purchased the dress in black.)

Amanda Wakeley/POLARIS/POLARIS/Amanda Wakeley

Amanda Wakeley/POLARIS/POLARIS/Amanda Wakeley

Kate wore a new hat that has not yet been officially identified; both Remember Love Moments on Twitter and Anna of My Small Obsessions believe it’s a piece by Sylvia Fletcher for Lock Hatters. My guess is they are correct.

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Her hair was worn up, this image offers a better look at how it was styled.

Stephen Lock/i-Images/POLARIS

©Stephen Lock/i-Images/POLARIS

Many will recognize Kate’s other accessories, including her Mulberry Bayswater Clutch. Although we show it in black leather, the Duchess carries the clutch wallet in black suede.

Mulberry Bayswater Clutch Wallet Product Montage

We also saw Kate’s Aquatalia Rhumba boots again. A quick note for those looking to repliKate the boots at a bargain price: The Raine, suggested by Aquatalia as the substitute for the Rhumba, is on sale at Saks for more than 50% off its original price of $650, it is now discounted to $273 in both black and grey suede..



Nordstrom shows the Raine priced at $435, but it’s my understanding the retailer has been price-matching, it’s possible Nordstrom would honor the Saks price.

The good folks at Cornelia James have let me know it looks like Kate is wearing their Imogen gloves.

Cornelia James

Cornelia James

Kate wore her Kiki McDonough green amethyst earrings.



As well as a brooch first seen at the Diamond Jubilee Luncheon in 2012.

Nunn Syndication, POLARIS/PA Wire

Nunn Syndication, POLARIS/PA Wire

The item features acorns and oak leaves, elements in the Middleton family coat of arms.



The origins of the brooch, such as designer or retailer, are unknown.

Below, a look back at previous Christmas styles (from left to right): the aubergine coat by “an independent dressmaker” seen for Kate’s first Sandringham Christmas in 2012 (a design almost identical to the Alexander McQueen coat worn Easter Sunday 2014); the Hobbs Celeste worn in 2013 when attending services with her family; the very popular Blackwatch tartan coat by Alexander McQueen seen for 2013; and last year’s Moloh coat.



We also have a retrospective of Kate’s chapeaux 2011 Jane Corbett created the Duchess’s matching hat, a modified trilby with ruffled accents cascading on the back and the back and piped edges; in 2012 Kate did not wear a hat; for 2013′s services the Duchess wore a new style from Gina Foster, described by the milliner as being a hard shell beret with a large bow; last year Kate wore the very popular ‘Betty Boop’ from Lock and Company.


MirrorPix/Splash, Jesal Parshotam/Splash, Nunn Syndication/Polaris, i-Images

Please forgive the erratic photo sizes and other irregularities, I’m editing on a mobile device that is a bit challenging. We will update later today with more photos and information.

A primary focus of the day is watching the Queen’s annual speech airing at 3pm. Her Majesty wore a tweed dress by Angela Kelly in the video that was taped at Buckingham Palace. For much of the message two photographs are seen to the Queen’s left: one is of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, the other is one of Mario Testino’s pictures from Princess Charlotte’s christening. There is a third photograph, it shows HM with the Duke of Edinburgh, but it is out of frame for a good portion of the message.

The British Monarchy

The British Monarchy

We leave you with the Queen’s Christmas Message.

For all who are celebrating the holiday, Merry Christmas!



  80 Responses to “Kate in Rich Green Coat & Hat for Christmas Day Church Service”

  1. I like this look. Kate very rarely gets it wrong, in my opinion. She seems to dress for the occasion and for a chilly, rainy day in December, she looks very together and comfortable.

    I love your site and always enjoy reading comments from your readers. I am so impressed on how knowledgable they are with brands, designers, etc.

    Thanks for all of your hard work and Happy New Year.

  2. I agree with those who thought the hat was the highlight of this outfit. I also agree with those who felt the belt was too wide and oddly placed. The colors of the coat and hat were close but didn’t quite match. The hat style was amazing. Not a fan of the dress but coordinated nicely with the coat. The whole outfit was a bit bland but still a good for the occasion.

  3. I love that hat. She looks like the princess that she is. Bravo!

  4. I like everything about Kate’s outfit, from the brooch to the hair to the belt to the coat length. Not to mention that divine color of green, which suits Kate immensely.

    What I did NOT like was HM’s fur collar. The color of her coat was gorgeous and fit for a queen, but I personally have strong feelings about where fur belongs. :(

    • I find the green quite muddled. A brighter green would have been nice for Christmas services vs. this olive/avocado number.

