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As promised, we are back with polls on the many styles worn by the Duchess this past week. However, we have an update to Kate’s Calendar to take care of first.

Wednesday, June 22Kensington Palace confirms a Daily Mail report that Kate will host a fundraiser for the EACH Nook Appeal at historic Houghton Hall, the stately home of the Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley. This is where Kate took Charlotte and George to the horse trials. The EACH news release notes William will also be attending. “A Taste of Norfolk” will feature a champagne reception, 5 course dinner and performance by the Treehouse Choir. More from EACH:

A special five course meal will be served with courses created and cooked by five world renowned chefs: Galton Blackiston, Sat Bains, Claude Bosi, Tom Kerridge and Mark Edwards. The evening will also feature a number of exclusive highlights for guests, beginning with a champagne reception featuring musical entertainment by the Jefford Brothers and Sam Aldersey-Williams and magician Archie Manners. 

You may recall Kate’s participation in the launch of the Nook Appeal in November of 2014.

All Photos by James Whatling/Splash News

All Photos by James Whatling/Splash News

From our 2014 post:

EACH hopes to raise £10 million for construction of a new hospice that would allow things like more overnight accommodations, more private family support areas and treatments such as hydrotherapy. Below, a rendering showing how the hoped-for new hospice would look.

She also took part in the formal opening of an EACH store this March.

©NPA Pool/i-Images/Polaris

©NPA Pool/i-Images/Polaris


Now to our primary topic, polls asking for your favorites from this busy week of engagements.

Next week we will do jewelry polls, as well as our very last poll. That final poll will ask for your favorite overall look, what entire ensemble (clothing, hat, shoes, bag, jewelry) you liked the most. So keep that in mind as we do all of the polls for individual items.  We begin with your choice of favorite dress/coatdress as a standalone item, not including accessories.

The week started with the annual Sports Ball celebrating SportsAid’s 40th anniversary. Kate wore the ‘Nansen’ gown from by Roland Mouret


©Splash News/Polaris/Emily Andrews, The Sun/Emily Andrews, The Sun

 A weekend of events marking the Queen’s 90th birthday started with a National Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral when Kate wore a new Catherine Walker coatdress.



For the Queen’s Birthday parade, also known as Trooping the Colour, the Duchess brought back the custom Alexander McQueen coatdress first seen at Princess Charlotte’s christening. This is a tough one because the event precludes full length photos.

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Splash News

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Splash News

We saw a new dress by Roksanda Ilincic at the Patron’s Lunch, a giant picnic on the Mall in London. 

©Stephen Lock, i-Images /

©Stephen Lock, i-Images / Splash News / Polaris

For Order of the Garter Kate wore the red ensemble by Catherine Walker first seen during the North American tour. 

©Polaris/Splash News/Polaris/i-Images

©Polaris/Splash News/Polaris/i-Images

Kate chose her Day Birger et Mikkelsen brocade coat for the annual garden party in Northern Ireland.

©Polaris / Stephen Lock, i-Images

©Polaris / Stephen Lock, i-Images

Kate and William’s first time at Royal Ascot brought a repeat of the Dolce and Gabbana Cotton Blend Lace Dress first seen at the Queen’s Royal Windsor birthday spectacular.

©Polaris/Polaris/i-Images/Splash News

©Polaris/Polaris/i-Images/Splash News

NOTE: The ensue blue with the Tory Burch dress and Ralph Lauren jacket worn to the US Embassy for the signing of the Book of Condolence is omitted deliberately.


In the chapeaux department there were quite a few new pieces and some previously worn favorites. At the National Service of Thanksgiving on Friday we saw the the Jane Taylor style first worn for Princess Charlotte’s christening.


©Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Nunn Syndication, Polaris/i-Images

Trooping the Colour brought a new hat by Philip Treacy.

©Splash News/Splash News/Polaris

©Splash News/Splash News/Polaris

For Order of the Garter Kate returned to a lush Lock and Company piece initially worn to the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant in 2012.


