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Before getting to our poll today we want to share a quick update on what Kate wore to watch Prince William play football Christmas Eve.

Paul Marsh/Lynn News

The photo was taken by Lynn News photo editor, Paul Marsh, The News is one of the local papers in Norfolk.

Kate is wearing LK Bennett’s Darwin Jacket in ‘espresso’ sheepskin, our thanks to WKW Facebook friend Adrienne for the speedy identification of the jacket.

LK Bennett Darwin

The jacket is described this way:

The Darwin is a super sexy shearling jacket and one of the most beautiful pieces of the season. The full collar and cuffs with exposed shearling combined with a nipped waist make this a must have. Feminine seaming makes this a luxurious item but it works equally well for special occasions, work or casual wear – so it is an investment piece that could bring new energy to your whole wardrobe.

LK Bennett is almost entirely out of the jacket online, but we have had multiple reports from those finding it in their local LK Bennett store or stockist, including the Michigan Avenue store in Chicago.  The Darwin is priced at £695, roughly $1100 at today’s exchange rates.

The Duchess was also wearing Temperley’s Honeycomb Jumper (sweater) in Almond (it’s no longer available in this color, we show the Tunic style on the far left in the photo below), our link is to the Orchid colorway. Many thanks to Michele, also a WKW FB friend, she initially discovered the sweater, very quickly I might add!

Temperley London/Net-a-Porter

The sweater is said to be one of Alice Temperley’s first designs, it is made of supersoft lambswool, with detail at the rolled collar and extended sleeves, the Orchid is selling at $525. The pattern is replicated in a broad range of pieces, including a Honeycomb Dress, Jacket, and Tunic (available in several colors).

Kate is wearing the Le Chameau Vierzonord (or Vierzon Nord) boots we initially posted about here. The Ladies Vierzonord is currently available at Philip Morris at £150 in all sizes, in the US the boot is available at Orvis in a broad range of sizes at £150.

Le Chameau

In the US Endless, 6pm, Cabela’s and Orvis carry the brand, I’m not sure how many stock this specific model.  For those unfamiliar with the brand, Le Chameau makes an exceptional boot that will keep your feet warm and dry under almost any conditions, they can take also take a beating.

We don’t know the brand of jeans or hat, if we do learn more we’ll post an update here.

A reminder that the Lynn News will be printing pictures in tomorrow’s paper, I presume they will also share them online. In the interim, click here for the paper’s wonderful slide show and music sharing the images from the Christmas Eve football game as well as the walkabout following church on Christmas Day.


Our ‘Pick Your Favorite _____” polls are designed to learn your top choices among those things Kate has worn, be they apparel, accessories…or jewelry. Today it is the latter, we ask you to vote for your favorite earrings.

Our visual refresher begins with the Kiki McDonough Grace studs.

Canadian Heritage/Kiki McDonough

The oft-worn Citrine Drops by Kiki McDonough have also been seen frequently.

Canadian Heritage/Kiki McDonough

The Kiki McDonough Diamond and Green Amethyst (quartz) drops were first seen on Christmas Day.

Kiki McDonough

The Links of London Hope Egg earrings have been worn many timers, including in an engagement photo.

Canadian Heritage/Links of London

Another pair by Links of London, the Effervescent Bubble Stiletto earrings.

Canadian Heritage/Links of London

The Vinnie Day Leaf Hoop earrings were seen most recently in Copenhagen, but worn many times prior to that event.

Canadian Heritage/Vinnie Day

The Eva by Beaut Jewelry was worn with Kate’s Jenny Packham silvery gown in November at the National Memorial Arboretum fundraiser.

‘Eva’ at Beaut Jewelry/Diana’s Jewels

Not seen quite as frequently, the Tiffany Diamond and Sapphire cabochons worn for last year’s engagement announcement, as well as on other occasions, like the couple’s visit to Birmingham in August following the riots.

Canadian Heritage/Tiffany

These glittering diamond and sapphire earrings debuted at the service for Prince Philip’s 90th birthday, I continue to believe they have been remade for Kate from Diana’s earrings.

Canadian Heritage

It looks like the diamond cluster drops that were first seen at the Canada Day concert in Ottawa will make regular appearances.

Many thanks to both My Small Obsessions and Diana’s Jewels, both have been more-than-generous in sharing their insight and experience on all things jewelry-related since the very first WKW post.

Don’t forget to vote on your favorite coat and/or your favorite evening gowns.


  51 Responses to “Kate Keeps Warm in LK Bennett & Temperley, + Your Favorite Earrings”

  1. Loved the Links of London and Kiki studs!

    Just wanted to thank WKW and all the like-minded fans… we keep the world turning… and keep it a much more interesting place! :)

  2. I went to the L.K. Bennet store today and I saw the coat in black, I tried it on and it is very warm/stylish.

  3. It’s kind of refreshing to see a casual outfit for a change. It doesn’t really ‘wow’ me, though. I do like the sweater, and the shape of the jacket. Her jeans fit impeccably. Now those boots are another matter…….LOL……..not a fan of those at all, and I live in a rainy area. She makes it look like she’s slogging through a bog or something, and probably just had to cross some wet grass.

