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It’s Roland Mouret for Wimbledon Final with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, & Prince William

It’s Roland Mouret for Wimbledon Final with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, & Prince William

The Princess of Wales wore Roland Mouret for the Gentlemen’s Singles Final at Wimbledon today as Novak Djokovic of Serbia took on Carlos Alcaraz of Spain.

As you can see, Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined their parents for the match.

This is the first time the Princess has attended Wimbledon.

Last July, we saw Prince George make his debut at the iconic event.

More on today’s outing via this Telegraph story

They spoke to a Wimbledon ball girl and ball boy, as well as representatives from the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy, British Army and St John Ambulance.

Speaking to Ella Ottaway, who runs the All England Club’s young people programme, the Princess of Wales said: “It’s Charlotte’s first time, George came last year.”

The Princess also said that five-year-old Prince Louis, her youngest son, was “very upset he wasn’t coming today” and told 16-year-old ball boy Joel that Louis has been practising being a ball boy.

Here, you see Mu’awwiz Anwar showing Princess Charlotte the coin that will be used for today’s coin toss. The young man was chosen to perform the toss because of his volunteer work.

We learn more from this Independent article 

Last year, Mu’awwiz, from Buckinghamshire, cycled three miles every day for 30 days during Ramadan to raise funds and this year he completed a half ironman triathlon.

Kate told Mu’awwiz “I hope you enjoy every moment of it. Well done. Thank you so much for being here.”

His mother, Saira Awan, said: “Mu’awwiz chose WaterAid because he couldn’t actually believe that there were so many people around the world who don’t have access to clean water.”

A quick video. 

Mu’awwiz and a Wimbledon official as the young man practiced his tosses.

Mu’awwiz and his family before today’s match.

The family spoke with RAF Flight Sergeant Jacquie Crook, Pam West of St. John’s Ambulance, Lt. Commander Chris Boucher of the Royal Navy, and Police Constable Erica Williams.

It looked like the children were given goodie bags.

A wave goodbye as the family walked to their seats.

As the Wales family was welcomed, seats in the Royal Box started filling up. Below, King Felipe of Spain, as he walked to his seat. The King was at the match to support Carlos Alcaraz in his bid to win his first Wimbledon title.

Other arrivals included Lord Frederick Windsor and Lady Windsor, née Sophie Winkleman.

Actress Lily James.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz.

Brad Pitt.

Actors James Norton (in sunglasses).

Wicked co-stars Jonathan Bailey and Ariana Grande. In front of them, you can just see Zawe Ashton (white sunglasses) and Tom Hiddleston. 

There was no shortage of tennis royalty. Below, two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray.

Stan Smith and Margie Smith. In front of them, you can see Prince Michael of Kent.

Chris Evert and Stefan Edberg.

AELTC Chair Ian Hewitt accompanied the family. 

Another view.

The young royals. 

The family bumped into James Norton. 

The Princess speaking with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. 

A quick video of the family being seated. 

Once settled, they had a wave for the crowd.

King Felipe greeted the family. 
Embed from Getty Images
Then, it was time for the start of what turned out to be an epic match. Below, Novak Djokovic (l) and Carlos Alcaraz (r).

A preview via CBS Sports

Top-ranked Alcaraz is seeking his second Grand Slam title and first since securing the 2022 U.S. Open crown. Djokovic, the former No. 1 player, is eyeing his 24th Grand Slam championship and third in a row. He is also seeking his fifth Wimbledon title in a row and eighth overall. 

The Princess of Wales and her daughter chatting before play got underway.

Another take on today’s match, this one via the New York Times

It is No. 1 against No. 2 — the 23-time Grand Slam tournament winner, who is 7-1 in Wimbledon finals, against a young Spaniard playing in his first.

It is also a network programmer’s dream, a premier matchup that will determine whether Djokovic will extend his record of 23 Grand Slam tournament titles by winning his fifth consecutive Wimbledon trophy, or whether the heavy-hitting newcomer overcomes past nerves to ascend the throne.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte seemed very engaged in the match.

A backhand shot by Mr. Alcaraz. 

During a break, the Wales women chatted with Chris Evert. 

For those who have enjoyed the Princess of Wales’s animated facial expressions over the years, it looks like her children are equally enthusiastic.

Princess Charlotte. 

It was an extraordinary match to watch. Here is just one point. 

Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

After 4 hours and 45 minutes, the match ended with Mr. Alcaraz the victor. 

More via this NY Times piece

In a startling comeback that rocked the All England Club’s venerable Centre Court, Carlos Alcaraz, the 20-year-old Spanish star who has blitzed the sport in his brief career, pulled off the nearly impossible, beating Novak Djokovic in a Wimbledon final on the grass that the man widely recognized as the greatest ever to play the sport has long treated as his back lawn.

Down a set and struggling simply to avoid embarrassment, Alcaraz rediscovered his unique combination of speed, power and touch and figured out the subtleties of grass-court tennis in the nick of time.

