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We are back with our third and final poll on Kate’s maternity styles.

Before we start that portion of the post, a quick update on things at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s from our friend Mark Stewart (@RegalEyes), a locale he has dubbed “Camp Kate”.

Royal Photographer Mark Stewart Twitter (@RegalEyes)

Royal Photographer Mark Stewart Twitter (@RegalEyes)

First and foremost, it is hot: 85°+ in London. Today and Thursday are supposed to be even warmer. The “Great Kate Wait” is a term resonating with media and civilians alike, that one comes via Paul Harrison of Sky News.

Silly Season has clearly arrived at St. Mary’s. There is an increasingly wacky parade of odd characters, hangers-on, promoters and lookalikes engaged in a variety of behaviors. This morning it was a Prince Harry lookalike accompanied by a teddy bear.

Danielle Leigh, NBC News Channel (@NewsDanielle)

Danielle Leigh, NBC News Channel (@NewsDanielle)

The media has little else to shoot,the lookalike & bear get facetime.

Jon Stuart Milne Twitter (@JonnyMilne)

Jon Stuart Milne Twitter (@JonnyMilne)

After the requisite photo in front of the Lindo Wing this duo moved on to Buckingham Palace.

Jon Stuart Milne Twitter (@JonnyMilne)

Jon Stuart Milne Twitter (@JonnyMilne)

Of course, yours truly has now engaged in sharing Silly Season. (Smacks head against wall. Stops. Repeats.)

Kate is said to have spent the weekend at her parents home in Bucklebury, William played polo nearby on both Saturday & Sunday, more from Sunday’s Mirror:

Initially, Wills was in two minds over whether to play and volunteered to go to Bucklebury instead.

But Kate persuaded him he should continue with his plans, which he’d agreed to last year long before he knew Kate was pregnant with their first child.

The matches were at Cirencester Park Polo Club, below we see William smiling at a little one just before the match got underway

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

Discussion and debate over the wee royal’s arrival continues to fill the media. Over the weekend more US news anchors made the journey to London, more from Brian Stelter in the NY Times:

NBC and ABC, on the other hand, are sending over anchors. The “Today” news reader Natalie Morales flew to London on Sunday. The “Good Morning America” weekend anchor Bianna Golodryga has been there for nearly a week, and she will be joined sometime soon by a regular on the weekday edition, Amy Robach.

Martha MacCullum of Fox News and other on-air talent also made the trip to London this weekend.  For anyone at the hospital who struggles with the difference in London time and Eastern time, two clocks are now set up on the NBC News pillar, as seen in this photo from Paul Harrison.

Paul Harrison/Sky News (@SkyNewsRoyal)

The bigger news is that yesterday’s Daily Mail carried a story from Rebecca English noting something that the Duchess of Cornwall shared: “Camilla told crowd in Cornwall that royal baby is expected this week”

Chatty Camilla let slip the royal secret during a visit to Little Harbour children’s hospice at Porthpean, near St Austell, Cornwall.

As she gave an impromptu speech to the assembled guests, she said: ‘We are all just waiting by the telephone. We are hopeful that by the end of the week he or she will be here.’

A Clarence House spokeswoman later confirmed the comment.

As you can imagine, this little tidbit is making headlines in papers other than the Mail, this is the front page of  the Daily Express today.
The Daily Express

The Daily Express

A final note, we want to send out congratulations to Victoria Murphy of the Daily Mirror. Some may recall that Victoria, who is the Mirror’s royal reporter, discovered she was pregnant around the same time Kate did.

The MIrror

The Mirror

On Saturday Victoria delivered Isobel Aoife.

The Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror

Isobel weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces; she was actually three days early.


Moving on to our final poll, we begin with Kate’s April engagements.

