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Kate was in an old favorite for Christmas church services this morning.

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images / Polaris

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images / Polaris

But the bigger news is that we saw George and Charlotte accompany their parents to church for the first time. The Cambridge family is spending the Christmas holiday with the Middletons at their home in Berkshire.

©Reuters/Pool/Splash News

©Reuters/Pool/Splash News

Above you see Carole, Michael and James Middleton; Pippa and fiancé James Matthews are somewhat obscured. Carole Middleton’s arm looks like it was in a sling. UPDATE: Although it looked like Carole Middleton’s arm was in a sling, it turns out it was not. In the video at the bottom of the post (at about :22 into the video) you can see both arms are moving freely, it looked more like she was carrying something(s). Our thanks to Vicki for noting that and letting me know.

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

©Pool / Reuters / Splash

From The Daily Mail:

Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended their first Christmas communion service at the 12th century St Mark’s Church in Englefield near the Middleton family home. Bells rang as the Royals arrived outside the church where some 100 smiling locals were seen entering for its 10.30am Sunday service.

St. Mark’s is where Kate and William attended Christmas Day services in 2012. It is also where Pippa Middleton’s wedding is expected to take place this May.

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images

We learn a bit more about the music from the service via Richard Palmer’s story in The Express:

At the service, overseen by The Rev Nick Wynne-Jones, they joined the congregation singing three much-loved carols: Hark the Herald Angels Sing, O Little Town of Bethlehem, and  O Come All Ye Faithful.

Below, William and George after the service.



You can see Carole, Michael and James Middleton behind Kate in this photo.

©Zak Hussein/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock

©Zak Hussein/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock

Now to what Kate wore this morning. Many will recognize her ‘Celeste’ coat by Hobbs; it was also worn by the Duchess when attending that 2012 Christmas service with her family.

Kind Courtesy Jesal Parshotam

Kind Courtesy Jesal Parshotam

This is the 5th time we’ve seen Kate wearing the piece. Previous occasions include the Duchess’s visit to Liverpool on Valentine’s Day in 2012; as mentioned above, Christmas Day of 2012; and also for engagements in Grimsby in 2013. It was also worn at Balmoral in September 2013, but photos from that day are of Kate inside a car and little is seen of the garment.

As Shown

As Shown

The coat is crafted in a wool crepe in a color called chestnut brown, and embellished with studded leather cuff straps and coordinating belt. 



This offers a look at the back of the coat.

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images / Polaris

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images / Polaris

As you might guess, we have all been chattering about what Kate was wearing beneath her coat; what dress, or skirt and top, she might have on. Here is the best closeup I could make using the photos I have licensed.

©REX / Shutterstock

©REX / Shutterstock

The piece that really seemed to make the look sing is the faux fur collar the Duchess added to her ensemble. The always-on-top-of-things Gemma of Food, Fash, Fit suggested the Duchess was wearing the ASOS Faux Fur Mini Sloth-Through Collar, and I think she is spot-on.


©Pete Maclaine, i-Images/ASOS

The piece was described as being “Super soft-touch faux-fur. Satin-style lining. Stretch band to secure in place. Machine wash.” Originally priced at $23, the collar was most recently selling for $16. Unfortunately, it is now sold out.



Janet Evelyn noted on the WKW Facebook page the look was similar to a fur collar shown on the Michael Kors runway; the model was wearing a suit jacket Kate owns.

Michael Kors/Andrew Parsons, i-Images, Polaris

Michael Kors/Andrew Parsons, i-Images, Polaris

Kate wore her Tod’s Fringed Leather Pumps, first seen during the Canada tour in September.  The design showcases a block heel, fringe leather trim with a gold buckle, and the brand’s pebbled sole. The color is called burgundy.  

Tod's / Pete Maclaine, i-Images

Tod’s / Pete Maclaine, i-Images

She carried another familiar item, her Bayswater Wallet Clutch by Mulberry, a design no longer being made.

©Mulberry/Pool, Reuters, Splash

©Mulberry/Pool, Reuters, Splash

Her earrings are one of the loaned pairs from the Queen we have seen recently. Below left they are shown as worn today; on the right, Kate wearing them for the Duke of Westminster’s memorial service in November.