  5. Is it just me or does Kate have a habit of doing “themes?” Like here she’s wearing a green coat, green hat, green accessories and a GREEN DRESS. She’d a blue theme once, a red theme, and a few other themes. Kate, I love you, but the accessories don’t have to match the ensemble. It is okay to wear sapphire earrings (or pearl!) with a green coat. Sapphires with, I don’t know, white or purple. Matchy matchy means you are losing your game. COME ON, LET’S GET BACK TO YOUR ACCESSORY GAME!

    Sorry, I just thought I’d say that. Something that’s been on my mind lately concerning her looks.

  6. I have just had a look through the photos now out of the Sunday service and Kate is again wearing her black Aquatalia boots. I am wondering though if they are a new pair? Both here and in the newer photos the boots look to be in better condition. Perhaps she had her old ones properly brushed, but I strongly suspect that she find them comfortable and warm and has opted for a new pair.

  7. I agree with many here that the belt placement is a little odd. The coat is also too long for my taste. I love the hat and overall she looks lovely and completely appropriate for the occasion!

  8. It looks to me as though the coat has been altered. It does not have the full skirt, as described with the original coat. As well, the pockets are not where you would expect them to be nor the same as on the model. I don’t think the belt she wore would have altered the look that much. I did love the look this year. One of my favorites. I love when she wears her hair up in an elegant style like this.

  9. I like last year’s look better, but she looks lovely here. Can’t really be sure, but I think she’s wearing greenish eyeshadow? It looks good, a change to the usual grey/brown. The hair is also lovely.

  10. Beautiful color coat and I love the hat as well.

    Only thing I don’t like is the length of the coat. Never been a fan of coats that go past the knee to be honest. Always have just looked so odd to me.

  11. Hello,
    I wonder if there are any photos of the more brief and informal morning mass. I always enjoy seeing Kate in both outfits. I noticed there weren’t any photos of that last year either. Does Kate still attend those services? Or just there were no photograph to take a picture?

    Thank you very much for answering and I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

  12. Looking at the retrospective, I think this may be my favorite Christmas look yet. Although I agree that the placement of the belt is a bit odd, I prefer it to the one on the model. The brooch is a festive touch. All in all, an elegant and festive style.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  13. I find it hysterical that we were having a discussion on the old ladyishness or not of brooches, and there it was :-) I think the acorn brooch is a beautiful piece and that she wore it well without looking matronly. Did anyone change their mind on the subject?

    • I thought it was very funny too! I think it proves the point that a brooch is a classic piece of jewellery which will always look good on a lady of class and taste, regardless of age.

    • The brooch is beautiful and I don’t think it looks matronly. What I did find odd, although Kate does this often, is that the brooch in no way matched her earrings. I’m sure the earrings were fine with just the dress. When she is wearing a brooch on a coat, however, I think there should be an attempt to have the jewellery coordinate.

  14. I’m so glad it cooled off a bit in London. The winter has been crazy warm in Europe so far (we had 15°C here in Germany for Christmas) and I was worried it would be too hot in the UK for the royals to show their beautiful winter coats! I do like this ensemble better than last year’s, which might be one of my least favourite Kate looks despite the cute hat, though I’m still not crazy about coats of that length. However, I am glad that she went with boots instead of heels this year which makes for a much better combination with such a long coat. I didn’t notice anything odd about the placement of the belt, but the belt itself looks familiar, have we seen it on Kate before?

    I love that Kate continues to wear her favourite boots year after year. I was going through my closet the other day and realised I had amassed quite a boot collection over the past few years, and it made me start to wonder if I had more than the Duchess. A quick search on this site while I started to list them may have debunked that notion, but I think it’s still quite possible we have seen Kate in fewer than ten pairs of boots – which still seems a lot, though she probably has more pairs of black heels!

    Thanks for the post on Christmas, hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!

  15. Not my favorite look (I think she needed a scarf or something) but lovely, of course. Now Her Majesty on the other hand KILLED it. I’m not a fan of fur, but wow was that red flattering!

  16. How very strange to create such a sleek tailored coat and then add a belt which looks so out of place. I don’t know if perhaps Kate’s long torso has exaggerated the effect by pulling her pocket flaps higher than they are on the model, but I think they have forced her to raise the level of the belt, the effect exaggerated by her wearing a thicker version than the original

    Otherwise she is the model of elegance. I love the coat colour on her and while I’ve seen comments that the hat may not be the same shade of green I think it creates a visual match perched on top of her dark hair. The Cezanne dress print is pretty and I’m completely chuffed that we have another open neck coat and not buttoned firmly up to the throat.

