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Oodles of Updates on Canada Tour and Kate’s First Solo Overseas Trip Announced

With the royal tour of Canada just 48 hours away there’s lots of little info nuggets to share, but first we’ll look at plans for the Duchess’s trip to the Netherlands. 

Ten days after returning from the Canada tour Kate will undertake her first overseas engagement on her own. More from The Telegraph:

The one-day trip, planned for October 11, will be a royal milestone for the Duchess as she will be travelling abroad by herself without the Duke.

A tour of Malta in 2014 was scheduled to be Kate’s first solo trip but she had to cancel as she was suffering from acute morning sickness while pregnant with Princess Charlotte.

She is going to have a busy schedule:

  • When she arrives Kate will pay a courtesy call on His Majesty King Willem-Alexander at the royal residence, Villa Eikenhorst.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands Facebook

  • Following the Museum engagement, Kate heads to the British Ambassador’s residence for a roundtable discussion about addiction, intervention, family and mental health. Participants from two of Kate’s patronages, the Anna Freud Centre and Action on Addiction, will take part in the conversation. There will also be professionals from the Trimbos Institute (the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction).
  • Kate will go to Rotterdam to Bouwkeet, described by The Telegraph as “…a community initiative that provides a public workshop in an economically deprived district, with its facilities aimed at teenagers. Residents pay by sharing their skills with others, providing education, skills and positive role models within the neighbourhood.”


Now to our look at the “lady in red.” Not only is it one of Canada’s national colors, it is a shade Kate wears well. It’s likely we’ll see the Duchess don a piece or two in this color, be it an accessory like a scarf or shoes, or perhaps a coat, a dress or other garment. We begin with a look at two different Catherine Walker ensembles in the color, both outfits debuted when Kate was on tour.

©Polaris/Splash News/i-Images

©Polaris/Splash News/i-Images

Above left you see Kate in a look created for the launch of the 2014 tour of New Zealand and Australia, worn when arriving in Wellington, New Zealand at the start of that tour. In the center the Duchess wears another red coat and dress ensemble from the brand as she leaves Canada in 2011; those pieces were worn again this year for Order of the Garter (r).

There are many different shades of the color we’ve seen Kate wear, but we’re not thinking so much of the tones shown in the following montage with the (left to right): Glamorous maxi dress worn in April on the tour of India and BhutanGOAT Fashion’s Scarlett dress, seen at a July 2014 MPACT school visit; the Eponine London skirt suit worn to a March 2016 XL Mentoring event; the suit by Paule Ka seen at an October 2012 engagement; or the Whistles Sofia Rae frock we saw when Kate’s portrait was unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery in January of 2013.


©Polaris/Splash News/i-Images/PA Wire/PA Wire

We’re focused on the rich red seen in the Luisa Spagnoli suit Kate has worn several times: for the Queen’s Christmas lunch in 2015 (l); in Christchurch, New Zealand, during that 2014 tour (c); and for one of Kate’s first formal appearances following the announcement of her engagement to Prince William, a University of St. Andrews visit in 2011 (r).


©PA Wire/i-Images/Splash News

It’s the same shade seen in the LK Bennett Eugenie dress the Duchess sported for a Heads Together engagement in August; the Cayla dress worn to Wimbledon in 2015, also by LK Bennett; an Alexander McQueen bespoke dress first seen at the Jubilee River Pageant in 2012; and the Ascot dress by Katherine Hooker, worn for a November, 2015 EACH engagement.

©i-Images/PA Wire/

©Polaris/i-Images/Splash News/i-Images

Kate’s fondness for the color is also evident in her outerwear choices: from left to right, the red Zara jacket seen at the Queen’s birthday spectacular at Royal Windsor in May; Kate’s Armani coat worn for a Scotland visit in April of 2013; the Jonathan Saunders Athena coat seen on a different Scotland trip, that visit taking place in May, 2014; and the red LK Bennett Ami we have seen multiple times, beginning with a 2011 UNICEF engagement in Denmark.


©Polaris/PA Wire/Splash News/Splash News

The Duchess opted for the color when attending her first State Dinner last October, wearing a Jenny Packham gown.


©Splash News/PA Wire/Splash News

It is also the color of two Beulah London evening gowns we’ve seen the Duchess wear. Below left, Kate in the Juliet gown at a reception in Bhutan during the April tour; on the right we see the Duchess in Beulah’s ‘Sarai’ dress, worn to the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Dinner in October of 2011.



We have a quick note about Beulah: the luxury retailer is offering WKW readers a 10% discount off everything. The promotion runs through Saturday, be sure to use promo code WKWB10 to receive the discount.

