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Kate Recycles for Emily McCorquodale Wedding

Today Kate and William attended the wedding of Prince William’s cousin Emily McCorquodale.

The bride is Princess Diana’s niece, the daughter of Diana’s older sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale. She was a guest at William and Kate’s wedding last year, and has overcome challenges in her young life, more from a Telegraph article upon the occasion of her engagement:

Emily, 28…has accepted a marriage proposal from James Hutt, who helped her overcome her illness.

Emily, who is close to her cousins the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, was discovered to be suffering from plasmacytoma, a form of cancer which usually affects the elderly, after she fell ill in 2003.

She was given radiotherapy treatment at Nottingham Hospital for several tumours close to her spine.

Kate chose familiar pieces for the wedding, our thanks to royal photographer Mark Stewart for alerting us to what the Duchess wore for the function.

Regal Eyes Twitter Feed (@RegalEyes)

Many readers will recognize most (if not all) items. Kate was in Katherine Hooker’s raw silk Buxton Coat in a dove gray, officially referred to as ‘ash,’ previously seen for last June’s Order of the Garter.

Katherine Hooker/

It is an exquisite garment, available in a variety of linens or silks.

Kate’s Jenny Packham frock was previously worn during the couple’s North American tour, seen at the polo match in Santa Barbara last July.

Jenny Packham

Our original post on this event is here.

Kate wore her hair in a partial updo and accessorized with the Whiteley hat worn to last year’s Epsom Derby.

The chapeau is Whiteley style #434/318 in Cappuccino Parisisal with curled Parisisal trim. (Our original post on the hat is here.)

The earrings are a pair we have seen on numerous occasions, this was pointed out to us by Anna of My Small Obsessions, as well as Ayvee of Diana’s Jewels. After seeing them on Kate again at the National Service of Thanksgiving last week several WKW Facebook friends starting hunting for the jeweler responsible for the earrings.

Fortunately for everyone, Michele C messaged Anna with a pair she thought was the perfect match and Anna went to work getting confirmation the correct pair had been found. They were indeed, from a company called Heavenly Necklaces.

Heavenly Necklaces

Made of cubic zirconias and reconstituted freshwater pearls, the earrings are only £48, roughly $75 USD at today’s exchange rates. It will come as no surprise the earrings are currently sold out but those interested in purchasing a pair may sign up to be notified when more become available. Our thanks to Michele and Anna for the hard work identifying these so quickly last week!

We saw the LK Bennett Sledge pumps once again, as well as the Hobbs bag Kate carried in Canada. That is the ‘Somerton Clutch’ in silver, it was paired with Kate’s Catherine Walker dress, our original post is here.

More on today’s ceremony from the Daily Mail:

A protective Duke of Cambridge kept one hand on his elegant wife’s back as they chatted with fellow guests on his cousin’s big day.

There was good news for all of the Royals this morning, Prince Philip was released from the hospital today, just in time for his 91st birthday. More from the Telegraph:

Prince Philip emerged from the King Edward VII Hospital in central London on Saturday morning in good spirits after spending five nights there being treated with antibiotics.

As he left, the Prince waved to well-wishers, shook hands with staff at the hospital and thanked them for their care. When asked if he was feeling better, he nodded and quipped: “I wouldn’t be coming out otherwise.”

We’ll be back in another day or two with updates on several other items!
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Donna Sakabu

Wednesday 13th of June 2012

I agree with the comments made here about the outfit being a nice mix of formerly worn items. Love that she finds fresh ways to combine clothing and accessories-as I think most of us do. I think she looks lovely and the outfit is entirely appropriate for a June wedding in England.

Kate's Great

Tuesday 12th of June 2012

The first time I saw this outfit I was so-so about it but after looking at it again I actually love it. I think if I hadn't seen the first outfit with this silvery dress jacket I would have been on board from the beginning.

Anyways, I love the used of blue/silver with brown accents. I think as an art history major and accessories buyer she has a great eye for colors, coordinates, and details!

(Whenever comparing Kate to other women around her at any event- she always looks more elegant and better dressed, even if her clothes aren't necessarily more expensive. She knows what she looks good in and she's confident, both of which go a long way!) :-)


Monday 11th of June 2012

I agree with most of the comments- i totally dont see the connection between any of these peices whatsoever. I DO love that she recycles, and if her goal was not to outshine the bride and groom i do think thats really sweet. However, she is so stunning and has such a great figure- its rare that i think something doesnt look awesome on her- this is probably the first time, she has plenty of outfits that could have been recycled and i could think of 100 different combinations that would have looked better than this. (that gorgeous white coat she wore to last years troop the color come to mind!!!) Having said that- she looks beautiful either way!


Monday 11th of June 2012

Totally agree with you---as much as I love Kate, and most of her outfits, this doesn't work for me. Dress seems too long for coat, and not cut well for "layering". Also, loved the hat the first time she wore it, but it doesn't work for me with the grey coat. Let me say that I love her LK Bennett nude sledge shoes, and do not get the recent criticism of them at all. I think they look great with almost everything. Furthermore, we all have a pair of shoes in our closets that are our "go to" pair. I would have loved to have seen the outfit from trooping, or perhaps the exact same ensemble as when she wore this coat the first time at Garter day. As you say, she is a beautiful lady no matter what she wears, and I respect that she was trying to not outshine the bride on her special day.


Monday 11th of June 2012

I really loved how she pulled this outfit together. She is ever mindful that people are watching and she has done perfectly to shop her closet, same as anyone else would, for a friend's wedding. I like how she buys pieces that we think of as one-time wears but she always has a plan for recycle. I was so happy to see the Jenny Packham dress again in a more formal occasion, and I liked that it wasn't perfectly matchy matchy. Love it.


Sunday 10th of June 2012

There are slight differences between Kate's earrings and the "replikate" ones. The pearl is bigger and/or the little cap on the pearl is smaller. The way the cubic zirconia is attached looks different/more noticeable than Kate's. I'm begining to wonder if Kate's earrings are on loan from the Queen because Princess Sophie has the same pair! I have also noticed that the website that the "replikate" earrings are sold from also has a lot of other "replikate" jewelry as well (her "Diamonds by the Yard" bracelet, the KiKi McDonough white topaz and diamond stud earrings, the earrings from the Jubilee concert, etc.). I think that the jewelry artist is copying Kate's jewelry and is claiming that Kate bought "(his/her) earrings".

A link to the pictures, you have to scroll down the page a bit:

***I know that the person who runs this website has stated that Kate's earrings are the "replikates", but I'm not convinced!***

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