    The dress as a whole doesn’t get my vote as I find those knife pleats very odd and wonder if they could ever lie in a flattering way without bulking up around the hips and closing in too narrow at the hem. Her shorter hair makes for a far neater updo, the hat is lovely and the earrings perfect. Love the brooch.

    • I have to agree with you ElizaMo about the oddness of the belt placement. It threw the proportions of the coat off completely. I will also add that while, in general, I like this coat, it is simply another variation of several coats she already owns. I wish she would surprise us with a more out of the box selection.

      • I understand those who wish for more surprises from Kate but I don’t think that’s her style. She sticks with what she knows works for her, and is comfortable in so I think variations are going to be low-key.

        Here we have her casting a glance over a label with more edge, but only where it conforms with her own preferences. Her role is to uphold a very traditional institution and she shows some modest genius in sticking conservative taste without looking stuffy or remote.

        • Yes, I agree ElizaMo, I just feel that she has a little more leeway than she thinks she does. I mean Sophie and Autumn Phillips get away with some relative showstoppers, so why can’t Kate? As you say though, it may not be in her comfort zone at this point, although it certainly was before. I will remain the eternal optimist, however :-)

  17. That belt is really unfortunately fitted. Literally my first thought on seeing this look was “is she pregnant again?”

  18. I think she looks beautiful. Could someone explain the pocket location on Kate’s coat versus in the photo of the sport max coat.. This impacts where her belt falls. Thanks!

  19. Love she chose the edgier tailoring for this coat. Kate with her elegant updo and younger choice of garment was for me the Kate I wsnt to repliKate. Then I saw those Rhumba boots Arghhh. But the coat’s colour and length took away any focus. Only they were mentioned individually here I yet again silently screamed lol. So yes lovely appropriate Kate. I hope your new year’s resolution is to give the Rhumbas to charity and restore your fsbulous fairy tale hair

  20. I thought close ups of her face – make up, hair and hat was wonderful.

    Very lovely.

    • Speaking of hair, who does her hair when she at Anmer? It’s hard to imagine bringing in a London stylist for a one-off Christmas engagement. Maybe there is a local stylist she uses when at home?

  21. Hello ladies!

    Long time follower, new commenter. Overall, I love this look. I like that she returned to a festive color for the occasion.

    I agree with other commenters that the belt is too high, broaching on maternity, though the cut and fit of the coat are decidedly not maternity.

    Does the slight difference in color between the hat and coat bother anyone else? I know it must be extremely difficult to get a perfect match, but I’d prefer a coordinating color (perhaps a black or another color from the dress?) to one that doesn’t quite match.

    I love that you can see a peek of her dress. I think it adds interest much like a piece of jewelry would.

    I love that she wore her hair up. I’m of the camp that would like her to wear it up more. I’m off to find more pictures of the up-do to see it in more detail.!

    The Queen looked wonderful. I love the fur.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Wondering if changing the belt was an attempt to match the green (which has more blue in it) of the hat and dress?

      • I think a similar thing was mentioned to explain the all-green St Patrick’s Day outfit from 2014. She also wore that belt then, with carbon clutch & heels that gave off a more blue-green hue

  22. I like this so much better than last year’s outfit.
    I think that the pocket flaps have been moved higher on Kate’s coat, also maybe some of the fullness taken out of the bottom of the coat when it is compared to the designer photos.
    I liked her hair pulled back and always love those hats!
    Funny to see so many other Royals also in boots. Everyone looked happy and healthy.

  23. Thank you for the lovely photos. The first thing that stood out to me was how high the pockets are, compared to the models’ photos? The tailoring just seems a bit off. Love the hat. Happy holidays!

  24. I have just looked more closely at the photos of the coat. Her belt although a bit wider than the models is right on top of the pockets, the professional photos of the coat show the pockets easily 3 to 4 inches below the belt. I am not sure it is the same coat. Her belt is only an inch wider than the belts on the model but hers is right on top of the pockets. Please someone look at the photos and help clarify:). Ali

  25. The hat is gorgeous. Although she has a few now in a similar style I quite like it, especially with the updo. They look so polished! The colour of the hat is also quite pretty, however it does not match the coat (A bugbear of mine, sorry) which while nice, I’m not really a fan of.
    I had a feeling that was the dress she was wearing underneath, it’s quite nice and adds some interest due to the print.
    Overall an elegant, stylish look using colours that really suit Kate. I dare say the hat and/or coat may resurface again at st Patrick’s day.

