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A Retrospective of Remembrance Sundays & Retailers’ Grief is Your Gain

We are back with a retrospective of Kate’s Remembrance Sunday style over the years. There were a few comments from readers expressing interest in seeing a 5-year view of what Kate has worn for this occasion, that seemed a good idea for today’s post.

As marked

As Marked

We begin with the coats worn from 2011 through 2015. (Of course, this year’s is a mashup: we won’t know the cut of the coat until it is seen again. It may be similar to the grey Patchwork Military Coat or more like the Velvet Trim Double Breasted Coat.  If speculating I would put my money on Kate going for the black velvet-trim silhouette.)



The coats: The silhouette remained much the same over the years, a basic fit and flare style with minor modifications. Kate seems to be moving toward a sleeker style in outerwear at this event, leaning toward pieces that are somewhat less bulky than the DVF coat. although last year’s flared Alexander McQueen style looks like it could be weighty as well.

  • 2011: Kate opted for a 2008 Diane von Furstenberg style. The piece was double-breasted with storm flaps, decorative buttons, and soutache trim on detachable collar and cuffs; Kate wore the piece without the cuffs.
  • 2012: Kate wore the Diane von Furstenberg coat seen in 2011. My hunch is she may have done this to minimize her apparel becoming a focal point of the day. It’s probable in the course of the following year she came to the realization there was no avoiding discussion of what she wore, we saw her in a new piece in 2013. Again, it’s merely a hunch; I can’t think of another reason she would wear the same coat again unless something spilled on it. It is probably safe to think there was another option in her closet, and/or Kate would have had the opportunity in the course of the year to purchase a black coat.
  • 2013: The Duchess wore a piece from Temperley London, the brand’s ‘Noa’ coat. This was another fit and flare style; it also had a high neck, jacquard inset satin panels in a geometric pattern and trapeze flare at the hem.
  • 2014: We saw another new garment, the Flared Wool Coat from Kate-favorite Alexander McQueen. This was another fit and flare style, as well as another double-breasted piece; it also featured oversized notched lapels, side slit pockets, and button-embellished cuffs.
  • 2015: As readers know, Kate selected a bespoke piece by Alexander McQueen for this year’s ceremony. The garment was also double-breasted, with velvet patches, notched lapels, and that fit and flare silhouette the Duchess is so fond of.

The chapeaux, gloves & other accessories: Remembrance Sunday is an occasion where hats have more focus, primarily because it is almost impossible to see any other accessories; shoes and handbags are generally out of sight. I think this may be the first year we saw Kate with a handbag. CORRECTED: It turns out Kate’s handbag has been seen several times, our thanks to Bianca Sandrell on the WKW Facebook page for pointing this out. If I had examined a few of my photos I would have realized handbags have been seen, arrgghhh!

The poppies:

  • 2011: Kate wore Royal British Legion poppies.
  • 2012: The Duchess wore a large Buckley Poppy.
  • 2013: We saw another version of the Buckley Poppy, this style has a small green leaf.
  • 2014: Kate actually wore an anemone in 2014. The brooch was a gift to Kate from Emma Roberts-Smith, an Australian woman whose husband, Ben Roberts-Smith, is a recipient of the Victoria Cross, Australia’s highest honor. While very similar to a poppy, it is actually an anemone, a reproduction of a Carl Faberge piece that is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s permanent collection.
  • 2015: This year Kate wore paper poppies from the Royal British Legion.

The other jewelry:

As Marked

As Marked

In the five years the Duchess has attended this event we really haven’t noted significant changes in her look. One can see Kate’s working wardrobe style and jewelry preferences reflected in the five photos at the top of the post: as noted, she remains a fan of a fit and flare silhouette; she is partial to double-breasted dress coats; her earring choices are kept to simple lines; her hats offer a spot of personality. Her hair has been worn down for four of the five years; there was a partial updo in 2011. This year’s hat and its birdcage veil netting was something of a departure for the Duchess, we’ve not previously seen netting on one of her hats.


Our other topic today covers the Sales and Savings opportunities abounding at most retailers. Normally we wouldn’t mention discounts and promotional savings at this point in the year, waiting instead until our Black Friday and Cyber Monday posts. Believe it or not, warm weather prompts this part of the post. More from Women’s Wear Daily:

Warm weather coupled with swelling inventories and low traffic are fueling markdown mania for a host of fashion apparel retailers, which are now offering up to 70 percent off.

So far, the markdowns are steep. 

And from today’s Journal:

Unsold goods are piling up on retailers’ shelves, a worrisome trend that signals weak consumer spending heading into the Black Friday kickoff to the holiday season.

