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Kate was in a new coat by Erdem for today’s engagements with Prince William in Manchester.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Manchester

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

The pair started their day at The National Football Museum. Upon arriving they met some local schoolchildren who were having some early Halloween fun. More from Simon Perry’s People story:

A group of mischievous school kids decided to have a little fun with the royal couple’s visit to Manchester on Friday morning by wearing masks of the royal family, including Kate and Will themselves!

Back to the People piece:

“Have you taken the day off school today?’ William asked one of the kids before spotting the mask.
“Oh, is that really me?” he joked. “It’s quite creased, you look like you have been sitting on it!”

In the quick video you can see/hear William looking at his mask.

This was the couple’s first official trip to the city together. Kate visited Manchester in April of 2013.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From The Daily Mirror’s coverage

They headed straight for a reception with some young Mancunians, who are making a difference to their communities.

Then it was off for a tour of the museum, which aims to explain to fans and non-fans alike how and why football has become ‘the people’s game’, a key part of England’s heritage and way of life.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

William donned gloves as he looked at a ball from the 1966 World Cup, the year England won the Cup. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Greeting crowds after touring the Museum.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

While greeting people on the crowd Prince William met a young lady whose story prompted him to break his no-selfie rule. More from the Manchester Evening News:

Prince William broke his own ‘no selfie’ rule and posed for a photo with a 16-year-old girl who is recovering from a bone marrow transplant.

Rachel Simpson joked with the Prince that she shared the same ginger hair colour as his brother, Harry, as she told him about her long recovery outside Manchester Town Hall.

She said: “It was incredible, he was so lovely. He told me he doesn’t normally pose for pictures or selfies but he would break his rule for me.

Rachel shared a photo on her Facebook page.

Rachel Simpson Facebook (Click photo to go to Rachel's page)

Rachel Simpson Facebook (Click photo to go to Rachel’s page)

The Duke and Duchess then moved to the Manchester Town Hall.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images / Polaris

Their primary focus was a World War I Centenary event.  

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

More from the Manchester Evening News:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take a look at commemorative paving stones to honour World War One Victoria Cross recipients after laying a wreath in their memory at the cenotaph in St Peter’s Square.

Six paving stones were unveiled today, one for each Mancunian who received the Victoria Cross. The ceremony was held at the town’s Cenotaph, designed by British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. Other war memorials designed by the renowned architect include the one in Whitehall where the annual Remembrance Sunday service is held, as well as India Gate, visited by the Duke and Duchess as part of their tour this April. 

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Kate and William laid a wreath of poppies at the memorial.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

And spent time chatting with families of the Victoria Cross recipients.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The couple’s next stop was the University of Manchester’s National Graphene Institutewhere they toured “state of the art cleanrooms and laboratories.” You see them being welcomed by President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell.



Prince William in the world’s first graphene car. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Below, Kate signing a photograph that went into a time capsule at the University.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The couple’s final engagement was at Francis House Hospice

©Mirrorpix/Splash News

©Mirrorpix/Splash News

The hospice was opened in 1991 by Diana, Princess of Wales. More from People:

During the emotional visit, the royal couple walked by a large photograph of the prince’s late mother on the wall, and William commented on how nice it was to have the “family connection.”

“I was saying I was here when Princess Diana opened Francis House 25 years ago, and he said it’s nice to have the family connection and that it feels very family here,” said Natalie Hands, clinical leader of Francis House.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The hospice provides services to 370 children, teenagers and young adults.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The Duke and Duchess toured a new £3.5 million wing at the facility, and met patients and family members, as well as volunteers and staff. The hospice has an online shop offering things like the Francis House Mouse (£5), Jigsaw Puzzle Bracelet(£3) and Hoodies (£26), with proceeds going to Francis House.

Francis House

Francis House

Now to what Kate wore for the day’s engagements, an Erdem coat from the designer’s 2016 Resort collection in a navy and pink pattern with white flecks.

Both Photos: ©Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

Both Photos: ©Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

Michelle of Perth’s Fashion Style identified the piece. The knee-length coat features a fitted bodice, inset waistband, concealed placket with snap closures, lightly padded shoulders, and two flap pockets on each side that hit near the upper hip.



Hopefully the pink arrows will help show where the pocket flaps are located, this is an example of a pattern being well-matched at the seams.


The coat also has softly rounded lapels.

©James Whatling/Splash News

©James Whatling/Splash News

Below left we show a dress in the same fabric, the Atella Check Print Sheath, a piece found by Kate’s Closet. On the right, Erdem’s ‘Mae’ coat ($1009), a piece Kate Middleton Style discovered.

