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Kate brought back her Eponine London skirt suit for today’s Heads Together engagement.

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images

Above, Best Beginnings Founder and CEO Alison Baum welcomes Kate to the Royal College Of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in London where today’s function was held. The event was the launch of the Out of the Blue’ film series created by Best Beginnings, one of eight Heads Together partner charities.

Best Beginnings

Best Beginnings

The films are designed to “raise awareness of maternal mental health challenges.” 

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images / Polaris

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images / Polaris

More about the film series from Rebecca English’s Daily Mail column:

The film series was created by Best Beginnings to explore the range of mental health issues that can affect mothers such as anxiety and low moods, as well as the more severe forms of depression

The films are also aimed to help fathers and other family members understand what new mothers go through and how they can be supported more effectively.

Kate was scheduled to address the group; she started her remarks with a reference to yesterday’s terrorist attack before she focused on the new film series.

“Before I begin, I know you would all want to join me in sending our thoughts and prayers to all those sadly affected by yesterday’s terrible attack in Westminster. We will be thinking of all the families, as we discuss the important issues we’re here to talk about.”

The educational films address the many changes and challenges that occur with pregnancy and parenting. Kate spoke candidly about some of the emotions she experienced as a new mother.

Personally, becoming a mother has been such a rewarding and wonderful experience.  However, at times it has also been a huge challenge- even for me who has support at home that most mothers do not. 

And yet there is no rule book, no right or wrong – you just have to make it up and do the very best you can to care for your family.  For many mothers, myself included, this can, at times lead to lack of confidence and feelings of ignorance.

Response to Kate’s speech was positive. Below you see reaction from Richard Palmer of The Daily Express.

Richard Palmer Twitter (@RoyalReporter)

Richard Palmer Twitter (@RoyalReporter)

And from another royal correspondent, Rebecca English of The Daily Mail.

Rebecca English Twitter @RE_DailyMail

Rebecca English Twitter @RE_DailyMail

After the formal presentation, Kate took part in a support group session with new mothers and fathers.

© Heathcliff O'Malley/NMA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

© Heathcliff O’Malley/NMA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Today’s engagement is timed to coincide with Mother’s Day in the UK this weekend (aka Mothering Sunday).

©Heathcliff O'Malley/NMA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Heathcliff O’Malley/NMA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Now for our look at what Kate wore for today’s engagement.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

The Duchess was in a familiar skirt suit by Eponine London.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

The suit was first worn to a teen mentoring engagement last March. The top features a boat neck with belt detailing at the front, while the skirt has box pleats and side tabs. The garments are constructed of a cotton/viscose blend in a pattern designed to evoke a mod 1960s look. Below, photos from last year’s post better show the suit’s details.

©Splash News

©Splash News

Eponine specializes in made-to-measure designs inspired by mid-century styles. Below, three looks from the a/w 2016 collection.

Eponine London

Eponine London

Today we saw Kate in a familiar pair of heels, her Gianvito Rossi Gianvito 105 Suede Pumps ($675) in the ‘praline’ colorway. The style is still available in limited sizes at multi-brand retailer My Theresa.  (If interested in the shoes, today is the last day My Theresa is offering free shipping on all orders.)

©James Whatling/

©James Whatling/

Kate carried her Nina handbag by LK Bennett. The hard-sided clutch  is still offered on the UK website (£195, about $245), but no longer available on the US/CAN site.

©LK Bennett/James Whatling

©LK Bennett/James Whatling

Kate wore her Kiki McDonough Pink Morganite Drops.

Kiki McDonough/James Whatling

Kiki McDonough/James Whatling

 In 2016 the Duchess accessorized with her black suede Gianvito 105 pumps and ‘Muse’ clutch by Stuart Weitzman from Russell and Bromley.

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / PA Images

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / PA Images

This is the second Eponine style we have seen the Duchess wear. In January Kate wore Eponine for her first engagements of 2017.

©Polaris / i-Images

©Polaris / PA Images

If interested in the label, there is a nifty interview with Eponine founder and CEO Jet Shenkman on the Amsterdam Fashion Week website. (I used Google translate to read the piece.)