A number of the offers end at midnight Veteran’s day, but fear not – unless retailers have moved an enormous amount of merchandise plenty of new offers will be available. For most of the upscale retailers like Nordstrom, Neiman and Saks 40% seems to be the discount being promoted. Here is a smattering of available deals that we stumbled into:

  • The Nordstrom fall clearance is underway, it runs through the 15th. The retailer also offers free shipping and returns, no promo code is needed.
  • Saks is offering discounts up to 40% online and at its stores. At the retailer’s Off 5th site and stores savings “up to 70% are” being promoted, as well as ‘Amazing Steals‘.  Saks also offers free shipping and returns, but promo code HOLIDAY is required at checkout.  (That Via Spiga repliKate for Temperley’s ‘Odele’ coat is a ‘Mega Markdown’ at Off Fifth, discounted 65%, now priced at $139.99.)
  • Neiman Marcus is in the middle of its First Call sale, with prices ‘up to 40% off’. At the retailer’s Last Call site use promo code 40ITEM for 40% off one item. (There are several more offers, too many too list. But trust me, there are other offers.)  Both the full price and off price stores offer free shipping. (That same Via Spiga repliKate mentioned above is $135 at Last Call.)
  • The Bloomingdales Friends and Family promotion is underway. Use promo code HOLIDAY for 25% off ‘almost all items.’  Bloomies is also doing free standard shipping, no promo code is needed.
  • LK Bennett’s US site is offering discounts ‘up to 50%’
  • For one day only, Wednesday, Nov. 12th, Reiss is taking 15% off every order. There’s no promo code to worry about, the discount will automatically be applied at checkout.
  • Ted Baker is also offering 20% off merchandise with promo code TEDS20 on the 12th and 13th only.
  • Ann Taylor is also doing its Friends & Family promotion, with 40% off your entire purchase, including new merchandise. Use promo code FRIENDS40 to receive your discount.
  • Macy’s is offering a variety of discounts. Some expire at midnight Veteran’s Day, look for other promotional pricing offers starting Friday. More from the WWD story: “On, the retailer is offering 40 to 70 percent off “clearance” products, which included more than 3,500 items — nearly all apparel.” 
  • Over the years a number of good repliKates have been discovered at Kohl’s. Like Macy’s, the number of bargains/discounts is too lengthy too list; most are outlined on the retailer’s home page.
  • The Brooks Brothers Silk Printed Dress that is such a great RepliKate for the LK Bennett Lasa poppy dress is now discounted to $119 from its $298 original price.

i-Images, POLARIS/Brooks Brothers

Frankly, the retailers have trained all of us to wait until things go on sale before purchasing them, it’s something of a ‘chickens coming home to roost’ phenomenon. Let us know if you have stumbled upon any stellar discounts you want to share!

We leave you with a few more treasures from StyleRocks, a gentle nudge about entering our StyleRocks $1000 giveaway – one lucky reader will win a $1000 gift certificate to spend however they choose at the customizable jewelry company. Entries close on Friday; if you haven’t entered yet now is a good time to do just that. Below, a peek at a few more styles the company offers, showing the Terre-et-Mer collection, inspired by the intersection of Australia’s bush and the sea (StyleRocks is headquartered in Sydney). From left to right, the Three Leaf and Pearl necklace in rose gold over sterling silver, a sterling silver Two Leaf and Pearl Necklace, and the single Leaf and Pearl Necklace in 24ct yellow gold over sterling silver.



If drawn to things that sparkle and glitter, you might want to use that gift certificate on a Princess Cut Pink Sapphire Ring in rose gold, a Diamond Eternity Ring in yellow gold, or a terrific Rainbow Ring in yellow gold.


Click here to pop over to the post where you can enter.

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Tuesday 17th of November 2015

Loved the retrospective! Would love to see again for more events the Duchess attends regularly.

Thanks for always being so comprehensive when recounting the event and the fashion!


Saturday 14th of November 2015

Thanks for your hard work putting this together Susan! So fun to compare her looks for the same event across the years.


Saturday 14th of November 2015

Loved, loved, loved this post. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this retrospective. I was at the Cenotaph for the ceremony in 2013 and 2014 and I own the exact same poppy (and anemone) brooches that she wore those two years. For the two years I lived in England (outside of London) it was so great to attend ceremonies when Kate was present, and then come here to read about the outfit I'd just seen in person. My family will return to London (to work and live) next fall and I look forward to enjoying my Kate sightings! Cheers!


Thursday 12th of November 2015

Susan - Thank you so much for putting this together! When I read the comment in the last post about putting together a retrospective, I got really excited, and hoped it would happen!

I know it was a "big deal" back then, but my favorite hairstyle is 2013 ringlets. (Big deal= Kate flipped her curls and people thought it was a flippant gesture). I think it looks really great!

This is an awesome post!!


Thursday 12th of November 2015

Awww, thank you Brooke, you're lovely to let me know you enjoyed it.:)

KM Jewelry

Thursday 12th of November 2015

I think I like the Temperley London coat best. It's sleek and serviceable while still being stylish.

I'm winning at alliteration today. :P

Shannon B.K.

Friday 13th of November 2015

Agreed! Temperley was my favorite too, particularly because of the satin panels. I remember seeing it for the first time and saying "Ooh...." because it was so pretty.

I'm also pro-alliteration for anything and everything, since I'm a writer, so thumbs up! :)

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