Saks Fifth Avenue/Matches Fashion

Saks Fifth Avenue/Matches Fashion

The fabric used for the Mae coat shown above is a perforated neoprene, the same sort of material used for diving suits. But while the pattern on the sheath dress and Kate’s coat is the same (in a different colorway), the fabric is not pierced as the neoprene coat is; the textile is described as polyester and elastene on the Saks website.

i-Images/Matches Fashion

i-Images/Matches Fashion

More from The Telegraph:

With its oversized grey, pink, blue and black check print, the design has a distinctly British and wintery feel with just enough pops of colour to ensure the crowds could spot the Duchess at a distance.

Kate appears to be wearing the same garment beneath the coat today as she wore under a Paule Ka suit seen in at an April 2012 engagement.

Chris Jackson/PA Wire

Chris Jackson/PA Wire

A closer look, with thanks to Alyssa on Twitter and Kate J on the Facebook page for sharing their recollection of this detail, something yours truly would *never* have remembered.

©James Whatling, Splash / PA Wire

©James Whatling, Splash / PA Wire

The Duchess also wore Erdem for her first Manchester visit in April of 2013, the brand’s Sophia dress.

©Polaris / Net-a-Porter

©Polaris / Net-a-Porter

Kate has shown a fondness for this designer’s dresses and coat. We show other Erdem outerwear the Duchess has worn: a bespoke grey design for the Commonwealth Day service this March, and the green ‘Allie’ coat first noted in April 2014 and worn several times since.

©James Whatling, Splash / i-Images,Polaris

©James Whatling, Splash / i-Images, Polaris

Kate accessorized with her Rupert Sanderson Malory pumps in navy suede ($675). The shoe features a pointed toe and 100mm heel, that is roughly 4″. (We have a repliKate here.)

Rupert Sanderson / i-Images

Rupert Sanderson / i-Images

The Duchess carried her Frome clutch by LK Bennett.

©i-Images/LK Bennett

Penelope on the Facebook page suggests LK Bennett’s Fay clutch as a repliKate, it is a little longer than the Frome and has the added bow.

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

The Duchess wore a new pair of earrings by Oscar de la Renta. They measure about 2/3″ in diameter and feature a faux pearl inside a hammered gold-plated pewter border.

Net-a-Porter / i-images / Net-a-Porter

Net-a-Porter / i-images / Net-a-Porter

They are available at Zappos ($190), as well as Net-a-Porter ($190) and at Halsbrook, along with Farfetch (for a slightly higher price - $217). Our thanks to Kate J. on the Facebook page and Sarah of the Royals and I on Twitter for their speedy identification of the earrings. While we usually steer clear of Diana/Kate comparisons in this space, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Duchess’s earrings are somewhat similar to those worn by the late Princess in 1991. Diana’s are a mabé style and Kate’s are not, but they both feature a strong goldtone border with a central pearl. 

©Polaris/Kensington Palace

©Polaris/Kensington Palace

A look at Kate’s hair for the first two engagements.

©James Whatling, Splash / Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©James Whatling, Splash / Nunn Syndication/Polaris

When we next saw Kate at the University her hair was down.

©Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

©Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris

We will see you Tuesday for the Team GB/Paralympics GB reception at Buckingham Palace.


  91 Responses to “A New Erdem Coat for Kate’s Day in Manchester with William”

  1. Seems I missed commenting on this coat. Well it’s ugly and baggy and looks like a night sky you might see floating on the walls of a nursery

  2. Mixed reviews. I don’t like the coat at all. The fit is good – thank god its a V neck – but the fabric is too busy and heavy. The colours are also rather ugly IMO. Wonderful to see coloured shoes and purse, but I think the balance between the heavy looking coat and the stiletto hells is wrong. She needs a more substantial heel. Also feel the earring is wrong for this outfit. Needs a stronger statement esp in colour. Love the low ponytail styling. Simple and sophisticated but younger than the low chignon and not as young as hair flying around.

  3. Hmmmm…..I find I prefer the dress to the coat, but the more I look at the latter the more it grows on me. It’s a very unique design and the colors are very lovely and beautiful on the Duchess. I have a strong feeling that this is one of those outfits that looks better in person because it probably doesn’t photograph well. I don’t usually make Kate/Diana comparisons either, but I think the Duchess wore a plaid looking print and almost identical earrings as a subtle, respectful nod to Princess Diana. I bet her presence was felt strongly there and it’s a wonderful charity they are supporting! Catherine’s hair looks absolutely beautiful and I truly would love to have her head of hair!!! I feel this was an appropriate outfit for the occasion and flatters her frame quite nicely. I am getting spoiled by all of these appearances she is making!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow (or today) engagement!!