Amsterdam Fashion Week

Amsterdam Fashion Week

There was some concern today’s engagement might be canceled in the wake of yesterday’s events. Not because of safety concerns, but because so many public safety personnel are dealing with the ongoing investigation. Fortunately, things were able to proceed as planned.

Heads Together Twitter @Heads_Twitter

Heads Together Twitter @Heads_Twitter

You can watch it here.

Two items of note for those in the New York City area.

  • Eponine is doing a trunk show in the city in early April.
Eponine London Instagram

Eponine London Instagram

The Royal Oak Foundation

The Royal Oak Foundation

Many readers are familiar with the Thought/Quote of the Day signs at London tube stations. I thought I’d sign off with three from today as shared on Twitter by Oval Station.

Via Oval Station (@Oval_Station)

Via Oval Station (@Oval_Station)


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  1. I still wish this were a one piece. I really love the color and pattern but the cropped top appears a bit ill fitted on the Duchess.

  2. Wow… I am very late to the issue. However, if you are still taking comments, admin., I will submit mine. I so appreciate the purpose of this blog, which is to discuss Duchess Catherine’s style in a civil way. Anything outside of those boundaries belongs elsewhere. Keep up the good work!

  3. 110% agree. The number one reason I visit this web site every day is the civility and polite tone of the comments. It’s a haven from the nastiness that bombards us on a daily basis. Thank you admin for all your time and efforts to keep this site a pleasure!

  4. I am a little obsessed with this blog and check it regularly. It’s almost a guilty pleasure; thank you for all the hard work and research.

    I have to say Kate’s hair is looking so much better; the comparison photo only confirms that. A better colour with more volume. Does she have a new hairdresser?

  5. I love the retro cut and want to see this style more often. I like gingham except in red because it’s too much like a tablecloth for a picnic table or pizza shop. I prefer the black suede heels & matching clutch because they bring out the black buttons in the top. I love the pink earrings but not with this ensemble. Jewelry & accessories that match the 3 colors – red, white, black – in the suit dress would have given her look more polish.

    • Is it red and white? It looks to me to be pink and orangish red. I love pink and orange and pink and red together!

  6. I love her outfit today. It’s fun and fresh, yet still suitable for the occasion. It’s always nice to hear the Duchess’ voice too! On another note, her calves are in great shape!

  7. I like this suit and think it fits in perfectly to Kate’s working wardrobe. Very happy to see this again.

    Can I also say Thank You for mentioning the London underground sayings. There is one being quoted saying what ever terrorists do to London, “we will drink tea and jolly well carry on”. Its true! Not connected to Kate’s clothing but worth passsing on I think.

  8. not a fan of this suit – it seems ill fitting today and the fabrication with so much cotton in it, shows a lot of wrinkling. I liked it a little better with the black accessories than the beige she wore today.

  9. Though I’ve loved following WKW for years, this is my first time joining in the commentary.

    I couldn’t help but express how much I appreciate what Kate did by sharing her experience of motherhood in her speech. She takes risks when she opens up in this way, but I so love her for it. What a way to show mothers everywhere that they aren’t alone in their struggles, big or small. Perhaps that is why I enjoyed this ensemble so much more than during its debut appearance last year. Her “realness” makes her all the more beautiful.

    I accept the right of others to find little faults in her sartorial choices, but I continue to find her style, grace, and overall manner of being to be a breath of fresh air in a world of Kardashians and the like.

    Thank you to Susan for your wonderful coverage, it has provided a happy little break during a busy day for me for over six years now!

  10. I like this skirt suit, but I’m not sure I love it with the praline heels. I also would have liked to see different earrings on her, perhaps a pair of pearl drops (she has many options there) or perhaps rose gold earrings.