©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Nunn Syndication, Polaris / i-Images

At the next day’s Garden Party Kate sported a new piece by Lock and Company, the milliner’s Morning Rose Perching Hat.



For her first appearance at Royal Ascot Kate debuted the ‘Una,’ a new (to us) design by Jane Taylor.

©Nunn Syndication / Polaris

©Nunn Syndication / Polaris

(No hat was worn at the Sportsaid dinner or Patron’s Lunch.)


In the footwear department we saw just one pair of new shoes among the many styles worn during the hectic week.

At the SportsAid dinner Kate was in Gianvito Rossi’s Sisely suede sandal. Unfortunately I do not have a good photo of Kate wearing these heels.

Gianvito Rossi

Gianvito Rossi

For the Service of Thanksgiving Kate wore her Gianvito Rossi ‘Praline’ suede heel.

©Polaris / N

©Polaris / N

At the  Patron’s Lunch walkabout the Duchess was in her LK Bennett Fern heels.

©Splash News/LK Bennett

©Splash News/LK Bennett

We saw new heels for Order of the Garter ceremonies, another pair of of Gianvito Rossi suede pumps, this time in a deep red.

© /Net-a-Porter/

© /Net-a-Porter/

When at the Garden Party on Tuesday Kate brought back her Fern heels by LK Bennett.

Kate Busy June 2016 Week LK Bennett Fern Heels Garden Party Northern Ireland S Lock images Montage made June 17 2016

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

The praline Gianvito Rossi suede heels returned for Royal Ascot.


My Theresa / Polaris

(There is nothing shown for Trooping the Colour because we did not see Kate’s shoes.)


We now move to handbags, starting with the SportsBall, when the Duchess carried her Prada clutch.

© /Prada

©i-Images /Prada

For Friday’s Service of Thanksgiving Kate had her LK Bennett Nina clutch.

© /LK Bennett

© Splash News /LK Bennett

Once again, the constraints of Trooping the Colour impacted our ability to see the bag Kate carried, although there is one image The Daily Mail published that shows Kate carrying a clutch. It looks like the ‘buttercream’ suede version of the Mulberry Bayswater Clutch Wallet that we first noted on the April tour.



At the Patron’s Lunch the Duchess returned to her Nina clutch from LK Bennett.

Splash News/LK Bennett/Splash News

©Splash News/LK Bennett/Splash News

For Monday’s Order of the Garter we saw the red suede clutch by Alexander McQueen again.


©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Andrew Parsons, i-Images

The Nina clutch by LK Bennett returned for the Northern Ireland Garden party.

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Stephen Lock, i-Images

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Stephen Lock, i-Images

Kate brought back a favorite for Royal Ascot, the LK Bennett Natalie clutch.

Polaris/LK Bennett/Polaris

©Polaris/LK Bennett/Polaris

Early next week we’ll have our jewelry polls along with the one asking for your favorite overall look, the ensemble you most liked.

  36 Responses to “EACH Engagement Confirmed & Your Favorites From The Busy Week”

  1. i love you this blog. will duchess wear gown or dress at gala wendesday??

  2. I don’t remember Kate debuting so many earrings in such a condensed time frame! We saw three new pairs. Actually that was the case during her trip to India/Bhutan as well.

    Regardless, always such a pleasure to see a new pair on her! :)

    Waiting for the jewelry poll. I know how much ElizaMo loves that Mappin and Webb pendant. :)

  3. I thought the top poll was a no-brainer, the Roland Mouret was such a stand-out look for the Duchess. And the Treacy hat stood out as exceptional, perfect for the occasion and stunning on Kate I also had no trouble picking out those red Gianvtito Rossi courts, such a relief to see the Duchess branch out into some serious colour for a change.

    I was impressed to find my opinions coincided with the majority on the three whole polls, but I managed to avoid the popularity tag on the last as I couldn’t make my mind up about the bags. Here I stuck to safe, anonymous workhorse LKB Nina and picked it out against the colour-block Ilincic dress which I thought was a stand-out day dress. I was sorry to see the dress scored so low earlier, although on reflection the Nina was possibly a better match with the Thanksgiving outfit.