© /Net-a-Porter/

©Polaris / Net-a-Porter / Polaris

What do you think, will Kate wear a red dress or coat…? Or will she stick to smaller doses of the red, if she wears it at all? Do you think Kate’s red Gianvito Rossi heels will make an appearance? (The heels are back in stock at Net-a-Porter.)


Now to our tour updates, starting with the schedule for Saturday.


I will be making graphics tonight and tomorrow for the other days of the tour and and will add them to this post, and also share them on our Canada Tour pages and on the WKW Facebook page. In the interim, it looks like this site has all of the engagement times.

There are several news stories you might enjoy looking at:

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her diplomatic fashion choices, and support of homegrown talent. The last royal tour to India and Bhutan, for example, saw Kate mix Indian designers, such as Anita Dongre, with the best of British, like Alexander McQueen. Next week’s trip to Canada promises to be no exception.

The public’s fascination with the duchess extends not only from the fairy tale story of marrying into the Royal Family, but also her appearance of being approachable and authentic, said Noreen Flanagan, editor-in-chief of Fashion Magazine. “She has brought a grounded realness to the Royal Family,” Flanagan said.

Seeing how Kate dressed George for that tour offers insight into how both children will be attired on this trip.

I don’t believe Kate intends to have Charlotte echoing her brother’s style, she’ll want the princess blazing her own path with her own identity. I can see her opting for designs a little softer and more feminine.



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Friday 23rd of September 2016

I love seeing all of Kate's red pieces together. Might be a fun series at some point to look at some of her other signature colors!


Friday 23rd of September 2016

It’s fun seeing all of Kate’s red outfits together though it helps underline that there’s more than one diplomatic reference possible, not least that of China. I suppose we may be speculating on possible repeat items here. If the India trip was anything to go by there could be more surprises in store as there seemed to be a departure from the predictable. Whether new or old, it’s clearly a colour that suits Kate and serves her well.

Great news about the overseas solo day-trip though it seems a little hard she should have to go all that way to see paintings from the Queen’s collection. It will be lovely seeing Kate represent her country single-handed among other European royals.


Saturday 24th of September 2016

Your comment about the paintings made me chuckle. Maybe the Queen is sending her to check that the Dutch are treating her collection well! :)


Friday 23rd of September 2016

I always smile when it is reported that the Duchess will be on a solo engagement or trip, without the Duke. From the minute she leaves her residence, to the minute she arrives home again, she is really never alone. Even when she needs to go to the ladies' room, or when it is bedtime, there will be a guard outside the door. Kate will be driven, flown and escorted every step of the way. There will be people assigned to welcome her and make her comfortable at every event. She won't be trying to figure out directions as to where to go, or where to buy her bus ticket.

The trip to the Netherlands will be one day long. I'm not even sure that she will stay overnight. So solo is not really ever solo for her.

As someone who really enjoys alone time, I feel a sense of sadness for her.


Friday 23rd of September 2016

Hmmm...well, if you ask me there are many different ways to be lonely and one of them is to be flying solo on an overseas trip like this. It's worlds removed from choosing solitude as you describe.

It must be a huge help to have a spouse along with you with whom wordless communication is possible whatever transpires. I don't think any amount of doors being opened or red carpets rolled out can alleviate the weight of having sole responsibility for national reputaton on this scale. In short, I think I'd say, rather her than me!


Friday 23rd of September 2016

I agree that she is never alone and laughed at your funny picture of the Duchess buying a bus ticket and getting lost on the wrong route, but I think the importance of "solo trip without the Duke" is that she is representing the Queen directly, rather than as the companion of the actual royal heir. She will be responsible for carrying the conversation with the King at the social call and with the ambassador, media, etc. at the other events. When she is with William, she is able to stand slightly behind him and listen politely if she needs a tiny mental break.


Friday 23rd of September 2016

It will be fun to see Kate with Wax and Max, as the Dutch royals are nicknamed. Queen Maxima has her own distinctive fashion flair, with hits and misses, but she always seems to take life with Latin exuberance. King Wilhelm-Alexander is one of the more interesting European royals, too.

Kate looks great in red, and there's bound to be some red in her wardrobe for Canada. Fingers crossed that someone gives them red and white mittens with the maple leaf on the palm (very popular stocking stuffer).


Friday 23rd of September 2016

I love your posts and can't wait for the upcoming tour! Can you please clarify which time zone is being used for your event graphics? Thank you!


Friday 23rd of September 2016

A resounding "yes," can't believe I forgot to do it yesterday. (Arrggh!) :)

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