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The Wales Children Volunteer at a Baby Bank & the Wales Family Christmas Card

The Wales Children Volunteer at a Baby Bank & the Wales Family Christmas Card

Fresh on the heels of seeing the Wales family at Friday’s Carol Concert, we have a new Christmas card photo with the family, plus a video of the Wales children volunteering at a baby bank with their mother. We’ll begin with the video released today. 

Above, the children carry the family’s private donations into the baby bank. Here is a portion of the video. 

The children joined their mother for a volunteer shift at Baby Bank Windsor last month. 

You may recall the Princess’s visit to Sebby’s Corner Baby Bank in November, an engagement designed to kickstart a baby bank holiday giving initiative from The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

More on that visit from this Telegraph story

The Princess warned of the “desperate” times that families faced in the run-up to Christmas and expressed concern that the country’s 250 baby banks were a “hidden” resource and should be “more visible”.

She visited the charity….as she sought to encourage members of the public to donate funds, products and pre-loved items, or to volunteer their time to support their local baby banks.

If the baby bank seen in the video released today looks familiar, it is probably because of the Princess’s visit there in April

While there, she promised to come back for another visit and spoke about bringing the children. Last month, she did just that.

More from Richard Palmer’s story in The Express

They went after school one day last month to help out, armed with bags and boxes of goodies for children in the Windsor and Maidenhead area less fortunate than themselves.

Kate, 41, was keen to give them a lesson in helping others, something they will be expected to do for the rest of their lives whatever else lies ahead for them.

“Here there’s lots of people who give up their time and there are lots of volunteers who come and help,” she told the three children as they brought gifts into the charity’s headquarters from their car. “And so you’re the volunteers for this evening.”

In the video, you can hear Rebecca Mistry, co-CEO, saying to the children, “What we would like you to do is try and choose some presents for children who are a similar age to you guys. So if you think about what you would like to play with.”

Prince Louis appeared to be taken with a giant gorilla (I think it might be a King Kong toy), saying, “This is a big guy!”

At one point, Princess Charlotte is seen giggling with her mother as they sort clothing. She then holds up a baby onesie and says, “This is Welsh!”

More about the volunteer shift from this Telegraph piece by Victoria Ward

The Princess of Wales wants to abolish the stigma surrounding such “vital” services, launching an initiative last month to encourage members of the public to donate funds, products and pre-loved items, or to volunteer their time to support their local baby banks throughout December.

Prince Louis helps sort clothing. 

We return to The Express article

Kate can be heard telling George: “All these bags are donations and we then have to go and then sort them and put them in all the boxes.”

And Kate is seen telling George: “You can see how rewarding the work is, isn’t it, knowing that you’re helping out others.” “Yes,” he replies.

In one part of the video, text on the screen explains the need. 

With a quarter of families with a child under five years of age living in poverty in the UK, baby banks provide a vital lifeline for families in all sorts of challenging circumstances.

Supporting parents and carers, who are doing their best to provide for their families, is essential and can have a life-changing effect.

The video was made by Will Warr, who has produced other films for the family. 

On social media, the Baby Bank wrote:

You may have already seen that we had a very special visit by The Princess of Wales and her 3 children a few weeks ago.
They helped us at our busiest time by packing Christmas gifts for local children experiencing financial hardship. They were enthusiastic, helpful and an absolute delight to have.

The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English reports, “I spoke to @TheBabyBank, and they told me George, Charlotte, and Louis were very eager and helpful. Charlotte was exceptionally well-organized and went methodically down her list. Louis insisted on putting a giant King Kong in a gift bag because he was such a ‘big guy’!”

Rebecca also reports

Co-founder of The Bank Bank in Windsor, Rebecca Mistry, told me that she was delighted the Princess of Wales made good her promise. ‘It was such a fab visit, and lovely she could bring them in. It was nice for them, too, to come somewhere their mummy had been,’ she said.

She said Princess Charlotte has already asked if she could come back to help again. ‘She was wonderful, working through the list methodically. She was so organised and knew what she wanted to do. ‘

‘It was so lovely and such a huge compliment that she [the princess] came back. ‘We saw a rise in people seeking help after her last visit, they didn’t know our service existed to help, so we know first-hand what an effect her interest..has on the ground.’

The video closes with text thanking “those who so generously support baby banks across the country.” It also notes, “Whether you would like to offer support, or are in need of support yourself, find out more about your local baby bank on the Centre for Early Childhood website.” If interested in donating, the Baby Bank has a Just Giving page here

Here is the full video; it runs about 1:50. 