One update I think people will want to know about: for the first time in 30 years, the Queen did not attend Christmas services at Sandringham. The cold that bothered her last week continues to be a problem, she stayed inside today.  From The Telegraph:

In a statement issued this morning, a Palace spokesman said: “Her Majesty The Queen will not attend Church at Sandringham this morning. The Queen continues to recover from a heavy cold and will stay indoors to assist with her recovery.  Her Majesty will participate in the Royal Family Christmas celebrations during the day.”

It was a treat to see the entire family this morning, a lovely surprise on a Christmas morning.  I thought they looked terrific, the blues and wine/maroon shades worn by the four coordinated nicely, and George and Charlotte looked just precious. For all of the details on what they wore, pop over to our sister site, What Kate’s Kids wore. I hope everyone celebrating Christmas has had a beautiful day, as well as those marking the second night of Hanukkah. Until then, we’ll leave you this picture of Prince George, the expression on his face is priceless.

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images



  64 Responses to “Kate in Familiar Pieces as George & Charlotte Attend Their First Christmas Church Services”

  1. Here are those dreadful shoes again… The coat and the fur collar do work together but if Catherine had chosen to wear boots, the whole look would be so much younger. In general, those pumps she wears make her look matronly.

  2. Susan, you reference a video at the bottom of the post, but I don’t see the link – ? Maybe it’s not coming through on my computer, not sure.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I was looking at another sites photos and it appears that perhaps Pippa is wearing Kate’s old coat. Kate wore it in 2013 in Glasgow. I can not see the front that close, of Pippa wearing it, as she has a scarf over the closing.

  4. That Sloth thing is back in stock at an even lower price…

  5. I haven’t read all the comments, so maybe someone said this already. But Susan, it looks like Kate is wearing her Oasis sweater dress that she wore the first time under this coat in 2012. It seems very similar.

  6. Gorgeous look.

    I might be wildly guessing here, but I think she could be wearing the Seraphine black dress she wore in New York. The hem line and high neck até similar, and I think you can see the hint of a long black sleeve under the coat.

  7. Nice look. That color has enough “burgundy” in it so that it wears nicely with most colors, including black. Especially love the shoes and think the fur collar is a nice touch. The kids are adorable.

    Gotta say, though, Pippa is a hot mess. Flowered scarf, plaid coat, both in grey tones with brown tights, gloves, boots. Painful.

    Happy New Year!

  8. George’s ‘do I have to be here’ look is priceless. Obviously left behind a lot of interesting toys. His coat is very smart and very George. Charlotte is such a pretty child with her resemblance to a young Elizabeth and Margaret evident all the more here. Kate is lovely. I want her shoes. A block heel is more complimentary and dynamic on her than some of those jaded courts she wears. I’m amused it’s the same coat she wore in 2012 for Christmas day. That’s beyond traditional or sentimental lol. The two Christmases out of six spent with your parents and you wear the same thing. She has sooooo many coats. I think she bought a fur collar and attached it to the best coat she could come up with. That’s impulse buying for you☺

    • I doubt it, but I wonder if she keeps a nucleus wardrobe at chez Middleton; to wear it two years out of six to Christmas Day church, however good it looks is wandering into the realms of The Princess Royal. I love those shoes, they go so well with the coat, and also being in the country are more suitable than a vertiginous stiletto for wearing to church. When I first saw them, I thought ‘ox blood’ as the colour, not burgundy, but maybe that is an English thing.

      • I actually thought the coat was burgundy, not brown. On realizing the coat was brown, I wondered if the shoes were ox blood in colour. For the none British, ox blood is a reddish brown, rather like mahogany furniture.

      • Caroline, I was struck by a similar thought and considered whether Kate keeps some clothes at her parents’ Bucklebury home. Maybe she does, but I remembered that she wore this chic Hobbs coat more recently than Christmas 2012. She sported a very similar ensemble to this one while in Scotland with the Queen in 2014 or 2015, while driving to a church service at Craithie Kirk (isn’t that the best name). It’s a smart look, and perhaps this coat is an old favorite that she prefers to wear on off-duty occasions that call for a bit more polish.

  9. I’m afraid you may have the wrong St. Mark’s linked in your post. I believe you want St. Mark’s of Englefield not St Mark’s of Bush Hill Park. The address is

  10. Fantastic look for the duchess—I would never have thought that a collar of that color could go so well with a “chestnut brown” coat but it does. I hated those shoes when they were debuted in Canada but they definitely looked better today when paired with the heavier coat. I still don’t love them but they are growing on me.