He clawed his way back into the match in an epic 90-minute second set in which he was a point away from what figured to be an insurmountable two-set deficit.

It looks like the Wales children were pulling for Mr. Alcaraz. 

Then, it was time for the award presentation. The Princess spoke with ball girls and boys as she walked onto Centre Court.

The Princess shakes hands with Sally Bolton, OBE, CEO of the All England Club.

A wide shot. 

The first award went to Umpire Fergus Murphy. 

The Princess then presented the runner-up trophy to Novak Djokovic.

And the Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy to Mr. Alcaraz.

More from The Telegraph’s coverage

No one who was lucky enough to have tickets for Centre Court will ever forget this match, which was full of tennis from another planet. It had to be, for Djokovic to be beaten.

To lift his first Wimbledon title, Alcaraz had to overcome a myriad of statistics as well as the greatest player in the history of the game. Djokovic had not lost on this court for a decade. And he had not lost a five-setter at Wimbledon since 2006, when Alcaraz was just a three-year-old boy still learning how to hold a racket.

The Wales Children and Prince William watch the Princess of Wales at the award presentation. 

A brief snippet of Mr. Alcaraz’s comments. 

The King watching the new champ speak. 
One more brief video.

The opponents after the awards were presented.

Applause for both gentlemen. 

King Felipe spoke with the new champion after the presentation. 

The King and the Wales family. 

Here is a video posted after the match by Kensington Palace. 

Now for our look at what Kate wore.

Her dress was by Roland Mouret, the Ruffle-Detail Asymmetrical Midi Dress ($1100). The fitted dress is a blend of 97% viscose and 3% elastane. It features the draped fabric at the shoulder, short sleeves, a lined bodice, a concealed back zipper, and back vent.

As of this writing, the dress is available in limited sizes at My Theresa ($929), in small sizes only at Bergdorf Goodman ($1100), and in mixed sizes at Farfetch ($1397). Thank you to Gabi, Middleton Maven, and ElizaMo on Twitter for their ID work! 

The Princess repeated her bag from yesterday, the  Natasha style ($425) in blush suede by Emmy London.

We saw the return of the Gianvito 105 Bisque Suede Pumps ($795), the classic point-toe style with a 4″ stiletto heel.

The style is available in most sizes at 24S, in a mix of sizes at Farfetch, and also at FWRD.

The Princess wore the same Victoria Beckham sunglasses she had on yesterday, the Denim 53MM Square Sunglasses ($199).

Her earrings look like a new pair by Milina London, the Green Onyx Gemstone Earrings ($61). They are made of 18k gold-plated sterling silver with faceted green onyx stones. Thank you to UFO No More for this ID.

The Princess wore what turns out to be a new Halycon Days bracelet, the Salamander Torque Aquamarine and Gold Bangle ($215). I thought she was wearing the Maya Torque style, but Royal Fashion Police pointed out it is a new style. I show the piece as worn yesterday in the montage below.

UPDATE JULY 18: With thanks to Royal Fashion Police on Instagram, it looks like the Princess wearing a new Halcyon Days Salamander Torque Bangle in Forget Me Not ($215).  I’ll leave you with the three ensembles, all in shades of green, worn by the Princess of Wales to Wimbledon this year.


ITN’s Royal Family Channel has almost five minutes of coverage in this video.

 Here is Mr. Djokovic’s speaking after receiving the runner-up trophy. 



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Sunday 30th of July 2023

What a match for Charlotte to make her Wimbledon debut with! It's been two weeks and I still can't stop thinking about it!

It's so nice to see Kate in Roland Mouret again. The silhouette is always reliable and I love this shade of green so much more than the others we saw during the fortnight. That being said, I was a bit surprised to discover this wasn't a repeat – does Kate have a similar dress that I'm thinking of instead? I don't think Wimbledon is the kind of event that requires two completely new dresses every year, so I hope we'll see some more repeats in the years ahead like we did in 2019. And on the topic of repeats, and Roland Mouret, how amazing would it be to see the blue dress from the 2011 tour make a reappearance?

The accessories to this outift don't blow me away – let's face it, with Kate they are much more reserved than they are exciting – but I confess I'm not a fan of these bracelets and how much more often they are popping up. This one in particular seems like a colour choice out of left field. I wonder if it's a piece with sentimental value? The sunglasses are great, a solid choice against the colour of the dress and Kate's hair. I did find myself thinking whenever the camera panned to Kate that she could chop a good 10cm off her hair and have it look so much fresher.


Sunday 30th of July 2023

@Larissa, Catherine wore a really gorgeous green dress for Wimbledon in 2021. It is very similar in color to the green dress we are discussing here, but the style of the 2021 dress I much prefer. (Also, no wrinkles, because it is not a natural fabric, I guess - but wow, it looks so great, I have to say, w/o all the wrinkles).