    • Those same boots she wore when hunting with WIlliam last year. My guess is that the wellies get a lot of use walking the dogs, etc. I know that the pair I have (though mine are blue with green polka dots – a gift from my children) may not look stylish when worn but they are great when I need to be out and about in sloppy weather. If one is standing in wet grass for a long period, one would not want to wear leather shoes or boots as one’s feet would get wet, the shoes or boots ruined, and one would be uncomfortable.

      I thought her clothing choice a practical one.

      • I agree, cks; wellies are meant to protect your feet and good leather boots from wet or damp conditions. And frankly, they can look surprisingly stylish, display rather a lot of panache as clunky as they are, while they’re doing that job. Recognizing that can be a sign of true fashion savvy. Chic is not about wearing high heels all the time.

        The damp conditions requiring wellies offer an explanation for the apparently unusual thickness of the Duchess’s hair: it was absorbing moisture from the air, puffing up and curling. My hair does this all the time, even after Keratin treatments, and always looks twice as thick as it really is. We’ve seen her hair reacting to the elements before. I don’t think anyone has to reach for “hair extensions” as an answer.

        • I wasn’t saying that rubber boots are bad – I just think those are unattractive in their slug green color. There are much more stylish and interesting flat heeled rubber boots out there. Hunter, Kate Spade, L.L. Bean and others. Hers are not made in the UK, so it’s not a matter of wearing a British designer, either.

          The ones she has on would be appropriate to feed the hogs, and that’s about it.

      • I really like the wellies, they are really pratica considering how outdoorsy the family is and the look good.

  4. I have to say everyday I find Princess Harry hotter than ever. LOL
    For the earrings, I totally go for the 2 deco inspired ones…but which one to vote? I am not sure. it is tough for me to choose…

  5. It was hard to choose from so many great earrings! She looks great in everything that she wears, but I wish that Kate and Pippa would take a stand against the cruel fur industry.

    • Quote: It was hard to choose from so many great earrings! She looks great in everything that she wears, but I wish that Kate and Pippa would take a stand against the cruel fur industry.

      Comment: Speaking as an animal lover, I would like that, too. (even great if one of her causes were animal-related)

    • THANK YOU! I agree 100%

    • I totally agree. There is so much really nice faux fur made these days, there is no reason for any animals to lose their lives for even the most fashionable fur pieces!! (Actually, even before nice faux fur, I just didn’t wear fur at all.) I agree 100% with your comment, Rene!

  6. Question: Why are her wedding day earring not included in the poll?

    • Hi Barbara! The wedding day dresses, jewelry and accessories have not been included because they are of such an iconic nature they stand alone in my opinion, and also because I believe their inclusion could arguably skew the results. :)

  7. My favorite earrings are the Eva by Beaut earrings – I love everything art deco!! I’m not crazy about the outfit she wore on Christmas Eve…I don’t think the jacket is flattering on her tiny frame and I don’t care for the hat either.

  8. No matter what she wears – I can like and love or sometimes not like so much – I always LOVE the earrings (and jewellery) she chooses!

  9. Kate has quite broad shoulders and almost no hips, and I think this jacket only accentuates that– not flattering at ALL! She looks wayyy too broad up top because the jacket has so much volume and far too skinny on the bottom half.

    • I agree, the bottom-half looks far too tiny in those painted-on jeans and the top-half is far too bulky. Not the most flattering proportions. Personally, I don’t think skinny jeans are her best friend because they make her look rather emaciated. The bootcut jeans she wore in the Calgary stampede were far more flattering. The hat is kind of cute though, shows she doesn’t take herself too seriously. But I think she was probably trying hard to look “country” since this was a bit off the map… it was a nice effort but it kind of looked a bit forced to me.

      • She’s worn a “cowgirl” hat like that before, years before she and William were engaged. I think she just likes the style.

        I actually don’t think she looked utterly skinny in these photos, but that may be because I’m sort of skinny myself. One thing they showed is how short her legs are relative to her long-waisted torso. (That was especially true of the ones taken from the back, which do not appear here.) She wears VERY high heels to compensate for this in skirts and dresses. When you see her in jeans and flat boots or shoes, she doesn’t look as skinny as she does in the towering heels.

        • I agree. She does have a very long torso, which is why I sometimes find her to look strange in certain dresses. For example both in the shimmery pink Jenny Packham gown + the short Jenny Packham dress she wore to the polo match in LA, I felt something just looked off in that area. Again, I think that feature gets accentuated (not in a good way) by the fact that her shoulders are quite broad and her hips are nonexistent.

  10. I dont know why my other comment posted before I was done…
    Prince Harry is even giving Kate the “What are you wearing” once over. Right now, im more interested in what he is wearing.