  4. I think my problem with the coat is the little flecks of pink and other colors on the dark background. That is what looks messy to my eye. The strong lines, even with the slightly blurred edges on them, are fine. Looking at the pictures of the wreath laying, from further away, the flecks aren’t (as) visible and so it looks neater. And the black top underneath, given she is wearing navy shoes (which I love), is just wrong, pretty as it could be as a standalone piece or with a black pant/pencil skirt.

    I too wish she didn’t feel like she had to emulate Diana so much. She is a strong and professional woman in her own right and I hope she does not feel like she is living in Dianas shadow.

  5. I like the coat. It’s not one I would ever buy for myself, since I don’t need to own as many coats as a royal and can therefore be a lot more picky, but I like it on Kate. It fits very well, it’s not too short, and I love the attention to detail with the fabric on the pocket flaps lining up with the rest of the coat. It was nice to see the navy pumps come out again too, it must mean winter is coming. ;)

    Seeing her hair in the ponytail from the back, it looks so much different than from the front/side. I always do some version of ponytail twists like that, but I can only dream of getting so much volume in the twists. I have serious hair envy!

  6. Hmmm.

    I think this is a miss for me. I want to like the whole look – I love her hair in low ponytails usually, and I like when she tries different patterns or colors and the plaid certainly fits that – but its falling flat for some reason.

    I think my issue is the opposite of many readers here – I don’t think she looks matronly or older, I think she actually looks younger. Like really young, almost like a little school girl playing dress up. The coat seems to dwarf her – too heavy, too much material, the ponytail – which again I normally like – seems to make her look younger as well.

    I also don’t like that she changed her hair style. In theory its fine, but then she is talking to people and signing things with her hair falling in her face. Keeping it pulled back probably would have made more sense in that respect.

  7. Love, love the coat! I think the entire look was perfection and she accessorized very well -tights would have made it a very dowdy look and the shoes and bag are lovely. I think both hair styles were successful and I have a sneaking suspicion that her pony tail wasn’t holding so she kept her hair down for the last visit – there’s a photo that makes it appear as though her hair was working it’s way loose.

  8. This is probably a crazy question for most of you, but I was wondering if one wears a dress under a dress coat or if it is considered both a dress and a coat?

    • Usually a light dress is worn under a dress coat. Oftentimes WKW will report on the dress Kate wears under her dress coat if a portion of it can be seen and identified, such as a hem or collar.

  9. I am so-so on the coat. Tho as others have said, it would look like my grandmother’s bathrobe if I wore it – coupled with what would be an unsuccessful attempt to walk in those heels. . . .

    I do like the hair off her face and the shoes/bag. But the jewelry is way off, as is the black lace thing – that should have been navy to match the shoes/bag or even pink to match the suit. Black is too close to navy in color – or she should have worn black shoes/bag . . . .I wish she would get the accessories right. There is almost always something small that is off.

  10. When will Kate be free from the Diana comparisons or supposed tributes? She received Diana’s ring. She gave her daughter Diana’s name. Does she have to honor Diana every time she does something that Diana did? When she was alive, I was as interested in Diana as any one else. But the constant comparison and “demand” that anything Kate wears must be in tribute to her is getting a little morbid. If Kate wears polka dots, it is in tribute. If she wears military, it is to honor her. Enough is enough.

  11. I thought this coat was an unexpected look and a win. A bold plaid like this works best on someone as tall and fit as Kate and agreed this is one of the many times the outfit looked better on Kate than on the professional model! I could have done without the white flecks, but maybe that’s just me. And she did look great teamed with William’s suit.

    I also just DO NOT GET how Kate manages in pointy-toed heels all day. And when you see her bare feet in evening sandals they look unscathed by all the heels. I wish I had that ability!

    Thank you dear Administrator for showing us the comparison-to-Diana pix. Such an interested subtext to these appearances and I also wonder if this is something Kate and William discuss in advance. Like many Americans, I was awakened to the British royal family through Diana and these photos of her bring back memories. I wore all those styles and many make me cringe a bit now, though!

    • She doesn’t wear heels for that long. She wears heels often, but doesn’t wear them, as you said, all day. And doesn’t wear open-toe sandals/evening sandals that often either. That is why we don’t see her feet damaged from heels.

      • I know that when she was in new york city….the event was no more than 40 minutes. I don’t know what the general rule is…..I agree it’s not as if she is wearing them for a 7 hour day
        (as many ladies here do!)

