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Why Anne Hathaway’s Fashion Is “All About Kate Middleton” & Another Trip To The Market

Once again the lull in activity on Kate’s part allows time for a few tidbits and updates we hadn’t been able to get to previously.

We begin with comments made earlier this week by actress Anne Hathway. USA Today has the story:

“Can I tell you how grateful I am to Kate Middleton?” said Hathaway. “Because she is such an advocate for dressing like a lady.

The actress was speaking with the paper about her new film, One Day, and the topic moved to fashion.

Today she calls Kate’s ladylike wardrobe inspiring. “I’m just very grateful to Kate Middleton for making looking appropriate really fun again,” she says. “So right now my fashion choices are all about Kate Middleton.”

These sentiments contradict some of the more negative comments made of late about the Duchess, expressing an opinion shared here: that we are seeing a return to more appropriate, classic styles and Kate is very much part of that trend.

Next, a few of those tidbits we mentioned, the first is something that came out just after the North American tour, a ‘revelation’ that Kate’s favorite color is white. A People magazine story written shortly after the tour carried a series of quotes from the tour, including this:

“I don’t know if I have a favorite color. What’s yours?” Kate, to William

“Definitely blue” William

“I think mine is white” Kate, on a question that nearly stumped the newlywed

There’s no question the Duchess favors white.

Also new, Grazia has admitted photoshopping that controversial cover photo making Kate’s waist even tinier than it actually is.  From the Press Gazette: “Weekly magazine Grazia has admitted to digitally manipulating a front-page image of the Duchess of Cambridge which had the effect of making her look thinner than she is.” Here is one look at the reality and the altered image.


Jezebel shows that the Australian version of the magazine used an unedited image on its cover:

Via Jezebel

Following our post about Kate’s shopping trip last week several kind commenters and Facebook friends let us know the London Sole ‘Pirouette’ shoe in Brown Croc was back in stock online. We didn’t find it in stock as the ‘India‘ or ‘Henrietta‘ at the French Sole site (the UK arm of the company, and where Kate actually shops) but there are many similar colors in both styles available at French Sole. The Aquascutum Club Check scarf is also available, but only in the navy check pattern, still on sale at £50 (approximately $81 USD at today’s exchange rate).

Kate’s diamond Button Pendant by Asprey (more here) is being re-issued and will be in stock in September, a Twitter friend was given that information by Asprey, it will run approximately $4500 USD (£2800) according to the info from The Duchess Style.

Those hoping to buy a pair of the Links of London Bubble Stiletto earrings Kate wears frequently will need to go to a physical store to purchase them. Facebook friend Brittney spoke with the company about buying a pair and was told she needed to contact her local store and have her name put on a waiting list. That is backed up by what another FB friend, Elske, shared from Links of London:

“Unfortunately we are not expecting anymore stock online of these, however to find out if your nearest store has these stunning earrings, it would be best to contact them directly.”

We move on to our next item, Kate’s shopping expedition earlier this week.  The Duchess was seen at her local Wilkinson, a discount department store, on Monday.

Since our initial post about the sweater we have received conflicting information about its origins: below we share a Tweet we received.


We know Kate was seen shopping there, our pals at Kate Middleton Style blog have a photo of her doing just that, and on Facebook Ashley shares that she was told by a Ralph Lauren store employee it *is* their sweater.

EDITOR’S NOTE 8.13.2011: The sentence above has been corrected to reflect the Ralph Lauren employee stated the purple cable sweater is theirs, I mistakenly wrote that they told Ashley it was not.

As we mentioned, Kate’s most recent look is very similar to that seen when she was doing the marketing a week ago Monday. (For our post on last Monday’s styles, click here.)

Why would she wear almost identical clothing and accessories? Many think it is an attempt to deter the paparazzi, a theory I ascribe to, it is a practice celebrities have used for years.

Some believe the new photos were taken the same day Kate and William were photographed going for a walk in Holyrood Park, and others have emailed or commented asking when we’ll write about that look. We haven’t posted those pictures and won’t. I think the couple had expectations of privacy when they took their walk. That isn’t the case when Kate does the marketing, she knows it is likely there will be photographers on hand, and she also has her police protection close by, I don’t think that was the case with the Holyrood stroll.

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Tuesday 23rd of August 2011

The thing I love most about this blog is that it allows me to stay up to date on Kate's latest fashions without worrying that I am contributing to the paparazzi frenzy that surrounds some royals and celebrities. Thank you for showing some moral backbone and refusing to show the images of Kate taken by disrespectful photographers...


Friday 2nd of September 2011



Friday 19th of August 2011

I love the fact that Kate is doing some shopping at Tesco's like a normal gal (and I love the purple sweater!). However, it would have been really nice to see her with reusable shopping bags, instead of plastic. She has the opportunity to set a fresh example in so many ways... a nod to the environment would be an easy change for her to make that could have a wide-reaching positive effect.


Monday 31st of October 2011

I agree, but maybe she just forgot them? My mom and dad do that all the time. They take them out of the car to wash them and forget to put them back in. Then when they go to the store, they realize they don't have them and they have to use plastic ones instead.


Monday 15th of August 2011

I love Kate! And I love your blog!!! I wish I had the $$$ to afford what Kate Wears!


Monday 15th of August 2011

I do not think that Kate is very ladylike- not when there are pictures of her flashing her bum on a windy day in Canda.If she was classy and dignified she would not have been wearing thong underwear on a state visit!!!


Wednesday 17th of August 2011

She actually wasn't wearing a thong, it was seamless underwear in a nude color. She can't control the wind, at least she was wearing underwear unlike other people (Royals, Celebrities) in the spotlight.


Monday 15th of August 2011

I absolutely adore this blog. I am just 15 years old and I am into Kate Middletons fashions. She is such an inspirational woman and a great role model.

In our society today, most youths are dressing too inappropriately, but definitely not me! Kate Middletons fashion choices have inspired me to dress more lady like and elegant.

Most of her clothing are a bit too expensive for a teenager to purchase, but i can take inspiration from them.

Thank you for reading.


Friday 19th of August 2011

I'm also a teenager around your age, 16, and I totally agree with your statement. Kate's style is so refreshing and she is a good role model to follow in today's sleaze filled world.

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