  26. While I like this coat and hat, I much prefer last year’s outfit. Perhaps it’s because I have a coat exactly like the brown one and I like not dressing in Christmas colors. No matter, the Duchess looks lovely, as usual.

    I think I’ve had too much dessert today. Hope everyone had a nice day and enjoy the long weekend.

  27. I think the Duchess looks beautiful and classy, as she always does….

  28. The brooch is very pretty. Kate looks lovely. The coat isn’t a favorite, but it’s fine.

    I thought the Queen looked smashing in her bright red, fur-trimmed coat!

  29. Is that belt new? I love her look today

  30. Are we sure it’s the Cezanne dress? It appears to have more blue in it while the Cezanne is pink, red, and purple.

    • Thank you for clarifying!! When I initially saw it, I almost thought it was the dress she wore in March of this year (I believe it was) when she went to see the tea set premiere-thing, but that was a maternity dress. I think it’s so interesting how she really likes abstract prints like this dress, the dress I’m talking about, and that space dress we saw a month or so ago. I would never dare to try to pull something like that off!

    • I’ve learned since posting my own puzzlement that the Cezanne dress comes in two different color schemes. The Duchess clearly owns both.

      • Or maybe all three.

        This is not a dress I much admire, whatever the colors. I didn’t like it the first time I saw it, and I still don’t, whatever the colors.

        However, I should have read through the Admin’s updated post before making my own comments.

        • Agree you about the dress regardless of colours. I am guessing it makes a handy print to show under a V-neck like this, plus it ‘s made from a lightweight fabric which lies better under a coat. Kate regularly has coats that look too tight-fitting presumably when she adds warmer layers underneath.

  31. I wonder if the earrings are the new Kiki McDonough double gold hoop, paired with the green amethyst drops from Christmas past? They look a bit heavier….

  32. Lovely photos. I love her shorter hair–still long enough to wear up for an elegant look. The new hat is classic Kate. Not sure about the high-waisted coat, but it could work as a maternity coat.

  33. My first thought on seeing the belt worn high was I didn’t like it, now on a second look I think it looks good. Thoughts anyone?

    • I do not like the belt she paired with it, Too wide for the high waist. I also do not like the dress with the coat. I love her hair and love her hat. She looks lovely but I am not a fan of the way she has styled this coat with her belt. I also find it odd that her belt worn with the coat does not have an obvious clasp on the front. Am I missing something? Where does her belt open and close, is it on the back which is odd with a coat or does it self close magnetically on the front? The belt is just odd to me and sits too high and wide with the coat. The dress is just too prissy with that more seer style of tailoring the coat has. It looks like a spring party or early September dress, not one to be worn in December user a heavy winter coat. Ali

    • Agree – the belt looks uncomfortably high to my eye. When compared in the side-by-side photos of Kate and the model, it appears that the lapels have been shortened and the pockets raised (??). Anyway, a lovely coat and a happy looking group :-)

      • Why I wonder if it is in fact a different coat. The pockets seem bigger and placed higher up and I too wondered about the lapels. The fabric of her coat appears to be different in terms of finish. Hers has that slightly rougher wool look to it. I did not read the description of the fabric on the model but it looks like a blend maybe. ali

        • I looked at her coat again and hers has a seam at the waist which her belt is above. Maybe the models thin belt covers the seam but I am not sure the coat has been ID’d properly. Could be she altered it. Ali

          • I’m not seeing a seam at the waist, although I’m on a mobile device so the pictures aren’t terribly large. I’ll look again tomorrow when able to view photos more clearly.

            • It may have been on another site. Will look back through my pictures and see if I can find the image.

