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Remember this graphic from September 8th of last year?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Official Website

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Official Website

Or these tweets from Clarence House that same day?

Clarence House Twitter

Clarence House Twitter

Yes, we are back with a review of the royal maternity wardrobe.

Kate pregnancy Maternity Wardrobe Wrapup Massive Giant Collage April 2015

In this first portion of the post we’ll let the photos and descriptors speak for themselves.

PolGoff, Splasj/

Nunn, Polaris/Goff, Splash/Splash/Polaris


Splash news/

James Whatling, Splash News/Splash News



Nunn Syndication, Polaris/Splash/Splash/Rex



PA Wire/Splash/Polaris/Polaris/i-Images


James Whatling, Splash/i-Images/

James Whatling, Splash News/i-Images/PA Wire/i-Images/Splash News



Splash/Splash/Nunn-Polaris/Spinnaker Tower Facebook/Splash



Splash News/Stephen Lock, i-Images



LNP/i-Images/i-Images/James Whatling, Splash/Polaris



James Whatling, Splash/Ben Stevens, i-Images/Ben Stevens, i-Images/Nunn Syndication, Polaris


Now a quick look at some fun facts, beginning with favored colors.

  • Favorite color: Black. The Duchess opted for black clothing more than any other color. This doesn’t count the black BCBG dress worn beneath the McQueen Flared Wool Coat Remembrance Sunday. Nor does it count the second wearing of Kate’s DVF Zarita evening gown to a January wedding.

Kate Maternity Pregnancy Wardrobe Wrapup Black Outfits April 2015

  • Running a very close second to black: blue hues. (Some may have noticed I elected to include the separates worn for the Place2Reception in both the ‘black’ and ‘blue’ categories.)

Kate Maternity Pregnancy Wardrobe Wrapup Blue Hues April 2015

  • Pinks and wine/cranberry colors were popular, but not worn nearly as often as blue or black shades. And there was only one red frock this go-round, that lovely ‘Ascot’ dress from Katherine Hooker.

Kate Pregnancy Maternity Wardrobe Wrapup Pinks and Wine

  • The Duchess wore several ensembles featuring ivory and brown shades.

Kate Pregnancy Wardrobe Wrapup Maternity Styles Ivoryand Brown shades

Next, a very fast glance at some other numbers, beginning with what designers and retailers Kate wore.

Designers by the numbers:

  • Seraphine – 4 pieces: Marina coat, Natasha coat, Vanessa dress, Florrie dress (worn twice)
  • Alexander McQueen – 3 pieces: Glen Plaid coat, black ‘Flared Wool Coat’ (worn twice), bespoke pink coat/dress ensemble (worn previously)
  • Jenny Packham – 3 pieces:  Bespoke blue hi/low gown, inky blue tulle gown, deep teal satin skirt
  • Hobbs – 3 pieces: ‘Dalmatian print’ mac coat, black ‘Emilia’ top, brown silk ‘Animal Print’ dress (worn twice)
  • Temperley – 2 pieces: ‘Emblem Flare dress, Somerset/John Lewis ‘Boat Print’ dress
  • Goat Fashion – 2 pieces: Vreeland dress, Washington coat
  • Max Mara – 2 pieces: ivory ‘Villar’ coat, blue SportMax coat

Repeats by the numbers: 7 – we counted 7 styles that the Duchess opted to wear more than once. Kate not only re-wore pieces seen when she was expecting Prince George, she also repeated garments worn for the first time with this pregnancy.

  • Previously worn – 3 styles:
    • Alexander McQueen bespoke pink ensemble
    • Hobbs ‘Dalmatian print’ mac
    • Jenny Packham inky blue tulle gown
  • New with this pregnancy – 4 garments:
    • Mulberry double-breasted pink coat
    • Seraphine ‘Florrie’ dress
    • Alexander McQueen black ‘Flared Wool’ coat
    • Hobbs brown silk ‘Animal Print’ dress

Names new to the royal wardrobe this pregnancy: 2

Most Notable Name missing from this maternity wardrobe: Emilia Wickstead

Most Obscure Factoid:

  • Number of Saint Andrews Fundraisers attended in each pregnancy while wearing a recycled dress: 1
    • Kate wore her Temperley Amoret gown to a November 2012 gala at Middle Temple Hall when expecting Prince George. In December 2014 she wore the inky blue Jenny Packham gown to the Met Gala in New York.


1) While all of Kate’s official engagements are covered here, there are several instances we did *not* include in our recap. In all but two cases the photos are very poor quality, with many coming via Twitter or Instagram; it is almost impossible to decipher what Kate is wearing. There are two exceptions: December 14 when Kate re-wore her DVF Zarita gown to a wedding, and January 12 when she was photographed leaving Zara, wearing the retailer’s ‘Straight Cut Coat.’ (Those are two times when I was simply unable to license photos.)