    • I prefer pointed toed shoes to rounded. I have small feet for my frame (US6) and the toe makes my feet look a little bigger. I can wear them all day 10-12 hours no problem as long as I am not hiking. I promise they are comfortable.

  12. I sincerely hope everyone is reading too much into Kate’s outfit and that she is not trying to emulate her late mother in law through her clothes. To me that is not honoring Diana but crossing the line into some weird zone with the danger of appearing in costume. If she would like to include the memory of Diana within an engagement, wearing the late princess’s favorite color or a pair of her earrings would be a far better tactic imo.

    • Same here. The Diana and 1950′s ers cosplay really creep me out :(

      • While some of Kate’s vintage outfits are more successful than others, I think her tapping into mid century looks is genius given the modesty requirements of her job. I’m not convinced that this Erdem is an attempt at emulating Diana (although the earrings certainly seem to be). However, if it is, I am finding the intention very misplaced. I love that she has Diana’s ring and that PG wears PW’s hand me downs. I love that ,perhaps, Kate wears Diana’s sapphires and the tiara associated with her but this nodding to Diana by echoing what she wore at a certain place in time is crossing the line in my mind . It feels morose and, yes, a little creepy for lack of a better word.

    • Seriously. I loved Diana but let’s be real, everything from the 80s and 90s looks super dated now, including much of what she wore. The height of style at the time but not remotely stylish now. Like the earrings that Kate is sporting here. Whether she is doing it as a homage to Diana or she just has bad taste in accessories, it should stahhhp.

  13. I felt the coat was great , mostly because if she choose yet another solid color coat it would have just been more of the same! She has so many. This one was “alive” in my opinion and more interesting to see her in. I am still in awe at how she manages to were 4″ heels all day! She looked great in the whole outfit. I don’t know if she wore the earrings to remember Diana, but if she did what a lovely thought and sentiment! Your post and the Duchess photos make my week. Thank you

  14. I like the coat on Kate – but I don’t like it on the model AT ALL. Love the shoes…I do think that the color “finishes” the outfit a little better than the nude she often wears. I had a pair of earrings like Kate’s once upon a time – mine were cheap costume jewelry and hers are obviously nicer but it feels like a throwback to the 80s. I hope it’s a tribute to Diana and not a new trend.

  15. I quite liked the coat, but agree with other comments that it looked a little busy. I think that it looked great in the pictures of Kate and William alone (such as laying the wreath). Their outfits are carefully coordinated and look good together, but with the crowds of people in the background, her coat gets lost in the busyness.
    I liked her hair both up and down, but thought that a hat would have been appropriate for the wreath laying.
    Nice shoes and bag and the earrings were bolder than usual, which I liked.

  16. Pretty coat and new hairstyle — win!

  17. I just love her coat. She looks gorgeous.

  18. I like the blue and pink but as with so many of Catherine’s coats/dresses,the waistline does not fall at her natural waist. It always seems a bit high to me and so throws the whole outfit off.

  19. I just cannot believe how much better she looked as soon as she let her hair down!! There is such a drastic difference in the photos. In the post-hair-change photos, my overwhelming feeling was, “There she is! Kate’s back!” because she looked so much like 2011-2012 Kate, the one we all fell in love with.

    And the thing is, I actually liked her first hairstyle earlier in the day, I thought it was pretty. But when someone has hair as stunningly gorgeous as Kate’s is, it seems a shame to ever put it up.

    She seemed happier and more relaxed with it down as well, IMO. I know many view her hair as her “security blanket,” and that may well be true, but she also might just feel she looks her best with it down and with her signature blowout.

    Re: her changing it mid-day, my theory is that she saw photos (or a mirror) from the first engagement, realized that even though she is so slim, that coat was so bulky that it made her look a bit boxy, and changed her hair to be fuller so it would “even out” her silhouette. Either that or it came loose and instead of fixing it, she just took it out of the ponytail :)

    • Totally agree. Her hair looked phenomenal down … the best glossy, bouncy Kate hair! It balanced out the coat and everything worked better.

  20. The check of the coat is too “loud” in my opinion. And such an expensive designer coat is made of polyester! I do not understand why she is choosing so often outfits made of materials like 100 % polyester etc. and not of natural materials like wool, cotton or silk. As a royal she is a role model for many people around the world. If she would wear natural materials she could set an important sign for sustainability in the media focus. Sustainability is important to Kate and William when it goes to save endagered animals and nature. Sustainability begins in the closet.

