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We are back with our poll selecting your favorite coat worn by Kate in 2015, but first an update on something Kate will be doing in February.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post

Kensington Palace announced today that the Duchess will ‘guest edit’ Huffington Post UK.  More from Gordon Rayner’s story in The Telegraph:

The Duchess… accepted an invitation to be in charge of the website for a day.

A team from the US-owned website will decamp to Kensington Palace to edit its pages from there.

Kate will use the opportunity to focus on mental health issues impacting children and young people, her primary charitable focus for the majority of 2015.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Duchess pens a column of her own, in addition to working with journalists and mental health experts. Perhaps she will also involve personnel from relevant charities for which she is patron, The Art Room and Place2Be specialize in this area. From the news release:

“The Duchess will be commissioning contributions from a number of leading figures in the mental health sector as well as from young people, parents, and teachers. We look forward to welcoming The Huffington Post team to Kensington Palace next month.”

Below you see Kate delivering a speech in November at a Place2Be event; in her remarks she called for more children’s mental health action.

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

We will keep you updated on the project’s progress.


Now we move to our polls on Kate’s coats worn in 2015, starting with our poll on the new styles the Duchess wore. Our first coat was seen in January when Kate was seen out doing some shopping at John Lewis (PopSugar’s photos may be seen here), she was wearing Zara’s Straight Cut Coat, a wool/rayon blend in a color called Dusty Pink.



For a number of January engagements in Kensington Kate wore the Seraphine ‘Natasha’ from the brand’s spring/summer 2015 collection. It is part of Seraphine’s ‘Luxe Line,’ a more upscale collection of garments. The Natasha is a wool/cashmere/poly blend; it has a round neck, empire waistline, faux flap pockets, and large mother-of-pearl buttons. 

Kate Seraphine Maternity Natasha 4 Shot 1 Product 3 photos January 19 2015 Kensington


At the beginning of February Kate traveled to Portmsouth for events with Ben Ainslie Racing. Her coat that day was by MaxMara, the ‘Villar’ style. The all-wool piece showcased a favorite silhouette for Kate, the fitted bodice flaring into a full skirt. The Villar is double breasted with a hidden front closure, and notched lapels.   



When visiting Emma Bridgewater in February we saw another Max Mara coat, this one the Gerbera from the brand’s Sportmax label.  Crafted from double faced wool, the coat has an oversized collar and lapels, princess seaming and a concealed front closure.

i-Images/i-Images/Splash News

©i-Images/i-Images/Splash News

When Kate visited the set of Downton Abbey in March she was in a coat from JoJo Maman Bébé, a label we’ve not previously seen her wear. The Duchess wore the Princess Line Maternity Coat in a creamy white wool/rayon blend. The fitted style is fully lined with a round neckline, button front, pockets and tabs at the cuffs.. 


Splash/Nunn Syndication – POLARIS/Splash

For a solemn service at St. Paul’s honoring those who served in Afghanistan the Duchess wore a piece from Beulah London.  She opted for the label’s ‘Chiara’ coat in 100% wool, in a trapeze cut with a fitted bodice that flares out from the waist.

©Beulah London/i-Images/POLARIS/POLARIS

St. Patrick’s Day with the Irish Guards brought a new bespoke coat by Catherine Walker. The chestnut brown double wool crepe piece featured a modified portrait collar, box pleats, concealed front closure and button detailing at the cuff.

Splash News/i-Images/i-Images

Splash News/i-Images/i-Images

When at the Rugby World Cup opening ceremonies in mid-September Kate wore a new coat from Reiss, the ‘Emile Sharply Tailored Coat’ in ‘blue passion’ from the f/w 2014 season. A wool/poly blend, the Emile has a stand-up collar, two pockets, a single button closure centered in a single curved lapel.

Reiss/James Whatling, Splash

Reiss/James Whatling, Splash News

Kate wore a custom piece from Scottish designer Christopher Kane when in Dundee for a day of engagements with Prince William. The fitted coat was done in a small houndstooth pattern, a vibrant black and blue color mix. The coat also had a hidden/covered placket, small lapels, on-seam pockets and a slim self-belt.


©Splash News/Splash News/Nunn Syndication, Polaris

It was a bespoke piece from Alexander McQueen for last November’s Remembrance Sunday.  This was an unusual piece that used patchwork black velvet and black wool for different portions of the coat. The garment also featured double breasted styling, a fitted bodice, notched lapels, padded shoulders, and a buttoned tab at the back waist. (Our post has much more detail on the design, including a look at two coats I believe were ‘merged’ to create Kate’s design.)

©Splash News/i-Images

©Splash News/i-Images

Christmas Day we saw another new coat for the Duchess, this one from Max Mara’s SportMax line. The coat has oversized lapels, multiple gores, a fitted bodice with a full skirt, and an asymmetrical front closure




In March Kate and William attended the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. The Duchess brought back an Alexander McQueen ensemble first seen at Trooping the Colour in 2013 when Kate was expecting George. 


We saw another repeat in March when Kate visited the seaside community of Margate wearing her Dalmatian print mac coat by Hobbs. The piece was first worn in 2013 for the Royal Princess naming ceremony.



Also in March, a visit to the Brookill Children’s Centre, wearing the longtime UFO that was revealed to be a piece from Kate’s private dressmaker.

©Splash News/i-Images

©Splash News/i-Images

At the end of March Kate and William had a number of engagements in South London; the Duchess brought back her Mulberry coat in cerise for those events. The piece is a wool/silk blend that features double-breasted styling with horn buttons, front pocket detailing and a rounded collar.  It was first worn in December 2014 when the Duke and Duchess visited New York.