    Hair and makeup were also lovely. Only tiny quibbles—I didn’t think the color of the clutch was a great match with the rest of the outfit and I would never put a black dress under a brown coat–I realize the second one is a personal preference only but I just find it jarring. However, as you couldn’t really see it most of the time, my verdict is a giant thumbs up.

    Kate excels as coordinating the family without being “matchy matchy”–and what a gorgeous family they are. I love how she dressed both of the children.

  11. Do we know what Kate & Co. is up to for New Years?

  12. Bravo! Whenever the four together are photographed, they are fabulous. Kate always looks iconic when with the children. Here walking with Charlotte in one hand and the clutch matching Charlotte’s leggings in the other and faux fur collar is spot on.

    I dare say, Kate has moved into the royal role this year. Kate beside two fashionable ladies (Carol and Pippa) does look the part of the Sr. Royal.

    ps the shoes are fab.

  13. I wouldn’t have brought this up since William and Kate didn’t go to Sandringham for Christmas, but since you mentioned the Queen missing church I feel that gives me an opening…. Considering James Viscount Severn didn’t attend church with the family until he was 10, isn’t it interesting that on his first appearance on this day, the two children of Peter & Autumn Phillips also attended although much younger. And it just happens to be the first time the Queen has not attended. I wonder if she prefers they not attend when so young. And I wonder if William and Kate had gone to Sandringham, would they have taken their children to church there? I don’t think that the queen dislikes children, as evidenced by her photo with the younger ones, but I would believe that she might feel church is not the place for the really young ones.

  14. It was such a nice day and surprise!
    Catherine looked amazing and who knew that burgundy and brown could look so well
    I have seen a video of Carole where she sticks out both of her arms, and she does not look like she is wearing a sling or maybe she was at he beginning

    In any case, gorgeous morning!
    Great job!

  15. Thought Kate looked lovely today, and with The kids, spot on. I’ve always loved this coat and thought the fur was a nice addition. Interesting that the royal 4 walked so ahead of the rest of the Middleton family. Do you think this was for the photographers benefit?
    I agree with people’s comments above that Pippas outfit looks very messy! Shame.

  16. I loved Kate’s look head to toe! I like the way faux fur was used here as an accessory. I love the unusual color of the collar. This is a great update of a favorite coat.

    Of course, the children are the real stars here. How adorable! And perfectly dressed, since we’re talking fashion.

    I think it’s great that William and Kate are giving attention to both families, and rotating where they spend the holidays. The more normality they can keep in their childrens’ lives, the better IMO.

  17. Happy Hanukkah to you Susan!

  18. I love this coat and don’t mind how often Kate wears it. I’m not a fan of faux collars but I’m getting used to this one, the colour certainly suits Kate and it provides a soft frame for her face. I’m not so impressed that it slips and shows the original collar when she leans forward.

    I’m also very fond of these shoes, though I find them a bit chunky and detailed given there’s quite a lot going on with details on the coat, not least the invading faux fur. The Middleton ladies as a group seem to go for some unnecessary odd extra touches outfits where they could improve by keeping things simple.

    I’m interested that Kate is still wearing the loaned earrings, she seems to be developing a taste for the heritage jewellery. It’s wonderful we were able to get such great pictures of them all and both children certainly pulled some priceless faces.

    • Since Kate seems to be wearing these earrings so frequently, I am wondering if thy are on “permanent” loan from the Queen. That would mean they are still part of the royal jewels, but Kate is custodian of them for as long as she wishes.

      Let’s hope Her Majesty and Prince Philip are now feeling much better.

      • Bonnie
        That is a good thought:) I agree, hoping the Queen recovers quickly. ali

      • I’d agree with you, Bonnie. There sometimes seems to be a bit of a fuss made about these loans of jewellery as if the Queen might keeps a jealous eye on some sort of register, to see who’s got what, and for how long.

        I would have thought it was a case of a great store of fine jewellery available to whoever requests it pretty much when — and for how long — they want it. I would imagine those responsible for its upkeep are just plain delighted to see some of these gorgeous items being put to good use.

  19. What a gorgeous look on Kate, and the kids… perfection !

    My only comment, how does one keep two toddlers quite during a church service and maintain a spotless look
    with only items that would fit in a small hand clutch? I need at least a small purse to take my littles to church service. At least a cup of water, a few small books, an extra diaper/wipes, and maybe a rosary to keep little hands busy and quiet. I’m sure they are impeccable disciplined, but still !!!

