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Now that some of last week’s frenzy has diminished it seems a good time to share a few updates and also wrap up our polls on what Kate wore during her pregnancy.  We begin with our newsbriefs.

Upcoming engagements:

  • It’s believed Kate, William and Prince George continue their stay in Bucklebury at the Middleton’s 18-acre estate. William has a week+ remaining of his paternity leave before he returns to RAF Valley in Anglesey.
  • There are no formal engagements on the calendar, but there has been chatter about a possible photocall with selected media to allow pictures of the newborn and his parents.


An autumn christening continues to be the expectation, after the Queen and Prince Philip return from the couple’s annual two-month trip to Balmoral. The precise location remains unknown; Richard Palmer’s story in the Express offers more information.

Prince William was christened in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace and Prince Harry was baptised at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Those two venues remain a possibility but other options under consideration, according to sources, are the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace and the Queen’s Chapel across the road.

We’ll keep you updated on the plans for this, as well as any other events.


Next, news sure to please those who like to ‘repliKate’ styles seen on the Duchess. An abbreviated lookbook for the Issa-Banana Republic collaboration was released this week, and there are several dresses that will hold appeal.  One design sure to delight many, a frock very similar to that now-iconic blue engagement dress.

Courtesy Photo/ /Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo/ /Courtesy Photo

With apologies to those who already read all of this on our WKW Facebook page last Thursday, the Banana Republic version shown above will sell for $130. There are two other dresses in the collection with very similar lines: a short sleeved style in blue and a maroon piece with three-quarter sleeves.

Courtesy Photos

Courtesy Photos

Banana Republic released a photo via its Facebook page of Naomi Watts wearing a wrap dress from the line.

Banana Republic Facebook Page

Banana Republic Facebook Page

The collection launches August 8 online and in Banana Republic stores. The marketing thus far includes efforts to capitalize on the Issa connection to Kate. Below, a snippet from an Elle interview with BR’s creative director, Simon Kneen.

Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine

Below, another image from the BR Facebook page.

Banana Republic Facebook

Banana Republic Facebook

It’s more-than-unlikely Kate will wear anything from this collection, or any other Issa creation, past, present or future.

Not only has the label’s founder, Daniella Helayel, left the company, but prior to her departure she sold a controlling interest in the brand to Camilla al-Fayed. Why should that matter? Because her father, Mohamed al-Fayed, previous Harrod’s owner, has been vocal in his belief the Royal Family is responsible for the death of his son, Dodi al-Fayed, along with Princess Diana. That topic is the subject of a film he financed, Unlawful Killing. In the movie the Queen is referred to as ‘a gangster in a tiara’ and Prince Philip is called a psychopath.

Regardless of that baggage, it appears there could be a lot to like in the upcoming collection, with price points sure to please many a pocketbook.  To see several more styles, click here to visit She Finds.


One other quick shopping update of note: Nordstrom is holding its semi-annual Anniversary Sale, one of the few times I see Aquatalia discounted. Below, the Royal boot, it is on sale for $298, 25% off its regular price of $398. Sale prices run through August 4.

Aquatalia Royal Bootie Nordstrom

Aquatalia ‘Royal’ at Nordstrom

The style is known as the Ruby Dry at Russell & Bromley, where it is priced at £245, roughly $380 at today’s exchange rates.  There are other Aquatalia designs on sale, but not all are marked down. Nor do I see Kate’s Rhumba boot available at Nordstrom, known as the Hi & Dry on the far side of the pond .


Next, a look at results from those polls that kind of got lost in the shuffle of all the goings-on this past ten days, as well as one final survey to determine the most popular style worn by the Duchess during her pregnancy.

I don’t think anyone will be surprised by the look you selected as your favorite for Kate’s first trimester. Capturing almost 24% of your 3049 votes, the runaway winner was Kate’s McQ by Alexander McQueen Black Watch Coat, worn for a visit to her old prep school in November of last year. The blue blue plaid Simyonette coat by Diane von Furstenburg Kate wore when released from the hospital received the second-highest number of votes.



Moving to styles seen in Kate’s second trimester, after 2700+ votes the look you liked the most is the By Malene Birger teal coat worn when the Duchess joined HM and Prince Philip for a trip to Baker Street Station this March.  In second place, the MaxMara Studio wrap dress worn to Hope House.

©2013 WhatKateWore.com

©2013 WhatKateWore.com

We divided the voting in Kate’s third trimester into two categories. The first involved pieces worn at formal events where we had clear photographs of what the Duchess was wearing. In this voting you selected the Topshop Polka Dot dress worn for the Warner Brothers Studio in late April. The blue Emilia Wickstead came in with the second greatest number of votes.

©2013 WhatKateWore.com

©2013 WhatKateWore.com

Our fourth poll included looks worn on occasions when we had poor photos, or none available that I could license for the site. The big winner in this case is the Séraphine Wrap Dress with Tie.

We have combined these four ensembles into our final poll on Kate’s maternity style. Here are visual reminders of your top choices, beginning with the McQ Black Watch coat and Aquatalia boots.