© Mulberry/


When carrying out November engagements in North Wales the Duchess wore her Angel coat by Reiss again. The distinctive style is another wool/poly blend, with a convertible collar that can be worn up or down, top-stitching on that collar, front pockets, multiple gores, and a hidden front fastening. The 2010 design was first noted at Christmas 2011, and then again in October 2012 for the opening of St. George’s Park.


©Reiss/Splash News/Polaris Images/Stephen lock, i-Images

  15 Responses to “Kate’s New ‘Job’ & It’s Time to Vote on Your Favorite Coats of 2015”

  1. I also have a hard time choosing from these pretty coats! But I’m partial to white and lighter hues. They just look so fresh and clean and makes anyone look radiant, as Kate was when she wore them while pregnant.

    I look forward to Kate’s guest editor stint with HuffPost. Definitely a smart and practical way to reach today’s audience. Whoever thought of this knows how the modern world is evolving.

  2. I love love the coat Kate wore at heist as with the ok brooch. I hope we found out more about how it came to be in Kate’s jewelry box. :)


  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Kate produces for THP. I’m very happy to see someone focus on mental health issues. I have various mental illnesses and I hope to see the stigma surrounding mental illness lift in my lifetime.

  4. The Walker and Mulberry are my favorites.

  5. Mental illness is such an important issue. It will be interesting to see what she does as guest editor for a day. Also, she has the most beautiful collection of coats!

  6. I voted for the royal blue Christopher Kane coat and the Dalmation coat.

    As one of the other commenters mentioned, I’m very eager to see what Kate does with her guest editor for a day assignment at Huff Post UK. I can’t believe she’ll be in charge of the whole website. Most likely, it will be just a screen or two in the children’s and/or health sections.

    Although children’s mental health is an undeniably important topic, I’d much rather see Kate edit something light, like the fashion or decorating sections. But of course, that will never happen.

  7. This was not an easy vote for me because I am not in love with any of these coats. I felt that most did not fit her well. In the end, the punch of color and excellent design and fit of the Reiss Emile got my vote.

    I’m not excited enough about any of the repeats to cast a vote. I didn’t think any of the recycles topped the first wear. If I were pressed, it would be the pink McQueen but the initial wear was so perfect that this one leaves me flat.

  8. I like Kate’s choices in coats so much I found it hard to choose from the newbies, though I was surprised when I succeeded in voting for the most popular one. That Christopher Kane combined wonderful cut, styling and colour.

    However I managed to return to my curmudgeonly old ways on the re-treads as the Hobbs Dalmation fails to meet with general approval. I like it for the fact that Kate has broken out of her usual preference for solid colour and embraced a chic monochrome print. I thought the cerise Mulberry works well for engagement duties but can’t embrace much by way of styling due to Kate’s advancing pregnancy. That was something I admired the Hobbs for coping with via the soft verticals in the pattern.

    It will be intriguing to see how Kate copes with editorial pressures for a day, sounds like a fun engagement!

  9. This was really tough! Scrolling through the new coats I kept saying to myself, “Ooh, that’s my favourite…no wait, that’s my favourite!” I ultimately went with the cream MaxMara because the entire outfit was so appropriate for the event, but I liked the blue MaxMara as well for being cut differently than most of Kate’s coats. But a lot of the coats she wore during her pregnancy were very flattering, and I like the Christopher Kane as well.

    The repeats didn’t wow me as much this time – I liked the Angel coat at Christmas way back when but it didn’t stick out to me as much with this wearing. I went with the Hobbs Dalmation even though I thought that one was more effective the first time as well. It was nice to see her repeat some maternity looks!

  10. Well, this was an easy pick. Though I very much liked some of the new coats the Duchess wore while she was pregnant — the Beulah Chiara and the Catherine Walker, in particular — the Christopher Kane wins hands down. It instantly appealed to my personal design sensibilities, despite the slight tailoring problem in the chest.

    I really love the black UFO, too, though the Mulberry cerise coat always makes me smile just because of its smashing color.

    The idea of the Huffington Post’s team setting up operations in Kensington Palace for a day also makes me smile — with somewhat skeptical amusement. It will be interesting to see what this “guest-editing” stint actually comprises.

  11. I know some people get tired of Kate wearing a coat, but honestly, I found it easier to choose the coat I liked least than to choose the one I liked best. I thought they were all lovely!

  12. For the first coat poll,I voted for the Navy Blue Beulah Chiara coat.
    The second coat poll was tough for me,b/c it also featured both the Reiss Angel and the Mulberry Cerise.I ended up voting for the Mulberry mostly b/c of its color.Honestly,it could have very easily been the Reiss Angel for me.I feel the way that the coat needed a belt(for a smart look),b/c of the way the Duchess wore the collar.If she had worn the collar folded,not pulled up,then I wouldn’t have been able to make a decision!

    • My goodness!My use of the English language is pathetic here.What I meant to say was that the way DOC wore the Reiss coat’s collar,the coat needed a belt for a smart look.Because of the coat needing a belt,something addditional to make it look smart.I chose the Mulberry coat over the Reiss.

    • I chose the same two coats :)

  13. Just noticed that on Ralph Lauren, a tee very similar to Kate’s Tori Breton Top, is on sale. it is called the ‘Striped Cotton Boatneck Shirt’. here is the link: http://www.ralphlauren.com.au/en/women/polo/knits-55/striped-cotton-boatneck-shirt-459023/469411?country=NZ&currency=NZD#null

    it is now NZD$55.63.

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