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Kate’s Evening Gowns: Vote for your Favorite

We’re back with another of our year-end polls, but first we want to share two quick updates on items recently worn/carried by Kate. The first is about the shoes worn by the Duchess to Christmas services this weekend.

Mascaro, who made the heels at Kate’s request, tells me they are being re-issued mid-January. The platform pumps will sell for £169, or about $265 USD.  Additionally, Mascaro’s sister brand Pretty Ballerinas is re-issuing the black velvet clutch carried by the Duchess to last week’s Sun Military Awards.

Pretty Ballerinas Black Velvet Clutch

The bag will be sold at UK Pretty Ballerinas stores starting in mid-January, it is expected to retail for about £185 (roughly $240 USD at today’s exchange rates). Two pieces of good news from Mascaro and Pretty Ballerinas.

We now move to our poll, this one seeks your opinion on the evening gowns Kate has worn in the last year.  To help jog your memory, our mini refresher course starts with the Jenny Packham Pearlescent Rose Sequin Gown worn for the June ARK Gala.Kate Middleton Ark Gala Blush Jenny Packham Gown

The Grecian style Alexander McQueen gown seen in July at the Hollywood BAFTA dinner.Kate Middleton BAFTA Gala Los Angeles 2011

The red Beulah London dress worn for the Child Bereavement Society fundraiser at St. James Palace in mid-October.

The aqua Amanda Wakeley gown seen at Kate’s first solo appearance, also in October.Paul Burns/Splash News

The silvery asymmetric Jenny Packham evening dress worn for November’s National Memorial Arboretum appeal.

And a late entrant, last week’s black velvet Alexander McQueen, worn last week to the Sun Military Awards.

Don’t forget to vote on your favorite Kate Coat, click here to do that (or to see which style is leading the votes).

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Friday 6th of January 2012

Pretty Ballerinas velvet clutch available from our online store now :-)


Thursday 5th of January 2012

Would you please write on Kate's outfit from a picture taken on Dec.24 in US Magazine, p20, the January 16 edition? She is wearing a beautiful looks like sheepskin coat and I would love to know more about it.


Thursday 29th of December 2011

The black gown was my favorite, it needed something else though to tie it all together, a tiara? The dress was plain and an emphasis on jewels needed to happen or something needed to be added to the dress. It wasn't a Wow look when it should have been. I think she is trying not to overshadow William with stunning clothes which is smart like Diana did with Charles . Great arms! Glad she showed them off.


Thursday 29th of December 2011

This was not a tiara occasion. I think it might be a good idea for us to have a little tutorial on when tiaras are appropriate and when they are not.

I thought the diamond and ruby necklace with matching bracelet, plus the diamond earrings, provided all the "sparkle" necessary. A dress like this is pretty much a stand-alone affair. Too much jewelry would overwhelm it, when it doesn't need anything but itself to wow. Sometimes design and fit alone are all that is really necessary to make an impact.

Taste, after all, is about judging when to say when. Some people would say it's all about restraint.


Thursday 29th of December 2011

I have to say I love the lavender BAFTA dress not just for the style but for the statement it made. Kate proved in Hollywood you can be stunning and sexy in a modest dress. No plunging neckline, gaping back or thigh high slit necessary for our Kate.


Thursday 29th of December 2011

hear, hear! I completely agree..


Wednesday 28th of December 2011

I might be the only one that liked the red dress! LOL I do not like the Jenny Packham dresses--to me all I could focus on with them was how they show off her boyish body and make her shoulders look super wide. WIth her small waist, it reminds me of the V shape that men try for. Same with the BAFTA McQueen. Whereas the Amanda Wakely and red dress give her curves and a more feminine look. The black dress for me was just too plain, but a strapless does look nice on her. She needs to stay away from boatneck or straight neck dresses with cap sleeves IMO. Love her still.

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