    In fact I thought all Kate’s looks were well coordinated and thought-through and she has looked consistently lovely in the floods of photos we’ve enjoyed. She may have cracked the Royal thing, I think.

    What lovely polls – thanks so much for all your hard work putting them together. Looking forward to the EACH date – do I sense some bling potential there? Fingers crossed!

  4. Thanks for this wonderfully comprehensive post and these fun polls! Your website is always so thoughtfully done and a pleasure to read.

    -Long-time reader and very occasional poster, Leslie.

  5. Tough choices above because I really have to hand it to the Duchess…she looked fabulous this past week!

    The one comment I’ll make is about those Gianvito Rossi suede pumps in both red and praline. I studied them beside a picture of the nude LK Bennett Fern pumps, and while there is little difference in silhouette, somehow the Rossi pumps just look better on Catherine (my opinion, of course). The heel is slightly higher, and the Rossi shoe is perhaps more “structured” in that it doesn’t curve so deeply toward the outside in coming around the toe—if that makes any sense. A beautiful shoe, indeed.

    Still love those nude, platform LK Bennett pumps that the Duchess used to wear all the time…miss them! :-)

  6. The red Rossi pumps are maybe the most fabulous shoes I’ve ever seen Kate wear.

  7. Do we know what she carries in those clutches? They are pretty small (for example, I don’t think that an eyeglass case would fit inside most of them). I’m guessing tissues. Perhaps lipstick. Are they big enough for a thin cell phone?

    • According to the Daily Mail…

      “In the small clutch bag she took on tour to Canada, she carried a compact mirror, blotting paper, a handkerchief and lip balm.”

      It’s assumed the blotting paper was to help ensure her makeup and face always stayed fresh-looking and not shiny.

    • I think she could easily carry. Cell phone. drivers licensee, credit card and some cash in a clip or thin leather card holder, lipstick or gloss/moisturiser, mascara if she wants, tissue, female supplies, aspirin, tin or roll of hard candy.

    • The Queen carries special things from her family.

  8. fun poll! what about adding makeup and hair (perhaps as one category, as he makeup do not vary that much) to the poll?

  9. Might I also suggest a hair poll, if one isn’t already in the works? I know this is a fashion site but I feel this is the most variation I’ve seen in her hairstyles in such a short period and there were some great updos. Also a poll regarding how well a whole look worked together rather than breaking it down into its component parts as that is really the mark of good style.

  10. Such fun! This blog provides us with the opportunity to “Royal Watch” in a positive fun manner. Thanks for all your efforts. It has been a busy week for you (and Kate), but fun for the rest of us

  11. Great post and polls! :D

  12. Well, of course I had to pick the Mouret evening dress among the clothes, because it represented my own design sensibilities and tastes so precisely. However, I like the McQueen christening coat quite a bit and thought it looked great with the blush hat. I just wanted to put in another word for it.

    However, though I’m well in the majority on the Mouret, I’m far in the minority on the hat. I loved that Morning Rose percher hat, whereas the other hats, while charming, were all perhaps a little more flowery than is my preference. The Rose hat itself represents a flower, but it’s a rather pared-down, minimalist interpretation, which I appreciate That sort of restrained, creative abstraction always appeals to me. Incidentally, I think that design would look splendid in black or navy.

    I picked the Rossi sandals for the shoes but also loved the truly yummy color of the Rossi praline pumps. Apropos of the latter, it was interesting that we had a bit of a debate on whether suede is suitable for warm weather events, with the Americans saying “No” and those across the pond disagreeing.

    Just for the record, I am one American who comes down on the side of “Yes” when the color is pale, and I think the “praline” shade qualifies. I’ve seen cream and beige suede look splendid in the summer months and am unwilling to rule out any fabric or form of leather solely for reasons of the season. Rules like that dictated women’s dress for far too long, and it’s well past time to throw them out. If lightweight — “summerweight” — wools can be worn by both men and women in hot weather, so can suede in pale shades. It’s no heavier than smooth leather, after all.