For the couple’s visit to Scotland Kate wore the Workers Coat by Moloh for the first day of the trip, seen below when arriving at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow with William on April 4. The next day saw a return of the red Armani coat first noted at William’s passing out ceremony from Sandhurst back in 2006; the button at the waist was moved a touch to allow more room. She accessorized with the Strathearn Tartan scarf seen at the Jubilee River Pageant and the Order of the Thistle  When in Scotland Kate’s official tartan is the Countess of Strathearn.

Splash News/Moloh/PA Wire/Armani

Splash News/Moloh/PA Wire/Armani

We saw a new coat on Kate for the annual Scouts Parade at Windsor Castle, the Frayed Coat in mint tweed by Mulberry, along with her Whiteley Cappuccino beret-style hat. When visiting the Willows School in Manchester Kate returned to another favored designer, Erdem, wearing the Sophia dress.

Rebecca English The Daily Mail & Mail Online/PA Wire/Paul Ellis PA Wire/

Rebecca English The Daily Mail & Mail Online/PA Wire/Paul Ellis PA Wire/Splash News

April 24th Kate wore an icy blue Emila Wickstead dress for an Art Room event at the National Portrait Gallery, a customized version of the this year’s “CZ dress”.

All Photos by Splash News

All Photos by Splash News

Later in April the Duchess visited the Warner Brothers Studios wearing a polka-dotted Topshop frock and black Ralph Lauren jacket. For an engagement at Naomi House children’s hospice Kate selected a peach coat by Tara Jarmon atop a dress by “an independent dressmaker”.

All Photos James Whatling/Splash News

All Photos James Whatling/Splash News

Kate had fewer engagements in May. She repeated the Topshop dress seen just above at the wedding of William van Cutsem and Rosie Ruck Keene on the 11th. For one of the Queen’s garden parties at Buckingham Palace we saw a new piece by Emilia Wickstead, the Marella coat in a sunny yellow print. The Duchess also brought back a Jane Corbett hat, and the oft-carried Park Avenue clutch by Russell & Bromley.

Courtesy Tilly Pudwell/PA Wire/PA Wire

Courtesy Tilly Pudwell/PA Wire/PA Wire

In June Kate wore a new ensemble by Jenny Packham for the church service honoring the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. The hat may look familiar, it is the same worn to last year’s Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving.

Sean Demspey - PA Wire/Matt Keeble - Splash News/Weir Photos - Splash News

Sean Demspey – PA Wire/Matt Keeble – Splash News/Weir Photos – Splash News

The ceremony officially christening the Royal Princess ship was a bit of a departure for Kate, she wore an animal print dress by Hobbs, the Dalmatian Print Mac.

James Whatling-SplashNews.com/Steve Dunlop-Princess Cruises/Steve Dunlop-Princess Cruises

James Whatling-SplashNews.com/Steve Dunlop-Princess Cruises/Steve Dunlop-Princess Cruises

Kate went with Alexander McQueen for her final formal appearance at Trooping the Colour, a pink coat featuring a wide collar and oversized pearl buttons.

Splash News/PA Wire/Splash News

Splash News/PA Wire/Splash News

We have an interesting dilemma for this poll: there were several occasions in this last trimester when Kate was photographed but photos of these events are very poor quality, or completely unavailable via the agencies I use for licensing. So I am doing these in a separate poll, with links to the sites that have licensed photographs.

  • In April Kate did some shopping in North Norfolk wearing a Really Wild vest, Ralph Lauren purple sweater and and skinny jeans. These photos are by Emma Walker as shared with ITV News Anglia. There has been debate about which vest Kate was actually wearing, many of us believe it to be the piece worn when she spent time ‘roughing it’ with kids taking part in a Widehorizons program in June of 2012.
Emma Walker Pictures via ITV News Anglia

Emma Walker Pictures via ITV News Anglia

Woman's Day Australia/Ser

Woman’s Day Australia/Seraphine

Now! Magazine/Ser

Now! Magazine/Seraphine

Without further verbiage, here is our first poll.

And here is our second poll.