              • It was the 5th photo down on the hrhduchesskateblog that it looks like a seam under the belt on my computer. Might be a trick of the eye with the photo. I think you have the same photo but smaller so who knows. :)

          • I’ve been attempting to figure out what was going on with this coat as well and, looking at the detailing (in particular what looks like the Swarovksi crystal sewn to the back of the collar–compare the Farfetch images with the close-up of the back of the Duchess’s hair), I believe the ID is correct. However, the coat has been altered so that the pocket flaps are positioned higher up. If you look very closely at the front of the coat in the Farfetch images and the images of the Duchess, you will see two small indentations just below the belt. I would guess these are for buttons or snaps that are on the facing of the coat to prevent it from flapping open if the belt slips. If you look at the position of the pocket flaps with respect to those indentations, you will see that in the Farfetch image, the flaps are below the indentations while in the pictures of the Duchess the flaps are above the indentations, indicating the flaps are in a different position. The change in position of the pocket flaps meant she needed to wear the belt higher up than the model and this also changed the look of the lapels because the belt was now covering what was the endpoint of the lapels in the off-the-rack version. If there are actually pockets under those flaps, you would not be able to raise the flaps on an off-the-rack coat because the pocket slit would still be in the same position and you can’t just sew that up. Therefore, either the off-the-rack version of the coat does not have real pockets under the flaps or the Duchess had the coat custom made with higher pockets.

            The belt she is wearing is likely buckled in the back. I agree it looks too wide in this instance. But, a wide belt is more on-trend than a narrow belt, I think. Better still to not have had the flaps raised, then I think the wide belt would have looked better.

            Overall, I think it was a lovely look for the occasion. Formal enough for a Christmas church service and not as flashy as the bright red of HM’s coat (such a gorgeous coat!). The brooch was a nice touch–festive but not kitschy like a wreath or holly leaves would be.

  34. I like this coat, but I’m a little perplexed on how I feel about the hat. I don’t know if it’s the color or something else.

  35. Am I the only one who doesn’t believe it’s the Great Plains dress? I see blue in the dress today which doesn’t appear in the Cezanne.

  36. Merry Christnas, Susan! Dying to get an ID on the pin. Kate apparently wore it to a Jubilee lunch in 2012. I think it was s gift from HM, reflecting the acorns and oak leaves on the Middleton coat of arms. There is a lot of Royal jewelry with a similar motif.

    In any case, so glad to see Kate accessorize. This look is so polished and well thought out. Perhaps an assist from Angela Kelly?

  37. I like the coat and I love the hat. Dress seems nice, but hard to judge without seeing it properly. Also, it looks like it’s not the same one she wore before, that one seemed more brown than green. Kate has quite a collection of green coats for Saint Patrick’s Day, can’t wait to see which one she wears this March.

  38. Love this look, but the belt on the coat seems too high to me. Love the hat!

  39. I love that coat. I have a suspicion that some will find the belt either a bit high, a bit thin, or a bit shiny, but I care not. I love that coat. The colour is amazing — if I just heard it described it would sound drab, but it looks anything but.

    I will not discuss the hat. It’s Christmas.

    Have a wonderful, festive day, those of you who are celebrating, and a wonderful day, those who are not — and thank you, Susan/admin, for rewarding my impatience with this lovely post!

  40. I’m taking a break from the kitchen to comment. Merry Christmas to all our WKW stalwarts!

    This is a nice coat — I quite like the color — but nothing outstanding or even particularly interesting in terms of design. I noticed in some other photos, moreover, that the sleeves didn’t quite seem to fit the Duchess properly. Possibly they are a touch too long? I’m undecided as to what the problem is, but I think the services of a tailor might be required.

    Are we absolutely certain that’s the Cezanne dress? Somehow, the colors of the print look less intense than they did on the previous wearing. And given that we recently had a bit of a dispute over whether brooches are “old ladyish,” I find it interesting that the Duchess is wearing one. I’ve seen recent evidence that brooches on coats might be an upcoming trend. The Duchess could certainly help encourage it if she starts wearing brooches on her own outerwear.

    Finally, I really love the hat and the updo. They’re the stars of this look, which is otherwise perfectly attractive, just nothing especially notable. Then again, an “especially notable” look probably isn’t all that desirable when one is accompanying the Queen to church.

    Happy Holidays again. Back to grating Gruyere.

  41. Merry Christmas to you too! And thank you for taking time from a busy family day to even make a post. It is, as always, much appreciated.

  42. I have two things to say:
    1)Very pretty brooch
    2)I think it would be better,if she lay off the eyeliner.

    • I am very certain that the brooch is from Bentley-Skinner Jeweler in London. I belive they modified the piece by adding an extra acorn or 2 of pearls to make it different from what us sold to the general public.

      • Wow, am I glad you suggest Bentley & Skinner, that was a designer/retailer for me, they have some stunning pieces! Kate’s brooch is very similar to the Bentley & Skinner. Unfortunately, when doing a few side-by-side shots one can see the leaf detail on Kate’s brooch is different from the Bentley & Skinner leaves. But certainly a great find, and very close to Kate’s style. :(

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