    Did Kate attend with her nanny possibly already seated in the church?

    • I’m sure between all of the family members there are enough baubles and delights to keep two children happy and quiet. Charlotte is still quite little at 19 months, so I’m sure she fell asleep early on in the service on Kate’s shoulder. I say Kate’s shoulder as you can clearly see she is very attached to her mom. That left one child to entertain and one is easier than two. He may have fallen asleep at some point too. (I did all of the time! Those early morning masses!)

    • Hello! I had to post about small children in church. I had two under two & my husband was not “church-going” so it was me with the two of them on Sunday’s. I would bring ONE quiet toy per child. One book, one doll, etc. They picked it and that’s all they got. I think the more occasions children attend where they are expected to be quiet, the better they are – with practice comes goodness. I think these two are expected to sit & be quiet a lot. Also, on the church’s website, there was nursery school & church school available for the children.

      • Your last sentence is probably the answer here, Charlotte likely went to the nursery, George to some sort of kids program during the service.

    • Most churches have a pencil and plenty of paper to work/draw on in the pews:) George is old enough to sit through a service and Charlotte may just take a bit of passing off between the adults:):). Kids have been “relatively” well behaved in church services forever. It is very doable and if they have a fit you take them out for a bit:):). Most churches are pretty tolerant of the child voice or the elderly voice. Older folks are often just as much an issue as the children:):). Churches are for the most part, hopefully, very forgiving. ali

      • With so many adults in attendance it would have been easy to keep two small children “entertained” during a church service. Most protestant churches have small pencils and paper in the pews for children to draw with. Also, many have a special “bulletin” for children’s use as well. Under her cape Mrs. Middleton might well have had a small satchel with a toy for each child to have.

        I had four children in five years, my husband and I regularly took them to church each Sunday – they learned to sit quietly for the service – we were not above taking them out into the narthex if they were getting antsy but that rarely happened. It is all about teaching children what sort of behavior is expected.

    • I imagine something is going on off camera. She also has the huge help of Granny, Grandpa, Auntie Pippa and Uncle James. With so many adults plus a congregation likely to be rather indulgent of their special guests I imagine it was just fine.

  20. I love the Cape Carole Middleton wore with the Velvet Collar and Buttons….does anyone know who makes the cape?

  21. Merry Christmas to the WhatKateWore team.

    Very nice, understated elegance about the royal couple today. It was nice to see the whole family. Now I have a question about Prince George’s attire. He always wears shorts, regardless of the weather. I understand that classic styles are timeless, not to mention appropriate for one of his status, but surely he could wear long pants in the winter. I might ask myself that since I live in Canada, but it can get pretty damp and cold in the UK. Will we always see him in shorts? If so, until what age?

    • Well as we’ve discussed before, the short pants on boys are a long standing British tradition. I don’t think George would have been cold. First off, they came by car and only walked the last few steps into the church. Also, if you look at Michael and James Middleton in the photos, you will see that they are only wearing suits, no overcoats. So the temperatures on Christmas Day, in Buckleburry would not have been that cold.

      • Bonnie agree, plus hate to say but I see “boys” of all ages wearing shorts year round to school in very very cold weather. If you have a heavy sweater and or coat then a pair of shorts and knee highs is nothing. When I was a Junior High girl, I wore knee highs and mini skirts for a mile walk to school in the snow and did just fine:). ali

    • It was a very mild Christmas here in the UK – he wouldn’t have been cold.

  22. She looked gorgeous! Thank you for a speedy, wonderful post. Merry Christmas!

  23. I wonder what happened with Kate’s bag – she’s not holding it upon leaving the church. I can’t see if any of the Middleton’s are holding it for her.

    • I wondered the same thing! I initially thought Carole was carrying it under the cape (when leaving the church) but she seems to be supporting her arm (in a sling?) on the walk to the church as well.

      I wonder too if she is wearing the same black turtleneck dress that she wore in February of 2012 (and if that is the same one she wore to the hospital visit when she had the yellow apron on)?

      In any case, loved everything about her look today and the children were adorable for their first public Christmas!