  11. I don’t like it any more or less than last time Kate wore it, I don’t like the chequered flag look (I think of gingham as being the ‘Dorothy in Wizard of Oz weave’). I like the overall look very much, just not the colour & most definitely not that short cropped up-at-the-back top, more & more of that look are on the market now. I dislike tops that show one’s back or vest top when bending/reaching! This would be so much better as a dress with a peplum.
    With regards to wrinkles, it is just the way Kate has sat in the car & in her seat, most fabrics wrinkle if ‘abused’ a little.
    With posts who ask why people “still” call her “Kate”; I can only answer for me. I call her Kate because that is the ‘nickname’ the press originally called her; also this site is ‘what Kate wore’. I doubt people at a posh school called her this as it is a working-class shortening (despite parents usually calling a child by the un-shortened version). She has therefore always been known as ‘Catherine’. After some thought, because of this, I shall only refer to her by this name in the future out of courtesy. I don’t recognise titles titles though so will never say Duchess & will never refer, as I am a Welsh woman, to English Princes or their wives as being ‘of Wales’, with no disrespect to Catherine, William or Harry.

    • I am baffled as to why you don’t recognize titles. This is not meant as a criticism, but rather a query. Do you not call a physician “Doctor,” or a member of the clergy, “Reverend”? Is the queen not “Her Majesty”? Titles such as Duke and Duchess are given to members of the Royal Family. The titles have been earned or inherited. I think of it as a sign of respect, that when one has a title, others should acknowledge it.

    • Kate isn’t a ‘working-class shortening’ at all :)

    • If an official or professional calls me by my first name, I will certainly call that doctor or administrator by their first name. I don’t believe in titles. If they call my by my last name,as Miss or Ms, or a work title, then I reciprocate . As to what Catherine was called by her family when she was young – if memory serves in that recent video of a family wedding where Catherine and Pippa were bridesmaids, the gentleman toasting called her Katie.

    • I think there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding over the years about Kate’s use of her full name vs short name. If you read the transcript of the BBC interview that W&K did after their engagement announcement, William repeatedly calls her “Kate.” I’m pretty sure she has always been called “Kate” by family and friends. It seems she simply decided to go by the more formal “Catherine” for her post-marriage work and official purposes, which makes sense.

  12. I really liked this outfit the first time Kate wore it and I was happy to see it again. It has that lovely 60′s retro look and reminds me of my teenage years in the 1960s! It’s a cheery looking outfit too and after the terrible tragedy at Westminster, it is likely everyone was trying to put on a brave face and wear bright colors and carry on. It’s what the English do–look at WWII when they faced nightly bombings. I had liked the black accessories, but think the nude ones are even better. In listening and watching Kate’s speech, I think she was affected by what had happened and sounded emotional–and that was to be expected. I’m sure that her presence at Heads Together lifted peoples’ spirits not only for the cause but in general after the previous day’s tragedy.

  13. I think it is inappropriate to edit the comment I made about her speech because it was negative when you allowed several positive comments about her speech to be posted on the blog. I made several valid points which were not made disrespectfully but rather were constructive criticism with possible solutions. It is fine if you want to make this blog solely about fashion but if you are not going to edit positive comments made about her speech then you should not be editing negative comments made about her speech. It is inappropriate and unethical and does a disservice to journalism to only present one side of an issue.

    • I would ask that you either include the full text of my comment or go back and edit all comments regarding her speech to exclude such content

      • Hello, and thank you for commenting on the site; I appreciate your candor about the decision made to edit your comment. I have deleted it; that seems the wisest thing to do, as I don’t want you to feel that your thoughts on the post are compromised or misrepresented in any way because it wasn’t published in its entirety. There *were* some comments allowed that spoke positively about Kate’s speech, absolutely. I felt those comments that were approved primarily referenced the content and central theme of Kate’s remarks. My challenge in this situation was a perception your thoughts focused exclusively on Kate and bordered on the pejorative. I am sorry you are displeased with the decision. If you would like me to re-approve the comment as it was after being edited, I am happy to. Again, thank you for letting me know your thoughts. If not, I understand, we will have to agree to disagree.

        • That’s why we need a moderator like our admin here. If people make pejorative comments, let them use another platform. This is not the one.

          • I absolutely agree that our moderator/admin is very necessary and she is doing a fantastic job. The point is the wardrobe of the DOC. …..and how that translates via jewelry, shoes, hats, dresses and so on is the main point of ………What Kate Wore.