Debra Bishop

Sunday 30th of July 2023

Loved the dress, the wrinkles not so much, but loved the dress, in fact all three dresses very much. I have become a fashion follower of the Princess of Wales, always just thought she was appropriate, but not interesting. Also what lovely children, obviously being brought up to be polite.


Friday 28th of July 2023

Another winner for the POW. I understand the comments regarding the creases. These things happen and it is not overly obvious that it reduces the impact of the dress. Like the late Queen no matter the fabric it was scrunched up in the hand to test for creases beforehand. I'm sure this is done for Kate or should be.

I feel with the bold solid emerald green the large white clutch Kate wore leaving the Bahamas with her two tone black and white AR shoes would have enhanced the entire ensemble. Alternatively, mint coloured shoes and handbag would have also been delightful. In general nude accessories are a profoundly overdone trend when other colours can completely transform a look and achieve the wow factor.

A bit off topic, my apologies, I hope this is okay write. I feel extremely disappointed in the comments Suzy Menkes made regarding Kate's jewellery. Jewellery is extremely personal and yes while we do comment here, Suzy's comments hold so much weight. Especially when Suzy knows and has commented publicly on Kate's late mother-in-law, Diana, on her jewellery choices when alive and didn't criticise Diana who did exactly the same as Kate mixing precious and costume jewellery. For both Diana and Kate they are required to get the balance right. Just because it is not the real deal doesn't mean it can not be beautiful.


Saturday 29th of July 2023

@Louise, I had to look up what Suzy Menkes said re: Catherine's jewelry, after reading your comments. Very interesting take on Menkes' part. I tend to agree with her in some ways, but she could have stated her personal views a bit more diplomatically. Also, I don't think she is bothered by the mix of high and low jewelry, that Catherine often wears. I think it's much more that she loves the boldness and creative flair with jewelry that Queen Camilla has and Princess Diana had. This flair is more inborn than taught, imo, and it is not something I see in Catherine. That said, I still love the jewelry Princess Catherine wears. Not everyone is as into jewelry as Camilla is and Diana was, which is fine. Catherine strikes me as not as much into jewelry, and for jewelry lovers, that can be disappointing. Several bemoan the fact that Catherine doesn't wear "real" jewelry enough, but, for me, what Suzy said is much more interesting, because she's talking about style more than: is it diamonds or just rhinestones? Suzy is talking about the deep love some have for jewelry, as well as their strong confidence in wearing what they love. Catherine may feel she's not as confident with jewelry as Diana was and Camilla is. She may also feel she doesn't want to upstage Queen Camilla. There is so much to this, potentially. I do love her jewelry, be it high or low, and would love to see her in more jewelry, including brooches. But, if it's not her thing, so be it. I wish Suzy Mendes had been more encouraging than critical, because I think Princess Catherine looks beautiful in bold and interesting jewelry, be it real or costume. For instance I really love the entire Bafta look of 2023 that Catherine rocked, including those glamorous, cascading flower chandelier earrings she wore. Wonderful! And when I recall all the criticism she got for her entire 2023 Bafta look, it does make anything Suzy Mendes said seem rather mild in comparison. Princess Catherine is beautiful. Her jewelry is right for her - but, it would also be nice to see even more jewelry, including for daytime looks, imo.


Saturday 29th of July 2023

@Louise, I, too am disappointed in Suzy Menkes’ comments, but am trying not to put too much weight on them, as I think they’re a bit silly.

I enjoy seeing Catherine pull out the big guns for formal occasions, but I am quite happy that she doesn’t make jewellery her priority on everyday engagements.

Only wearing valuable and important pieces looks unpleasantly out-of-touch for a modern princess. I’m sure her sometimes quirky personal jewellery choices give her happiness, why wouldn’t they?

But each to his/her/their opinion!


Tuesday 25th of July 2023

Hi I love the dress! She always looks so perfect. I really love the low hemlines, I've seen many people with this style for skirts and dresses. Is this the new style? Do you think it would work for someone shorter than Kate? thank you


Tuesday 25th of July 2023

I don't know if it is a new style, per se, but one the Princess clearly has adopted for much of her wardrobe. I do think it can work for people shorter than the Princess, absolutely.


Wednesday 19th of July 2023

How can people be so offended by wrinkles? Feel sorry for Kate, can't seem to please anyone. Dress was fabulous, gorgeous colour with side features, fashionable length, elegant shoes and overall a great look.

Family looked amazing and so glad that Carlos won. His skill and determination displayed why he is world no 1. So looking forward to next set of tennis players.


Thursday 20th of July 2023

@Jane, No one is offended and the wrinkles have nothing to do with Kate, so there is zero element of her being "unable to please anyone". We simply feel for her that she spent $1000 on a dress that wrinkled in the car on the way to an event watched by millions around the globe---an event for which she has a role as Royal Patron.

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