    • I wonder if he’s thinking the same thing women think when they’re spotted wearing the same thing as another woman. “Why did I wear ___ today? Ugghh”

  11. That might be the ugliest jacket I have ever seen. If your Kate Moss, it might work, but not on anyone else. Ughhh….

  12. Thought it would be fun to recreate a bargain version of this outfit for you all. Hope this helps all those Repli-Kates on a budget! :)

  13. Love these polls! Keep them coming.

    Just wanted to comment on the diamond and sapphire earrings. I believe they first debuted on Kate for the evening wedding reception at Buckingham Palace. They could possibly have been a wedding gift as they perfectly match the engagement ring. Here is the link to a photo of her leaving Clarence House wearing the earrings:

    • Please disregard this comment. After a second look, I believe she is wearing the same earrings she worn for morning wedding ceremony.

  14. Kate looks nice but is she wearing real fur? I hope not. It is totally cruel and inhumane. Hopefully it is fake fur.

    Very hard to pick my fave pair of her earrings as I love them all

  15. .. another post.

    I also remember the beautiful, very princess-y ‘chandelier’ earrings Kate wore with the lilac Alexander McQueen at the BAFTA

    sigh. I’m turning into a vicarious fashionista (-:

  16. Dailymail has a photo of the jeans from the back if that helps anyone determine the brand.

    Does her hair look a lot thicker?

    • Yes it certainly does. Perhaps she’s experimenting with extensions? It was not as thick before. I hope she doesn’t go too Hollywood on us with crazy big hair. I prefer a more natural medium thickness look.

      • I think it’s more due to the thick collar of her coat. Whenever I wear a thick collar like that, or a hooded jacket, the extra fabric at the collar makes it look like I have twice as much hair.

  17. … psst: before I ‘vote’- would someone help me out? what color are Kate’s eyes? !?!

    (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a close-enough picture of her to tell- for sure- !

    in the meantime, I’m undecided between
    the diamond & green amethyst Kiki McDonough drops (my secret favorites)
    the diamond and sapphire earrings (the ones I feel duty-bound to choose because they match her engagement-ring/may be historically linked to Diana..

    whichever of the 2 match her eye color closest.. I’ll go with. crazy logic—)

    • Her eyes, judging by close-up pictures I’ve seen, are hazel-green.

      I picked the art deco-style Eva by Beaut earrings, because I’m a great fan of art deco, and those earrings are particularly attractive. The small sapphire earrings worn for the engagement annoucement are a good choice for day. I am not a fan of the engagement ring or the sapphire earrings that may have been Diana’s. The designs are humdrum, very standard and uninteresting.

      I love white/cream/ivory turtleneck sweaters and have owned several over the years. “Several,” because nothing seems to attract permanent stains faster than such a sweater. I finally stopped buying them, knowing that no matter how far away I happened to be standing, any tomato sauce or red wine in the room would find its way to my white/cream/ivory turtleneck sweater. So, I shall simply admire the Duchess’s Temperley jumper from afar. Very nice.

      The shearling jacket is very attractive if you’re into shearling. (I’m not.) I like the fitted waist. If I have time tomorrow, I’ll check out its availability on Michigan Avenue here in Chicago.

  18. I really love all Kate’s jewelry… She never seems to overdo it and adds just enough interest to her outfit. She seems to follow the Coco Chanel Philosophy of “Take the last thing you put on off”.

    The earring were a tough choice, however in order I rank them as follows:
    1. Eva earrings by Beaut Jewelers. I would love these. Hope someone decides to do a less expenisve copy.Very original. I love Art Deco!
    2. Links of London -Hope Egg Earrings. Elegant and understated. I was looking at these in the Links store at Holts in Toronto a few days ago…
    3. Diamond and Green Kiki McDonough earrings. Simply gorgeous and yet again -elegant and understated. Very clever too… Purple/Plum and Green both have blue as a base and sit near each other on the colour wheel which means they are complimentary as opposed to contrasting whereas purple and yellow would be contrasting. As an art history major, I suspect Kate understands the use of colour in pictures and we may start seeing this applied in some of her outfits. As we’ve already seen she understands lines and composition given her outfits. Who knew art history could be so handy! And she has a huge repetoire of info to draw on for inspiration!

    • @Tara: love your color analysis !

      • Thanks so much Beverley… It just came to me in the moment! But I think it’s true….
        I suspect she also appreciates good tailoring and clean lines… She tens to choose pieces that have horizontal lines and seams even on her “Sheath” type dresses which give an even longer look as opposed to a vertical lines unless it’s a belt or a specific detail.
        Let’s face it, once you’ve had good tailoring it’s hard to go back so I am always surprised when she pulls out a High Street piece. Although having said that two of my favourite suits are from French Connection and Jigsaw even though I have also have Hugo Boss and Theory.

    • I have a PhD in Art History, Tara. Art historians are often interested in fashion.

      • Lili thank you for pointing this out. My Mom who I actually consider a fashion icon was working on a second degree in Art History and is truly inspirational when it comes to fashion. All my friends think she is so chic and elegant. She knows a lot more than she lets on! And she does not follow trends. I noticed that Kate doesn’t really either… The true mark of a fashion icon!
        Clearly I missed my calling! ;)

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