    Kate should not try to “connect” to Princess Diana’s style. Kate dresses according to the royal fashion rules perfectly but she has to walk on her own fashion path here and now and not in the past. I think the engagement ring is burden enough for her.

  21. Love the hair but don’t love the coat or earrings and I am surprised that the opinion is split on this! Maybe because I am old enough to remember the textured plaid fabric that was a favorite for upholstering couches in the 1970s and also the big pearl dish-like earrings of the 1980s. Today both looked to me like things out of the attic.

  22. So glad for the non-taupe shoes. I don’t think this coat is particularly flattering on her. Not a hit, not a terrible miss, but as many commentators mentioned, a bit busy/fussy, with shape not well-defined. The 1950′s style earrings are an unflattering jarring note. Her lovely morganite would surely have provided a more coordinated look. But the whole thing is so much better than the Amsterdam suit, with its baggy bottom, thin revealing back, and wrinkles not only on the skirt but also the sleeves. There is practically no unwrinkled area. Color and (once again) 1950′s style are not unapproriate for the visit, but the wrinkles are embarassing!

    • The morganite earrings would have been *perfect* with this. Which leads me to believe that it was in fact an intentional nod to Diana to wear these instead.

  23. This looks like a case of too much blanket and not enough coat. With so much going on in plaid pattern and boucle texture, tailoring details, even the admirable matched seams, are more or less lost. The overall effect is kind of lumpy and the coat does little for Kate’s fabulous figure.

    This is Erdem getting too fussy for my taste and something of a let-down given Kate’s many winning picks in the coats department. I also think it a mistake to wear further embellishment in the shape of a lace-edged top at the neckline and this one needed something plain. At least Kate avoided adding a necklace.

    I love the updo, that one’s a real winner. I love the new earrings and remain a keen fan of the plain Sanderson courts. I was surprised to find the whole outfit looked a lot better in the wreath-laying pics – perhaps distance lent some enchantment to the confusion felt in close-up.

    It’s just possible of course that the coat simply doesn’t photograph well. The ceremony also made sense of a relatively formal hairstyle. There’s something faintly Victorian in the way Kate is adopting up-styles that partly cover her ears.

  24. I’ve noticed that this is the second time Kate has worn jewelry that resembles Diana’s jewelry style. I’m wondering if we will eventually see more of Diana’s jewelry on her in the near future.

  25. Don’t like this coat. She owns so many other coats to choose from and re-wear that are nicer and less-busy. To buy something this expensive and to be this ugly is a big miss. I did like her navy shoes and purse and her different hair styles, but not a fan of those earrings either. She owns several other pearl earrings that she could’ve re-worn, like some pretty pearl studs she hasn’t been seen wearing in a long time, or any other of her pearl drops would’ve worked better than these new ones today.

  26. Except for the grey coat worn to the Commonwealth Service in March, Erdem may be my least favorite designer in Catherine’s closet. It’s usually a miss in my book, and this piece is no exception.
    NOTE: Admin edit

  27. I feel that if the material was cut with the pink going vertically rather than horizontally it would look better. The coat would also look better a little shorter with tights or a polo. Love her hair!

  28. She wore dark heels!!!! I love the navy shoes, and wish that she would have worn them with the blue dress for the Netherlands. I too am glad not to be seeing nude shoes and clutch. The coat is a bit busy in my opinion, and the bit of lace showing at the neckline adds to the busy-ness. I don’t care for the gray Erdem coat that she wore previously for the Commonwealth service – too buttoned up and matronly.
    Kate has some outfits that are exquisite and other ventures seem to really miss the mark, surprisingly so outside of her comfort zone of trim and tailored and chic.

  29. Honestly, i loved this look. The low ponytail is classy , and finally by popular demand , the duchess seems to have listened to us and worn colored footwear and clutch , yayy for that:))
    The ERdem coat doesnt fit well on the model but it looks wonderful and fits so well on kate

  30. I like the coat a lot and am glad she wore navy shoes instead of the dreaded nude pumps. But I hate the mismatched clutch and the giant 80s earrings. Her accessories game is just never on point all the way around.

  31. I am rarely a fan of the Duchess’ Erdem selections. I really liked the grey ensemble from the Commonwealth Day services (minus the hat and the mismatched grey items) and her navy lace Erdem from the first Canadian tour remains in my top 5 DOC outfits of all time. In contrast her Erdem dress from the last Manchester visit would be one of my least favourite outfits. Most of the time, the DOC and I have different tastes in patterns!