  14. This is such a pretty suit, but it needs a good pressing. There are some strange wrinkles in the shape of a circle under the bodice that crosses just over the belt. Maybe she needs the right undergarments? It also needs more imaginative accessories. The earrings, for instance, are lost. Her hairstyle started to fall apart and the wefts of her extensions were not well blended in the back. Time to take the hairdresser to task.

    • Do we know for a fact that she has extensions? As for the whole pressing and wrinkle debate–LOL–some how I can’t see that her clothes would not be pressed/dry cleaned/whatever. Wrinkles happen when one sits down–full stop!!

    • she does not have extensions.

    • Of course she wears them. I can see them in the photos above. Most of them are near the back of her head. They separate themselves from the rest of her hair in color and texture.

    • She has definitely for a fact at times had extensions – I do not know if she has them now.

    • I will say that she appears to have a whole lot more hair here than in Paris. Not sure if it is due to extensions, a wiglet or different products and technique but it seems to have been done by someone other than her regular stylist. I think it looks amazing here.

    • I don’t see any extensions here, and I’m looking on a high definition screen. Our hair is naturally a mixture of highlights and lowlights and sometimes we occasionally have a different texture depending if we burned our hair in a particular area or if it thinned out there. She does have a high tease here, so it could be a mix of her tease falling out and natural wave of her hair. I have a natural wave around that area; it looks like a bump of extensions, but my hair is just poofing from the crazy wave or from turning my head.

  15. I love this gingham outfit. It is one of my favorite looks on Kate. I like it with the suede shoes and clutch. She looks fabulous.

  16. I love the retro look. But I agree that Kate should have her skirts lined and also, why wasn’t the suit pressed and steamed properly ? If you look at the pictures from this year and last year next to each other you can see it’s terribly wrinkled. It just looks sloppy.

    • I do believe that’s the folded material of the pleats blowing in the wind. When the wind is not blowing there are no wrinkles.

    • Let’s not exaggerate – it is not TERRIBLY wrinkled. It’s creased in the back from when she was sitting in the car. I am sure her garments are pressed or steamed prior to her wearing anything for an official engagement.

    • I think given it’s a cotton/viscose mix it’s just going to wrinkle anyway. It may show up more in certain light I don’t know. I don’t find it detracts overmuch from the whole outfit.

  17. Kate looks absolutely perfect today. I prefer the outfit with the nude accessories, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. The black seems to go better, and yet it’s a better look overall with the nude. Perhaps a more astute member of our community here will be able to give a better analysis than my “just because”?

    • I agree! I’m not sure why either, but I do like the nude accessories with it better. It seems like the black would go better, and I did like it just fine with the black as well. But just something about the nude accessories really appeals to me here. Go figure!

    • I know what you mean! I think maybe the nude accessories soften the outfit a bit, whereas the black adds an element that’s a bit jarring. The black bag and shoes also kind of draw your eye to the buttons on the outfit, whereas the nude ones help you kind of take the whole outfit in. I LOVE this outfit unreservedly, I think it’s so fun and flattering, plus I think her make-up and hair these days is the best they’ve been in a while!

    • I agree. I’m not a huge fan of her nude accessories but they work perfectly with this dress. They seem to give it a fresher lighter aspect and, I think, complements the 60s feel better than the black. Also, the pinkish tones of the purse and pumps may be bringing out a softer pinkish tone in the gingham print. Whatever the cause, its a pretty combination.

  18. Gingham was everywhere in the fashion press recently for this year so I think the suit is a clever nod to the trend.

  19. Odd one out here, I guess. I do not like this suit at all. Dated and stiff, not retro and chic. Too boxy and while the fabric wrinkles well, it doesn’t hang or move well. Kate looks messy not pulled together. And back to the nude clutch and shoes. Compare with Letizia’s speech giving look. Red coat with pink purse! This is a woman who understands style and colour.