Now for a quick look at what Kate wore. She appeared to be in a Reiss sweater, the British brand’s Edina Relaxed Wool/Cashmere Blend Rollneck Jumper (£158, about $200 at today’s exchange rates).

The sweater is 94% wool and 6% cashmere, with raglan sleeves, a split hem, and deep ribbed trim at the neck, hem, and sleeve cuffs. It is offered in several colors. Thank you to UFO No More and Middleton Maven for this ID.  

The Princess accessorized with her See by Chloé boots, shown below as worn on another occasion.

As best I can tell, her earrings are the Accessorize Pearl and Disc hoops (originally £8, now sold out).

I am in the process of putting Kate’s Kids Wore on hiatus, and will include information here on what the children wear. In the baby bank video, Princess Charlotte wore pieces by Paris-based Cyrillus: the Jumper With Frilly Neckline ($28) in cotton with a touch of cashmere and the Denim Skirt ($43), which comes with front pockets at elastic at the back waistband. Thank you to Found by Bojana for these IDs. 

Prince Louis appeared to be wearing the Amai Kids Ralph Checked Shirt in navy and burgundy, previously worn by his older brother. Atop the shirt, his sweater is very much like the Brora Shetland Fair Isle Yoked Jumper jumper but in a slightly different colorway than seen in the product photo below. The cuffs on his sweater are tipped in a medium blue.

I do not yet have information on what Prince George wore. 


Also today, a few royal Christmas card photos, beginning with the Wales Family’s picture released late Saturday.

The photo was shot by Josh Shinner earlier this year in Windsor. Mr. Shinner wrote on Instagram

It was such a pleasure to photograph The Prince and Princess of Wales and their family for the Christmas portrait this year. Without doubt one of the most relaxed and enjoyable sittings I’ve ever had, and I now have a whole new set of jokes that are right on my level thanks to the children…

A huge thanks to the @princeandprincessofwales for having me.

Mr. Shinner shared a sketch of how he originally planned to compose the photo, saying “I gave up trying to draw faces long ago, and I felt like attempting to draw the @princeandprincessofwales was something that could only end in dismal failure, but this was the starting point for the final composition….”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Josh Shinner (@joshshinner)

This year’s photo is something of a departure from previous photos, but it is not the only time a formally posed image was used for the seasonal greeting. We have a quick review, beginning with last year’s photo, taken by Matt Porteous in Norfolk over the summer. The Duchess wore the Mabel Shirt by MiH Jeans and her Superga Cotu Classic sneakers.

In 2021, the family released a photo taken on vacation in Jordan. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a dress by Sea NY

This 2020 image was shot by Matt Porteous, and taken at the family’s country estate, Anmer Hall.

In 2019 there was one photo released without the Duchess because she took the photo.  

This photo was also used in 2019, taken during a family vacation. The Duchess wore a dress by Boden, the retailer’s Aurora Wrap Dress.

The 2018 photo was also shot by Matt Porteous at Anmer Hall, with the Duchess in a Fjällräven sweater and gingham checked shirt.

In 2017, a formal posed image was used for holiday cards taken by Chris Jackson, Getty’s royal photographer. The Duchess is seen wearing a Catherine Walker suit first worn during her solo trip to the Netherlands in October 2016.

For their 2016 Christmas cards, the family used a picture from a children’s party held during their 2016 Canada tour. The Duchess wore a See by Chloé dress in that picture.

The first time the family released an official photo for Christmas was in 2015, sharing an image with a very young Princess Charlotte and older brother Prince George, taken by Chris Jelf at Kensington Palace. I don’t believe we definitively identified the shirt or sweater seen in this image.

For the 2014 holiday season, the family released a series of pictures showing a jolly-looking Prince George on the steps of Kensington Palace. Edward Lane Fox, Prince Harry’s former private secretary, took them.

The King and Queen also released their Christmas card photo this weekend. It was taken in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace after the coronation in May. Hugo Burnand shot the photo portrait. 


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Susan B.

Tuesday 19th of December 2023

I like the card and understand that they are trying to be modern and relatable, but I wouldn't have minded seeing something a little more formal. Seeing Prince William with his sleeves rolled up makes me think he took a moment out from performing some manual labor to have the photo shoot. I love that Catherine took her kids to a baby bank. They are so well behaved and adorable!