    I am ho hum about this coat, but feel that neither navy (shoes, bag) not black (lace top) pairings work. I don’t believe there is navy in the coat, rather, a lighter blue. I think use of the grey or pink in the coat to match with top, shoes and bag, would have worked beautifully. Those colour bursts would have definitely improved this outfit for me.

    Loved, loved, loved the hair. I saw a picture where the right shorter layers were slipping out of the side roll, so perhaps it was decided it would be easier to take it down for the later events.

    • I guess we all see colour different, Jane, especially in patterned cloth. You mention using grey accessories to pick up the grey in the coat. I don’t see any grey in this coat.

  32. Fun patterned coat. Not a fan of the top underneath, a solid color would have been better with the strong print and texture of the coat.
    Glad to see navy accessories. Didn’t care for the earrings with this coat, just seemed a little mismatched with the strong gold presence, I would have liked a white metal or just plain pearl instead.
    I don’t really care of the “Topsy tail” hairdo, change of hairdo since she headed to an indoor event perhaps.

  33. Mixed on this. The coat is a great piece and the Duchess looked lovely, but I can’t help but wish that she had styled it similarly to the outfit on the model. I’m feeling nude hose/pump fatigue and would love to see Kate in some edgier shoes and accessories. Heck, even a new, more playful hairstyle would be a very welcomr change.
    I understand that as a royal, she needs to keep her look relatively safe, but with few exceptions, her style has been very uninspired lately.

  34. I think the Duchess made a great choice for a day with a variety of activities. The dark background of the coat with dark shoes and purse were suitable for the wreath laying. The plaid with sparkles and pink were fun and cheerful for the football museum and hospice. The coat is also very on trend.
    And I love how she mixes high and low. Expensive coat with costume jewelry. Sometimes a piece of jewelry that goes with your outfit is costume.

  35. I also meant to say that this is another example of the Duchess being among the few who could rock this coat. I think on me, it WOULD look like my grandmother’s bathrobe but NOT on Kate!

  36. Wow! I think kate looks fantastic in this garment. What a gorgeous coat! and I think the delicate black top underneath is perfect to set off the very tailored lines and the chunky pattern in the coat. In some pictures it looks a tiny bit too long but in others I like the proportions of it on her frame. So it is a minor thing

    I love her hair back but down like it was early in the day but it did look great loose too. I wonder why she changed it.

    I loved seeing her in this coat. I would love to feel the texture of it

  37. I keep going back and forth on this one. It fits well and looks well made and I liked the navy and pink but for me the white specks made it busy. Also that lace top was throwing me off . Maybe a black or even pale pink blouse would have made a difference. On the plus side this was one of the cutest hairstyles and they both seemed to enjoy the day. Loved all those kids with the masks.

    • You summed up my thoughts!

      Half the time I look at this coat, I hate it, and then in other photos, I realize it’s growing on me? I can’t quite make up my mind about it.

      I agree that a pink top would have been better underneath. It would be tricky to find the right shade of pink, but could have brightened up the entire ensemble.

  38. The coat has potential, but I would have a) shortened it b) worn it with a navy dress or skirt c) added navy tights or knee high boots d) considered an accessory to break up the plaid.

    I sometimes wonder how the Duchess can get it so right and then not right at all. I ascribe it to her lack of a look. She has one with casual wear, but she is still feeling her way for daytime.

    • Well, I just do not think she is very focused on fashion. I also think her natural sense is much like all of us “regular folks” and frankly just a bit hit and miss. Most men and women in the media have experts picking out the outfits and over all look for whatever position they are in.ie politician, actress, business exec etc. I do not think Kate has a truly professional clothing person:):) helping her and “we” the general reader of media sites are so used to seeing those popping up on news and media sites looking a certain way that it is a bit of a shock when they are just “them”. There is a reason the Queen wears the same stuff at this point, she has figured out a uniform that is safe, easy and consistent, however when Kate, a much younger, and much more scrutinized Royal, than in the past, except for Diana, tries to do that she is crucified for being boring and old. She is in a no win situation:):) I truly do not think she is going to get along with people who follow fashion blogs till she hires a really good stylist and just comes up with a look that she is OK with and that the rest of us will just learn to not pay much attention to.

    • I agree. Shorter and dark hose would make it age appropriate. As it is, it’s very matronly and detracts from Catherine’s beauty.

      • Mostly where Kate seems to fail in dressing, is with her accessories. Collectively readers of this blog often like a dress, suit or coat, but think the accessories are a miss. Not sure if you can hire someone just to make certain that the accessories enhance the dress, but that is what is needed. We do hear that Kate has a stylist. It seems that person is a good friend/buddy, not really someone who knows how to take an outfit to a higher level with shoes, purse and jewellery bringing out the WOW factor.