  24. I can see why the Duchess has kept this coat in rotation for so long. The shade works well with her own colouring and for the season and the cut is clean and flattering for photos. Susan, London

  25. Kate looks well put together today. The chunkier heeled shoes are a good look with a coat and I like that the shoes and purse match the coat’s colour. The only thing I dislike is the faux fur collar. I commend Kate in not wearing real fur, but this one looks like a low budget item (which it is.) To borrow a phrase my mother used to use, “It looks like something the cat dragged in.

    George is a little man in his overcoat. He looks so much like Michael Middleton. Charlotte resembles Princess Margaret’s daughter, Lady Sarah Chatto.

    I enjoyed seeing the photo of Kate in the Michael Kors suit. It is one of my all time favourite outfits that the Duchess has worn.

  26. The Duchess looks beautiful. I love the coat and the addition of the faux fur collar is fantastic. It adds a touch of whimsey I think and I love the color. Also, I love the fact that she got out of those stilettos, even if only for today. I expect they will be back.

    Thanks for this Christmas Day treat, Admin! It was a great little escape from the roil of family, food and presents to read about and look at pictures of royals!

  27. Love the fur collar!! Purples are my favorite so I may be bias but I think she looked great. Are the Duchess’ shoes a purple or brown? In the side by sides her shoes seem wine colored and the sample appears a true brown.

  28. The outfits worn by Prince George and Princess Charlotte reminded me of those worn by my own children at the very same ages. My son had a coat that was almost identical to that worn by the prince. He did not wear loafers, I preferred saddle shoes but the socks, shorts, and shirt combo was one I found very nice for young boys. My daughter had a similar coat as the princess in style but it was a dusky rose/maroon tweed with velvet collar. It was a velvet beret which she would wear as her hair was very slow to grow and thicken. She wore buckled Mary Jane’s and tights and usually a smocked dress
    In the summer they would wear nautical themed outfits very reminiscent of an earlier period.

    I prefer very classic styles for young children. I had three sons. Having classic dress clothes meant that the clothes received a good wearing. Additionally, since we are of German ancestry, our sons, like their father before them, wore lederhosen as well with an alpine hat. Our daughter had a dirdnal. My son looks forward to when his son is big enough to wear his first pair of lederhosen. My husband cannot wait to purchase a dirdnal for our granddaughtwr.

  29. Kate looks gorgeous today. Their children are adorable too.

  30. Beautiful family and I love George’s expressions – too cute!

  31. Prince George, bless his heart…”there you are again, why are you following me?”

  32. Fabulous coverage,as always!! Thank you!!

  33. Lovely. For all the times that her accessorizing is griped about, I think this was just a very “put together” look. Her hair looks fabulous, and the pairing of the coat and shoes is perfect. The fur collar is a fun update to the coat too. And if the Queen loaned me earrings, I too would wear them every chance I got.

    • I confess to being one of those gripers and I have to say I agree with you and am not griping this time! I think she nailed it, from the stole to the shoes and back up to the hairstyle. A home run!

      I can’t say the same for Pippa, however. Odd choice to go with busy mixed prints when you m ow you’ll be photographed. Much safer to go with a structured look in a rich color but Kate made up for the whole family today.

      Thanks Susan and I hope you had a lovely holiday!

      • Agreed on both counts. I am a griper, too, but her accessories added a bit of flair while still being appropriate, and the shoes are so much better than her boring nude pumps. Maroon is very on trend for this winter. Pippa looks not very put together, but I find I feel that way about most of her looks.

    • You said it perfectly. As one of the “gripers” I cannot find a single thing awry with this spectacular look of hers. Those shoes are my particular favorites, and this look, for me, is simple, elegant, and has the pizzazz I haven’t been able to put my finger on her lacking in many of her outfits of late. And yes – the fur collar really IS fun!

      • You can add me to the list of those who think this is a home run! The shoes in particular. The chunkier heel is so much better with the heavy coat than a thin stiletto. Kate’s hair is also just beautiful!

  34. It was so lovely to see the family today. I’m thinking perhaps they gave the nanny the holiday off and so really the only option is to bring the children to church. Certainly they don’t need the nannys set of hands with grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles there to gladly help. I’m not a mother yet myself but I can’t imagine leaving my children behind on Christmas day, the day is about family and love. I’m so glad they are able to enjoy Christmas with Catherine’s side of the family on occasion, like a very modern, yet very royal family.

    Merry Christmas What Kate Wore team! I gladly received the desk calendar from my husband for Christmas. :) Can’t wait to bring it to work when I return in the New Year!

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