  • August 30: Kate and William at King’s Cross station, Kate probably in jeans and what looks like one of her Barbour jackets. The Mirror has photos here.
  • August 31: Kate & William leaving a restaurant following dinner, Kate wore a sweater and jeans. Camilla Tominey’s story in The Sunday Express is here.
  • October 15: Kate & William leaving a building, possibly a doctor’s office; the NY Daily News story is here.
  • December 14: The couple attended the wedding of Tom Eaves and Libby Keir; Kate wore her Zarita gown & Really Wild scarf/shawl. The Express photos are here.
  • January 12: Kate leaving a Zara store, the Duchess was in Zara’s ‘Straight Cut Coat’, Pop Sugar photos may be seen here.
  • Late January: Kate leaving a shop, wearing jeans and Beulah London’s ‘Delaney’ sweater (more in this post).
  • February 1: Kate vacationing in Mustique, more info here, photos are here.
  • Mid-February: William, Kate & George boarding flight at St. Lucia airport, Pop Sugar photos are here.

2) This is merely an effort to chronicle what Kate wore when she was expecting. I’m sure there is something (perhaps several things!) I have overlooked; hopefully our readers will let me know what was missed so the post can be updated.

3) Not all jewelry information is included; I will be filling that in over the next 24-36 hours.

We will be back next week with our post comparing/contrasting both maternity wardrobes, as well as more ‘fun with numbers – maternity style,’ including a look at shoes, bags and other accessories.

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  1. salve , sono italiana di Torino, seguo sempre i vostri servizi ed il vostro sito è bellissimo. Grazie !!!!

    hi, I’m Italian in Turin , I always follow your services and your site is beautiful . Thanks !!!!

    sorry for my english, please.

  2. Great job with this post!

  3. I’m late to the party, as usual, but this is an awesome post. I love seeing the Duchess in all those amazing coats. So beautiful. Thanks for all the hard work that went into doing this. Great job. Now I’ll just sit back and wait for the birth of Princess Alice.

  4. She makes me want to have a coat collection! They look so fabulous…

  5. I see a woman with 3 hairstyles, one makeup look, one shoe-bag combo (black) and one outfit- coat and dress. It reminds a bit of The Sims 1 when you could only choose three outfits for your girl and one pair of shoes. The only times her fashion stood out were the hi-low gown, which was great, the basketball game in New York, when her outfit was cool but way too dressy for a sporting event, and when she wore that sheer Hobbs top which, in my humble opinion, floped big time. I hope that after this pregnancy she tries to switch things up a bit. She is not that young anymore, at some point she will have to accept that her “cute school girl” style is a bit dated. I will however give her props for always looking elegant and appropriate and for taking good care of herself. She has a great body and a pleasant face, she could pull tons of great new looks if only she would abandon her matchy-matchy obsessions.

    • Huh, I drew basically the opposite conclusion: there was quite a diversity of looks during this pregnancy, to my eye.

      Obviously quite a lot of coats were worn since it was winter for the vast majority of the pregnancy. But the coats she chose spanned quite a range: compare the bright pink straight-cut Mulberry with the tweedy purple high-waisted maternity coat worn on arrival in New York with the lovely long brown Christmas tweed with the navy blue wrap coat from the Afghanistan service with the shorter silver from the basketball game. Even among the black coats, there’s quite a difference between the shorter mod black coat with white trim in New York and the long Alexander McQueen with the sharp collar for Remembrance Day!

      We didn’t see as many dresses because many of her outfits were centered on the coat, but I liked quite a bit of what we did see. I could have done with one or two fewer black lace looks (though that long DVF dress was lovely, I would keep that one for sure!), but I thought she wore some lovely and interesting patterns (I’m particularly a fan of the Erdem worn to the Goring Hotel, the floral Seraphine, and the polka dots) and took some risks even though they provoked inevitable pearl-clutching from more conservative quarters (the high-low dress and the black cut-out dress as two big examples). And for me, at least, some of the styles she wore were “stand outs” precisely because of their simplicity — the red Katherine Hooker, for example, I thought was a really lovely classic shift dress that didn’t need anything extra to shine.

      As for the shoes, obviously Kate often wears classic pumps, as one would expect for her position. But I enjoyed the booties in New York and the tall suede boots she wore a few times, and I really love the pink sandals with ankle ties that she broke out with the high-low dress.

  6. Thank you so much for all the hard work it took to put this comprehensive post together. You’re a ‘royal’ in my book!

  7. Thank you for a wonderful post. A very comprehensive and entertaining look at Kate’s maternity wardrobe. The one thing that I feel stands out looking at all the outfits is how wonderfully well Kate does to look elegant, appropriate and very lovely at all times. Not easy to do and it must come with some sense of pressure. I think she is a very amazing young woman.

  8. This post is awesome. I think my favorite look is the one with the Hobbs sheer top and the deep teal Jenny Packham skirt.