        • Bonnie, agree, but I think this is were a really good artistic and trained fashion stylist shines. They know how to find a total look from head to toe that woks in photos, for their client and in carrying out their engagements. Also they know how to do it within their clients budget!! It is actually very hard to do when you have several engagements, at least, a week being scrutinized, as well as shots of you in your casual wear:), year after year, after year. A stylist helps with those casual moments also:). I am just fine with Kate being less than spot on with her clothing and accessory choices, if that is what she likes then she should just go for it:) I was simply suggesting that in terms of “others” reactions she will probably be hard pressed to be spot on without really really professional help. But if she has decided she is just going to keep going with what she likes:) then all of us are just going to have to get used to years of some missteps.:):) IMHO her natural choices are hit and miss, which I actually find endearing.

  39. Princess Diana’s outfit seems to be the inspiration for Kate’s outfit for this outing. There are two big similarities: the earrings and the plaid jacket.

    I like how Kate speaks through her clothing, giving a nod to designers and in this case, to her late mother-in-law.

  40. In the video of the children wearing the masks of royal family faces, as William is shaking hands with them, listen at the end of the clip to hear the boy on the right say, “I’ll never wash my hands again.” Too cute!

  41. I love 99% of what Kate wears. This, to me, looks like an old lady’s bathrobe!! Hate to say it b/c I love her clothes.

  42. if we look at Kate and Diana side by side, one has to wonder if Kate will have to look up in archives to decide what to wear in these occasions…it may sound a bit far fetched but I do see the “tribute” she was trying to pay???

  43. I love the coat and am surprised so many do not. I agree with some that it’s not the best fit on her — seems to swallow her a bit — but the pattern is bold and fun and such a nice change. Her hair looks lovely, but for some reason today it looked particularly gorgeous when she took it down. Hurrah for navy shoes and clutch!!! Yay. I agree that the delicate black lace top looks odd under such a heavy coat. But overall she looks lovely, lovely! And the video is a delight — after the Duke shook one of the children’s hands they said, “I’ll never wash my hands again!” That made my month!

  44. I’m usually in the minority insofar as I don’t like something when the consensus is ‘love it’. Here it appears I’m in the minority because I really like this coat. It’s an interesting choice, and well made by all appearance. I’ve had ‘meh’ reactions to Erdem in the past, but this is a winner in my book. I don’t like the earrings, however. For someone who was an accessories buyer, I find her accessories generally awful and/or uninspired.

    • Agree! Like this coa. My issue is with the faux jewelry. With so much real available to her in traditional pearls why go faux?

      • Betty, that was my biggest issue too. There is absolutely no reason for her to be wearing such cheap costume jewelry.

        It’s not that I think jewelry *needs* to be expensive to be nice or meaningful– not at all. The necklace she bought in Bhutan is a perfect example.

        But FAUX pearls? Why??

        • I don’t think $200 is cheap for a pair of earrings. ;)

          • Agree, it is not cheap. My issue is why spend any amount let alone $200.00 when you have several pearl earrings in your collection all well above $2,000.00. Especially when the new pair does not seam to offer anything unique?

  45. Most of us would buy a coat in a solid colour and perhaps a neutral shade…black, grey, navy etc. This would be because we likely would only have one or two dress coats in our closet. Kate has many coats and so she doesn’t have to be so practical. With this thought it mind, a patterned coat is a nice change. She looks good in this coat and it seems to be well fitted with the pattern matching exactly.

    Hurrah, for no nude shoes! I like the navy suede ones and question if the purse is navy or black? Both black or navy work, with this coat. I do, however, think both shoes and purse should be in the same colour.

    The earrings look fine with this outfit, but I always wonder why Kate wears costume jewellery, albeit tasteful and high priced pieces, when there are so many “real” gems available for her to wear. Perhaps it is not possible to just pop by to borrow jewellery.

    The low pony tail is lovely, both elegant and under control. Don’t know why she took it out, which meant as she bent over to sign the photo, her hair fell all over.

    By the way, the grey Erdem coat with the large picture hat, was one of my all time favourite looks for the Duchess. I do realize that not many shared my view on that one.

    • I agree Bonnie – I particularly loved the hat worn with the grey Erdem coat, which was stunning and unexpected, given Kate often wears smaller hats. I had the same reaction to the Philip Treacy cream hat with a pink rose that she wore to the Trooping of the Colour this year. She has the height to carry off big hats.