  20. On the fashion front I loved today’s look with nude accessories, on a more personal note how many royals kneel down wearing heels to listen people’s stories, I love her sweet gestures and was impressed by her emotional speech. Someone commented why people still call her Kate ? I think it is because we can somehow relate to her at some point or other, she seems approachable and one of us not a plastic doll in designer dresses.

  21. I don’t believe I’ve ever commented before, and I’m not even going to comment on her fashion choice! But I had to say her speech brought me to tears. Being a mother is hard, and it’s truly refreshing to hear a fellow mother, particularly one who always appears put together (emotionally and in her appearance), discuss the trials of parenthood in frank terms. It had the impact it meant to, on me at least. Lovely speech!

    (And her hair looked fabulous too!)

    • I was going to write the same comment. I completely agree with you, the speech was honest and something that all mothers can appreciate hearing! I love Kate no matter what she wears! :)

  22. I like this outfit and I think the beige accessories look so much better than the black. I’m glad to see her addressing PPD

  23. I like this little suit, but much preferred it with black accessories.

  24. This is perfection to me!! The classic check in a beautifully tailored suit that doesn’t matronly or dated. Kate’s modern heels and clutch keep the suit from being specifically costume-y. The black bag and heels were too loud, I think, with the suit – too matchy to the buttons. I love the glitter of the earrings as her only jewelry. Simple hair, too. It all looks so balanced and effortless!

  25. Has it really been a full year since she last wore that suit? WOW! I immediately thought to myself “she’s wearing that again so soon?” I don’t mind repeats at all (in fact, they’re good!), but I was thinking these were only a few months apart.. I’m shocked to learn it was a whole year ago that she wore this last. Just goes to show what a great suit it is that it leaves such a lasting impression!

  26. Love this outfit, and am just delighted to see it again. The use of the button tabs on front and sides to add discreet interest is skilfully done, the print is fresh and charming, and the fit and tailoring suit Kate. The regular problems she has with waist pulled higher and sleeves a little shorter somehow chime with the retro style and the result remains comfortable and polished.

    I think it all looked sharper with black accessories but am happy to accept nudes in support of a recycle. I notice there’s no change in hairstyle as it’s a Kate favourite to vary loose styles with back-from-face. I’m sure this suit has got plenty of retreads in it yet where we might yet see that, though I also wonder if there is less room for manoeuvre both in accessory colours and hairstyle with this particular suit.

    I also wondered if Kate favoured loose hair to give her ‘curtains’ to shelter behind for her speech. This one is surely her best delivered yet and is her debut for being first royal speaking on a major national issue, something she handled with aplomb.

  27. I don’t love this outfit but I think she wears it well. I liked it with the lighter accessories today, perhaps because they made the outfit look more on the pink side, or because it’s a sign of spring! Her hair and makeup were spot on today too!

    That speech!!!! It was her longest speech to date (?) and she spoke so eloquently and candidly. It felt very personal and honest, like she was opening up a bit. She has come so far the past few years and today was a great example of her “progress”. To me, this was the highlight from today.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating this weekend!

  28. I think the Duchess looks put together today and love that she does not have the bangs that get in her way while speaking. She is becoming more and more confident.

    Thank you for all the information shared on this site.

  29. Her hair looks so pretty, and I’m glad she kept it from falling in her face during the speech. That has been a peeve of mine during her previous speeches.

    I don’t care for the material of this suit combined with the box pleats, as it seems to be stiff and hold onto the wrinkles in the video where she is kneeling in front of the sofa to speak to the little girl.

  30. Kate looked great. Love that outfit.
    Thank you for posting the poignant messages of the day from London Underground.

  31. The suit this time out looks a little skimpy. Notice how it’s wrinkled at the elbow, and the skirt could use another inch or two. It’s apparent in the contrast to the blue dress, which is a better fit and length. It’s barely spring, and it seems just a little early for gingham. And yes, I agree that on the day after the Westminster attack, a slightly more serious look would have been appropriate.

    • I disagree a more serious look was needed. When we change our behaviour in response to terrorism we give terrorists power. Kate went about her day the same way she always does and, IMHO, that is the best thing to do.