  9. This is beyond awesome. thank you admin for the hard work to put everything together in one shot!

  10. Wow — that is one comprehensive post! Plenty food for thought, but may take me a couple of days to digest I think.

    If there’s one thing that stands out for me it’s the sheer variety of styles that Kate has used, I simply hadn’t realised. She really does experiment with styles, colours and patterns and I think she keeps learning and refining her look. I’d have been first in line to say she’s a conservative dresser, but the big montage at the top shows just how much variety she nonetheless builds into her wardrobe.

    I think the learning curve has been shown by this pregnancy being a touch more elegant than the last due to adopting more maternity-friendly garments as opposed to trying to stretch normal wear over a growing Bump.

    One thing worries me — she now has a stylish enough wardrobe to tackle a third pregnancy and I’d hate for her to have to go through all that HG again. But I have to hand it to her, she’s been a real trooper coming through all the discomfort this time and still operating as a full-on royal. Go Kate!!

  11. Susan,
    What a wonderful and comprehensive guide to Kate’s pregnancy wardrobe! Once again you’ve really put so much effort and good information into one complete post. I’ve been pregnant along with Kate this time and just had my baby 2 wks ago so as I’m laying here sleep deprived and recovering this brought a smile to my face. Wonderful looking back on remarkable mamma Kate’s wardrobe and I’m thinking once again… “How does she look this good pregnant?” Please keep up the good work! We appreciate you and Kate’s style!

  12. The booties work for the new York arrival I’m 90 percent sure are the LK Bennett Doreen suede booties. I have these and they are amazing!

  13. Amazing post! As I said before, I really adore her coats and gowns. She is really beautiful mother :))

  14. Fantastic post! Thank you for this amazing analysis. Proof once again that your is the best royal style blog there is.

  15. Susan, you have outdone yourself (and of course, other blogs and outlets will immediately rip you off. I hope you get credit for your hard work.)

    It’s very interesting to see things lined up by color. I hadn’t been aware the Duchess wore so much black this time around. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that much of her pregnancy took place in winter, and also there were a number of state and social occasions.

    I think she looked best in her blue pieces but I also enjoyed seeing the brighter colors, too.

    This should send Seraphine’s stock soaring even higher.

    • Kate often wore black when still single. I used to wonder if she chose to do so to make the paparazzi shots of her all look the same, but I think it was just what went with her city face. I think she wears far less of it now. Like you I enjoy seeing brighter colours on her.

      • I think it’s quite interesting that she still does wear a fair amount of black. When William’s mother was alive, there was still a quasi-official royal ban on black except for funerals and memorial services. I remember thinking that black was just too fashionable and chic to be banned that way. Obviously the whole notion that black is too funereal to be worn except in somber circumstances has gone by the wayside.

        • Just from this group of pictures, I failed to draw the conclusion that Kate favorites black over other colors…I only follow this blog so i might be wrong but as far as i observe, I’d think Kate might prefer colors over black. Colors I mean blue, cream, something other than black. I agree with Brenda that I’d like to see her more in brighter colors but that might be tricky because of her dress code? I often wonder if all these royals get memo each time on what color they should be wearing.

          • I don’t think she “favors” black over colors; I didn’t intend to suggest that. I merely pointed out that she wears a fair amount of it when in years past, royals didn’t wear it outside of mourning.

            She does wear bright colors rather a lot. Think of all the colors she wore on the Down Under tour, for example, and during this pregnancy, we’ve seen her in bright red and deep pink. But neutrals and softer colors are more versatile and easier to combine, and she needs a lot of versatility, the ability to create new outfits out of already-worn pieces.

  16. Awesome post! I keep forgetting she’s due so soon. I think my favorite looks of the ones above are the light blue bespoke Jenny Packham and the red Katherine Hooker. Neither of which she looks very pregnant in…but she had a lot of good looks there too! Those are just the ones that stand out to me of the above.

  17. Excellent post! Loved it!

  18. Ooh, fun. It’s enjoyable to be reminded of what I really liked and what I wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing myself.

    The Duchess does come up with some terrific coats, even when pregnant, which can’t be easy, though perhaps easier today than it once was. My mother, who spent around half of each of her three pregnancies coping with chilly or flat-out cold weather, once commented that she wore the same green coat day after day all three times and was thrilled to ditch it for good after baby #3 arrived and she decided she was done with childbearing. She couldn’t find another coat she liked as well and that fit as comfortably. These days, there are really many more attractive options, and the Duchess managed to adapt some non-maternity coats to her needs remarkably well.

    I look forward to more posts while we await the new Prince or Princess of Cambridge. I’ve been thinking of names for a girl. I’ve decided she should be called Eleanor. As in “of Aquitaine” or “of Castile”.

    Not that anyone concerned will be heeding my opinion, but still….

  19. Most. Awesome. Post. Ever. I look forward to seeing more statistics!! Thanks you.

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