  46. I like the coat but do not love it. Too busy. I would of rather of seen a recycled coat in solid. Like the earrings and the shoes and purse does go well with the coat. She wore such wonderful clothes during her trip to Canada. Let’s see some of those again.

  47. wow- she is really having some great hair days! This is really cute hair style and I love the fact that she had the confidence to change it mid day- very ‘real’.
    I love the coat and am happy to see it paired with navy shoes and bag. i do not like the lace showing. I could deal with seeing it if her coat was simply outerwear but in her case her coat is always her outfit and never removed. Imagine her coat collection!!
    i am forever surprised by her costume jewelry- she wears so little jewelry it seems she would borrow more instead. While Diana often wore costume it didn’t bother me as she seemed to truly love jewelry and was confidant in her selections- remember the jeweled head bands, tiaras, statement necklaces, rings. Always something different and so coordinated with her outfits. She had fun adorning herself while Kate is reserved and sentimental.

  48. I have to be honest, it is a miss for me too. I love fun prints and enjoy when she shakes things up a little. This disappointed me a bit. Then again, I wouldn’t want to be under the microscope that she is when it comes to her appearance and fashion choices. She’s still lovely.

  49. Love the early hair style. Fashionwise it is a miss for me.
    Granny would love wearing this. Just personal taste of course.

    • Oh no. More ageism and references to grandmothers.
      Can’t see the Queen, or Mrs. Middleton, wearing such a statement coat.
      Really like the coat — the fabric, colors, style and fit. She looks lovely. Sophisticated and grown up. As she did in that gorgeous Missoni coat at the Somme ceremony, one of my very favorite outfits ever.
      Love the earrings as well. Think her earring choices are often too delicate or too small, no matter how pretty they are. Larger earrings flatter her, especially when her hair is pulled back.

  50. She looks fantastic, albeit her fondness for suede shoes. Does anyone know the protocol of borrowing jewelry from the Queen?

  51. Not a huge fan of this coat, but that’s how I usually feel about Erdem. The high waistline almost makes it look like a maternity coat.

    I am so glad she chose navy shoes, and her hair looks lovely.

    • Yes, I have to say I’m not a fan of any of the outfits from Erdem.

    • I’ve struggled with most of Kate’s Erdem picks, too. The patterned sheath she wore on her last Manchester outing was a rare exception. And I can’t make head or tail of that raised waistline, it seems to be floating around lost up there!

  52. IMO this is her best look. Kate looks better in cleaner lines and single colours.

  53. IMO This is no her best look. The coat lacks definition. Kate is much better in one tone colours than ‘messy’ patterns like this.

  54. Yes! I really hope Kate’s fashion influence will bring topsy-tails back into style. They were my favorite hairstyle throughout the 90′s; extremely simple, yet always elegant.

  55. It took me a minute to warm up to the coat, but I do like it. I even rather like the sheath in the same print. I am not, however, a fan of the earrings. Seems like a new coat would have been a perfect opportunity to bring back her trusty sapphire clusters or those luscious morganite drops. A matter of opinion, naturally, but I just don’t feel the gold earrings with this coat.

  56. I love the shoes. Makes me want a pair that’s similar, but I’m not really sure how they would fit into my current wardrobe. :/ I do really like the whole look. Love her hair both ways.

  57. I’m relieved she didn’t wear nude shoes, but I can’t say I like this coat. The plaid pattern is not pleasing to the eye, IMO. I don’t understand why she wore this when she has truly beautiful coats in her wardrobe.

    Why the change of hairstyle I wonder? The first one reminded me of a product popular in the 90s-anyone remember the Topsy Tail?

  58. Love this outfit! Perfect for this time of year and Kate’s hair looks great both in the pony and down.

  59. Love the coat and shoes, and her hair looks great both pulled back and down. I was at first iffy on the earrings, but they do work well with the rest of the outfit — plus obviously her mother-in-law’s visit all those years ago made an impact, and if she wanted to give a little fashion-related nod to that moment, it makes sense.

    • I love the coat. A great choice for the season. I agree about the connection to Princess Diana and what she wore 25 years ago. I think Kate does these little ‘connections’ often with her wardrobe choices. I wonder if it’s her decision or if she talks about it with William?
      Loved the whole look: shoes, hair, earrings, and the lace material underneath…lovely.

  60. I love this coat! It’s fun and sophisticated and youthful. A wonderful pick!

    • Couldn’t agree more…and the fit is exquisite! She looks beautiful, sophisticated – the quintessential princess.

  61. Hallelujah! No nude shoes or purses! And I like the side pony tail – it’s different and cute.

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