Jan 122012

With apologies for the lengthy delay in posting these, we have results from several of our year-end polls.

We begin with the poll for your favorite coat; there were 8296 votes and your favorite coat is…. the Alexander McQueen worn for Trooping the Colour.

The British Monarchy/Net-a-Porter

Ranking second, another McQueen piece: the navy coat dress with gold buttons and epaulets seen at the Irish Guard ceremony on Armed Forces Day.

The British Monarchy

Your third choice is the Burberry trench Kate chose for the couple’s trip to Belfast in March.

The British Monarchy

Here is a look at the top three vote getters.

© What Kate Wore 2011

The coat receiving the fewest votes was one seen for Remembrance Sunday, the black Diane von Furstenburg.

The British Monarchy


Also today, results from the Favorite Evening Gown poll. With 8920 votes, your pick for favorite party frock was….

Jenny Packham

The Jenny Packham “pearlescent rose sequin gown with Swarovski crystal,” a dress from the designers 2011 spring/summer collection. Running a very close second, Kate’s black velvet custom Alexander McQueen seen at the Sun Military Awards.

The Sun

Third on the list was Kate’s lavender Alexander McQueen worn to the BAFTA dinner in Los Angeles.

The British Monarchy

Here is how those numbers tallied up.

© What Kate Wore 2011

Kate’s red Beulah London ‘Sarai’ gown worn for the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala received the least number of votes.

The British Monarchy


Our final batch of results today, the earrings you liked best. This one was a little tougher because there were so many choices. With a mere 5043 votes cast, your favorite pair of earrings is….

Canadian Heritage

The sapphire and diamond pair we believe to have been reset from a pair of Princess Diana’s earrings, with 20.43% of the votes.

Running a *very* close second, the Kiki McDonough Grace studs, receiving 19.33 % of your votes.

Canadian Heritage/Kiki McDonough

Rounding out the top three, the Links of London Hope Egg earrings.

Canadian Heritage/Links of London

The votes for those top two places really were close.

© What Kate Wore 2011

Many thanks to everyone for voting, the way these have turned out thus far has been fascinating, especially the earrings.

Tomorrow we’ll share results on your Favorite Hat & Boots, as well as the top three from each of the two favorite dress polls, seen here and here. Those will be closed to voting tomorrow, so don’t wait too long if you haven’t already popped in to share your opinion on any of those topics.

Again, I apologize for the slow rollout of the results, as an online retailer we expected business to taper off after the holidays, but that hasn’t happened – a lovely phenomenon to be sure, but it has slowed things down here on WKW. Tomorrow we will also launch a new poll with the top three vote getters in the favorite dress/suit/separates polls to try and arrive at your top choice.

  20 Responses to “Kate Fashion Fans Pick Favorite Coat, Gown and Earrings”

  1. I like her in every thing she wears………….Mildred

  2. I just love that Black Diane Von Fustenberg coat so classic

  3. I love the white alexander mcqueen coat and skirt ensemble, it is the boldest style (for her) yet in my mind and my favorite. If I could buy any outfit she wore it would be the purple Issa dress and and this white trooper coat/skirt..looks great on her and could be worn by someone who is more curvy.

  4. My favourite coat was the red Catherine Walker she wore when they left Canada and it wasn’t even in the list…
    I think she was gorgeous in that :).

  5. Loved all the choices, even if my favorites didn’t win. I WAS surprised to see the least-ranking coat … that was my choice for favorite, although if I owned that white McQueen I would wear it everywhere. ;)

    I think the most surprising was the evening gown category. The white McQueen? Really? It was so pretty, but compared to some of the others … and even though I loved the winner, i think it makes her look too emaciated.

  6. Kate and William may have a new puppy:

  7. The ones with least number of votes all make sense to me. :) I am glad to see my favorite pieces made to the list although they are not the number1.

    The only thing I still dont get is the white AMQ coat. I feel tired just looking at it and can’t imagine owning such a piece in my closet…It’s such a busy design and didn’t go well with that hat to my taste. The sleeves also looked a bit ill fitted.

  8. It has been a very interesting year and I look forward to seeing what Kate wears this year – 2012! :D


  9. This has brightened up my Friday morning – thanks :D
    Well, wow! This is so interesting; and top marks for including what had the least number of votes – nice touch.

    Such a large number of votes. Good to know there are so many of us following Kate’s fashions :)

  10. even the last placers…are AMAZING!!!! looking at what was the least favorite, i still catch myself going “WOWWW she’s gorgeous in that”!!!!

    • i should say….even thought i agree it’s not my favorite kate item…i still catch myself going “WOWWW she’s gorgeous in that”!!!!

  11. Even the last place-getters are still gorgeous! She rarely puts a foot wrong does she?

    • I think she does, but you probably rarely see the negative reviews on this site. Not saying this site doesn’t allow any negativity but I gather most of us here truly love Kate and enjoy no matter what she wears or uses. I do see more variety of opinions on other sites. :)

  12. Fun!!! All of my top choices found their way into the top three except the citrine earrings. LOVE those earrings and I got my own repliKates from TJMaxx for $20! I don’t care what you ladies say, those citrine earrings are the best. :) Just kidding, love you all.

    • Rene, I loved them so much that when I changed jobs recently I bought the exact same ones with some of the money from my paid out overtime and holidays.

      • They just go with anything! They just add that extra something to an otherwise semi-casual outfit, I think.

      • I have my eye on a pair of white topaz earrings, in a different style from the McDonough studs, but still, they inspired me to consider the stone.

    • Hah! I also found Kate’s citrine earrings to be divine and also found a lovely pair at TJMaxx for about $20! Great jewelry there, fans!

  13. I love the top picks (though I wasn’t too crazy about the velvet 2nd place evening gown). I also agree that the fire engine red one was a good contender for last place. Loved seeing the coat and earring picks, too. So interesting!

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