      On the suit, I was thinking about this outfit when I saw the Chanel in Paris. I realize it is quite different, but the shape of the skirt is similar and I think it really suits Kate well. I would love to see a thicker heel with this outfit as I think it worked well with the Chanel.

  32. I love this outfit! I preferred it with the black bag and shoes but the nude are fine. Her hair has had great volume and body for the last few outings. I love how it has volume at the roots and isn’t weighted down by its length- big soft waves. Very very pretty!

  33. As usual looks stunning.

  34. I love the new look of the old outfit with the purse especially. I am just surprised that so many of her dresses do not appear to be lined! Jewelry, purse and shoes all work together.

  35. I was pleased to see this suit again such a bright and cheerful choice and liked it better with the lighter shoe and bag. Is it just me or is the check red and pink?

  36. I’m a big fan of this suit — I think it fits her beautifully, I love the color and it’s got a retro vibe I like. I did prefer the black accessories with it. I also saw some mentions of surprise that she didn’t switch it up and go with something more subdued in color given the events in London the day before, but there seem to be plenty of bright hues worn by the other women in these photos, so perhaps too much of a nitpick.

  37. I love her hair, makeup, the shoes, clutch, pink stones on the Kiki earrings and I like the shape and design of the skirt suit but I absolutely do not like the color pattern of the skirt suit. I’m not sure if i would like in another color of if it’s just the gingham style pattern but it doesn’t seem authentic to Kate’s personal taste. I love her whimsical, youthful and girly day-time wardrobe touches but this one dress I would care not to see again. I love 99% of everything she wears and encourage her to be true to her own fashion sense and please herself when it comes to her own wardrobe. This skirt suit just does not seem authentic to Kate’s personal style.

    • Those pink stones worked well I thought, sometimes they can look a tad washed out. I suppose being translucent might help them tone in with whatever else is being worn.

      I can’t quite see how this doesn’t fit Kate’s style as she’s been gravitating more towards suits of late and has always favoured full skirts, several with pleats, if only to help broaden her slim hips a little. I hope I’m not mis-reading you here :-)

      • I think the pattern of the skirt suit, not the suit itself, is what Mary finds inconsistent with Kate’s overall style. I think I would tend to agree. The pattern itself seems out of place for her. I don’t know that I can find exact words to describe it, but here’s my best shot at encapsulating it:
        Maybe the simple gingham isn’t normative for the patterns she chooses? I’m thinking of her floral patterns, any of the iconography patterns (McQueen dress, tennis outing; sailboats; swallows), or the something like the chevron (?) she wore to the Somme memorial. Most of the other patterns she wears tend to be more sophisticated or complex in their application. Not to say that this gingham is not expertly executed (because it is), it just seems a simple pattern when viewed against the backdrop of others that she chooses.

        • Kate has used gingham before, in a navy check blouse she wore in New Zealand, which I remember well as I bought myself one, only to find I already had a black gingham one hanging in the wardrobe I clean forgotten about!

          I would say gingham is a thing you can take just so much of, but I find it consistent with the simple cheerfulness of many of Kate’s outfits. I’d be the first to agree it’s a world away from the sophisticated prints you reference but I think Kate likes a little variety now and then

          • Spot on about the blouse from the NZ tour; I had forgotten that one. Now I’m off to ponder why the gingham blouse feels more “Kate” to me than the gingham suit…

          • And let me add that the suit is not a “miss” to me in any way. The pattern just feels like a departure; probably because, broadly speaking, it is. But that doesn’t make the departure a bad thing.

  38. The Duchess looks beyond beautiful here. I’m not even sure I can describe why.
    Is it the most glamorous outfit we’ve seen her in? No. Is it a repeat? Yes. Is it my personal favorite outfit? No.
    But, she looks perfect. Maybe it’s the event, maybe it’s the styling, but whatever it is= perfect!

    • I agree with you! There’s no one thing, but I think her hair today is just gorgeous, her makeup on point, and those accessories are classic and sharp but not attention grabbing. I wouldn’t wear the outfit myself but I have to say she looks amazing and perfect today. Get it, girl!