    I haven’t really admired most of the clutches carried by the Duchess. There are better versions she could choose, in my opinion. However, the black Prada clutch is an elegant little item. I’d be happy to carry it myself.

    • I like that black Prada clutch, too!

      For me, nothing comes close to the perfection of that blue Mouret dress. The fit, the color, the architecture of the dress all appeal to me. It’s a minimalist’s dream dress.

      • I agree with both points, Ellen. I wish she could pull this off this effect for all her public engagements.

        • I can’t help thinking the answer to that is ‘she’s only human!’ I can imagine it being quite some challenge to have to pick out endless smart outfits!

          • Oh, I agree ElizaMo. I can’t even begin to imagine all that she must consider when choosing her public wardrobe. It’s just my in a perfect world dream.

          • I often think how Kate is churning out these outfits with only a small team to help. Yer Hollywood A lister red carpet type can have the equivalent of an entire film studio for back-up. In Kate’s case I can imagine a schedule that’s tight only needs for her to have one ‘off’ day and all manner of horror might slip through. I think she’s protected to some extent by her own caution which makes any blunder mercifully muted

            • I agree with that. Also, I have to say that I wouldn’t want her to have a Hollywood caliber style team anyway. Perfection isn’t all that interesting most of the time. Just hoping we see more along the lines of the RM gown. The minimalistic approach works well for her.

    • I admire you for putting in a good word for the Morning Rose hat, you’re helping me to get a fresh take on it. And I also like your sandal pick for the shoes — it makes sense as it’s the one pair that have a distinctive design against the onward march of the courts.

      And you’re bang on with the Prada clutch as well, it is much more wearable for lesser mortals. The pallid Nina is something I’d have trouble teaming up with much as my own go-to clutch selections are all nearly serviceable dark tones. I think it’s a very princessy choice and fulfils the royal function. Otherwise I’d find it an inconvenient pale blob which failed to go with much of anything.

    • Based on your comments on this blog, I can not tell you how intrigued I am to see your wardrobe Lili! It sounds impeccable and beyond fault. :)

      • Oh, good grief, I have made my own blunders! Legions of them!

        However, you reach a point where you are certain enough of your tastes and needs that you make far fewer mistakes than you once did. In my 20s and 30s, I often bought things I later realized were major mistakes. Today — not so much. That’s one of the advantages of age and perspective.

        The people who say youth is wasted on the young are not always correct — the young have energy, daring, and fearlessness that every culture sorely needs — but when it comes to clothes, serious taste and judgment are qualities you acquire and hone with age. This means that during the years clothes are likely to look best on you, you aren’t all that likely to possess the best taste.

        It’s one of the great ironies of life.

        • Well said! Being mid-thirty myself I absolutely understand about the blunders in the 20s part. One often looks back and wonders what was I thinking! I guess it is a journey that we all have to take as you so rightly pointed.

          Always such a pleasure reading your comments. :)

    • Even if I liked suede shoes in the summer, these aren’t that pale and they are highly incongruous with this lightweight, light-colored, lacy dress.

  13. Lots of fun! Thank you, Susan.

    Would you please share with us the thought process behind listing the LK Bennett Nina clutch separately with each outfit as opposed to just once Within the category of handbags? Thanks!

    • HI Susan, that is a good question. Things were structured this way so people could decide how they liked the bag with any given outfit. We have had comments about the way a specific bag worked (or didn’t) with a certain outfit and this afforded the opportunity to take that into consideration. Perhaps someone thinks the Nina is their favorite and it was ideal for the Patrons Lunch, but ghastly at the Garden Party. I did the same thing with the shoes, and we’ll see that methodology again with the jewelry. :)

    • I decided to tot up all the Nina totals and give it a third place ;-)

  14. It was interesting to see Kate’s blue and peach dress in the context of the cobalt and orange combination that The Queen wore to Ascot this week.

  15. I LOVE her ponytail from the Nook launch in 2014. That with the dress remains one of my favorite of her looks ever.

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