PA Wire / Aquatalia Courtesy Getty Images Courtesy Photo

PA Wire / Aquatalia Courtesy Getty Images Courtesy Photo

Kate in her By Malene Birger coat and Whiteley hat.

Transport for London / PA Wire

Transport for London / PA Wire

The Topshop Polka Dot dress and Ralph Lauren jacket.

Sophie Sulehria, The BBC / SplashNews.com

Sophie Sulehria, The BBC / SplashNews.com

And the Seraphine Wrap Dress with Tie as seen (barely) on the cover of Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine (photo is in lower left corner of magazine).

Woman's Day/Séraphine

Woman’s Day/Séraphine

And our poll.


Today’s final note, a mention of our current Baby Cambridge Fundraising auction currently underway on eBay. All proceeds from the auction go directly to one of Kate’s patronages, EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices). This is an amazing auction, with a bit of a twist for us (the four bloggers running the Fundraiser): we are showcasing items and brands Kate’s younger sister is fond of, although they are sure to hold equal appeal for anyone who enjoys beautiful jewelry and elegant apparel!

eBay Giving Works Auction (Ends at midnight Sunday night)

eBay Giving Works Auction (Ends at midnight Sunday night)

The auction includes a dress not even available for purchase yet from a brand Pippa is frequently seen wearing, Logue London. The garment is 100% silk jersey, crafted in a shirtdress style that is part of the label’s upcoming fall/winter collection.  Also part of the auction, an item that is available now and something Pippa has been seen wearing: the Peapod Necklace by jeweler Argent of London.

Logue London & Argent of London

Logue London & Argent of London

The third item is an autographed copy of Pippa’s book “Celebrate”. This copy is actually signed by Pippa herself, originally purchased from a stock signing at Foyles for Books, and kindly donated by Pippa-Middleton.co.uk. We want to thank Carly of Pippa Middleton Style, along with Argent of London and Logue London for their generous donations!

We are making great progress, as of this evening (Saturday, July 27) more than $6100 has been donated via our Just Giving page.

Baby Cambridge Fundraiser page at Just Giving

Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated thus far.

  9 Responses to “Bits & Bytes, Retail-Related Notes, Final Poll on Kate’s Maternity Style, More”

  1. can’t believe the polka dress is leading the poll for her best dress. it looks seriously cheap! shame, such a bunch of gorgeous outfits to choose the polka dress :(

  2. Kate will never wear Issa again I know it but I bought the dress naomi watts wore as it is beautiful

  3. Camilla Al-Fayed did not make the negative comments about the queen and Prince Philip; her father did. They are 2 different persons. Like most people, I don’t see eye-to-eye with my parents on everything, and would not want some of their comments to reflect on me, and vice-versa. Besides, do we check other designer’s past comments before deciding which clothes to buy?

  4. Hi guys, Just wanted to inform others as another person posted of alternative versions of the peapod themed necklace sported by Pippa Middleton. Anyone interested can find an affordable peapod style necklace at the US Smithsonian Museum store site. The site is offering a peapod necklace in a style similar to Pippa’s but made in bronze and featuring freshwater pearls. The accompanying earrings are out of stock, but when I last checked the necklace is still available priced at about $39 US dollars on sale. All purchases from the site support the Smithsonian Museum, which is another bonus in my opinion.

    Here is the URL: http://www.smithsonianstore.com/pea-pod-necklace-and-earrings-46736.html?&wtl=s&wtl1=pea

    Happy Shopping:)

  5. Love love love this site and I just wanted to know, where is the brown turtleneck that Kate wore while shopping at Tesco in November 2011 from? I love it and I want one like it, but I can’t find it identified anywhere!

  6. If I want Issa-style design, I’m going to buy Issa, not Banana Republic. Even if I were looking for a less-costly alternative, it wouldn’t be BR. The quality of BR has deteriorated in recent years, in my opinion, and I haven’t bought anything there for some time.

    I own a black dress very similar to that Logue piece, and it happens that I bought it at AllSaints Spitalfields, a British retailer with US stores. Many AllSaints pieces are a little too edgy for people who appreciate the Duchess of Cambridge’s style, but some might easily be worn by her.

    Moreover, if you like that peapod necklace but want a less-expensive version, some US museum stores are selling one. It has matching earrings. See below:


  7. Not only do I think Kate will not wear Issa again, I would not either, knowing the comments that were made about the Queen and Prince Philip. Very disrespectful. In the US we say, we vote with our pocketbooks.

  8. I voted for the Topshop polka dot dress. I don’t think of the Alexander McQ tartan coat as a maternity style since it was so early in her pregnancy – I don’t think it had even been announced yet, and she was a long way from showing. The polka dot dress is a great example of the Duchess’ effortless maternity style.

  9. I agree with you completely about Kate never wearing Issa again. She has proven time and time again that she (or someone on her staff) is careful about the messages she sends with the clothes and accessories she wears. Kate doesn’t just grab the first item she sees in a store, and a lot of work goes into creating an ensemble that hits all the right notes while being appropriate for the occasion.

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