  13 Responses to ““By the End of the Week”?, Life at Camp Kate & Third Trimester Style Poll”

  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

  2. Hello Writer and Readers of “What Kate Wore”,

    I am in London, so have posted a special post on my blog about William and Kate and some up-to-date news from outside Lindo Wing!
    http://www.emilyroseschiller.blogspot.com – post “Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s Royal Prince or Princess.”



  3. Yes. It definitely is silly season! But Kate looked lovely throughout her pregnancy — I can’t think of a single celebrity who looked as beautiful and chic when she was expecting.

    I send my very best wishes to Kate and her family and hope she and William will soon have a healthy, little princess or prince.

  4. Poor Kate! I hope its not too crazy when she goes into labour, it must be stressful enough without all the press as well!

    I absolutely love that Alexander Mcqueen coat! Just gorgeous!!

  5. Kate looked outstanding during her third trimester. There were three outfits which were all home runs for me: the peach Tara Jarmon coat, the Topshop polka dot dress, and the Dalmation print dress. She did a great job choosing maternity styles that were classy but never frumpy. All the best to her in the coming days!

  6. These were some tough polls. For the official appearances I went with the Alexander McQueen coat, because I love the pictures from that event and how cute and smiley she is. But I really love the Top Shop dress with the blazer and heels – shows how a simple piece can be dressed up so well. And I cannot get over the Hobbs Dalmatian dress. It looks amazing on her even though it’s so different from other dresses and coats she’s worn. Probably the first time I’ve loved animal print.

    For the second I went with the navy top because I love the collar. However it was also so nice to see Kate in plimsolls! Recently I’ve found how stylish they can look with different outfits and have started wearing them more often (really wish I could get my hands on a pair of French Sole Moochers!). It’s refreshing to see the Duchess in them too.

  7. I am sooooooooo excited for this birth thank you for another great post! Praying for Catherine!

  8. Congratulations to Victoria!

  9. I really liked the outfit she wore to the Harry Potter set tour. It was formal enough for her role, but wasn’t bordering on stuffy, either. The more I look at the blue Emily Wickstead dress, the less I like it. It doesn’t seem to fit her, and it looks too frumpy as a result. Taking it in a bit here and there could have made all the difference.

  10. I am a long time follower of your blog and this is my first time officially “commenting” because I had to laugh out loud when you did the forehead slap for mentioning the press camp out. This is why I love visiting here. Your voice is so clear in the way you write and it is so fun to read how YOU see things. I am a mommy of four and have no fashion sense but I desire so much to “not be frumpy” and Kate gives me motivation, thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

  11. Poor Kate! The convenience of her name rhyming with wait strikes again!

  12. I have to laugh at all the lunacy. My father was a journalist, and I grew up surrounded by reporters, editors, and news photographers. NONE of them would have wanted to be assigned to a royal baby watch. It’s all just too ridiculous!

    As for the style polls, though the dress wasn’t something I’d ever wear myself, I really thought the outfit that worked best on the Duchess during her last trimester was the Topshop polka-dotted dress with the black jacket. It was an excellent choice for the engagement, and it looked quite attractive on her. A perfect coincidence of style, occasion, and pregnancy accommodation.

    I also liked the Dalmation coat for its whimsical print and the fact that it wasn’t as short as other coats she had worn.

    Among the hard-to-see outfits worn for non-public outings, I liked the Zara jacket, etc., in which the Duchess went shopping. I’m not a plimsoll girl, but those plimsolls were unusual, and the Duchess simply looked rather casually chic that day, especially with her hair in a chignon.

    I also liked the Seraphine wrap dress.

    I’ve known people who went weeks past their due dates. Those poor photographers could be panting in the heat after the 1st of August. I’ll take pity on them and hope for their sake AND the Duchess’s that her labor starts within the next 48 hours.

  13. I bought the navy blue ASOS dress I saw her wearing, and I’m not even pregnant!! But it was a great deal. I’m glad she wears sensible clothing.

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