    • Actually, I came away with the same impression, Kristen and couldn’t put my finger on why either. I guess everything just came together today. Her hair looks fabulous and her makeup is very well done. Although I’ m not a fan of the nude accessories, they allow the dress to shine while giving a Spring lightness to the whole ensemble. Maybe that’s it? I thought she looked very very beautiful in several of the shots.

  39. What an incredible outing for the Duchess – in every way.

    Firstly, I love her hair. I’m so glad the bangs are gone again, and I love seeing the long layers that are so gorgeous.

    Second, I like the suit much better this time around. I think the nude accessories are a better fit with the style and fabric of the suit, and I’m surprised how much of a difference that simple change has made.

    Lastly, I think she had a real “moment” today with that speech. I love that she acknowledged yesterday’s tragedy, and I love that she was so candid and personal with her remarks. I’m a huge fan of the Duchess, so I never like to see negative comments about her in the press. I feel like she silenced a lot of critics today by speaking about her responsibilities as a mother in such a real and down-to-earth way. I hope this is a taste of the great things to come from Kate.

    • I think the nude accessories transformed this piece as well. The gingham print hss a lightness to it that is beautifully accentuated by this purse and these pumps.

      Agree that this was her best speech to date. She seemed to personally connect with the subject matter and her audience which gave it an unprecedented authenticity.

      Thanks to admin for the Thought of the Day photo. Very inspirational.

  40. I actually like this outfit better with the black shoes, but I enjoyed this repeat!

  41. Given the tragic events of the terrorism attack in London yesterday, I expected Kate might wear a more sombre colour. Then again, perhaps an upbeat colour says, “We will not be afraid and we will carry on as usual.” She did thoughtfully acknowledge the sad event in her opening remarks.

    I know I am going to be in the minority here, because the last time that Kate wore this Eponine outfit, people seemed to love it. For me, with the exception of the Erdem floral evening dress, with the large flounce, worn in 2015, this is my least favourite look on the Duchess.

    I think my dislike stems from the fact that I wore something very similar decades ago; only mine was in black and white checks. I felt very stylish at the time, but now this outfit just appears horribly dated to me. The addition of the semi-belts and buttons only adds to the dated theme. I assume for younger people this seems to be a fresh, new look.

    I prefer that Kate wore this the last time with black accessories to go with the black buttons. But for me, no accessorizing makes this a win.

    Kate articulates her thoughts very well about motherhood and the mental health challenges that can accompany such a demanding role. She is so right in saying it is a combination of joy, exhaustion, love and worry.

    • I don’t think it’s fresh and new but I do think it’s classic, with a twist. So it works for me! Even though it’s not my favorite and it’s not my personal style.

    • Well, I’m happy to endorse the ‘dated’ theme here, if only because this so reminds me of outfits my mother made me for school, back in…when was that? oh dear, well, some rather too many decades ago and consistent with the retro period being cited here ;-)

      Having not completed my own first decade at that stage it means I find this Eponine carries a special air of youth which I find most refreshing! Especially as my own outfit – school colours were forest green on white for the gingham — was so very comfortable. I wore it pretty much till it fell to bits.

      But I appreciate that it fails to strike you in such a light and thank you for your comments as I enjoy reading all the different takes on outfits here.

      PS I simply loved that Erdem, flounce and all!!

      • I also loved that Erdem gown! And I really like this suit too. There are few women who could carry off “gingham” anything, let alone an entire ensemble . . . our Duchess is one of them who can.

      • One of the really fine things about this blog is that we can express totally different likes and dislikes and we do it in a respectful and polite way. Tastes, especially in fashion, vary widely. In our opinions we can agree to disagree. But beyond the fashion choices, we all seem to agree that Kate is one very special young woman, who represents the Royal Family with grace and sincerity.

      • I’m glad to find another Erdem flounce fan and happy to agree that this special young woman is capable of carrying off a good range of styles. I’d agree that it’s such a pleasure to come here and be able to disagree in a companionable way and leave the shouters to their thing elsewhere.

  42. I love this outfit. I think it looks better with nude heels. Kate’s speech was lovely and moving.

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