Monday 18th of December 2023

As I've mentioned, I think the card is beautiful, but, like others, I also wonder why it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas in any way, visually speaking. I hope someday the Wales will do a Christmas card that actually looks like one. How Great that would be if they did something like this!


Sunday 24th of December 2023


The Wales card is a beautiful card, in and of itself. So is the one from Monaco that I linked to. My personal preference is the Monaco one because it looks so festive & honors the Season w/o being overly religious. Happy Christmas & Happy Holidays to all who celebrate! 🎄 Best Wishes to Everyone! ♥️


Sunday 24th of December 2023

@Bonnie, or maybe they are just trying to appease everyone, Xmas supporters and non Xmas supporters. Seems in some people's eyes they can never get it right. My take, love the photo and appreciate we have such a wonderful and joyful Royal family.


Wednesday 20th of December 2023


Also, as you mentioned, Bonnie, what is in inside the card, shows that this is, indeed, a Christmas card. Thanks for the additional info!


Wednesday 20th of December 2023


Hi Molly, I agree with you that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but many might like Christmas just for the beauty of the Season, with all the lovely decorations. A lot of those decorations are not religious, per se. Christmas trees, wreaths, etc - all that pre-dates Christianity. There's nothing in the Christmas card from Monaco that is specifically religious. So, I think it is inclusive, at least from my perspective. It doesn't show a Nativity scene, for instance. Since the card from the Wales is called a Christmas card, I think it would be fine to have one like the one from Monaco. It is very lovely and joyful looking, imo.


Tuesday 19th of December 2023

@molly, I would hope that we all realize that not every culture celebrates Christmas. But I can't agree that the non Christmas visual is addressing this. According to Hello magazine "Alongside the black-and-white image, the royal couple penned: "Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year." If the card was intended to be a mindful nod that not everyone acknowledges Christmas, then wouldn't the message inside also reflect this?


Saturday 16th of December 2023

You get a better sense of the photo seen in the actual Christmas card (sent to Mila). It's quite elegant with the silver script.


Thursday 14th of December 2023

What a great cause that Catherine is encouraging her children to be actively involved with. It is such a much needed service that often goes unheralded. Catherine's casual look is beautiful, the roll neck looks warm and cosy, teamed with an elegant pant and those boots look amazing. Let's just celebrate this year's portrait and not get caught up with minor nitpicking. Does it really matter, the Royal family selected this one due to many reasons for which none of us will ever know why. I think it looks marvellous. Lets just celebrate the event and support Catherine in the many charities the family champions.


Wednesday 13th of December 2023

The media and others are comparing this Christmas portrait to one taken in a mall, well it's the best mall family portrait I've ever seen. Relatable, relaxed and royal and I love how Charlotte is front and centre. Beautiful. Kate's turtleneck really suits her. It's refreshing it is of natural fibres and it would be encouraging to see Kate further promote and wear natural or environmentally ethical new fabrics or hiring/renting in keeping with William's Eathshot campaign and prize. She certainly has the resources to explore this. I fully respect this is William's baby and Kate is definitely her own woman and can wear whatever she wants. However I believe it is such an opportunity on a global stage in this current plastic fabric era.


Tuesday 19th of December 2023

@berenike, Catherine should be representing the Commonwealth countries, not just Britain. After all the King is head of the Commonwealth and William and Catherine will one day hold that position.


Wednesday 13th of December 2023

@Louise, I agree with you on the issue of Catherine being able to be the World-class ambassador of the British clothing industry. I particularly would like for her to promote British wool in the form of thin woolen fabrics for suits and trousers, woolen sweaters and the almost forgotten tweed fabric which makes wonderful and warm skirts and jackets. It's all in the design. Tweed has come a long way from being "Granma's skirt or Granpa's jacket. There was quite a lot of tweed on the runways a couple years ago, but it has somehow been forgotten again. It can be a bit pricey, but if you buy something lovely in tweed for ex. a jacket, take care of it and it will last you out. I remember my father once wearing a lovely tweed jacket in a nice tobacco colour and he mentioned it being he's Granfathers.

I might have mentioned before, but this year I invested in quite a few lovely tweed midi skirts for the winter, as I love the combination of long boots with midi skirts, and was surprised about the amount of compliments I got. I usually combine them with my husbands old black biker style hip length (to me) jacket and a warm sweater and a long scarf. Lovelier and cosier than anything I've worn in years. And I know what I like, these will last "forever" :)

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