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Kate in Familiar Pieces as George & Charlotte Attend Their First Christmas Church Services

Kate was in an old favorite for Christmas church services this morning.©Pete Maclaine / i-Images / Polaris

But the bigger news is that we saw George and Charlotte accompany their parents to church for the first time. The Cambridge family is spending the Christmas holiday with the Middletons at their home in Berkshire.©Reuters/Pool/Splash News

Above you see Carole, Michael and James Middleton; Pippa and fiancé James Matthews are somewhat obscured. Carole Middleton’s arm looks like it was in a sling. UPDATE: Although it looked like Carole Middleton’s arm was in a sling, it turns out it was not. In the video at the bottom of the post (at about :22 into the video) you can see both arms are moving freely, it looked more like she was carrying something(s). Our thanks to Vicki for noting that and letting me know.©Pool / Reuters / Splash

From The Daily Mail:

Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended their first Christmas communion service at the 12th century St Mark’s Church in Englefield near the Middleton family home. Bells rang as the Royals arrived outside the church where some 100 smiling locals were seen entering for its 10.30am Sunday service.

St. Mark’s is where Kate and William attended Christmas Day services in 2012. It is also where Pippa Middleton’s wedding is expected to take place this May.©Pete Maclaine / i-Images

We learn a bit more about the music from the service via Richard Palmer’s story in The Express:

At the service, overseen by The Rev Nick Wynne-Jones, they joined the congregation singing three much-loved carols: Hark the Herald Angels Sing, O Little Town of Bethlehem, and  O Come All Ye Faithful.

Below, William and George after the service.©Pool/Reuters/Splash

You can see Carole, Michael and James Middleton behind Kate in this photo.©Zak Hussein/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock

Now to what Kate wore this morning. Many will recognize her ‘Celeste’ coat by Hobbs; it was also worn by the Duchess when attending that 2012 Christmas service with her family.

Kind Courtesy Jesal Parshotam

Kind Courtesy Jesal Parshotam

This is the 5th time we’ve seen Kate wearing the piece. Previous occasions include the Duchess’s visit to Liverpool on Valentine’s Day in 2012; as mentioned above, Christmas Day of 2012; and also for engagements in Grimsby in 2013. It was also worn at Balmoral in September 2013, but photos from that day are of Kate inside a car and little is seen of the garment.As Shown

The coat is crafted in a wool crepe in a color called chestnut brown, and embellished with studded leather cuff straps and coordinating belt. 



This offers a look at the back of the coat.

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images / Polaris

As you might guess, we have all been chattering about what Kate was wearing beneath her coat; what dress, or skirt and top, she might have on. Here is the best closeup I could make using the photos I have licensed.©REX / Shutterstock

The piece that really seemed to make the look sing is the faux fur collar the Duchess added to her ensemble. The always-on-top-of-things Gemma of Food, Fash, Fit suggested the Duchess was wearing the ASOS Faux Fur Mini Sloth-Through Collar, and I think she is spot-on.kate-faux-fur-collar-christmas-day-2016-st-marks-i-images-asos-product-shot

The piece was described as being “Super soft-touch faux-fur. Satin-style lining. Stretch band to secure in place. Machine wash.” Originally priced at $23, the collar was most recently selling for $16. Unfortunately, it is now sold out.©ASOS/REX,Shutterstock

Janet Evelyn noted on the WKW Facebook page the look was similar to a fur collar shown on the Michael Kors runway; the model was wearing a suit jacket Kate owns.

Kate wore her Tod’s Fringed Leather Pumps, first seen during the Canada tour in September.  The design showcases a block heel, fringe leather trim with a gold buckle, and the brand’s pebbled sole. The color is called burgundy.  Tod's / Pete Maclaine, i-Images

She carried another familiar item, her Bayswater Wallet Clutch by Mulberry, a design no longer being made.©Mulberry/Pool, Reuters, Splash

Her earrings are one of the loaned pairs from the Queen we have seen recently. Below left they are shown as worn today; on the right, Kate wearing them for the Duke of Westminster’s memorial service in November.



One update I think people will want to know about: for the first time in 30 years, the Queen did not attend Christmas services at Sandringham. The cold that bothered her last week continues to be a problem, she stayed inside today.  From The Telegraph:

In a statement issued this morning, a Palace spokesman said: “Her Majesty The Queen will not attend Church at Sandringham this morning. The Queen continues to recover from a heavy cold and will stay indoors to assist with her recovery.  Her Majesty will participate in the Royal Family Christmas celebrations during the day.”

It was a treat to see the entire family this morning, a lovely surprise on a Christmas morning.  I thought they looked terrific, the blues and wine/maroon shades worn by the four coordinated nicely, and George and Charlotte looked just precious. For all of the details on what they wore, pop over to our sister site, What Kate’s Kids wore. I hope everyone celebrating Christmas has had a beautiful day, as well as those marking the second night of Hanukkah. Until then, we’ll leave you this picture of Prince George, the expression on his face is priceless.

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images

©Pete Maclaine / i-Images



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Thursday 20th of February 2020

As anticipated, Princess Charlotte and Prince George made their debut for the traditional Christmas Day walk to church with other members of the Royal Family. 


Wednesday 11th of January 2017

Here are those dreadful shoes again... The coat and the fur collar do work together but if Catherine had chosen to wear boots, the whole look would be so much younger. In general, those pumps she wears make her look matronly.


Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

Susan, you reference a video at the bottom of the post, but I don't see the link - ? Maybe it's not coming through on my computer, not sure.

Happy New Year!


Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

Thanks so much for letting me know, I updated the post. Happy New Year wishes to you as well. :)


Monday 2nd of January 2017

I was looking at another sites photos and it appears that perhaps Pippa is wearing Kate's old coat. Kate wore it in 2013 in Glasgow. I can not see the front that close, of Pippa wearing it, as she has a scarf over the closing.


Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

Did not double check on the coat, but when I first saw Pippa in it I thought it was a coat Kate had worn:) Just looked familiar.

Friday 30th of December 2016

That Sloth thing is back in stock at an even lower price...

susan d

Thursday 5th of January 2017

The sloth thing really zings up the outfit. Love the whole effect and the kids are adorable!


Saturday 31st of December 2016

This comment made me laugh a lot.

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